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I love this website I've been slick stock in it...

I love this website I've been slick stock in it for about a year now but I never had any interest or anybody that touched me however I came up on a testimony of Dr Medina and it was just something in my spirit she's the one for me it was late at night and like I said I've been contemplating having this surgery for over 15 years came close to having it twice but made of the sacrifices instead now my kids are grown its just me and I deserve it haven't had a serious relationship and over what five years now had a full hysterectomy at the tender age of 32 so I've tried just about everything now I have arthritis so bad where this midsection is really putting a strain on me so this is my journey to be coming 1 of Medina dolls

Today's lab results...Primary Dr

Got a call from my doctor's office today letting me know my lab results my cholesterol is still high 235 but that's okay better than what it was at one point they were saying I was borderline diabetic the devil is a lie!! I'm good on that test, they check the functioning of my kidneys hello they're stable...hallelujah!! I'm so grateful nothing will get in the way of me having my tummy tuck... I've had two opportunities to have a tummy tuck and made other choices so this time it's for me and I'm going to get it done so excited and can't wait to become a Medina doll #DoingSomething4Me

Do any of you ladies smoke?

Hi Lady again just curious...do/did any of you smoke cigarettes before after or during the surgery process? And if so I would like to know how was your experience..I too am a smoker trying to QUIT!!

Deposit Paid!! EXCITED!

My deposit paid...Yeah.. once I receive their confirmation receipt.. Now I'm settling on date..I was originally going to wait until next year but, I'm so anxious!! she told me she has a lot of appointments available in December I don't have little babies so I'm not trippin off the holiday really my kids are grown w/no grand kids...so I was thinking about scheduling the beginning of December around the 8th...now Do any of you ladies want to be my surgery buddy??

It's my Birthday!!

Today is an awesome awesome day for me today it's my birthday celebrating 44 years of life looking forward to my tummy tuck that I've been waiting on for years!!

changed my date...

hello ladies....I am changing my date to march 7, 2016....I recently bought a car....(Thank You Jesus)!!!! Lord knows I love my car, but I have had Nothing but PROBLEMS...trying to get it registered. Give me a lil time to stack my CoiNs!! LOL!!
Now...yawl know that was my surgery money!! ;) ;)

Changed date again

Hi everyone it's been a long time since I've updated the site I've had to change my date again unfortunately because of financial reasons so I thought I'll take a chance and opening a page on GoFundMe.com!!..... I was a little depressed about it at first because Lord knows I've been praying and wanting this for over my son now is 25 so about 20 years now and I truly believe this is my time so although some of you may judge me for opening the website that's okay too I'm used to people judging me not knowing me...or my circumstances!! so what that being said.... wishing all you ladies safe travel...and a BLESSED RECOERY!! I've changed my date to December 12th 2016 and with God's grace and glory that should be the date.

Still focused on my weight goal

Lost 22 lbs....from 226 to 204....and eXcited!! No breads...pastas since June 2015!!

Healthy Eating

Still focused on eating healthy losing a couple of more pounds tighten up what I can and just waiting on my time....So Xcited...Hell if I could..I would love to have my surgery in July....To Damn..HOTT!!

Made it to 200 lbs

I've made it to 200...now I need to drop 15 more!! So Xcited!! My labs were 12.7...must get on iron pills!!

Questions for my ladies....Please Help??

Hi Lady I am just curious to know if there is anyone else on here that has health issues...such as high cholesterol high...blood pressure and also kidney diseases by any chance I'm asking you know just to know what to expect it may determine if I will or will not have the surgery!! Her Assistant explain to me that there will be more cost an extra exams needed so I'm just trying to figure out what extra exams and how much cost and have anyone else encountered this issue???..Thanks!

Shocked I was blocked from DR plastic surgery horror stories on FB

I am so shocked that this woman blocked me from her website Dominican Republic plastic surgery Horror stories because I was defending the fact that no matter where you go there are bad and good surgeon and I think when we tell our story the one who does us wrong we need to be specific by name!! we can't say all Dominican Republic plastic surgeons are bad and horrible and this and that I'm team Medina yes I am and I specified that on her page . because you haven't heard any deaths been reported from dr. Medina all Cabral and another lady I can't think of her name... my point is you can't put all doctors in a box I know a person that had butt injections in Miami Florida messed her up when she had to fly home and be in ICU and had to have surgery ....yes unfortunately S*** happens any and everywhere so my word to you ladies who ever reading this is go with God and faith in your heart and do your research!! I hate the fact that people have lost their lives to irresponsible doctors...be in Peace with your decision!!

Weight dropping slow n steady

194 mark...still haven't stopped smoking...Giving that to God...He will remove that habit from my existence..in the name of Jesus...Be Blessed Dolls
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

First contact has been made sent the email late one night and she responded the next day laying out the cost, what to expect on xtra cost, recovery house information and contact numbers. I've also recently just joined what app I'm new to that..lol so I have her information on that as well!! Truly excited!

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