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Lack of communication

So I've managed to drop the weight and I sent my pics and request to Dr. Duran. I've called and spoke to her office three times and I still haven't gotten my quote. They told me I would get a response today but still nothing. I was worried that I hadn't lost enough weight but my bmi is under the required my friend sent hers in and got a quote immediately. I sent my info to Jazmine Navarro through Bella Vita including preliminary questions and haven't gotten a response from her so I emailed Jazzelyn and immediately got a response. Unfortunately she only told me to send money and hasn't answered my questions. Me and my friend are doing this together and we want to hire Bella Vita we just need to know if they got her registration! Does anyone have any helpful tips on BellaVita?

Dr Duran surgery quote

So I finally got my quote this morning from Dr. Duran and I will be sending my deposit today!!!! So excited

Recovery house booked

Okay so recovery house will be Kindness?? Surgery scheduled?? Now all I have to do is start packing!!!!

Kindness recovery house

Me and my friend sent our deposits to the recovery house via PayPal and now I'm wondering if we can send the full amount through PayPal when we arrive? I mean it would be nice if we could because we can pay with credit card and we don't have to carry so much cash out there.


I'm just getting Stuff together. A lot more is coming in!

Watch out for the catfish dolls!!!

There have been a couple of woman coming on this site and something just doesn't seem right about there comments and post. Almost like they have no idea what there talking about or who for that matter! Which lead me to believe there comments are bullcrap so I did sims digging and come to find out they are exactly that! Catfish! I will however be snapshotting these catfish over to admin so hopefully they will be blocked from this site! I've been doing research on my doctor since 2014 and began doing research on surgery overseas since 2013 so for someone to step in and try to give me new information is unheard of. Literately I don't return to work until August so I've got nothing better to do than to be a good housewife, workout, and research my Doctor so when woman who are unheard of on this sight pop up with full reviews and no surgery and a shit load of "negativity" it will make you wonder??? If anyone has information on my doctor and wants to give me stone hard evidence please post the link/ RS names below and I'd be more than happy to take a look! But don't try to tell me to look at someone's comments who is telling me to look at someone's else's review!

Doing my research on skin necrosis

I've been doing some research on necrosis and the process of elimination so necrosis doesn't happen to me (praying and fingers crossed). Right hand to god I haven't smoked a cigarette since early April and I have been avoiding everyone who does smoke since. I also don't go around smoke and have encouraged my neighbors to smoke somewhere else. I tell my girlfriend it's important that I stay away from smoke (of any sort) at all cost! My oxygen level is upmost important as it promotes health cells in the skin. I've attached some snap shots of stuff I found online if anyone is looking to brush up.

13 days to go!!!!

I truly believe that everything fell into place so I may take this journey and that makes it so much clearer that there is no turning back now! I'm all packed up, the money is in the lock box, I'm scheduled to have another set of labs done on Tuesday the higher the hemo the better, I got my tourist card, and i even called and checked with the airlines about upgrade and figured out I had a delta airline confirmation number instead of Aeromexico thank god I had the ticket number ( unfortunately there were no upgrades available at that time).... I have to do some grocery shopping before I leave so my wifey doesn't eat junk food the whole time I'm gone but I'm going to update shortly on my packing list because my friend let me use her cute little carry on luggage and I need to redo everything! Ugh I'm so excited I have butterflies. I'm just praying for a safe trip and Safe surgery and a healthy recovery. Lord please watch over me.

Oh what would the world be if I didn't add some wish pics!!!

Family matters

Okay so my mom called me this morning and I reminded her that I leave in 12 days. She became frantic and told me that she didn't want me to go! She's known I was going this whole year but she would not subside. I went over all the research I've done and all the precautions I've taken and I assured her I was ready. She began to cry and she said no matter what your still my daughter and I can worry about you. Which is none the less true so I'm meeting with her for lunch on Sunday to show her the great and the bad. But I will show her how ready I am and how great Duran is!!!! I'm excited and I want to make her excited for me.

Some more pics

My daily vitamins

No omega 3 no vitamin E

5 days to go!!!!

I feel like I'm losing sleep! I'm so damn anxious! Like let's do this now let's get this over with! I feel like it's going to happen any second now.

