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After been waiting 3mos for Dr Duran to respond my...

After been waiting 3mos for Dr Duran to respond my emails,whats app and phone call (still waiting) and no answer from Lily after she gave me the quote , I decided in 2 Mds Dr Lapaix and DR Medina , finally I picked Dr Medina. She is very attentive and always reply my doubts question and more, I ask a lot lol ... she is very honest and told me what she can do for me. She refuses to performed 5 procedures on me even after I put some pressure on her, everything its clear in my mind and I don't have more question for her , see you in March Dr Medina :)

getting ready!!!

Id been a lot here lately reading other dolls page and using their tips and ideas, I am working in losing 10lbs before getting there March 31st so that way may be Dr Medina will do my BA too .

My list of medicatio as per Dr Medina :)

Levofloxacinas 750 mg vo 10 dias
Omeprazol 40 mg 10 diaa
Desquetoprofeno cada 8 horas por 10 dias
Zaldiar cada 12 horas por 10 dias
Vitamina c 1 gr cada 24 horas por 30 dias
Hierro. 1 tableta cada 24 horas por 30 dias.
I was trying to take some percocets over there but she do not like to work with them , I think I will get some vicodin because I keep hearing ladies complaining about the pain and the inefficacy of the pain killer given in DR.

36 Yr Old Needed a Mommy Makeover

after months of looking for a plastic surgeon that replies back my question,I'm finally found Dr Medina, she is very nice ,skilled and available, always responding my questions and will do on me TT,BBL,Lipo, arm lipo , she refused to to my BA, due to my weight , I'm currently trying to lose some weight before procedure.

Last Night

I couldn't sleep, my mind was working overtime thinking IF something happen to me , what will be my kids life with out me,IF I going to the gym may get the body I want. IF I die in DR how my family will feel ,IF my body get disfigured IF i wake up during the surgery and no one can hear me, If the pain its unbearable UFFFFF to much IF last night . buying my plane ticket and getting ready to March 31st .trusting Dr Medina full.

6 wks to go

Getting my plane tickets and sending my deposit to Dra Medina, I cant sleep thinking a lot of stuff , but this PS always calm me down and she is really there for me , 6 wks to go , TT ,Lipo and BBL second round will be another lipo sculptured and BA .


Hi gals! I'm so happy today because my BMI its 36 yeeyeyeyyey meeee.
hopefully will be 35 by the time I get to Dr Medina in DR. umm maybe I can get those BA lol.

Another death at cipla

Since last night im hearing that Treena Jackson die at cipla. Even I read in yily fb page her condolences but im not sure whos sp was. Sorry on my phone

Another dead during lipo

Just saw the news a mother begging to get the body of her daughter from Dr she died last night during a lipo in vista del jardin hospital. Idk the name of the PS. Rip

No name of the PS

I cant find any of this death in the news or if I find it they not revels the name pf the PS , Im now have doubt of doing this procedure in DR,
link of the woman that die Thursday

My SX list so far and not done yet.

Maxi dresses 3
summer dresses
Grannies gown open front and pockets for the drain
Waist clincher
wife beaters
Compression socks open toe
Cotton granny panties
beds chux
maxi pads 3x day
Boppy pillow
GNC women iron supp.
pink bag percha
surgical tape
Benadril sleep aid
Extra strength Tylenol
Menstrual period long pads attach to Faja.
something for my scar still IDK
ScarEase, Scarguard, Mederma do work to reduce scarring.
Good pharmacy in Dr :Farmacia farmaconal

Approved by my SX Dr Medina ,please give me some more tips ladies

TIPS for fast and safe recuperation
pineapple ,vanilla and cucumber juice to reduce inflammation.
Arnica pills start 2 days PO
10 or more lymphatic massages
8 days PO foam board

My Dr approved this for my future TT scar

Ladies with this I concluded my list..
Mosqueta rose oil for a few days then contractubex.. can't wait for Friday my first day out shopping for my SX..
I will travel light just the necessary for my recovery. nothing fancy no high heel or bunch of bags.

My pics.

Today spoke with Dr Medina because i want to eat some frituras and drink a few presidentes before going to cecilip that evening.

