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Well I know definitely its Dr. Australia Fragoso...

Well I know definitely its Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez and have a tentative date of 10/23/13.
I am very excited and know that time will drag as I will continue to read stories and read reviews of DR and Dr. Fragoso Baez. I am excited as I am still very young and have 4 grown children and a great husband. I am 5'5 and way 185 not fat a little heavy but my stomach or tummy is horrible for me, I am already big breasted 38DD so I no need there even if they sag some but I would reduce if up to me and my butt not so good but if the lipo and injection of my own body works then I should be fine. Now I just need to start losing more weight so i can be even tighter when I have my surgery.
Any information or comments are welcomed!! Hotel's and what I should watch for would greatly be appreciated.

It's confirmed

I am so happy, Dr. Fragoso sent me an email I am confirmed for the 23rd of Octobee, now time to get ready 10 weeks, count down!

Tickets- Count down Continues

I started taking my vitamins acd watching what I eat to lose some weight. I read many stories and some get me really excited hope times go by quickly, really looking forward after all the pain and sacrifice!!

32 Days for My journey

My mom and husband asked me if I wasn't afraid to have SX. I told them I was not afraid and I really not, just a freak organizer just want to make sure I have what I need and not carry around what I don't need.
I am staying at Yasmin RH and happy about that, convinced my husband he can leave the day after SX just because if someone is there with me I will be more vulnerable :( I can handle issues, pain and stress. Just want to have this done and be happy with myself. I still consider myself young and think I could look nice with a nice flat tummy, that's what I really am looking for I'm 36yr 5'6 38DD but my tummy just messes it all up for me and I don't have any ass but hoping I will get some not too much.. Well if the VETs on surgery that have travelled can give me a good list of what I am really going to need or that I can buy in DR that would be greatly appreciated??? I have been taking my vitamins, I have my Arnica pills and ordered my Boppy pillow, what else?

Not sleeping Much

I have been thinking so much about my list, things I need and so many list that I see that I'm not sure and just keep ready stuff that causes me not to sleep. I am very excited for my SX even after my husband keeps telling me he is concerned. I got my period in the same cycle as my SX for next month hopefully I don't get it when I have surgery so it. Doesn't affect my test. Hoping 3 weeks go fast, stopped eating salt, no liquor at all for the next 4 wks.

Looking Forward to this change!

I am adding a picture of me currently that I had not due as I am embarrassed of the sagging belly! I have added a pic from the surgery app just trying it.
As I get closer to this journey I am excited but these last days my family seems more concerned and my kids also have comments if concern. I ask God to keep me on the right path and stay positive.

Sleepless Nights

I'm lieing in my bed, looking at FB over and over and RS thing of the days for my flight, to take my test, anxiety! Did I make the right choose in having surgery!! Am I missing anything, having everyone ask are u sure, ur not scared??? No, I want this, I can't wait:-) i want this flap of stomach gone, nice donk and pretty curving waist!!

Wish picture's

Wish Picture

This is one of my wish pictures

Flight To Dr

Packed, shower ready for flight to DR

Labs and all is wonderful

Crazy day, didn't sleep. Arrived at airport 1st flight was find, 3nd glight to SDQ was delayed an hour. Arrived to meet the wonderfulll Jose Britto!! Headed to Dr. Fragaso and she called and followed up while we we're driving there. She was everything I expected and more. She did her exam and questions. Told me what I needed and answered any questions we had. Then we headed to the lab, had blood done, eaited for results 13.5 hemo with 40.4% she said wonderful . I was so excited as that could be of concern. Then headed to cardialogy waited Dr arrived lesss then 15 he said everything was good I was health as a teen but as protocal I will have an EKG on the 22nd. dr Fragoso was with us alll the time. my husband was very happy with evverythin. Arrived to rest after 5 hrs to wait and return for surgery. Will keep everyone updated.

Showered and Ready!! Big Day tomorrow

So, I was kind of upset at the cardiologist as he charges me $2000 DR pesos just to look at the test, which clearly said normal. But anyway, I told Dr. Fragoso baez I should get my money back. In the Hostal San Francisco Asis that Jose Britto recommended for today. Took my shower and got a call if I could be there at 6am not 7am. I of course said yes, she would tell Jose Britto. Which me luck 10 hours and I will be on my journey.

