*Contreras Doll 2016* - Dominican Republic

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Hi dolls! I have been researching doctors on...

Hi dolls! I have been researching doctors on realself for about 2yrs and this is my second profile. Initially I was going to have surgery with Almonte,I sent her my 350.00 deposit and surgery was set for December 2nd,2015. I just recently decided to have surgery with the king himself Dr.Hector Cabral. I am aware of his background so please respect my decision. I switched from Almonte simply because she gives more of a natural look and honestly I want a video vixen look.She is a great doctor with an excellent assistant but the look I am looking to acheive I don't believe she can do AND I AM ONLY LOOKING TO DO THIS SURGERY SHIT ONCE lol no 2nd or 3rd round for me. A little about myself...I am 26, Have 1 son,I weigh 222lbs and I am 5'1. I don't want anymore kids and I just want my body back.I already have some what of a butt but I want hips and a flat stomach.

My Before Pictures

My before pictures with and without clothes


These pictures are the reason why I chose to have surgery with King Cabral!HE GIVES THE PERFECT HOUR GLASS SHAPE...NO ONE IN STATES CAN GIVE THIS LOOK! HES AWESOME!

Me and Cabral

So for a tummy tuck,lipo to waist,Bbl and fat transfer to hips and laterals my quote is 4,800.00.NOT INCLUDING MEDS,RECOVERY HOME, FAJAS, COMPRESSION SOCKS...IT INCLUDES NOTHING!

Laterals V.s Hips

I am getting a bbl also fat transferred to my hips and laterals.IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LATERALS ARE HERES A PIC...hope this helps.

*Expenses For Surgery with THE KING*

The quote that Cabral gives you includes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! But he is worth every dime.I already have all my supplies including passport.

**Switching to Edgar Contreras**

Hello ladies I am changing doctors for a few reasons.One-Cabral is awesome but alot of women say he SEVERELY burned them,I know burns can occur but too many of his patients are saying it for my comfort.Two-Contreras is cheaper and also does nice big booties.Three-contreras has his own clinic and his own guest house which looks cleaner and more amazing than any clinic and rh I have seen thus far.I really like that I will be staying in the clinic for two days and not one which is included in the quote of 3500.00.

Pictures of Contreras office and guest house

The guest house rate is 60/night for double and 80/night for single room GREAT RATES!

My wish pics

I love her shape,I already have a big butt so hopefully one round will be good


I been purchased all of my supplies because I was suppose to have surgery last yr so I kept everything.The only thing I need is luggage.If you have questions drop comments...


Rather you want a natural look or vixen look CONTRERAS can give you what you want!


I received my email saying DATE SECURED!


So ladies I will be staying at high class recovery home. Their Instagram is @highclassrecovery. THE OWNER IS VERY NICE AND QUICK TO RESPOND...I believe she is from new york now she has the rh in domican republic.The condos look awesome and she has all great reviews.

Follow my Surgery page on instagram!

My surgery page is @mzcabreras2016 IF YOUR HAVE A SX PAGE ON IG DROP NAMES PLEASE...I FOLLOW ALL

Instagram surgery page


My expenses

Dr.Hector Cabral

Going to Egar Contreras

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