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So like everyone else that writes reviews here, I...

So like everyone else that writes reviews here, I have been stalking this site for about a year now. A little bit about myself, I am 5'2 and currently 170 lbs ( would like to be 145-150 before surgery ). I have one child whom i love with all my being but truth be told my body changed drastically and not in a good way because of him. I not only want this transformation I need it. I am 25 years old and I feel like I am trapped in a 70 year old's body. I need lots of work done but I am aware that Robles wont perform everything at once which I completely comprehend. For now I would like to get a tummy tuck with lipo to my back and waist and a BBl and possibly a mini thigh lift. My shape even as terrible as I look now is not that bad, It's just the stretch marks and hanging skin that kills me. I use to have a "bubble butt' believe it or not and now it's all deflated . I still have my hips though. Later on I would love to get a BA with a BL and an arm lift. I contacted Robles with pictures on Sunday via email and via FB, I hope to get a response soon because I would love to book my flight by next week the latest before the prices rise. Last year I contacted her and her assistant gave me a quote of 5200 ( it didn't include the thigh lift ) i am hoping to get a quote more or less the same specially since I heard that she offers a discount if u send her $500 deposit, which I am planning to do. I forgot to mention that i had my son via c section and my scar is barely visible, that is why I am not concerned about all my surgeries and the scars that come along with them, I heal and scar very well! I've had other surgeries in the past and those scars are hardly visible as well. I am anemic so I have been taking my iron ( 325mg ) with my vitamin c everyday, ( most times 2x a day although i often forget to take it at night ). I also take biotin ( for my hair growth ) complex b, folic acid and b12. I have a question for u ladies, I was looking at the complex b label and it has folic acid and b12, should i continue taking those medications separately or just take the complex b since it has more than 100% of each already?

purchased flight

Hello everyone, so this is just a little update. So let me just begin by saying that I contacted Laura ( Dr. Robles assistant ) via email, I sent her pictures and she suggested what I should get done "tummy tuck, lipo of complete back and bbl ", she quoted me $5200. Long story short I agreed to those procedures and she told me that if I wanted to secure my surgery date I should send a $300 deposit and if I wanted to save $200 I should deposit $500. I deposited the $500 via western Union ( Laura sent me all the info, I also had the option to deposit it via their Bank Account but it would have been more expensive. I also bought my flight which came out to be $556.10. I was trying to wait and see if the price went down but instead it went up so I rushed and just bought it at this price. It's a nonstop flight ( both ways ) with a wheelchair ( free of charge ) coming back. So I booked my flight from the the 1st of July to the 10th because I thought that those were the 10 days that Laura was referring to in the package deal. It's not, I should have booked it from the 1st of July to the 12th of July. I hope those 2 days don't impact me, healing wise that is. let me add that laura did take a little over 3 days to send me my quote I had to contact Dr Robles via FB ( she responded very promptly ) and told her about this issue and I guess she made sure Laura responded because she quickly did afterwards. So about 2 hours I deposited the money Laura sent me a a reservation email. there were some discrepancies in it such as mu surgery being for 1 am July 2nd, I though that was a mistake because I've never heard of surgery at those hours so I emailed her about that . So now I am just waiting for her response and instructions on my next step. I've read that she is supposed to send me a surgery booklet that has tons of useful info so I hope she does. I am anemic so i don't know If I should up my iron intake to 3x a day. Perhaps I should wait for my physical with my PCP ( may 21st ) and review my CBC results. I will also try to get some pain meds from her, hopefully she gives them to me. I'm really trying to loose weight for optimal results. My goal weight is between 145-150 lbs, I currently weight 170 lbs.


Why does it take Laura a week to respond to emails and when she does respond she doesn't answer your previous questions, anyone else experiencing this?? I am 2 months away from my surgery and if it wasn't for info that I've gathered on this site then I'd be lost. She hasn't even told me what medication to begin taking.

Laura answered

So Laura answered my email regarding the surgery time, she says that that is an estimate and that since I arrive the previous day at 2 pm I will most likely have surgery in the morning of July 2. I also asked her about there being any issues with my form of birth control and it interfering with surgery and she said no but to ask my GYN to be on the safe side.

