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Like many here,i have been three years browsing on...

Like many here,i have been three years browsing on Realself.I did my research one many doctors.
Im 25 years old and mother of 3 beautiful sons. I will do this because my past pregnancies. I trust her and love her work of dr.Beaz. No negative reviews about her at all. So i made contact with her trought whatsuppp i received a reply from her in one day. My tummy tuck, liposculture to abdomen,
waist, sides, back, under armpits, inner thighs will cost me $3500.wich including:

evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Cardiovascular evaluation (any other evaluation needed by pulmonologist or any
specialist is not included)
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic (only for the day of your surgery )
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups (transportation not included)
-Medication post-surgery (antibiotics and analgesics) .

So i send my $200 deposit to her to set my date. She comfirm my date on 01 december 2015.
I will be staying at Maria recovery house. I have already paid my deposit to Maria. She is a very sweet person. I'm lucky because they have a special if you make a booking in de month july. 50% discount on massage including. I will share my room with my mother,who also going to surgery by dr.Beaz. SOOO i can not ask for better.
I started taking my medication. I did my blood test but my HB was 8. Imust ensure that this goes up before i go to RD. I'm going to buy my ticket Friday.
Still can not believe i'm finally going to do it. :)

few pictures places

Here you can see my body how it looks now . I know many of you would ask of hey why do I need a tummy tuck . I do workout but my skin still remain loose. I added pic of my deposit.

More pic's

More pic's


So i buy my ticket last friday. Im vert happy It's getint real.

contacted beaz about her pregnancy and holidays if she can still do my surgery .

I'v contacted dr.beaz to ask her if she December 1 surely can do my surgery.
She gave me back a answer in one day that she have me stand in her diary with my mother and that she can do it because she already given birth months.
Further she ask me for a copy of my ticket and blood test to send her by email.I was immediately reassured because at rs I heard that she will go on holiday. So i send her by email my copy of my ticket with the day and time i will be arive and blood test.

Start buying some stuff needed.

I live in europe so the products are different from the US . but they are nevertheless the same. I have bought some stuff yesterday . Later, I buy what I'm missing. I regret that they are not selling here the hibiclins soap :(.
I went to buy stuff on Amazon unfortunately it cost me too much to pay for the shipping.so i 've decided to buy everything here anyway. Europe marks.

yeahhhh got my faja (fajate)

Brood test and medication

So dr.Baez sende me the list of medication i will need. I went to my doctor to get those medication. I ask my doctor for a strong pain relief. Cause i Don't want to cry of pain. I have the blood test done and my HB was 13. yeahhhh. I want to do tummy tuck, breast lift with implants and maybe Bbl. I asked her if I could do all this procedure and she say yes if my HB is above 13 . So i will keep working on that to get it morena higher. I start packing my suitcase cause is only 46 days left and i Don't want to forget nothing that later i will need. Wawww shit getting reall finaly. I will fly To DR 29 november.

counting down begin!!

Yeahhh dr.Baez have send me a week a ago a mail to tell me that my Journey is closer and that she will meet me soon.
Can 't believe that i really going and that soon i will be dr.Baez Doll.

tik tik tok

Couples hours left. Dr.baez contact me on WhatsApp to see if I fine and that she will be waiting for me af her office.i feel so good cause she check on me and stay in contact with me.i will let her know when im boarding. Maria is so sweet to she keep in contact with me.dr.baez contact her as soon i reach to bring me to her office. I can 't believe that this is happing. Ladies i going to sleep a little bit cause i go to taken the plan to DR in 7 hours. I will keep all you update. And Don't forget pray for me.mwaa

omw to DR

i reach DR safe

So i reach DR. Come outside and Maria was waiting for me with my name on a board with her chauffeur they took my bagage.Im now in de taxi with them omw to Maria recovery house.Inside the taxi they have wifi so better i can't ask for haha.i now tired long flight 9 hours. Now im hungry bad. Will see dr.baez tomorrow 8.30 cause now is 7 clock in the nicht. Girl thanks for your comments and prayers i will keep your update.

Maria recovery house.

