There is a New Doctor thats on the rise Dr.Manon he has a IG page and Whatss App

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I'm new here hoping to have a good outcome. I need...

I'm new here hoping to have a good outcome. I need a TT, BA, BBL, and LIPO... I got a quote from Duran for 4,800 she advised me that it wouldn't be wise to do all the procedures on the same day. So the quote is without the BA... Baez quoted me 6,000 for everything as long as my Labs are up to par... I'm just waiting to hear back from Yily

still dont know who to go with yily haven't responded

I'm not sure if I'm using the right e-mail but I can't get a response... I think I might go with duran

set a date

I set a date for April 23 with lily even tho I still haven't got a quote. I also set a date with duran for July 22 I don't wait that long but we will see what happens...

I have a Quote from Yily

For a Bl, TT, BBL, and LIPO 5,200..... Im not sure if i will do the BBl but, I'll cross that bridge when i get there...I wasn't going to post photos but I might as well.. I plan to lose weight before my surgery so I will have the best outcome possible...

did anyone hear about a death in DR

I just heard on FB that someone died from lipo..... don't know if it's true....

RIP treena jackso..... so said to hear about another death in DR..... yily posted on her Facebook page that she sorry to hear ab

RIP treena

sorry for typo

Treena jackson was her name and so sad to hear about her death may she RIP....

dont know why all my comment didn't post

Any who yily posted on her Facebook page that she was not treena surgeon repeat she was not her surgeon..... there are rumors going around saying yily was her doctor yily cleared that up quickly!!!!!!

I'm back.

Hello all I was wondering how can I get a quote back from Dr almonte? I'm planning on a March date but need a quote lol


I paid my deposit to Dr Almonte MAY 2015. Something came up I couldn't have my surgery until 2016. Per Dr. Almonte the Deposit is good for 1 year. I sent a copy of my deposit slip to Dr. Almonte to schedule an appointment for May. Dr. Almonte Assistance Email me back saying SORRY we change banks and have no way of verifying your payment. My first response was THATS NO MY PROPBLEM you changed banks. Furthermore who change banks when you have people money in there unaccountable. I told her I'm sure she saw they had $350 unclaimed and who is the record keeper because there is no way you should closed an account without getting a printout of all your transaction history especially for deposits. I told her I want to speak directly with Dr Almonte because I don't have money to give away. Have anyone heard of such BS?

New date Leaving July 11

Hello all while I have a new date of July 11,2016 with Almonte. Anyone going the the DR in JULY? I will love to have a surgery buddy.


Started getting my supplies still have more to get

Fight Booked


SUPPLIES YOU MAY NEED.........................

Here is my list:
Iron Pills
Heparin (use for 8 days)
Folic Acid
Vitamin C
Arnica Pills
Water Pills
Arnica Oil
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Pain Medication
Stool Softner
Tylenol PM
Hand Sanitizer
Steri strips
Sports Bra

Antibacterial Bandaids, Maxi Pads, Chux, Qtips, Antibacterial Wipes, Dermaplast Spray, Feminine pre-moistened wipes & clorox Wipes, Compression Socks, Glasses, Lotion, dial bar Soap, Bathrobe, Slippers - Flip Flops - Socks, Maxi Dresses, Wife Beaters, scar away, boppy pillow, Cup w/ Straw, Wash Clothes/Towel, toiletries.

OMG HEMO is low

I'm soooooo not happy my hemo is 9.8 I can't believe it....

FYI... FAJA Misconception

Ppl have misconceptions about the faja. It doesn't give you your shape the doctor does that. It also doesn't give dog ears the doctor does. Fajas are for compression. It will not give you a shape however if you keep going down in size eventually it can rearrange your rib cage causing organs to be pushed down giving you an irreversible pouch. No doubt women get smaller because it inhibits eating a bit so you start to eat smaller portions and if you didn't know the stomach can contract n expand so the less ur able to eat will shrink ur stomach causing smaller portions and weight loss if that makes sense. Hispanic cultures endorse fajas to the max but even they know it's the doctor that gives you the shape. The women in the states (most not all cause they killin tt in miami) are the way they are because of the doctor they chose and nothing to do with faja. P.S. I got this post off a doll 2015 comment. I couldn't have said it better..

