SnatchedNDr Cabral My Journey - Dominican Republic

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Surgery April 6th - 21st Rest Home: Serenity...

Surgery April 6th - 21st
Rest Home: Serenity (cabral )
Cabral $5500 w/o BA $6500 with

Finally starting my RS journey after all of the stalking. Ig DRdollLA. I've found plane tickets from $409 through Jet Blue that's something like amazing. I've researched my rest home. I've just been doing everything. For This tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift aggressive lipid ajd breast augmentation. There is only one who can give me what I want and need and that is Cabral I want to be snatched in one shot.


No need for warnings I've researched Cabral thoroughly I know of the death deaths and All about Cipla my choice for my body is my choice. If he is not your choice good for you but please respect my decision thank you

So Ready

I'm just ready to go and get snatched time is flying. The countdown is real. Is there a such thing as being over prepared? I keep being pulled back into this surgery obsession and then I find myself needing a break. I'll pull back from my surgery sisters and just read their messages and not respond #sisterdolls then something will happen and I get sucked back in. It's a rollercoaster. I did meet several women going to Cabral on the 7th via IG I guess he over books due to fallout? But at least 1 or 2 should follow through right so I have buddy options lol. It's 3:29am sweet dreams.

Guard your coins ????????????

Just wanted to share this locked pouch for dr a great place for you to keep your money and other important items. One of my surgery sisters on IG. posted this you can find them on eBay Masterlock portable safes. Hth.


I just found the flights for cheap again I think I should go ahead and pay those coins out right now!!!! I'm so ready to hit the send button and lock it all in! If I catch them for $450 again I'm buying no questions asked!

37 days to go

OMG I haveby been on here in a while but it is very important to document your journey and put words to it I feel. So Yeah I changed my date I fly out Feb 21st from SFO sx with Cabral on the 23rd and staying at Armonia. Super excited nervous jumping for joy. My Surg IG name snatchedindr I can't wait to get snatched I will do a full update tomorrow when I have more time

Spending all my coins

CABRAL and all his extraness
Did I tell y'all I decided to forgo breast in dr and save them for round 2 Colombia

My Packing list SnatchedinDr

How my list looking

Stay Clean & Smelling Good
Baby wipes
Hand Sanitizer
No rinse body wash
Dial soap
Summers eve Freshning products Chile no showers
Adult wipes

Body Care
Maybelline Baby Lips
Throbocide{spelled wrong la}eBay
Biafine act
Knee high compression socks
Stool softener

Arnica Pills/gels/creams
Adult pads,

Granny panties
4 dresses
Tanks for under FAJA

extra curricular ish
Extension cord
Limit urself to one makeup pouch
Brow pencil, beauty blender,
Foundation, powder, lip tint,
Blush, highlight, mascara, eyeliner
1 neutral palette, 1 bright palette.
Extra phone batteries

Too much or am I missing anything?

Wish Pics

Since I haven't posted them here. I swear Instagram (snatchedindr) and my fb group makes me forget where I started right here. There is so much drama on those two platforms. I think I will just continue to document my journey here for the next 4 weeks. I need positive vibes no negativity. I love to laugh and when your not laughing anymore keep it moving so rs y'all have me for the time being here are some of my wish pics .I know too much but it is my preferred look.

Me Preop

So I'm 197 or I was about a week ago. I've lost 63 pounds so far. My bmi is like a 29 and I look and feel amazing. I'm walking 5 miles per day eating good healthy meals and I just feel a whole lot better about myself and my body. I just don't know How people are going to take me POST OP I'm already a handful preop. Here are some pictures of me at 240 and a 197


So any cute options. So happy my old luggage is beat. I'm flying out to so many places this summer I need cute luggage and practical luggage. What do you think help me choose

1st Night in DR

Where did you stay. I'm contemplating staying at the Hilton. I will be at Cipla the next two nights then at the recovery home for ten.


Chile I ate the damn liver was good but it's still liver ill stick to steaks. My 9yr old loved it he made himself a liver sandwich.

Fleeking My Hemo

How I made my hemo smoothie
First not in the photo
Then you have
1 cup of water

Last I checked my was a 12.7 I'm hoping to be above a 14 by the time I leave

the Hilton

So the Hilton is only 7 minutes from Cipla

HEMO MEAL & Vitacost

Is it me or is everybody and their mutha a consultant these days...
.anywho I had the best hemo boosting meal tonight to make up for the liver lastnight. Also got my order from VitaCost the ship extremely fast. 3 days. I aadded photos of my hemo meals. And vitacost order that I didn't Need but they were having a bogo.