More wish pic

I know my SX will be done in 2 different occasion but this its the example of what I'm looking for. The waist not small. The BA round smooth. The booty def. plump out like in the pic. I don't care what other said about it this is how I want it.

30 days to go ????????????????

Time its flying and I almost there. When shopping get my boppy. Pills and slippers almost done with the list. Still worried but happy to see my Dr its good and skilled thx to sis invincible.doll.
Its not easy type from this cell.

OMG 22 days to go

Its almost time for my mommy makeover, its so needed and worth it . I can't sleep at least I wake up once over thinking about the surgery Dra Medina said its very normal , I know the risk and that I will need a second round but flying without my husband make me feel worse. I told my boys that mami needs this to get her cuteness back and be ready to renew our vows next year in Miami, big boy look worried :(

2 clinic closed in DR due to death and deadly bacteria in pts.

Vista del Jardin where Beverly Ann Brigoni, died last month during lipo and another one clínica Doctores Lima-Mejía in Santo Domingo closed due to unsanitary conditions/death. After a lot of research I think tax season its too dangerous to go and its better to wait to the low season during the summer when no one wants to wear a faja and the greed for money its gone.

19 DAYS TO GO, why i picked dra Medina?

Beside all the negative news in TV still I am going to DR to have SX with Dra Medina so far she is kind of new and I haven't read any bad review or death about her or cecilip , the reason I picked her are:
Availability: She is always there by phone email and more, I will never go to a PS that I have to paid and been begging to respond my emails, DR have a lot of well trained PS don't get foul by the one that are hot now.
Honesty: She is always open to respond my sillier question including those about her background and work and mal practice.
Privacy: I am a very private person she respect very much pts before and after pics that the reason it’s not a lot of her work out here.
CECILIP: At this place I will have a my own room with my private nurse 24hr included in my quote, I will never pick a clinic with blood stain everywhere, wheeling back and forth girls in front of everybody or worse sleepy in a room with an estranger and beg for a nurse to pass by and help me.
Time: I will be pt number 1 that day because she only do 2 to 3 girls per day and do not work weekend , yes I want a PS that is well rested, she will see you by appt and I don’t have to wait until she finished SX to see me.
Health: because she refused to do all what I want at once and also do not operated girls that just came out the plane, also she admitted her pts the day Before SX to make sure everything its fine before proceeded. Also part of the quote.
Real Plastic Surgeon: yes she is a real PS not the type of one took a 2 wks program she did 6 yrs and belongs to SODOCIPRE.
I feel very secure with her and ready to do this new chapter in my life, it’s my time to look and feel sexy again, my husband support me 100% also my boys , Con Dios.

My coworker SX experience.

Last night she and her friend landed in DR at 4am and went straight to CIPLA. She got AB her friends lipo ,TT ,BBL,BA. It’s my coworker 2nd time with Dr Duran, she was all the time on her what’s app telling me how they doing….. By 9pm they took her to the OR yes all those hrs without eating or drinking, m friend was the last pt.. in the middle of the SX she woke up feeling like pressure and hands inside her , she though she will die …. Next thing she opened her eyes in the room with her friend in the next bed shivering and not looking good, she yelled for help, she tried to reach the phone and she couldn’t, no one check on them after SX … By the morning the nurse went to the room to discharge them and my coworker complained, the nurse stand up her friend and she started to bleed out (that was this morning) meanwhile the nurse started an arguing with another nurse in Spanish and the woman there bleeding.. My coworker complained to Dr Duran and she was told her friend HEMO went down to 7.. They proceeded and discharged them. I won’t post her pic due to protect her privacy she is not part of RS either.
She also told me that employees from Armonia cared and protected the pts they were picking up this morning from cipla and that the clinic its full of pts from the states.

Packing 2 more wks to go .

