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I am a 35 year old mother of 4 I have lost control...

I am a 35 year old mother of 4 I have lost control of my body lol I have had my weigh go up and down not drastically but it does go up and down. I can exercise and I still have this Kangaroo pouch as I call it lol anyways, I have decided to get a TT and Lipo and a lil BBL not much I just want to fill it in I have contacted a Dr by the name of Dr Mel Ortega his quote was 6,000 for the above procedure was an ok price for Miami. However, the surgery and flight for 2 people and food and hotel because in Miami there is no Recovery house so I would have to take someone with me to help me which included me paying for there air flight, hotel and food for a extra person moving on I decided it was not something I wanted to do so then I contacted Dr. Yily and she responded with a $3800 quote ok no problem I get the email but it wasn't very clear it said to email her with the date I wanted my procedure and the deposit ranging from $200 - $ 500 dollars ok again no problem so I send her the email and the deposit I then call and I am told that March is booked being that I wanted my Surgery date to be March 6 thru 8th in that time frame. I am already on the waiting list for Dr. Pantoja which he quoted me $4800.00 I then said let me get in contact with another Doctor just in case being that all these doctors I feel comfortable going too its a matter of who can get me in so I contact Dr. Robles she quoted $5200.00 so now its a waiting game who can get me in I'm the type of person hey this is a business I want this done get me in and out lol I am going to begin my journey on here I am really excited I found this Forum on here I have learned tons of info and thanks to you Ladies for sharing all of your experiences,journeys , travels into this new life I appreciate that I was able to learn so much from you all I will keep you posted and whats going on and who the Doctor will be that I will go with I feel so over whelmed at times I am getting married in April and my Fiance is paying for this because he knows how much I want this he is always telling me I am beautiful and he loves me the way I am , look etc HOWEVER lol I do want this so I will get this done

Ok so now I'm in a bind because Yily sends me a...

Ok so now I'm in a bind because Yily sends me a confirmation email for the 8th of March and Robles tells me to be there on the 5th I am so up in the air on this one because I like the work of both these Doctors.The question is who can work on my body better? I love that fact that Dr Robles office is Organized they email back they answer the phone they send you the packets of information and it just all around more informative. However, Dr Yily office they dont respond it takes forever to get a response not organized at all I called one day they said I was scheduled for the 8 th then the next day the 11 like come on which day I have to buy a ticket and plan I dont just jump up and bounce to DR and not have nothing planned out so now Im sitting her with my mind running a 100 miles a minute trying figure out what is best so I can buy this ticket. ughhhhh

Well after really sitting down with my Fiance and...

Well after really sitting down with my Fiance and talking about it he reminded me that the Tummy Tuck was really the most important with then the Lipo and BBL So I decided to go ahead with Dr. Robles I took everything into consideration the communication with Dr. Robles office is Class A and I'm going to roll with that I just feel like this is the right choice after that confusion with Dr. Yily office I'm gonna pass on that so there will be a March 8 date open for anyone that wants it I cant believe I got both doctors and got appointments and there are people out there trying to just get a quote so anyways I'll be calling her Monday to cancel and get my $500 back Hope this is the right Decision God Willing everything will go right Ticket already booked and now to start packing dang 9 days go by fast

Well last night I packed my bag just didnt know if...

Well last night I packed my bag just didnt know if I had to take my own medical supplies or is that going to be supplied for me at the recovery house if someone can clear that up that would be great. Got my hand bag ready folder with emails , E ticket I have my passport last year got my pages added so I good and I just came back from DR in Oct also got my Ipod ,Kindle, Camera, and chargers so thats together I just feel like Im missing some things so if anyway can point that out that's great I am really nervous I am a little Scared but thats because its the unknown we are all afraid of but with GOD watching over me all will be well I dont want to talk myself out of this so Im just going with the flow that this is really happening . I am so happy that my Fiance is as supportive as he is. He is Financing this Surgery and he is supper supportive which I am glad he did tell me Im fine the way I am but I told him but wait Im going to be better lol so he is excited about it I am really scared about it this step but if I can be in a war zone for 4 years I can do this.

Things I am taking
Summer Dresses
Sweat pants capris
Wife Beaters
Flip Flops
Sports Bras
Wash Clothes
Hygiene things
Tylenol PM
Stool softener
Pill Organizer
Q-tips and Cotton Balls
Im not sure if I should take everything else as well
or does the Recovery house provide that ? I mean as far as the Chux disposable gloves things like that

OMG 8 days and Im out to do this Im so NERVOUS oh wow lol

OMG !!!!! 5 more days I really cant believe this I...