Power Healing Plan

My Power Healing Program

My recommended Power Healing supplements can be found at most health food stores. Remember, for optimal surgery recovery, stop taking the supplements about three days before surgery because of the potential for certain nutrients, particularly herbs, to interact with anesthesia and medication. You can start your supplements again, three days after surgery.

Pre- and Post-Surgery

Take a high-quality multinutrient as part of your daily routine before and after surgery. Choose one that contains 25 to 50 mg of the B complex vitamins.
Vitamin C, take 500–1,000 mg as part of your daily routine before surgery and 1,000 mg three times a day after surgery.
Studies indicate that vitamin C helps prevent surgical shock and post-surgical bed sores, and that it significantly speeds healing time. It’s also necessary for the production of collagen—a basic structural protein used in wound repair.

Increase your zinc intake to 30–50 mg for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery, using zinc picolinate. Zinc is critical to wound healing, and surgery or trauma can decrease the level of zinc in your body.

 Start taking a probiotic supplement two weeks before surgery, and continue using it for at least a month afterward—or, better yet, indefinitely. Choose a strain that contains acidophilus and bifida bacteria (follow label instructions for dosage). Surgical patients often receive oral or intravenous antibiotics in the hospital, which creates the potential for fungal disorders (including yeast infections), digestive disturbances and diarrhea. A probiotic can help counteract these problems, promoting surgery recovery.

Also After Surgery

Take 250 mg of vitamin B6 twice a day for a week, starting three days after surgery. This nutrient helps reduce post-surgical fluid retention, such as swelling of the face, hands, feet or legs. The swelling usually takes two to four weeks to go down. With B6, you can experience substantial reduction within 24 to 48 hours.
 To reduce inflammation, take 2,000–3,000 mg of omega-3 fish oil per day for two weeks after surgery. You can then go to a maintenance dosage of 500–1,000 mg per day. If fish oil is already part of your daily routine, be sure to stop taking it five days before surgery, since it can promote blood thinning and increase bleeding during surgery.

 Take bromelain on an empty stomach for two weeks after surgery (follow label instructions for dosage). This formidable pineapple enzyme supplement helps prevent blood clots, aids the liver and digestion and decreases inflammation and pain after surgery—all vital to surgery recovery. It also helps to remove protein debris that form at trauma sites.

 Another supplement to relieve pain and inflammation is the homeopathic remedy Arnica 30C. Take one pellet four or five times a day for up to two weeks after surgery.

I recommend following this Power Healing program to maximize the surgery recovery process. Not only will you be able to recuperate faster, so you can get back to the enjoyable task of living each day to your full capability, you’ll also be able to make it through your surgery recovery more easily.

Something still dont add up....

This is the quote I received from the recovery house...

Did anyone else receive this email from Dr. Mallol

Hmmmmmm I'm wondering if he starting to get a lot of complaints and request for refunds!!!!!

Check out Dr.Manon

If you are still undecided check out DR.Manon on IG he has great reviews on here plus his prices are the best.

I dont like Dr Mallol work Period. Thats my opinion, i have a right to it.

Ladies if I'm on someone stat and having a friendly exchange with that person please don't bring my name up in your post! If I don't like Dr. Mallol work I have a right to say it (that's not being negative). That's my opinion lol Furthermore if you are happy with your results that's all that matters ( don't know how many more times I'm going to have to say that) Addressing me will not change the FACT that majority of the women who went to Dr. mallol have some type of issue. I'm not sure why its okay for you to scream you like his results from the top of your lungs but i can't scream I don't like his results from the top of mine? Anywho If you like his work by all means go to him. If you went to him and love your results I'm happy for you! On the other hand if someone went to him and don't like the results or had complications STOP blaming them or insinuating its their fault; they have a right to share their experience. PLEASE STOP wasting so much energy on my opinion!!!! You don't have to agree but I have a RIGHT to SAY it how many times I please!!!!
Dr.Mallol botched up one of his patient to the point where she need revisions on everything he quoted her thousands of dollars. I made a comments and basically said dont go back to him go to someone else. * If a doctor botch me up no way in hell I'll go back to them*
Others people were trying to convince her to go back to him; and basically saying I'm negative because I don't want hèr going back to the Doctor that botched her up the first time.... Lol how is that negative? That's my opinion... I feel his work is not as good as other doctors I seen. I don't think he practice good sterilization techniques being that so many people have gotten infections. His boob jobs all come out crooked and square looking. His TT are the worst I've seen. It seem like he leaves some type of Burn on you big or small. This is just my opinion!!!! So by saying how I feel about his results (I'm negative) lol halirious

just picked up money from bank

Well its almost that time..... Sunday is a day and wake up away. I still have soooo much to do. Time fly

On my way

Im at airport. Shout out to Delta not sure why I received TSA pre-check but I did. I got to go through advance security check didn't have to take off shoes or wait in line.....

