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So here goes, This is my first time doing a review...

So here goes, This is my first time doing a review and I don't know what to expect. My surgery is scheduled with Dr. Baez for March 28th. I chose her due to her kind nature and her primary concern for her patients health. I have been waiting to do this for 10 years and now the time has come for me to invest in myself. I am in the process of purchasing the items I need for my surgery and have taken much advice from the many posts I've seen on here(what to buy versus what not to buy). All of my supplies are slowly coming in so I am pleased about that. However, I am finding it extremely difficult to find a medical recovery house to respond to me. I've been trying to contact someone at Real Recovery House for 2 weeks and have received no response. I think making a reservation for a recovery house is causing more anxiety than the actual surgery. I'm also looking for a buddy since the person who was supposed to fly with me can no longer accompany me...sigh!

In any case, I am noticing that as the date is approaching I am slowly becoming more and more nervous but I assume that is normal based upon many of the posts I've seen on this site. In a way I am starting to feel guilty but I guess that is because I have don't anything for myself in over 17 years (the perils of being a mother). As each day passes I still can't believe I am doing this but I know I deserve it:-)

I'll post a few before pics on my next post.

Thinking about changing Dr.???

I'm not sure if I am getting pre-surgery jitters but I've been thinking about the work I want done and how I want the finished product to look and I am not sure if Baez has the expertise to pull it off. Don't get me wrong I think she is a phenomenal surgeon but I must admit Duran has a gift. There are people who can perform plastic surgery then there are surgeons that have "gifted" hands.

Needless to say during an impulsive moment I emailed Duran last night and she got back to me with a quote immediately. I understand that she is booked through to April but she told me that a lot of girls fail to show up for their surgeries and I should come by her office as soon as I arrive in DR at the end of March and she may be able to fit me in the same day if my labs are okay:-) I'm praying the Surgeon Gods are working in my favor when I get off of the

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has the direct number to her office? Also, I heard that the cab driver Jose Brito is the man to rely on to run errands while in DR. Does anyone have a number for his as well? Please inbox me.

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