OMG !!!!! 5 more days I really cant believe this I am amped to the fullest turned all the way up lol last month this was all a fantasy now It's really happening I'm truly grateful and I appreciate my Fiance for doing this for me I mean he has financed this whole trip and procedure and was not tripping at all about the cost just wanted me to pick the Surgeon of my choice and be safe and do this cause he knows how excited I am about it he says go have fun with your NEWYORK CREW talking about MissJazz28 and One other

Ok I'm getting nervous 4 more days and Im outta...

Ok I'm getting nervous 4 more days and Im outta here on my way I am full of emotions whew.

Today is Wed I fly on Monday so I have 4 days to...

Today is Wed I fly on Monday so I have 4 days to fly and Im excited just received a email for Dr. Robles which I thought was cool for the office to even email me to let me know a few things that needed to be done before I get there I really feel comfortable with her and I think I made the right choice

Well Today I get my Lab results and I am right at...

Well Today I get my Lab results and I am right at the point were my Hemoglobin is good but I still should bring it up some so then I started really researching vs just reading reviews and going by what others were buying and taking Per Dr Robles and Dr.Yily they both say take your vitamins take Vitamin B Complex , Vitamin C take Iron and Folic Acid ok but has anybody questioned how much MG of each to take ? Maybe not I know I didn't I went and just bought the vitamins and was taking them.However, It was enough so today I had to go back to the Vitamin Shoppe and get some Bromelain the correct MG and some Vitamin C and I actually had to go too a Pharmacy not a big chain but a moms and pops one to get the correct Iron pills I needed Ferrous Sulfate in order to get the 300 mg I needed . I also realized that everyone is buying the VitaMedica that costs 50-60 bucks when you can go to the vitamin Shoppe and for $13 bucks get the Arnica and for 8.99 get the Bromelain so for under $25.00 you can get your Vita medica Kit Lol just trying to save money but still get what I need So heres my list
I was taking Vitamin C 1000 Mg you need 2 a day of these (Take Vitamin C - 1,000 mg., twice a day. This is essential for collagen synthesis, which is part of normal wound healing. Your need for Vitamin C will increase after surgery.

Bromelain Take Bromelain - 1,000 mg., twice a day. (Pineapple enzyme - from a health food store) This helps to relieve the swelling associated with surgery.
and the Arnica #30C Pellets
Iron I was taking 27 MG which is't much I was taking 2 you should take Iron 300mg twice daily Im taking Furrous Sulfate

B Complex

Here is some more information
it is important that you maintain a healthy diet including many fruits and vegetables. However, there are certain foods which naturally contain salicylates, which affect the blood, and should be kept to a minimum for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Cutting down on these foods will help reduce bruising after surgery. Now is the time to clean out your refrigerator and adjust your shopping lists for the weeks ahead.

Foods containing salicylates that should be kept to a minimum for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery:Cutting down on these foods will help reduce bruising after surgery

Almonds Cherries Grapefruit Limes Peaches Raisins
Apricots Cucumber Grapes Nectarines Plums Tomatoes
Berries (all) Currants Lemons Oranges Prunes Vinegar

Days Before Surgery

• Take every 8 hours as directed and continue for 10 days.
• Continue taking Bromelain as directed every 12 hours between meals. This anti-inflammatory promotes healing. As an alternative, eat fresh pineapple.

So we will see always check with your PS these are just things Im doing

So.... I have 3 days left and let me tell you I am...

So.... I have 3 days left and let me tell you I am tired already lol. I had to make sure I had my kids squared away as far as a friend coming to stay with them at my house had to grocery shop make sure they had all they need then my sons have Regional championships in BasketBall all this weekend so I'll be busy forget about rest your body to get mentally prepared lol the life of a MOM hey you have to do what you have to do the show don't stop anyways I really have everything pretty prepared to go I'm really excited and anxious it's crazy a lil nervous they tell me not to be nervous but dang this is a surgery regardless if its cosmetic or not lmao Prey for me. Jazz and Diamond Let's Get it in Girls I'm ready are yall ???????

2 more days and my Journey begins lol On my way to...