29 Days to go essited

O just 29 more days and I'm trying push my hemo to the Max. I guess I will get it tested again next week. I want a 14 lol. Another post OP Cabral doll told me he did her surgery at a 12 BISH WHET so I asked him What my hemo had to be he said A 12 no wonder people be dying SHADE BUT NO SHADE and no ma'am to a 12 he should even tell people that he should say a 14 so ppeople can push for a 13+ but any who that's not my life in jeopardy because I'm on top of thing.

Back to Hemo Fleeking I ordered some Ferrol once it gets here I will stop taking Geritol going to have to find some guava for my Smoothies and beet shots

Please Hemo Gawds let the fleeking be great mama needs a new body.

this is how i feel

When Pepole rs stories just fall off after months of posting are they never surged
Botched or just over their journey now that their snatched? Get all the way to the end and be ready to curse a bish out we were rooting for you ????????????????????????

Santo Domingo

Nail Shops


Cabral is teasing me by knocking these boob jobs out the park left and right. I really want to go to Columbia though choices choices

sorry gramma popos

I look back and cringe their they're there ????????????????????????????foh its just realself

New Preop Pics and my Wish Booty

I am CHANGING HONEY yassssss bad bish activate 67% 28 days to go

sucks my ig

Was reported and deleted. I have literally saved women in DR and a hating post OP MimiDoll 1 ROBLES had her followers report my page. Now I have to flood people's timeline uploading all the information over again thousands of photos and followers GONE! BUT anyways my surgery sistshs showed up and showed the hell out and I will forever be grateful. It's crazy How you can never feel if you've truly touched people until something bad has happened and I'm a forever grateful to Mimi her betrayal allowed me to see that we can come together and stick togethe ThaT's the best outcome ever and it doesn't hurt that I am truly blessed and highly favored

No Tummy Tuck

For she her me ive lost so much and i need every piece of fat for the xl bbl i want. So the tt is a no go and round 2 hd lipo Colombia omg the BellaVita mansion looks so nice cant wait for round 2 and i havent even completed round 1

27 Days to Go

I am excited. I'm so happy I was able to drop that tummy tuck. Recovery with my 21 month old won't be so hard. I'm contemplating adding breast back to the package and recovery becomes hard again. These days are going by so slow watching everyone else get snatched. Can't focus on anything I'm a zombie at work and I've cut everyone in my real world off lol they think I'm *going through some thangs * no girl I'm about to get nipped and tucked and I don't want none of yous running with my buisness quiet as kept at least not preop. Ive been looking into Rhinoplasty in Colombia as well. My whole surgery seems to be evolving I told my boss bishes fudge a tummy tuck. At first I really wanted the muscle repair and ultra snatched look but let's be honest if I'm wearing half tops and Bandeau tops at 260 what's going to stop me post Cabral and we know he is going to suck me dry. I'm Happy with my decision and just need to say yes to the breast. He said I could get 700ccs we will see.


I'm trying to get on Durans schedule at this point I have no faith in Cabrals BBLs Duran is killing the game fingers crossed I leave in like 23 days I want a Duran booty

Sticking with Cabral

Ive made up mind to stick with Cabral. I've put in all this research and work plus built all of this trust. I have to stick with the money team. I see so any girls going through this last minute worry so I guessuit's normal. I'm still hemo fleeking eating delicious food losing weight and obsessing over my surgery 29 days to porn included.

My Final packing list

Packing List
[ ] How my list looking
[ ] Hiblicens
[ ] Baby wipes
[ ] Hand Sanitizer
[ ] Gloves
[ ] No rinse body wash
[ ] Toothpaste
[ ] Toothbrush
[ ] Mouthwash
[ ] Dial soap
[ ] Chux
[ ] Summers eve
[ ] Pads
[ ] Deodorant
[ ] Adult wipes
[ ] Alcohol Wipes
[ ] Monistat
[ ] Alcohol
[ ] Body Care
[ ] Gauze
[ ] Liotin
[ ] Maybelline Baby Lips
[ ] Throbocid
[ ] Knee high compression socks
[ ] Stool softener
[ ] Neosporin
[ ] Surgical tape
[ ] Arnica Pills/gels/creams
[ ] Ensure
[ ] Adult pads,
[ ] Benadryl
[ ] Narcotics
[ ] Clothing
[ ] Granny panties
[ ] 4 dresses
[ ] Slippers
[ ] Robe
[ ] Sandals
[ ] Socks
[ ] Yoga pants flight back
[ ] Tanks for under FAJA
[ ] extra curricular ish
[ ] Extension cord
[ ] Charger
[ ] Nook
[ ] Limit urself to one makeup pouch
[ ] Brow pencil, beauty blender,
[ ] Foundation, powder, lip tint,
[ ] Blush, highlight, mascara, eyeliner
[ ] 1 neutral palette, 1 bright palette.
[ ] Camera
[ ] Extra phone batteries
[ ] Pillow case
[ ] Heated blanket
[ ] Face towels
[ ] Stay Clean & Smelling Good
Since Armonia Provides water & alohol only. I find that a little idk all that money my rh would have supplies on deck so the girls could travel light. Hopefully when my girls open a RH an upscale all inclusive they will have preops straight like that just bring yourself and clothing..