No surgery!

Sad to say but no surgery!! I was in the operating room and I was not able to breath well and speak and everything was stop. Dra Fragoso is a wonderful She didn't leave my side and came out to ensure my husband was updated of the situation. I was heart broken because I would not have the surgery but after a stay in the hospital and praying we are going to try it all again tomorrow with less anesticia as that is what cause the event. Please pray for me that all goes well!! Secondly we visited yasmin's RH but my husband and I were not convinced that was for me so I am going to change. I visited Juana's recovery house, any info I can get on RH.

Going home W/Return

I was rescheduled for Oct 25, I awoke not feeling good, headache, vomitting. I artived at the dr to go thru the process, Dr Fragoso Baez arrived and then the anasticia dr a diferent one arrived and explained that it was to soon to try and have surgery again. The best thing would be Tge coming wed and I would only be able to have the TT and some lipo to the front, no BBL or back lipo. The other option I return anytime with in 3 months and I can have all done. I was very upset because my husband jumped up and said we are leaving, i cried begged him to let me stay . I acked like a child very bad. I locked myself in the bathroom and then realized what are u doing, go home God had given u so many signs that this is not the time. I left the 1st surgery walking and re awole feeling sick and then being told to wait that should be enough to go home and get this all out of my system, lose more weight and return. Now that I was in DR I reqlized that I am glad this happen I am changing some stuff on my return for my sx, in about a month or so. I can say Dr Fragoso Baez is wonderful, she returned our money prior to us sayinv anything and only kept the exams $300 which are valid for 90 days so, I will come back and not pay for them. She is also going to honor the price quote and only asked that my hemo stay good because that is always a factor. Today, I go home and happy but return to get back to DR for my SX. If you have any questions plz let me know and I will try to answer, I did many things while in DR, visted RH but to much to type now.

Afraid to make the next move!:(

I asked Dr. Fragoso Baez for a new date and Dec 3! I think its great and I have been looking for tickets and RH but still afraid to take those steps! After everything I went thru thinking is this really for me. :-(

Humbleness is what I need.

I have been to Dr, like I said before. Originally I was going to stay at Yasmin which I heard was great. I visited but it was not fir me so moved on to look at some other places Juanas Recovery was nice, friendly and clean. But then also Camilla was good and think I will stay there. I was in DR for 8 days and got to see and donthings, i speak spanish so barrier there. Dr. Baez is wonderful she tought of my health first and didn't hesitate to stop the surgery even after I asked her to go on. My husband was there and he at first was not convinced but after meeting Dr. Fragoso Baez he says he trust her and will support my decision to go back for a successful surgery.

New One Way Ticket

I have purchased my ticket again and I am excited but not so much as the first time I was going to DR, guess I will just let it be.
Leaving Dec 2nd 6am, purchased only one way because I can't spend so much on changing flights. So I will leave it all in my lords hands that I will go to DR for sx and be able to get it done this time, if not its not for me.

Keeping myself up!!

I have added a picture of me thinking that the front could just in flat the back. I start to wonder will I be able to have this surgery I wanted it so bad the first time that I never stopped smiling and didn't care what anybody said but now, I am just uhhhhh, IDK how to feel, don't want to get to excited and be broken down.

Happy and Ready!

I'm finally more excited and looking forward to my sx that is 2 weeks 3 days away. I had my appt with my PC today and she said I was good for surgery had my blood test done, results next week (not worried because I had really go hemp when I went to DR before) but she explained what happened on my previous visit for sx and she said I am not allergic to anesthesia, I just was just given a larger dose but I am good, she wished me luck and said she would see me when I returned for my f/u appointments.

Mom keeping Me Positive

I got my test results and they were good. I would love to ve super excited but something inside doesn't feel that I should be excited. My mon keeps me positive, she, says I will be right there and we are going to be positive and good!! One week away.

Am I making the right decision

I have been thunking is this truely going to happen, should I get excited! A week from today I should be in DR and I want to get exciteded but then I get a sad feeling and stop my thoughts.

2 Day flight to DR

So I am 2 days away, I don't think I am missing anything as Inever unpacked one bag w/my stuff but I want to get excited but for some reason I can't maybe cause my hubby isn't going? I keep wondering and talking to our God hoping goes well and I come home soon. I'm dtarting to get worried in leaving my family. I put up X-mas decorations did laundry, cleaned my house. I need to be at peace with myself.


