Full Figured 36yrs Finally Getting my Body Back. Dominican Republic, DO

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Ok so I am absolutely addicted to this site. It's...

Ok so I am absolutely addicted to this site. It's like facebook for surgery lol. So I am 36 5'3" and 220lbs gulp!! Although I am plus sized I am proportioned really well but I need this apron GONE!!! Looking to travel to DR in April, can't decide between Yily & possibly Almonte. I considered Robles but I've read too many negative experiences involving her staff & the healing house she uses. I am nervous & afraid just heading out there to do this and I don't need to feel neglected. God bless all you ladies whom bravely post pictures, reviews, and honest situations. It's such an inspiration especially when a person doesn't know where to start. BTW if anyone is traveling mid to late April I'd love to hear from you. I live in NYC and my journey begins here...

Wish pics...

I like a natural looking thick body...some girls look too over the top for my taste...

My "Before" pic

This is me. Proportionate yes but ick to that apron! Gotta drop 2 BMI pts so its diet & exercise for me. I've lost 3 lbs since last week. Gottastay motivated & focused. No pain no gain!!!


Soooo after careful thought and consideration I'm going with ALMONTE. I love her standards. I waited days for a simple answer regarding mess and read reviews that left a bad taste in my mouth. Don't get me wrong Yilys work is excellent, however, she is very HOT rifght now causing her to be overbooked and patients seem to be overlooked. I am seeking for my experience to be as smooth as possible starting with the attention of my Dr. So far I love the communication from Lesley. In one day she literally answered all my questions ( phone, email & what's app). I appreciate costumer service especially when thousands of dollars are being paid. So tomorrow it's off to Bank of America to pay my deposit. No transaction fee either which I love....


So the date I originally planned for is unavailable, so its the 30th which is fine bc Ive already met some lovely ladies that will be there around my dates. I dont want to rush things.

Another Wish Pic

Plane tickets purchased!!! Now its prep time.

So I will be arriving in DR on 4/29 with my guest. Taking blood builder pills. Seeing my Dr. next week for bloodwork & praying for desireable results. A question for all my Almonte Dolls: Did you or are you going to bring all that cash or can we deposit it into Dra. Almontes acct? I heard about some ladies that got set up by their RH driver, left naked n broke...I'm not even trying to risk my life or hard earned money....thoughts???

Canceling my surgery after patients dying in CIPLA!!

Ok so many of you know that Dr. Walkiris Robles lost a patient a couple weeks ago leading to a huge investigation and the shut down of CIPLA & CECIP, which is where Yily, Duran, Robles, & Almonte all work at amongst others. Now while I don't know the circumstances for the tragic loss, and that it is not the fault of the other Dr's, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Vanity is not worth losing it all. When I think of how my beautiful children would feel if I left them because I wanted a flatter tummy it literally chokes me up. I can only imagine how the families who have lost their loved ones are feeling. There's actually an fb page dedicated to the women, many women who were lost doing procedures in DR. I'd rather wait and spend more $ if I have to. To all of my beautiful ladies headed out there God Bless you I pray for your safety and blessings. If anyone wants my date 4/30 1st surgery let me know maybe we can arrange something...

Facebook page that contains info on women that have lost their life

Dr. Fatima Almonte

She is becoming the standard for excellence. I can't wait to have my sx done!!

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