I took my time to talk with my aunt in DR , replied at RS massages and Packing my things.
I have to said that thanks to my Sister of RS I am able to get just what I need , all my belonging are in my carry on and in the other bag I packed some present I am taking to my aunt.
So we spoke about my SX she is more comfortable now and happy with Dr Medina …..My cousin was suppose to take care of me quit ? but my aunt help me to hired a RN she will stay with me 5 days/nights for 10,000 DR pesos .. Like 240US dollars. She also have a masseuse for me but he is a male not gay NOOOOOOOO . My Bday its in 3 wks she is already planning a Hora Santa del divine Nino Jesus. it’s a catholic pray for 1hr the invite its only for kids and they will eat sweet rice , cake , ice cream and candies after it’s over. They will sing/pray and thanks baby Jesus for take care of me. ohh lord I just want to alone, but my aunt is 70 yr old so I must obey her :{
I am happy about the nurse because I don’t want my aunt to worried or not sleep well.
Almost ready just missing my meds and toiletries ?

Packing pics

Sorry wont be easy using my phone to post

Separating the money

This is my kind of Sunday , I am so freaking organized that I have to control everything, I separated the money in envelopes with the name outside what its for ,well the money list its going like that.
SX 3700$
Endo 100$
Food 300$
RN 235$
Taxi ?
meds 150$
2nd faja ?
massages 200$
Ladies be careful with the money call a taxi and ask the base how much , people will see dollars sign and will try to rip you off.
ufff to much money involved I hope everything come along well .

Xanax ,coordinator and more

My days are coming closer and closer ,and with all the craziness I forgot something very important I am scared of flight :{, I will try to see if my MD give me some Xanax to take the night before and in the plane.... ufff , my coordinator keep asking me what I am going to do during vacay, i felt bad because we close and she will find out after I am back in the office , so I told her , she is very supportive and understanding well she is a LCSW, now she wants me to keep her post it , and maybe she will go later on. to complete my day my baby have a virus , and I just came for the ER praying I'm not get sick again and he gets better before heading to DR ..

Ten days to go , just thinking

Everything its ready to my makeover all my stuff are packed, Hemo 13.5 , I spoke with Brunilda the massage therapist and she said its 30$ per session and 250$ for 10 session let see if Dra Medina's one can bet those prices lol. OMG I can't imagine been wheels to the OR without my husband by my side :( one thing it’s the emotional part I know I will be like a drama queen.... Already I can’t sleep awake early thinking all kind of crazy things, Thanks God I am Spanish so no drama with the cultural shock or language barrier….. I am so used to deal 5 days out the wk with pts depressed , angry , suicidal etc but when I am the pt I don't know how to act I hate been help and need assistance with the bathroom :{.

Things to do this week .

I am leaving next weekend to DR so I have some things to do before my makeover.
1- call Arline and make sure my wheelchair its ready in both airport.
2- call my aunt and coordinates my pick up.
3-get all the $ I will need and my emergency $$ too.
4-get all the necessaries numbers for my husband.
5_ buy food and do the laundry US.
6-do my hair and pedi.
7-call my bank to let them know i will use my card in DR.
8- packed all the necessaries thing for school and sitter days.
9- register at the embassy ,just in case .

more information .
202.501.4444 (8-8pm est) for updates
Press 0 and say "emergency"
Embassy is located in "la esperilla"; Corner of Cesar Nicolas Penson Street and Maximo Gomez Ave
Office hrs 4-4:30pm m-th/ 7:30-11:30 am on Friday; After hours 809.221.2171 ask to speak to duty officer

Just thinking

Things I learn from real self and I have to keep remaining myself.
SX do not make miracles.
Do not expect US medical care in DR . (I already know)
Get your private RN.
Ask the personnel to use gloves all the time.
SX do not provided happiness.
If you have mental issues SX do not fix that.
Do not take a bath for a month.
Be prepare for pain.
Take your nook.
Get some percocets.
Get the wheelchair.
Start massages as soon 2 PO days.
Look forward recovery ONLY!
Do not try to be a tourist, recovery it’s my main reason.
Get up and walk at least every 3 to 4 hrs
DO not trust anyone with your money.
Yelling, getting angry and attacking other will harm only me!
DO not pay in advance.
Call for a taxi question the base first about the price.
Do not go alone to have SX.
Avoid drama stay alone with your RN during recovery.
Tips tips tips and you always will be first.
Do not go to SX at night time.
Do not get off the plane and go straight to SX.
Follow your guts.
Take copies of your documents.
SX have risk real ones make sure to know them.
Extra money yes everything will cost me.
listen ,observe and respect their culture.
do not go to SX during holidays. (Dominican's holidays)
Chill have a Presidente with lunch before SX.
Go and see the ocean breath in and out.
enjoy your small victories.
do it for yourself so don't ask for opinion.
be ready for the hater yes they will attack you as soon you allow them.
ahh still thinking.

