New pics six weeks Post op for Brazilan Butt Lift next step Tummy Tuck

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Hello I'm not new to real self I just had a...

Hello I'm not new to real self I just had a brazilian butt lift 2/21/13 with elite body sculpting in ft. lauderdale, I would like to do a tummy tuck with them as well but I'm also shopping around until I get a price on what they will charge me if I do the tummy tuck with them. I have contacted Mendieta office via emai they want to set up a consult but I hear he is VERY EXPENSIVE.. Dr. Yilly has emailed me requesting naked pics to be emailed to them and another place in Miami called me and quoted me $7500 which is a price I don't want to pay I don't want to go out of the country for this but if Yilly gives me a quote of 2-3 grand I will go. Ladies in South Florida do you know of any dr's here with good prices? Im looking to have this done next year if not before. I have pictures on the Brazilian butt lift side I am LadyScorpio85 so you can see my pics and get a liitle more background info from that review just to sum it up i have two kids im 27 live in Miami. I had a c-section with my son and my massage therapist tells me the tummy tuck is similar to a c-section is that true ladies? If you have had the procedure please let me know what to expect i want to prepare myself for this as well.

Ok so i finally got a email from my patient...

Ok so i finally got a email from my patient coordinator and she said $5500 for my tummy tuck with them which i love that price and i know i don't have to pay it in full to get it done i used there in house financing for my last procedure and i know the staff is wonderful there and its not a real busy office and the main thing that sold me with them is i did my procedure while i was awake i just had a fear of being put to sleep. now my dr there told me he can do my tummy tuck while I'm awake also which is a plus for me but i just found another place was gonna go with in miami that is advertising $4500 for tummy tuck but i will have to use general anesthesia there :( so i need feedback should i just save $1000 and be put to sleep or follow my mind and stick with my place that I've already had work with???

Added a few pics of my current stomach had lipo...

added a few pics of my current stomach had lipo next step is my Tummy tuck

I will have my Tummy Tuck with Elite Body...

I will have my Tummy Tuck with Elite Body Sculpture I was told I can have it in six months. I have to pay half $2750 to get it done then I will pay the rest in monthly payments they will just add it to my current account with the finance company..I am so ready to get a flat stomach to go with the phat ass I got now with my Brazilian Butt Lift. I will be awake while I get it done so i feel I will be fine with this procedure as well.

looking to do my tummy tuck before my bday in November

Hello ladies I haven't been on here in a minute but im still around still loving my results from my bbl next step tummy tuck im shooting to do it before my bday if not February but im getting it done. To all the vets that has been through it please share what I should expect as far as recovery and how long before I can go back to work or drive after surgery. More than likely im still planning on using the same dr. That did my butt and lipo

consultation 11/11/13

I haven't posted in a while im thinking about going with another doctor office for my tummy tuck I a consultation Monday and if all goes right im planning to have my tummy tuck next month. I would like to do it this month but I have traveling to do the end of the month for thanksgiving. I need some help from the vets on what to expect im so ready to get this surgery over with. I decided not to go with the place I did my bbl with because I was told by another place I do have to use general anesthia for a tummy tuck and besides the new dr. I was referred to does great work also and is closer to my home.
Michael Rodriquez

I had a Brazial Butt Lift with them 2/21/13 will do my tummy tuck with them in a few months

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