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So my REALSELF family , I hope all is well with...

So my REALSELF family , I hope all is well with you all .... so here we go again SX SX SX on May 18, 2016 with Dr. Cabral ... I really thought I was done with SX ..... so this is not an elective SX this is not by choice this is by force but because I know I 'm a child of the most high god and I served a great god who will never ever leave or forsake, he's going to make it happen safely , Jesus saves , he protect, he delivers , he provides , he cleanse , he heals and most of all he's ALIVE and he loves us with all his heart ... Yes sometimes we need to sit back and think / know / remember God can, he will amd he cares ... I stay prayed up !!! , let me tell you something , I never saw this one coming ok ... I was lost in my own world in shock , I just could not believe this is happening to me but god knows why and as I always say , anywhere god takes me he will guide and protect me so I 'm going to continue to trust, believe and hold on to his unchanging hands in jesus name I pray amen ... Thank you lord ... I'm so grateful and thankful to be alive plus to be able to pay for this sx out of pocket til the lawsuit is settled... I'm all packed, I checked my HEMO 2wks ago it was 13.9 ( my blood level as drop since the accident from 15.1 to 13.5 ... Blood was in my urine upon til April 4 , I started to push iron meds , during this time I was constantly bleeding in my belly button ... God is so great to me ) , my flight booked since March month end and I will be staying at Maria RH in Jesus name amen .... Dr. Cabral wanted all my medical report from the hospitals that I'm being so I got those included the MRI ... I leave on the 16th ... I will keep you all update ... Thanks thanks thanks for all the love , prayers , support since 2014 , I really appreciate it .. Texas love and hugs in Jesus name amen.... The swelling as gone down about 70% , most days I'm just hurting in my mid section and all the time when I get in an out of bed and my back hurts to touch 24/7 but it's tolerable at times , I'm still swollen all the time in my belly button area the Doctors said it's because of the hernia that I've developed after the accident but GOD IS GREAT so I tried not to cry anymore for now ... Will talk about my breast next time that causes from the seat belt ... Ok ... Thanks again with love .... Will post pic before I leave for DR .

On my way to DR

Hello my Realself family, today I'm traveling to DR for sx , I will be staying at Maria RH and will meet with Dr. Cabral in the morning so he can review my medical records and MRI / pre op evaluation and discuss my sx plan ... ladies I cried my eyes out just about the thought of starting over from scratch but I served a true and living God that sits high and look down low ... I'll continue have faith and put all my trust in him. .. will keep you updated ok ... plus pic coming soon when I'm cleared for sx ... let's trust God and live .

I made it safely to DR

So I made it safely to DR , pre op is today and then I'll with meet with Dr.Cabral to discuss sx plan .... Will keep you all updated OK ... Thanks for your continued prayers, love and support , you all are my extended family , I place everything in gods hand and I know he will work it out in Jesus name amen.

Sx tomorrow

So dolls I'm confirmed for sx tomorrow , I don't have a time but when I went to fill out the papers the afternoon, they told me to come in at 6 am in morning .
My god is awesome and I know he will never ever leave nor forsaken me in Jesus name amen ... Got to go to sleep now ... God bless you all .

Sx successful

So Dolls , I have my sx done with Dr. Hector Cabral, this man is such a HUMBLE AND DECENT HUMAN BEING. ... when I went for my consilt with him , it's NOT HURRIED , HE WAS A WHERE OF MY SITUATION, HE EXPLAINED TO ME WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH MY NOW SITUATION AND WHAT WILL HAVE TO BE DONE NOW AND THE A 2ND SX 8 MONTHS LATER TO FIX ALL THE DAMAGES THAT THE CAR ACCIDENT CAUSES .... HE said once this is done I'll be back to my normal beautiful results and way better than what I had before the car accident. .
My hemo 15.1 before sx and 13.2 after sx , weight 215 lbs before sx , Bp 120/80 before sx .
LADIES PLEASE DON'T CURSE ANY DOCTOR THAT YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN MET OR HAD A PROCEDURE WITH .... if I had listen to all these horror stories, I would not had seen him and ladies he is the opposite of who they made him to be , so that's my 2 cents ok .
I was his first patient that Day. .. I woke you the last 15 minutes of the sx with NO PAIN just cold , which I could feel the working on my stomach, I told them I was cold , they put a sheet around my head and ears ... then Dr. Cabral peek over behind the draped and told me 10 more mins and they will be finished. ... later I woke up breathless, they took care of that but not really ASAP ... the nurses are stretch thin so they are mad with the world and it makes the service horrible so PLEASE LADIES HAVE YOUR OVERNIGHT NURSE ... AND PLEASE DO NOT HIRE KING KONG ( this real tall girl that claimed she works as overnight nurse , you with die for help .... SHE IS A SCAM ... BRING YOUR OWN NURSE TO THE CLINIC DO NOT HIRE THE ONES FROM THERE ... THANKS .