I am not going to update much as I just returned home and still trying to recover.
I am adding in pictures for updates as I am very very happy with my results currently.
I have lots to update about surgery, RH, boopy pillow, flight and etc.

12 Day Pictures

Additional pictures

Part 1

I will start little by little in parts as it is hard to write everything at one time.
I arrived at DR, Jose Britto was there to pick me up and I already had met him and requested that he be the one to take me to the dr.
Jose called the dr but she was very busy and she already had told me she would be busy that day I arrive. Dr told jose to take me to RH and when she was finished she would call so he could take me to her office. We arrived to RH which was hard cause Camillias RH is new and Jose had never been there, we were hungry and wanted to rest. Finally arrived to Camillias RH where Karleigh greeted us and told us dinner was ready showed us our room, put our luggage there and headed to eat. Jose left but gave me this look and I new exactly why. There were 2 large windows in our room with no curtains, no TV but that was ok with me. My mom and I sat had some late lunch and it was very good, while eating Karleigh asked about the balance due. I got my wallet and paid her in full for our stay. Once I handed her the money she and the other 2 ladies that were there grabbed there purses and were off according to her to the bank. We were ok with it cause we had to unpack. we started unpacking and like 3 hours passed and my mom and I were left alone. Finally Karleigh returned and said if I had from the Dr, I said no can you call her, she called Jose to get her number and no answer it was about 7pm. we waited and no call back I was getting worried as I was to have surgery next day and knew nothing. finally at about 9pm Dr called and I spoke to her she said its late I just got out of surgery, go have a nice dinner, take my showers and I will see you tomorrow for surgery be at the clinic at 7:30am.
Karleigh asked what we wanted for dinner ordering out Chinese or go someplace we decided to go out. we had a very nice dinner my mom had a margarita and we paid for part of the bill because it was a higher end restaurant. That night we returned to the RH, got our stuff ready for tomorrow morning, packed a bag, took my shower and ready for bed. I was up at 6am ready for shower and taxi arrived at 6:45am as we requested. Karleigh did not come with us didn't say anything but I will go tomorrow when you are ready to be discharged with the taxi driver, I was ok with it, I guess. we were off to the clinic we arrived and many people in the ER for surgery not with my dr with other surgeons. We checked in at about 8:30 headed up to the 3rd floor to get ready for surgery I was not given a room as there were many patiences but I was taken to a recovery room and told to change about an hour later Alma the anastialagist arrived to see me. she said the dr would come at about 11 and she would come back prior to that to put in my IV. we waited and at about 10:30 alma returned to put in my IV and tell me about the blue pill (AGAIN), 15min later Dr Fragoso Baez arrived with her hugh smile and said are you ready and I said yes, she snapped pictures again and said just relax, her husband came in to get payment, she went out to make sure there was a room for when I came out of surgery and then came back said she was going to get ready and transportation would come and get me. I had taken a gift for her, I handed it to her and my mom also had Virgin Mary charms for both Dr's and said, I leave my daughter in your hands. Transportation wheeled me off Dr told my mom it would be 4/5 hrs when I would come to room.
I was taken to sx room and this time it was different I lay on my side with legs to stomach and a mask was put on my mouth to breath, I was out.
I awoke during the sx feeling tugs to my upper back, I called to the dr and then I was out. I awoke again and this time I did feel some pain they were still on my upper back and then I was out again.
I awoke to a cold liquid on my body and I hear a mans voice I asked if music can be played of my favorite christian singer and I was listening to him and them sing, my body was getting cleaned up and then the garment put on my body. Dr said do you want to see what we removed and I turned over to my right and see this lady hold two large pieces of meat and I said you can keep them, I was put on another bed and I guess wheeled away don't remember till I was in the room saw my mom and she was so happy said I need to talk to my husband because he had called a million times and she put him on the phone I don;'t remember anything of what he said,
I knocked out and didn't wake till midnight or maybe 2am with some pain I asked my mom to call the nurse for pain meds, she arrived gave me pain meds and back to bed, I felt soaked in my back but didn't say anything I was so tired.