5 Weeks Preop!!

So I'm 5 weeks away guys!! This is becoming more and more real with each passing week. I'm still struggling to lose weight. At this rate even 10 lbs of weight loss would be a blessing! I went to see my PCP and got a complete CBC, I'll know the result by next week. They will even email me my results so I can easily forward that to Laura. I have been 70% diligent in taking my meds ( I began in Feb ) so I hope my iron is at a good level, if not i'll have to start taking that liquid iron boost everyone swears by, has anyone actually seen improvement taking liquid iron? What brand? It would be a huge help if anyone could possibly tell me how much extra cash they brought and a short precise list of what they brought as far as supplies. Idk if what Laura suggested is a enough but what other women here have posted have proved to be too much as well. Please help!! BTW I cant wait to post after pics!!!

Number of days on flight

I don't know how much truth this holds but I read from another girl's review that If you are going to stay in the recovery house for 10 days that you have to book your flight for 12 days, they give you 2 days free, so that your healing time is 10 days. Laura did not inform me of this, I asked her numerous times what dates I should book my flight but she didn't respond. I had to purchase my flight before the prices hiked so i booked it from July 1-July 10. It sucks but ohh well. Hopefully this info helps one of you gals, still confirm it though. Ohh btw girls I have managed to lose 5 lbs, 20 mores to go!!

CBC results

Hi gals, so my CBC results came back and I'm at 13.2. Not bad but I want it at 15 lol. Going to start taking iron 3x a day which will include my SSS ton

CBC results continuation

This is a continuation I clucked on update without being done. Anyway I will take my iron 3x a day and will include my SSS tonic liquid iron. Some girls here swear by it. My doctor didn't email me my results so I had to take a picture of my hemo and email it to Laura, I hope they accept it. So I'm traveling July 1st via JetBlue/JFK at 948 am, anyone else has the same flight and would like to meet up?

Countdown begins!

I'm 12 days pre op YIKES! had my first dream 2 nights ago. I was at CECIP and when I asked for Robles they had no idea who she was, I remember feeling devastated!! I haven't lost any weight, to be honest the stress has me eating tons. Even 5 lbs of weight loss would be a blessing right now. I bought some pills called Bromelain they are supposed to help with swelling post op. At $30 I hope it works!! I've been taking my iron 3x a day, I'm really trying to avoid having low iron after surgery or needing the oxygen bed, mainly because I'm trying to save $, I'm bringing $500 for 10 days, do you ladies think it's enough?

Countdown begins

In less than 48 hrs Ill be on the flat side, pray for me!! My flight leaves tomorrow morning. Im super nervous guys!!


Hey everyone, at the airport right now, waiting to drop my bag. Been up since 3am it is now 6:44am. Remember ladies that the good thing about requesting wheelchair is that u won't have to wait on this long line. I chose to wait bc I honestly don't need the wheelchair right now n would rather leave it for someone that does. Also I have plenty of time to spare bc my flight doesn't leave for another 3 hrs.

Post op day 2

Hi everyone sorry I couldn't update sooner but I'm 2 days post op now. Everyday u feel a lot better. I'm hoping to see doctor Robles for my checkup tomorrow, I will give a more thorough review probably this weekend because I'm still very tired

so much to do

I have lots of things to do and im tired but i will def give u guys a thorough update and add more pics soon, for now if you have any questions about my surgery with Robles and my stay at queens recovery house ( owned by Juana ) ask away!!

List of Supplies

So you really don't need a lot of supplies for your 12 day stay at the recovery house. This is what i used while over there: small toothpaste, toothbrush,1 dial soap, 2 body rags, small towel, 2 hair ties, hair brush and hair comb, hair grease, body lotion, lip balm, 2 panties, 3 maxi dresses, 4 night dresses, 1 pair slippers, 1 pack large pads, chargers for all your electronic devices, chux ( doggy pads 25 ct should be enough ), baby wipes ( 300 ct should be enough, )

forgot to add

I forgot to add that instead of tank tops bring 4 to 5 white men shirts especially if your getting lipo on ur armpit bc the compression garments rubs against your underarm and it hurts for 3-4 days post op. Cecip tends to be very cold like any other hospital/clinic in the us so bring a jean jacket . the airplane can also get cold so you can also wear it during your flight.


If anyone has any questions about my recovery process, robles or the recovery house i stayed in, just ask

3 weeks post op

So I'm 3 wks post op ( well wed made 3 wks) I believe I have a seroma n will be seeing a surgeon today, still dont know if they'll treat me. Wish me luck guys!!