At Cecip

Hello guys I'm at Cecip just had my labs done waiting on results. Will keep you posted.


OK so I didn't have surgery today! Last night when my labs came back my hemo was a 11.... I had 2 choices either do iron therapy which consist of taking iron shots,eating a night iron diet,etc!!!! That option take about 4 to 5 days... It do work I met a girl who hemo was a 10 she she did the five day therapy NOW its a 13 she is scheduled for surgery today..... Second option was to have a blood transfusion which takes 24hr. I was one of the ones saying I would not be getting a blood transfusion under no circumstance.. Guess what received transfusion today at 8:30am scheduled for surgery tomorrow once hemp is checked again... I'll keep you guys posted on that.... Any who people if you are in need of a nice, clean, recovery house check out sweetheart recovery house this place is the bomb the people are super attentive... The nurse came to the hospital with me and stayed the whole time she made sure the ball keep rolling and I didn't have to lift a finger. The food is good. They have AC and a fan mounted on wall. Closet door have key with locked. The owner stays in contact with me day and night. Well I post pic! Ttyl

FYI: the drivers are off the hook: we almost got hit by a bus and car at the same damn TIME. And it was my driver fault smh

made it flatside

I made it flat side

more pics

I didn't get lipo because it would have been to much on my body. Ill get that some other time

two days post op

At the doctor office getting new bandages... I no lipo was done

just some pics

Out on the town

day 4 pic

At doctor office

Went to beauty salon and grocery store today!!!!

Had a Wonderful day got my hair blew out plus got some souvenirs to take home ????????????????????????????????????????

more pics

More pics.


This recovery house is the bomb. Food is good, house is nice, my nurse is the best.

My experience thus far::

I sent my driver a pic of me before I boarded the plane. (I would recommend) when I arrived the driver was waiting on me and cams up to me. He was in contact with my doctors assistant and was told to bring me straight to Cecil which he did. He spoke English and had WiFi in his car so I was never without communication. Once we arrived I was to check in at nurse station I would be spending the night and having surgery in AM. While at hospital I switch from Dr.Almonte to Dr.Manon I had paid both of them the deposit so it was free money for her lol I was given my room and settled in. At that point my driver gave me a hug and wish me luck. By the way i stayed at sweetheart recovery house very nice place the driver is the owner he is wonderful. Labs were done we had to wait for results half the damn night lol they won't give you the result you have to wait on the Dr.Assistant which I find a bit odd.. So any who about about 5pm they brought dinner to us around six it was time for EKG and x-ray etc etc once all that was finished he gave us the clearance right away. My Dr Assistant wasn't coming to 7:30 so I knew I had to wait until then for my hemo results. By that time Dr Almonte assistant came and was collecting money and taking pic etc,etc.
Finally Rossa came and immediately went to get my hemi results she brought them back and it was a 11 I was like nooooooooooooooo she gave me two options blood transfusion iron infusion one took about 5 days to work the other one took 24 hr (I'll take 24hr Alex) I took the blood transfusion which I only took one bag I refused two. Which cost $150. I was informed I would have to go to the other clinic for that tomorrow. Rossa had already informed my driver to pick me up so I left to recovery house upon arrival I was asked if I wanted ringing I'm going to Finnish up later bye bye

pic i took today

Today pic Dr appointment at 3 pm

shout out to sweetheart recovery plus pic i missed

Shout out to my recovery house for buying my pizza hut last night

Going home tomorrow

Just got my clearance letter from the doctor office. Can't wait to go home yay!!!!!!!!!!! Any who I'm loving my results I think I'm only going to look better in time lol once everything settled and the swelling go down... Well I decided to end my posting on realself its been real PEACE

repost of after pic

Added back my after pics

One month post op

No lipo

My b day

Feeling good


Just a update




Update pic


More pics no bbl or lipo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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