Well ladies ata Maria rh is nicee.i have a nurse Who sleep here and taken care of me.she name is fior she soo sweet. She make my food cause i was hungry bad.we was ta King and she was giving me tips what to do to recovery vast after tummy tuck.now im the only patiƫnt ata Maria but todaviatodavia she will recieve 2 other ladies Who will reach in the nicht. I have my one room with everything in it for my self. 2 beds one hospital for after surgery and one normal for to sleep on it now.i can defenly tell you that Maria house is the best, the service the food. I will post the pic's.and she have now a special 50% discount for massage if you do a booking by her.transport everything inclusieve.the driver will pik me up 7.00 clock in the Morning to go see dr.baez

Maria rh

Maria RH

all lab test done

I went at 7.30 to dr.baez.i went with her ??assistant to the laboratory to all the test. Then answer al the questions about my my health.the after the cardioloog Come take the test of my heart beat.everything was okey.after came dr.baez and check all my test and she say sweety you are healty.ladies dr.baez is more nice and sweet in person.she take her time with you. Answer all your questions and explain you every thing.then after she took my picture and explain to me how the procedure will go and what she will do.and she mark me up for tomorrow.less work. I will be there first on in surgery.yeahhhh.i did my paiment with her and recieve my receipt. I feel very confidential with her. I will have my surgery at 6.00am but have to be there 5.30 to fill in paper works. My personal nurse by Maria will Come with me at hospital and will sleep over to take care of me. From now 22.00 i can't Eat till 6 hours after surgery. I going to sleep now ladies. Will update later soon as i can.thanks all for the prayers mwaaaa

hoi ladies im on the flatside

Yeahhh my surgery was yesterday at 6.00 and i was all done for 11.00am. Everything when good.ladies dr.baez is the best.she take good care of you.when my surgery was done call my rh to tell them im fine and every thing.then when good.when i was in de hospital she was call ing me in my room to check on me.she ask me do you have pain? I say now she say girl you are strong.i start feel ing pain in my back from the lipo.ladiea the tummy tuck self not Hurt. Is the dammm lipo what Hurt me.yhe first time i stand up and walk i feel dizzy i want to vomed that was the epidurl that get.my back is now stif.ladies my tummy is flat flat with a thinking scar.i really loved now trying to be strong the first couple day and tomorrow wil start my massage.my skin normal is so sensitiev. Now more.the nurses her by Maria that also good care for me.i can't lie.everhinf fine so far. I going now to rest.thanks for all your prayers.abd Who will get surgery with dr.baez ladies you make a good good disecion.i will keep you update.

this is Where dr.baez work.

On realself i see that people say that baez in the cicpla or the other name of andere hospital i can't get the name right now. Ladies this is the clinic Where she perform her surgery.what i can see of this clinic is that the clinic is small and so far i have seen is very clean.i put the pic's.and dr.baez office.

a little pic

I Just put this one for are you to see.but will post better pic laters.i have today mine 2 massage and are drainning more.
My faha is stucking with pas.

check up

Whet to check up to day by dr.baez everything is healing fine.i little bit swollen and have fluid in my back.ut the massage lady will drain this out.Still happy with my result.today i got my 2 stage faja.waww this shit is thight. But i feel more secure.

my experience till now

Hii ladies. Today i feeling better i can do everything my self now. Yesterday i was a little emotional cause my back was Hurt hing me so much of lie on it.so i start to cry a moment cause i was tired to sleep on the same position and that is my back.but today my back pain gene thanks God.i was talking to the other surgery buddy that staying with me by Maria RH. They did lipo and bbl by cabral.the bbl of one of them was good but the other for me not so much like it loosing every day a bit.the lipo on there stomach was ugly.they have now lot of loosing skin.i feel sad for them cause i will not fly To a other country to to only lipo bbl and my belly will stay ugly with lots of loos skin and yelly.nope sorry.when i have show them my bellen they was in love with. And now they feel better that they have done the tummy tuck lipo and bbl.but yeahhh and they ask me if I did bbl.i did 't bbl i got a little bit ass of my self.thats why dr.baez give me advice to not do a bbl.cause when she will lipo my back my ass will pop more. Hihihihi.and so she did and is True my ass i popping more.i super happy with my result. Glad i have keep follow my feeling to go with her. And she stay in contact with me every day through WhatsApp.i can contact her when ever i want ik feel so secure. I writhing my experience and how i feel.and so far my experience by Maria RH is good.nurse are good food everything till now.I really have nothing to complain about.