2 more days and my Journey begins lol On my way to Santo Domingo I can't believe all this is going on my feelings are in the air I hope I can over come this Im a lil anxious but excited bags back and ready to go

So... It's Sat night and I have one day left...

So... It's Sat night and I have one day left before I bounce to DR. I am so anxious all my feelings are up in the air about this but I'm gonna push through I am so freaking Nervous lol I guess just the thought of this really happening anyways I went and got the last lil bit of stuff I needed such as some clorox wipes and some Benadryl packed everything up got my carry on together and all that double checked to make sure I had all I need so until tomorrow I will update again and then as Im traveling and up to the surgery then recovery .

Ok so 3 hours till my shuttle to the airport comes...

ok so 3 hours till my shuttle to the airport comes to pick me up and I am super anxious and excited her it goes the beginning to my new body so here I am getting the last little bit of stuff together making sure I have everything I need so until later

Well I got to DR and all is well the Cecip is full...

Well I got to DR and all is well the Cecip is full all 32 rooms so they have me and another girl in a temporary RH which is very nice clean she fed us some good chicken soup because we have to eat light day before surgery. Went the the Cecip met Laura did all labs and X-ray in the morning consult with cardiologist and then surgery I know all will be ok I will keep you posted I took alot of pics of the clinic like y'all ask for but over very clean everybody hella nice and will make things happen they haven't missed a beat yet so I look forward Ro this journey that I will embark In the morning

Ok so an update this morning we got up at 830 took...

ok so an update this morning we got up at 830 took a shower washed my hair got dressed and the driver came to pick us up to go to the CECIP. we saw the Cardiologist and the equipment did look very outdated lol but it got the job done and the doctor was very nice then we waiting on a empty room because the Hospital is full so we had to wait for someone to be discharged in order for us to get a room so we finally got a room put our things in and about 2 hours later Dr. Robles came in and marked us up and spoke to us about the results and she told me she could not do aggressive Lipo she would do lipo and contour me and if I wanted at a later date I can get more but that was really my concern my Tummy Tuck is what is really important to me so she said she would do full back lipo and lipo of the arm pits and the lil folds in the front of the arm pit and breast and the Fat transfer to the butt I told her I didnt want a huge donk I just wanted her to fill it up and round it out which she said she can defiantly do so here I am marked up and waiting its 4:19 my homie is going in first and then me so the Doc is going to do it today its strange cause you know in the states they don't operate late but here they get the work done. I have pics but I forgot to bring the adaptor for my computer and the camera

The surgery went well I think because I was in...

The surgery went well I think because I was in recovery and was sleep cant give all the details I woke up in a home at the hospital after Dr Robles marked us up she gave us our package a robe, hat, footies and a lil panti lol

The pain ? The pain is like having contractions like having a baby when I take deep breaths I feel the tightness in my abdomen I just woke up with a lil pain so i asked for medicine and they came right in and put in my IV
I still have not drank water or food the nurse said 8 am which is a long time being I have not drank or eaten since 730 pm sorry if I messed spelled anything Im still a little loopy form the pain medicine

I am at a RH the lady here is named Maria she is...

I am at a RH the lady here is named Maria she is very nice and takes her time with you I was released from the hospital about 1 pm I packed up my stuff and off I went to the RH when I got there my dress was soaked in blood so the lady checked it out and said your drain came out you have to go back to the hospital so the driver took me back to the hospital and Dr.Robles fixed my drain and put 3 more stiches in so wrapped me back up I bought another Faja because the other one was soaked they took me to another RH because the driver had taken me to the wrong one in the beginning lol I this RH much better anyways. I also had to buy the 2 shots of Iron i think it was 1350.00 pesos which is like $33 US the food at the hospital was good lunch was great maybe because i was so hungry lol

I havent been really able to update the WIFI here...

I havent been really able to update the WIFI here sucks there are several RH and everything is packed the hospital the RH its crazy right now anyways like I said there are several RH they will send you to every RH is different they only thing that sucks is that there arent any like lifts for the bathroom and things like that so when your sore and your trying to get up its hard and all these pills they give you will have you with nausea and these Fajas are insane OMG they are so umcomfortable

4 days Po today we go to see Dr Robles and get...

4 days Po today we go to see Dr Robles and get changed and drained will update later

5 days PO and I'm ready to go home yes I am. I am...

5 days PO and I'm ready to go home yes I am. I am healing well however, my back still hurts and Dr Robles says wait 2 weeks before you do massages so I cant even do that to try and elevate the pain or should I say not pain but the uncomfortable feeling of your back burning.