Upcoming part 2

I will post tomorrow part 2

Day 2 post op

I woke very early morning as I stated I felt soaked so I really wanted to get out of bed and have the cather removed. The nurce arrived my mom awoke and said I had not drained and she didn't like that. I stud up went to the rest room after having the cather removed. While I sat on the toilet the nurce and my mom washed the garmet with me in it and then came my breakfest a broth with a small tea, pain meds, antiboiatics and heartburn meds cause I really had that.
My sheets were changed and at about 10 to 11am Jose Britto comes in to check on us. We talked and then after a while he asked if he would be taking me to the RH or was someone from the RH picking me up. I recall Karleigh from Camilias saying she would come see me the day of sx and the she and her driver would pick me up but she didn't come the day before so I got to wondering I did't even have her number I would only msg via FB so good thing britto had her number and he dialed no answer then he called the Dr cause it was close to noon and she had not arrived. The dr answered and said she would arrive within 20 min. Called Karleigh from my cell no answer afther calling 6/7 times . Jose asked my mom is she had breakfest and she had not so I told them to go I would wait for the dr. Sure enough i. Had to call karleigh again cause now i was upset what was going on, I got an answer fom some guy said she could not talk and hung up I dialed again and he said she is in the hospital in an emergency i said me 2 and she got on the cell said she was sorry was ill and she had no one at her RH so what is going to happen? Karleigh said I will have my driver pick u up and take u to the RH, no nurce till after 6pm maybe, no cook, nothing no TV no Wi-Fi. I was upset, mad, I wanted to cry, shout, afraid so I told her that was un acceptable how could this be I would go to the RH and get my stuff and I wanted my money she said hun I have no money I paid those people what I owe them. The Dr arrived and I tried to act strong what else could I do. I thought when my mom and jose get back we will plan this out. Dr checked me said didn't like that I didn't drain in the drain but my body had took it out my back checked and changed my dressings. She gave me instructions and then a knock on the door the driver was there w/ some other guy ready to take me I was so scared I thought they are going to try and hurt me this is a scam and then my mom comes in and I ask wheres britto, she says he had to leave to the airport I broke down crying and everyone was i. Shock what happen I then went on to explain to them and said I thought jose could go w/us for our safe guard but then the dr her husband my mom all said no, no worries they would handle it the. Dr would come w/us and my mom said don't worry we can handle this. My mim packed up the dr left the room my mom asked me to relax and plz not tell my husband cause he would take the next flight and everything was ok. We decided ok lets trust them and got in the wheel chair and down to the taxi, it was the same driver that took us that morning if my sx thats why I did leave w/them.
On our way there he said karleigh got sick same day I had sx and was going to have sx for pandisites, she would be out in 2 days I said ok so the nurse and cook w/handle everything they said we will call them and see. We get to the RH they help me to my room and I just want to rest I am in pain, well surprice the massages that dr sends arrived because the dr called her and told her what was going on and to head over to see me asap if it was not good so they could get me out. We started my massage when the nurse comes into the roomwithout knocking I am naked and there are the 2 men still in the house and the cook also arrived. The nurse in daisy duk shorts and a tank top my therapust was so mad she kicked her out and my mom locked the door.
Once my massage was done Brunilda told me this is not a good place for you I will call the dr and come back tomorrow 2nd massage. Paid brunilda $25 and she left the nurce came in and said the cook had made what I asked for a soup to come eat I wasjust out os sx but ok, I came oyt to have guys laying on the sofas talking people walking around I ate and headed back to the room and could not rest, at all. Around 7pm the nurse comes in says everyone is gone and she has to leave she will be back later tonight I said what are we having for dinner owe well didn't know you would be hungry. What do you want I said some fruit or a salad. We were left alone at about 10:30pm the nurse arrives says I got a banana and some fruit a x-small bowl and my mom got up and made herself a salad nothing was left from earlier cause everyone else ate nothing to drink, no TV no Wi-Fi.
In that time I heard. Karleigh on the phone w/ the nurse but she would not speak with me , i forgot earlier I also received message from Nikki the partner to camillias to say what could she do to make my stay well while Karleigh was out I told her just make sure everything that I paid for is handled and no guys or anyone that was not to be there should no longer be there. She said o yes of course I will have everyone do there job. That didn't happen!!
After we ate at 11pm we went to be at 5am we here movement its the nurse she is leaving and will be back tonight cause she has a job. So we were left alone not having a number or what was going to happen who was going to come in or cook so I just had enought called the dr told her what happen she said I will call britto. I hung up called britto and he said I am already on my way cause I was going to check on you but if thats the case get your stuff ready I will take you to another RH. Told my mom and we got all our shit right away 7:30am we left Camillias. I told britto I wanted to take some of her shit that way she gives me my money he said its not worth it it will be worse for Camillias if yougive the RH bad review. So i left w/nothing but pain, stress and no money. Britto said where do you want to go I said I don 't know an open RH he told me Juanas or Silhouette and he dialed for me and I arranged a good deal w/angie and we were on our way to Silhouette. Will continue as this is hard to write at once. I have added pic of the dirt and un cleanliness At Camillias.