Bromelain pills


Definitely bring some sort of yeast infection medication ( i used the generic to monistat 1 dosage ). All that antibiotics given po can def give you an infection. So im one month post op. Im still a bit sore everywhere where i was lipoed. When i get out of bed the areas i got lipo on hurt a bit. My scar is healing great and doesn't hurt at all. I am very satisfied with my result minus a couple of things. For one, my butt seems so have more dimples than before and is a bit lumpy, plus there isnt much projection ( i went to Robles bc of her safety record and her great tummy tucks, knowing she wasnt that good with her bbls ). The swelling at my flanks really bother me because im unsure whether its dog ears or just swelling. Robles is a great surgeon but her aftercare can use some room for improvement. I emailed them in regards to my possible seroma and they weren't much help. Also like always they hardly ever answer all my questions just some of them and that can be very frustrating. As far as my seroma I will be getting a ct scan to determine if it is a seroma and the location of it, my surgeon will determine then if to allow the body to reabsorb it or to drain it ( ouch ). He said he doesn't want to poke me continuously bc it can be painful and the introduction of a needle continuously can introduce bacteria to a sterile environment. Don't know if I mentioned it before but when you arrive at the clinic for preop testing you will be there for a long time so bring snacks just remember that if you are having surgery the next day you cant eat after 10. Also when you g to your after care appts you will most of the time wait for a period of 5 hours or more usually bc Robles sees you in between surgeries. Now about that recovery house where i stayed ( queens recovery house run by , I detest it! I received minimal attention, if it wasn't for the fact that I generally heal quickly and am very independent, i would have been in deep trouble. There was a specific person name rosy who barely did anything but be on her phone all day long. She barely rubbed us down with the creams, nor did she provided water for us, and she was very sarcastic in her responses when we asked her for something. What the doctor said was supposed to be done for us was rarely done, The only 2 people I can vouch for are the 2 cooks ( there is also a young girl about 15 yrs old who was very nice ). My roommate got it worse than me, rosy flat out ignored her 80 percent of the time. she even made her wait 2 days to insert the IV that Robles strictly said was supposed to be administered immediately ( Which we also paid a hefty price for ). Also rosy rarely used gloves and when she did she would handle my drain then handle my roommates drain without changing her gloves even though we brought tons of gloves with us and had it on our dresser. Before we left my roommates and I let Robles assistant and Robles herself know of the conditions of that recovery house so I hope they changed their ways bc it could honestly cost someone their life, that's how infections are spread. If it weren't for my roommates and myself watching out for each other and taking care for one another we would have been screwed more than we were. Now there was a lot of other things that occurred but it if i wrote it all id be typing for days. this is my honest opinion of this recovery house and i hope Robles had a talk with them if they still want to be employed. It's funny bc i had initially requested Virginia's recovery house bc i had heard so much great reviews about it. Laura had even confirmed it but instead sent me to queens bc Virginia's had no space. Just remember if they send u there and it's not the care u are supposed to receive let Laura and Robles know immediately that you want to be transferred, you paid to be taken care of not to be dismissed and ignored.


So I had a ct scan a couple of weeks ago to rule out whether i had a seroma and whether it was going to be removed via a needle or allow the body to reabsorb. Well today I received the results and I am seroma free! I was able to move the fluid from one side to another and for the past week Ive tried doing just so and I felt no fluid. Now I have to theories, it was either reabsorbed on its own like the surgeon said often happens or wearing my compression garment more often did the trick with the aid of taking my bromelain 2x a day. whatever it was I am very thankful bc i wasnt looking forward to being drained and possible cause and infection by introducing a needle into my abdomen. I am still swollen and my lipo areas still hurt a bit when i get out of bed but im sure that will all subside.


2 months post op

Hey guys so I wasn't very happy about my bbl results at first but as time goes by it actually does improve and change a lot! Now here is my dilemma, id like to lose 20 lbs but im afraid of losing my bbl! My scar and bellybutton are healing nicely as well. Ladies make sure u dry ur belly button with a hairdryer set on cool. I was just drying it with a qtip but it's so deep in there that that was not enough and it was becoming funky. Make sure the air is set on cool otherwise u may burn your skin bc u are still numb.

2 months post op pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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