my tummy tuck and back 7 days post up

leaving DR

So i had my apoiment yesterday with dr.baez.i meet those ladies here in realself RITfat13 and ABENA101 ad baez office. RITFAT13 you looking amazing. She docter check my drain and i was stille drainning alot.so she tell me i will leave DR with the drain.i told her that please taked off.She say okey sweety but pleasee you have to put a tight faja on for more compresion.other wise i will get a seroma.i promise her that i will do.and it.and she say sorry that i talking so with you but you have to listing to me and do it.cause if you get a seroma you will mess the surgery and you healing nice. She remove my stiching.and de drain.thanks God it gene. I walk better and move better without the drain. I leaving DR today 13.30.my flight will be long 9 hours to fly To Belgiƫ and then 1hour driving to my home.soo God help me.i got the letter from the doctor that i can fly and to get the weelchair service. But when i buy my ticket i have selected that already. Ummm what else to say. When i reach my home i will keep getting my massage.is a must now cause i need to take same fluid off.so far i glad and happy with my result i can't wait to walk straight. When i reach my home i will keep your update with better pic's. Of my result.thanks for follow me and thanks for all your prayers.the one that still have to do surgery i will keep all your 's in my prayers.

some pic of my result

I can't lie ladies i love love my result. Every day is getting better.i got now my stage 2 faja on with long Arms.i got my massage and the lady drain 100cc.i can almost stand up straight.but i need to wait till i have 15 days post like dr.beaz tell me.

i will keep my girl RITfat13 in my prayers

Ooh im so sad to hear that my girl RITfat13 got a infection. I will pray for you sweety and everything in God name will be fine.

Yesterday a get my massage. She drain 80cc from my back.feel every day a little bit better and can now stand up from bed alone.my scar is healing good.

1 month post op

My result after 1month.still happy with my result and every day the swelling is going done.my scar i complete heal.only Where my drain was get little open cause i did to much activity i went shopping,clearing house.and that was to much and my drain hole open a little bit.but now is closing back and i know now that i need to go easy.today i put on my 3th faja on xxs with my lipoboard . I went from 's to xs and now xxs.i still getting massage 3 times at weeks. Ladys the massage will help you more with stiffnis and swelling. From next weeks my massage will be 1 a 2 at weeks.i will start friday with my scar treatment. Now i will start to plan and save Money to do my breast cause this body need a breast lift.will keep your update.

1 month post op

things you need to do to speed op your recovery

Girls i feeling 80% good no lie.i can now do alot for my self.i start yesterday to work.im a nurse so my work is little hard. But i can tell you i had no pain stiffnis nothing.of course i not carring nothing heavy stuff like that.yesterday i went try to drive my car.yes i can.dr.beaz say after 6 weeks.but i do things that my body can. Girl listen to your body not everybody healing the same.like me im healing fast. Defenly after the surgery you will tell your self why you did this cause that moment you are in lot of pain. But my advice that is Just for a moment have pacient give your body the time.
I use arnica 2 weeks behoren surgery. After surgery i use bromlain,Milk tistle,vitamine C,vitamine A, Vitamine E. Zin priocolate. I will post the picture of it i taked from a other girl that is also nurse her on realself. Oohh walk after your surgery Just couples of steps is good.day after day try walk more. Take your time Just walk around in house.sleep enough rest.drink alot of water,i will post the thea im using to reduce swelling its helping me alot and also voltaren cream. Ooh Girls also take massage that will help you faster.your body need that trust me.i get my massage 2 time a week.if you have anyway questions Just ask me. Here are some pic's.

6 weeks post op

Hi Girls so far everything is going fine.day after day i feeling my self can move and do everything. I still taking my vitamine E, oilfish, vitamine C, . After a long day of full activity i still have a little swolling in the back and for that i put on my waistchainger on my faja and go to sleep with it. I still are taking my massage 2 to time a week. I will put the pic so you can see the difference in my scar is lighting more and more.i im using the silicone scrabble treatment that i buy in DR.and i only usted 3 times.

scar lighting swelling going down

12 weeks post op

Just few pic to show my result till now. I so happy with my resulr dr. Baez is the best. I still have sometimes swelling after the day thats when i not wearing my faja. I still wearing my faja now.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She's the best. She is very sweet person.

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