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Ive had a tummy since I was 4.. I've lost weight...

Ive had a tummy since I was 4.. I've lost weight and gained it. My highest I was 15yrs 223 lbs.. I'll b 32 in November found this site two years ago stalking doctors.. Finally made a page.. My date is so far because I want to have all the money I need while I'm off of work as I do sit every day but i'm a truck driver..and bumping up and down the highway would hurt so I figured if I took off 6 months I'll b able to health than take some vacations before I go back to work.. I'm going to Santo Domingo and its not because its cheap.. Because hands down 97% of the ladies that go to dr really get banging bodies.. I'm torn between two I think it's Robles and Altome fist I just wanted a tummy tuck but now I want a tt, bbl, maybe maybe ba..when I push and hold my fat I got that hour glass I get excited and think maybe I should just save up for what I need sx, after care, money bills for time off of work, money to do things..

stalking again

Hey dolls and dolls to b. Okay im cracking down lost focus, but always regain once I get on here. So im thinking the last week of feb 2016 but my problems. Dr or miami I havt two dr, s in dr that I want Fatima and Manuel and miami Ortega. Now (dr or maimi) I want to stay a month drains out and hopefully walking straight. Than off for 5 months, for a road trip to see if my body can handle driving all day as that is what my job is (truck driver) stay for a week or two in nyc than come home and relax depending on if I can handle it (swelling, tired, etc) im doing another vaca up there in byc area either end of sept or oct so after that ill b ready to get my lazy almost 9 month having no job butt back to work. Im ready to feel amazing all around

I've been slacking.

I get constant emails of reminders of two doctors that I'm in love with. But I had a nasty accident in October of 2015 in Iowa. And I've been working since Jan trying to pay off bills so my little tt nest egg is gone. But slowly building it up! Finding Dr Ortega in Miami is helpful cause I don't have to do over seas or in another state and be close to my mom since I live in florida. I'm thinking maybe spring of 2017 should get me right for my birthday in the fall. Idk with the job I have (driving semi's) food choices are so hard and I would hate to waste the money if I'm back to gaining weight. So as I'm saving money I'm watching what I'm eating. But the accident I had screwed up my left knee so Walking a lot, lunges and squats hurt like a mf!!! But like before I know ima need at leave 4 months off because driving otr (over the road) once I leave to roll out. I can't just come back cause of pain so I need to make sure I'm healed up. So I'm looking for something local or regional. But than with that I get paid less. So I try not to stress about it. Just figuring out how much it will cost for the sx, the supplies, and my monthly bills so as I'm down for a few months I don't have to worry about a thing. Being single and doing it all by youreself is kind tough
But hey were females we (most of us) can handle tough lol
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