Before and after pic

Sorry for the late response, I made it home safely on May 28, 2016 but ladies PAIN PAIN PAIN , SHORTNESS OF BREATH and a COUGH I caught while staying at the RH. .. I just realized what's giving me SHORTNESS OF BREATH it's the Tylenol #3 codine , ladies I throw them out, so now I'm feeling much better so now it just pain and cough I'm dealing with and the cough is going away slowly with treatment. .. I've found some energy to pickup my phone , I have so much to say but bare with me please ... will trying again to upload pic for you all ... THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT. .. will answer all your questions soon ok.

Quick info

Ladies here is Dr. Cabral's cell /whatsapp 809-707-2325 .... Send your info about yourself / pic / email and procedures you are interested in for a quote, If you are seriously interested and ready for a date , he will confirm your date via email , he DOES NOT required a deposit and trust me you won't lose your date or spot ok... Keep your email and your whatsapp quote for reference plus when you arrived you will consult with him in person to discuss your procedures and care plan... He is VERY HUMBLE, A GREAT LISTENER and EASY TO TALK TO, PLUS HE WILL EXPLAIN TO YOU WHAT CAN BE SAFELY DONE .... TRUST ME HE IS NOT WHAT SOME PEOPLE MADE HIM TO BE .... just like with any surgery/ surgeon, MAKE SURE YOUR HEALTH IS IN GREAT CONDITION and TELL THE TRUTH and MOST OF ALL STAY PRAYED UP IN JESUS NAME.
NB.... Dr. Cabral's quote DOES NOT INCLUDES meds, consultation , post op garment or RH ... You pay for everything, but trust me the after care is on point ... EXCEPT FOR THE NIGHT NURSES , I'M NOT SURE IF THEY ARE OVERLOAD WITH PATIENTS OR IF THEY DON'T CARE OR HAVE A PASSION FOR THIS CAREER and his clinic is like a big hospital with all the different departments , IT'S NOT A ONE MAN SHOW /BUSINESS .
PLEASE LADIES HAVE A PERSONAL OVERNIGHT NURSE TO BE THERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU CAME OUT OF SX .... DO NOT HIRE THESE GIRLS AT THE CLINIC ( they are HUSTLERS , they will take 5 person money for the night but have one person going from room to room , so you never see them maybe about 2 time for the night , plus they are never there when you need help ) , asked your RH to send one of their ladies and pay them $50 , you need her to get the nurse for you plus assist you because you won't be able to move ok .

3 iron pill per day
3 blood builder per day
SSS tonic 2 tablespoons per day
Purabsorb liquid iron twice a day ( taken last 2 weeks up to SX and 2 weeks after SX ) .
3 hemo- plex per day ( stop taking 2 weeks before SX )
1 folic acid per day
1 B12 per day
2 pre-natal vitamins gummies per day ( stop taking 2 weeks before SX )
1 tablespoons Chlorophyll liquid in 8oz of water 3 times a day
Green smoothie ( carrots , beets , fresh parsley ) twice a day
Start bromelain capsule 1 month before SX and continue for a month after SX

Quick pic

Here is a few pic ... I'm really feeling much better now still in pain but not as bad as before. ... the pain is that constant burn , biting , itching plus like a needle sticking you at times ... now that I'm feeling much better I'll try to post more often. ... Awesome Praises to god. ... he is sooooooooooo Gooooooood to me ... I'm so grateful and thankful to God for his grace and his mercies in my life. .. continue to give God every praise no matter what's your situation ok ... Texas hugs.

Here is a quick video

Quick video for you all
Dr. Cabral done it again. .. I'm healing with NO complications at all ... it's just a slow process because my body as been through so much in such a short time. .. he fixed back my muscle repair plus the hernia that I've developed so now I'm waiting to be healed so I can get back to my normal beautiful results and lifeel in Jesus name I pray amen... remember now I'm still very swollen. .. I dress especially for you after my shower, while waiting for my garment to wash and dry ... ok ... Thanks as always for all your support and prayers , trust me I couldn't do it without you all , so I owed this to you ... what's your take on it ... I'm open for questions too .

Happy Independence day. .. 6 weeks post op and I'm feeling myself today

Thanking God I'm up and feeling much better in my body and face , now I realize how sick I really was when I go back and look at the pic ... to God be the glory great things he has done in Jesus name amen. .. here is a quick video.

Thanks Dr. Cabral, in 2 days I'll be 1 year post op

Sexy me @46
ThankThankfully to God for guiding me to Dr. Cabral, God is sooooo great to me, Thank you all for your prayers and support... follow me on Instagram #Firstlady_Fabulous
Dr. Hector Cabral

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