UPDATE sorry for the wait


I have been going through it my cousin was gunned down and I had to put my life on pause.......

I'm back on it my surgery was rescheduled for March 4th.
I fly out of sfo on the 2nd
Still staying at armonia even though the recent reviews got me side eying Myra and her team even my favorite nurse had something bad to say about them now that she doesn't work there. But I can't dwell on that. My full body lipo and bbl are enough to stress over plus everything else going on in my life.
Got my flight booked
My passport
By hemo is a 12.9 so I'm taking iron 3xs a day and one shot of Geritol
Finally started to pack and yeah that's where I'm at with it. Snatchedndr had to change my ig name again. So yeah that's my update Im currently editing my videos for YouTube bbcreationsmua going to vlog about going out of the country for surgery and Also my post post journey. I'll be back in a few

updated progress pics

I love my new preop body

7 days

And I'm not packed just chilling and enjoying my kids. I have never been without them for ten days that's a long ass time. I can't wait for.a break though quiet as kept but I'm still probably going to cry and I know I will miss them so much they are my everything Muskogee my world. They all do amazing things everyday and im going To miss them especially my little diva we have never been apart. My sons are like bye mom please don't call us every hour lol. Skype will be my best friend.

????????????? 5 Days Bruh

Chile this review wouldn't be mine if it weren't all over the place like just Gemini brain hunni boom.

I have 5 days to go. The recent three deaths 2 of Polanco and 1 of Robles just boggles the mind sad rest in heaven to those mother's and I'm praying for those families.

I'm pqcked and ready to go. I have time make one more trip to Walmart for plastic ziplock bags for my vaping juice I pretty much have everything else.

I'm just ready to get out there get to Armonia eat Dominican food and get sucked bone dry by Cabral

Passport Packed and Youtube Update

masterlock portabke safe

Explicit - Click to view

Made my surgery vlog my first YouTube video in 2 years. It was fun bbcreationsmua

I picked up my passport from the San Francisco agency today intent last thursday it was ready Monday. That expedited service is the truth. I'm totally excited to have a passport and will be definitely filling it up.

What else is there to do? My minions are leaving with their dad tomorrow and I'm just goIng to chill out and relax stay out of the groups and stick to rs and ig.

My luggage is sitting by the front door along with my wig. I have to get my hair braided tomorrow. I decided on a kuyute synthetic lpart wig from clairhair something for the plane rides only Once I'm snatched I'll be under my scar.

I took the cash out of bank today they were looking at me sideways I plan on keeping money and passport in my Maeterlinck case.....

I have nothing else lots of pics and a video

on My way to Santo Domingo

So excited plane leaves in three hours on my way to the airport need to charge my phone batteries eat and get some earphones + take my sleeping pills. My surgery is Wednesday all my testing is Tuesday and lettuce pray I don't have to dog walk Myra cause hunni..... nah just joking I plan yes plan to be self sufficient remember women in the states go straight home. Plus I have to come home and be a mom and work so pray for me this is really a 10 day vacation quiet as kept team no kids. I feel like a deadbeat dad I've NEVER left them for this long but a happy mama equals a happy life RIGHT!!!!! I get really racket (yassss we say racket in SF not RATCHET ) WHEN I'mexcited so if you follow me social media just enjoy it laugh with me it takesthe edge of. I'm nervous and excited at the same damn time

On the flat side and cant sleep

I had my surgery I was wide awake would like to speak with Cabral' before going into full detail I'm healthy I'm happy and I'm a vet lol. I just can't sleep it's weird will update more when I get back to Armonia I can't wait to see my ass and waist

shawty got an a** on huuh

Shawty got an ass on her

I wI'll post indepth reviews later. Just know I'm happy healthy safe and the king did his thang on me included a video and some pics . Bbl later to give my first 3 day review

pic n video

Snatched Post Op Pica Cabral

Cabral did what he said he was going to do make me Barbie cause that's the only bish I know with a waist like this.

My shape is on a hunnid now this ain't for everybody I want BIG legs No Waist and HUGE BOOBS

faja off for a day

Legs were super swollen I had to take my faja off for the night..... my tummy swelling is minimal my waist after being out of the faja all night 5 days out and I'm feeling good the swelling is scary though

22 daya post op

Falling in love with me again. Not words can describe.loving you some you pictures cab though.
Hector Cabral

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