16 Weeks PO Update

I am very happy with my natural look, everybody says my butty looks crazey big, IDTS but I do love it.
tT scar is coming along nicely, but I am very good w/scars.
Started working out and I feel wonderful.

More pics @ 12 wks

Silhouette Recovery house and Recovery

I arrived at Silhouette to meet Angie and the nurces and cooks.
Every thing was great had our stuff put aqay and had a nice lunch.
Finally was able to watch TV and fresh air.
The food, nurces and the care was unbelievable. The 5th day I was sad as recovery is hard having brunilda with the massages was painful but always made me feel better.anxiety to get better and get how was always on my mind.

6 months PO, so happy I did this.

I sometimes was thinking I was crazey but I am so much more confident, my husband loves the fact that women enjoy looking at me more then men (haters) but he's happy and so am I.
I haven't changes who I am but this does make your self esteem better.
I still have swelling in my TT area, back has numbness and know that maybe a while.
I was on vacation some weeks ago and purchased an amazing gel Cicatricure and my TT scar is just going away, you can find this in the US also.
I started going to the gym and when I work on my abdomin it hurts but I don't go over board.

I have always been big in the breast now I have a more balanced figure, I am a big girl.
Now I weigh 185lbs, 38DD, waist 31, hips 45

TT scar

I have some areas of my TT scar that are still visible and still have swelling at 6 months po but I am doing well.
In the backside pic u can't appreciate the BBL but u can see the change from my back sliding into butt

Pre op and post op pictures.

I really never had post op pictures so here are some and also some pre op pictures.

Updated pictures

Close to 6 months

Still working on the final results, but happy.

Appologize For Review

I wanted to apologize because I never finished my review correctly and jumped all over the place but its hard once you have sx, you forget or your so excited with the transformation that becomes the updates.
I wanted to share how good I feel and some new pics.

More pic's

Thing I look good but maybe RD 2

I am so happy w/ my TT, BBL and lipo but since I didn't have lipo to up abs maybe rd 2..?? Love my booty it fits me perfect..

9 month update

I am posting updated pictures on 9 month post op.
Am I happy, Yes...
I did lose projection and have gained weigh to my owe fault but over all I can say I am very confident of myself more then 9onths ago

Round 2 here I come 12/10/14

I am happy with my results but since 1st round dr. frago Barz told me I would need a touch up.
So I finally was encouraged to get a date and get ready for round 2.
Sent a msg to dr, got my quote and date. Looking for our tickets and confirming the RH that I love Silhouette RH and I should be good with my hemo would just be the one I need to have checked out ASAP


I know what to expect but I'm really nervous that I in some way want to cancel, I'm caught up in knowing that this is hard.. :-(
15 days left to leave to DR... Time to really make sure I want this

Scared and Doubtful

I've been on FB and read about another death and so they say due to a low hemoglobin.
lately I'm not sure because I think about these deaths and is this really worth it? I think God calls us when ever but do I want to put myself in a spot to harm myself no. I have great faith in my Dra Baez but will listen closely to what ever you think is best, I leave it all in your hands my Lord.

Happier then Ever

I had my sx on Dec 10th.. Everything went well
Still in some pain after 24 days but the revision made my body even more better then before.
My stay at Silhouette RH was great as well as previiously and thankful for the ladys that work there. I won't go into details unless anyone has questions. Adding some pictures.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love her, she is a great and amazing person. she took her time to make me beautiful and still handle all my needs within the surgery and out of the surgery she has been so attentive.

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