Mexico layover

We had an 11 hour layover in Mexico with the best intentions! I already had Percocet, muscle relaxers, and Tylenol #3......Mexico medication you can get way cheaper just look at the picture! All of that for $29 dollars

Duran Doll is a registered trademark

We made it and the assistance were so freaking nice! They made jokes and just made me and my surgery buddy feel at ease. Walkiria took my hands and said "Emma!!!l like she remembered who I was from all my phone calls it really was a good experience.

Post op

Okay so I'm sorry I haven't been on I swear it's only because my post op sleep has most of my time. I had my surgery Thursday afternoon and if you see Dr. Duran Instagram where she is doing abdominal reconstruction that is me!!!! You can see photo as well, I never posted any preop pics because I was embarrassed and by all the extra skin you can see why. I did the best I could I worked out and lost weight but us woman know it wasn't going anywhere. Now I have a flat tummy and a snatched waist and I'm excited to see it all healed up.
Let me talk about My first couple of nights before I go of topic of post op.

1st: Cipla was hell!!! I was in so much pain and couldn't take the meds I brought because my IV they didn't want a interaction so I just lay there and cry because I was miserable. With the abdominal reconstruction ladies just know that (I confirmed with other girls too) it feels like your ribs are broke in there because things are so tight and the pressure changes the way you breath but it does get better.

2nd: Went to recovery house and basic it goes something like.... Pain, pain meds, sleep, eat and repeat. I haven't went #2 yet because I don't think my body is ready fit it but I am take a stool softner and gas x so when it is time I won't kill myself flexing my new abdominal region. Don't forget to walk and let your RH nurses bathe you it makes a world of difference.

3rd: okay so today was my first post op appointment and everything looks ok. They took my back drain out and Duran said this is the most inflammation I'll have and it will get better from here and.... Time to close faja ???? not sure but it burns in certain areas so I cry out and my nurses come running and snatch it open for me! No issues or burns to my skin I have this feeling it's the drain underneath but my nurses will apply arnica, cooling gel, diclofenac gel, than add a pad and it gets better. I'll let you know how things go as I progress and I will post pictures as things heal more and I can stand up more.

12 days post op

Okay so I'm exactly 12 days post op and over all I feel pretty good. My flight home had some delays and my feet are swollen like pack of Italian sausages but I managed (just remember to walk around the airport as much as you can and take lovenox injection the morning before flight). On to my recovery: now what did I go to Duran for? I went to Duran to give me an awesome tummy tuck, Lipo, and to give more shape to the booty I already had..... Did I get what I wanted? Im not sure yet but with my size and the operation I had done that my body is going to take time to heal and I am not going to bounce back like the skinny girls who go get the bbl. I need physical heal first as well as mentally. Here is a picture of me 12 days post op and with the proper care I can make this even better. Also, I was suppose to have my arms lipo,d but Duran refused because my hemo was only 12.9 and the work was to much. If you watch her Instagram you can see my tummy tuck in a video and it's a wowzer for sure! But with all that my hemo was at 9.7 after and I did not require a blood transfusion. I plan on updating this in a month or so because I don't think anyone cares much about my story but if any one has any questions just feel free to leave a comment.'

Pre op picture

This picture says it all! I lost an additional 30 pounds before the surgery but the pooch was still there!

Post op

Such a drastic change I haven't excepted it yet.


Your body has suffered a major trauma and your body will retain water in the areas with the most trauma ( lymph trauma) I.e. Tummy tuck. The lymphatic system is thrown out of wack and in order to release the fluids the lymphatic system needs to get running again. So a trained lymphatic massage therapist will push the fluid in the proper way it needs to go and open the channels of the body that are blocked. I believed in my massage therapist the moment she explained this to me because I was having some additional pain on my right hand side where the abdomen is almost as though I had strained myself more on that side and for her to be able to tell me of my pain before I had to mention it said she knew what my body was going through.

Round 2

I know the process, the steps to take, and what to expect. Is it wrong to want more?!
Dr. Hilario Augustina Duran

I will update when I meet her personally but her email was extremely attentive for my preparations in these months before surgery. And her assistant is extremely friendly!

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