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Although I've done research, I'm having doubts...

Although I've done research, I'm having doubts about going through with it. Is anyone going May 1st.?????. Let me know. I'm afraid of going under and that awful scar, but I know it will change my life. Please someone, give me some encouragement. Please, if anyone can share their experiences, or e-mail me I really would appreciate it.

Robles Doll Soon

I purchased my plane tickets today. I don't know why, but as soon as I paid for my tickets, fear kicked in again. So, once again, I'm feeling scared and doubtful. I'm trying to stay positive. This is going to be a rough trip. I've never spent more than a day away from my son. I'm gonna pray my behind off!!!!

Changing Doctors. I just read another death from Dr. Robles

Omg!!! I just read about another death in Domincan Republic. Dr. Robles was the one who performed the surgery. This makes me extremely nervous. This is the second death in 2 months.

Changed Doctors. I'm officially an upcoming Fisher Doll

So I'm going with the BBL instead of the tummy tuck, etc. Fisher is a great doctor and is good with aggressive Lipo. Plus, he shapes really nicely. I'm scheduled to have ,y surger May 1st with him.

Future Fisher Doll

So my surgery is scheduled for May 1st. 60 days and counting. Does anyone know if you get your deposit back from Dr. Robles?


So, I was scheduled to have my procedure with Fisher on May 1st. My coordinator was Ana. I paid my deposit of half after she assured me Fisher was available May 1st. After surfing realself, I found out that Fisher was not available to do my procedure. I called Vanity this morning and after 7 calls and annoying the hell out of them, I finally reached Ana. I asked her about Fisher being out and again that lying bitch assured me that I was good for May 1st. I told her to double check the date with his assistant Jeselle and then let me know. After which she comes back on the phone with her fake apology telling me that he just put in his schedule. I was furious with her and I gave her a piece of my mind. I told her she was not honest and was very unprofessional and there was no way she didn't know because some girls on real self knew. I ended up speaking with the manager and got some compensation and a new date. I also let her know that if this happened again, I was canceling completely. Ladies, if you are scheduled for Fisher from April 27th thru May 8th, then you've been duped. He will be out on vacation.

Fisher died in 32 days

As my date gets closer, I can't shake that eerie feeling that something will go wrong!!! Have any of you ladies experienced the same thing?

I have officially been fisherfied in June 26

Mu full update will be coming soon as well as a review on Keyla's Recovery House. If you have any questions before my full updates, please inbox me.

Finally a full review on my BBL With doctor Fisher

Let me say this first, FISHER changed my life!!! he does amazing work. My only regret was not doing it sooner. I arrived at van it the day before my surgery was scheduled for pre-op. Aside from the long wait, everything went well. I was scheduled for 6:30 am on June 26th. I was on time, Fisher marked me up as I explained what I wanted. He did, however, tell me I would need a tummy tuck in the future. I was ok with that. He took my waist from a 35 to a 30. I went to the surgery room where they put me to sleep. When I woke up, I was in recovery and it was cold as hell. They gave me a gatorade to drink and called the recovery home people. They came to get me. I almost passed out once but beside that no issues. I was very sore the first few days, but was able to move around on my own by the second day. I did need help wiping and showering for a few days but it wasn't bad. my results were immediate and I was in shock at how different my body looked. I love Dr Fisher.


It's been a long while. As, I've been enjoying my BBL results from Doctor Fisher. I love that man! He is a god send. Changed my complete life! I will post pictures some time this week, since it will be a year on June 26, 2016. I tell you, you will not regret going to Doctor Fisher. He's double-board certified and he gives you those results!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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