11 PO and feeling way better this FAJA is EVIL lol...

11 PO and feeling way better this FAJA is EVIL lol today I have my first appt for a massage will see how it goes it was pretty hard trying to find a LMT that would do these massages spas wanted a letter from the physician releasing me and all that extra stuff lol anyways Im draining less then 50 CC but im going to remove thisdrain sunday jsut to be on the safe side but I am so ready to remove it Dr. Robles already removed the stiches for me I am also taking this FAJA off and I am going to start wearing a Binder its all amout comfort I cant bearly sleep or breath in this thing besides that my insicion is healing great I cleaned it and applied new dressings to it I have to remove my stiches from by belly button in 3 weeks not looking forward to it but it looks good I will keep updating

13 days PO and I removed my DRAIN today and let me...

13 days PO and I removed my DRAIN today and let me tell you it was LONGGGGG lol at first it didnt want to come out it was kinda stuck so I had to tug at it a lil I layed down it wouldn't come out I sat up it wouldn't come out and then I just stood up and then I was able to get it out. I have been draining less then 50 CC every day so I just decided to pull it out Hope everything goes well and not catch a Seroma dont need that in my life So I will keep yall posted oh also got my massages today felt really really good I was so loose and after wards I drained alot so I will continue my massages and I need to order another FAJA cause this one is getting too big this one is a XL I think its time for a L I can def feel it

15 Days PO and its getting better but my back is...

15 Days PO and its getting better but my back is still numb I go for another massage today however even tho I have been draining or milking this cut she left open I think it has healed because I cant drain it no more so have to find someone to reopen it for me YUCK I dont know about this and the reopening it and stuff anyways I have posted some pics of my insicion I cleaned it today also looking for another CG because this one is TO BIG lol wow can you believe that its to big will keep you posted

20 Days PO yeahhhhh finally getting there lol I...

20 Days PO yeahhhhh finally getting there lol I will be soo happy when this is over Ihve purchased 2 Fajas a Size L and one Medium so lets see cause this one I had from DR is HUGH and you really need the support for your stomach well alot of girls wanted more pics so I have some more that I'm uploading as well as before pics please keep in mind I'm only 20 days PO and still very swollen

25 Days PO I am still swollen but it's getting...

25 Days PO I am still swollen but it's getting better I ordered a Faja from Salome and its horrible don't waste your money I am ordering one from ponte belle and lets see how this one goes really I went to KOHLS and got some Spanx 47 bucks and it works just as good actually so I'll keep you posted on it my Incision is healing so good I removed all my Stitches from my back and I am going to take a shower since all my Scabs fell off THANK GOD lol the little things in life we take advantage of lol a SHOWER

Breast Reduction

Well its that time again another Surgery I am going back to DR. Robles for yet another Surgery. I will be getting a Breast reduction and some more Liposuction I am a little scared this time not as much as last time but I know I will be in Great Hands with the Doctor I love her work, I have set my time frame for June so the Journey begins again I am currently a 36 DDD and I just want her to make them smaller so I look more proportioned. I am not going to lie and say that I have not had second thoughts because I have after seeing some other peoples surgery photos and scars and nipples that have died and it makes me think but I just try to think positive thoughts I will keep yall updated.

Round 2 Lipo

Ok so Round 2 on the Lipo after 4 years I was thinking of going with Dr. Robles Ive been loyal to her but the last time I didn't feel to comfortable for some reason. I wanted lipo and a Breast Reduction my Iron was 12.9 and she would NOT do both so since my Priority was my Reduction that's what I did. Now I was gonna go again to her because I have done my TT and Breast with her but after all the referrals I've sent her way and all and not really feeling it last time I'm thinking of going with Dr. Manuel Belen I like his work and his Quote was very reasonable. I would like Full back lipo, flanks waist and abdomen He offered a BBL but i think im good on that who knows maybe a lil maintenance lol wouldn't hurt I'm thinking of going in May

Dr.Belèn called

Dr. Belèn called and I never had a Doctor in the D.R. call so that was a nice surprise I'm all booked for the 8th of May I arive on the 6th. He says he has a special running this month was also great.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I choose this provider because her office is very organized and responded to all communication in a reasonable time frame with questions answered very friendly and warming.Besides that everything is going ok I have another appt with the Doc tues hopefully the drain will come out .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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