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I have been trying to figure out how to blog on...

I have been trying to figure out how to blog on here for the longest but I finally figured it out ! You would think I'm old but I'm 25 years old lol. Any way I have done a lot of research on DR surgeons and I made a final decision to have surgery with Julio Molina in Santodomingo! He is so easy to get in contact with and has an amazing portfolio (check his IG account @Drjmolinas)

I finally leave to Dr tomorrow! Some Hemo tips!

So I'm pretty nervous about surgery this week ! I'm praying I have a hemoglobin of a 13 because DR surgeons do not operate on you if it's any lower. In Colombia it needs to be a 12 or more. You would need to have a blood transfusion or iron shots if it's not in order to do the surgery. I'm packed and ready to go! I wish the recovery time wasn't so long for a TT because I will be leaving my babies behind with their dad and that's the hardest part about this journey if you are a mom. But I spent 5 years in this post baby body and I'm over it ! So I have to get over my mommy guilt. Any way future dolls here are some tips to start getting your Hemo up for surgery I hope this helps !

Fruits, vegetables and meats for improving your hemoglobin ????

-Smoothie (Beets, spinach, broccoli, kale and orange juice)
-Geritol (Walgreens)
- SSS tonic
-red pepper and guava with orange juice
-Blood builder with Niacin
-Red meats
-Brown rice
-Red beans
-Sugar cane

Remember to check your Hemo with your PCP to see where it's at so you can start to build it up for surgery.

Let me properly introduce myself to real self

So hey dolls ! I know many of you who are looking to have surgery done have no idea where to start so I am going to say start by making a Surgery journey IG account seperate from your private IG account. Once you do this you can start to follow other girls and surgeons so that you can choose which surgeon you like. Every surgeon has a different specialty so get ready to break out the microscope to see who does the best TT scars and bbl with a snatched waist. Also prepare to neglect your personal IG account, the stalking is real!

So here's my story. I'm from NYC and I'm a mother of 2. Just like many mothers my body completely changed after my first child and I was heart broken. To be 25 and unable to wear a bikini was devastating. I thought I would never be able to get my old body back until I discovered plastic surgery lol. At first I was all against it #Teamnatural until I was on the #teamstretchmark side. Now I'm all for it lol. So I am looking to have a tummy tuck, bbl with lipo. I'm saving my boobs for round 2.

So here is my story on how I choose my surgeon. I was following a few DR surgeons on Instagram and I have to say many have some amazing portfolios. I was even considering doing surgery in Cali Colombia but their looks are more natural VS DR looks which are on the vixen side. Any who my first choice was Yily until she had a recent death and it totally freaked me out so I was back to searching for a surgeon. Once I followed J Molina I instantly fell in love with his work and the way he cares for his patients. Believe it or not, some surgeons like to put up a front but they barely remember you after surgery because they see so many girls a week, with him it's different. Anyway, the fact that he was so easy to get in touch with (a what's app message away) was a big plus for me. I had considered Duran but she is way to hard to reach and God forbid I needed anything after my surgery it would be impossible to get in touch with her. I have heard of many girls who could not reach her after surgery. That after care is so important. After talking to Molina I sent my $1,000 deposit and the wait began. I encourage every doll to make a SX Instagram account because you get so much more information and you get to follow other girls on their journeys. If any of you want to keep up with my results I will be leaving tomorrow Monday to DR and will be meeting with Molina first thing to check my Hemo so we can schedule a SX date. Here's my Instagram @BeautyandtheSurgeon . I will try my best to update my real self account. I am supposed to be staying at Maria's recovery house because she has amazing reviews and hospital beds as well as 50% off massages. Wish me luck with this Hemo because I might need iron shots or a blood transfusion (trying to avoid that). I posted a pre opp pic ewww but I currently weight 130-135 pounds and I am 5'2.

On my flight to DR!

So the law of attraction kicked in and I missed my flight to DR but luckily there was one right after so I paid the $50.00 to secure a seat and I am on the plane and will be meeting with Molina as soon as I get there. Be an hour early before your boarding time when flying international. Silly me but I will not let that get me down. Missing my babies like crazy already. I will keep you all posted.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Love my surgeon so far. Communication is great pre opp. My quite is reasonable and he answered all of my questions. Stay tuned for my final review after surgery.

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