Another Death at Cipla .

Girls do your research , I dont like the idea that all those girls passed and the Dominican news are not informing , I think cipla its paying for silence because any death in another clinic we heard about except from this place. I post this so you can read I saw this pics in another RS sister page.
May she rest in peace.

2 more days.

It’s almost time for me to go to DR my friend it’s flying today good luck to her. She is still undecided between Dra Medina and Dr Ventura wishing her the best of the luck.
All my things are packed and my feet are done, looking forward having my hair done tomorrow morning. For some reason I am not worried or anxious. Do not why, I am not even scared of flying :) IDK why.
Dra Medina sent me a pic of a woman she operated 3 wks ago ,she look so natural and pretty :) her breast on point. I was thinking last night about waking up during SX but its better at least I will know I am alive.
I have all my family and friends praying for me, to have a successful SX, quick and healthy recovery and safe flight back home.

Feeling so loved

Hair and pedicure are done. I am not painting my nails following Dra Medina orders, already called my Aunt poor thing she is all excited and cleaning changing curtains and all , :) My cousin will be my personal assistant by free :) she will do errand for me due to my Aunt age , (70) , my another cousin MD its going with me to talk to Dra Medina before Sx :) feeling so loved :) . my Aunt already hired a massage person for me ( she is on point) and my male cousin its washing the car and filling up the tank to go and pick me up nothing better that family getting together.
I will try my best to keep you my RS sister updated , wont be easy from my iPhone , I don't have a tablet :( but I will try my best.


Hey girls. Im in DR. The flight felt longer than flighting from Santiago. Was my first time SDQ. I arrived at cecilip and the door was closed. The guardian open the door for me, everything was dark and loneline. Only 1 nurse its here. No where to find DrA Medina after she told me to be here at 4pm. Now she called me she said she be here at 6pm after i ran to the airport to be here. For me its very important ppl keep the word, late ppl and me are not a good chemistry. There are no pt in here. Only one from the state I just finish talking to her. I think iam canceling this.

We talk.

Dra came i was mad she calmed me down and explained to me all the schedule thing. She is good. Her husband came to her and he and my MD cousin knew each so. She approved. The clinic its very clean and well equipment. My lab are done. And everything its as scheduled

Getting ready

My labs are done. Xray done. Endo done also a psychologist came to see me ???? she was told i was upset. Dra Medina its a great person very humble and honest. Now i am waiting for the cardio to come and see me. My cousin's colleague said she its very good as a PS.

Cant sleep

Its 4:22am and I cant sleep. They coming at 5am to wake me up. Please girl pray for me I am so scared never though will be. My husband its like my identical twin if he is not close I feel empty fragile. Its like i forget all the reason i came here. I regrets not looking for a RH for me. My aunt house its so hot ???????? she said will fix it.

Waiting for SX

I am here waiting to be pick up to the OR. Will be like around 7:20am. Feeling wave of worries and peace. Well I am here. Still don't know its the BA will happen. My hemo its 14 my sugar its 109 so far all looking good.


Dormecon pill.
By 7am dra Medina came in all happy with her scrub. Marked me up and then she said we have to pray. And we did. By 8am i was screaming like a loca calling everybody in the states and laughing. My cousin told everybody was having a good time with me high lol. I did wake up during the SX and stayed like that till the end. I sleep after that then wake up with this crazy pain swollen hand pain. Will write later

Day of the Sx

Like a half an hour into Sx I was wide awake till the end. I felt sharp pain from the lipo canula and was able to hear the team singing and doing jokes ????. Once in my room i sleep for like an hr. Then pain started. I lost a lot a blood and dra medina stop the SX. She did my lipo. Tt and lil bbl. Then i got 3 blood transfusion. She is very good. Excellent human being. Her mother dra C. Was checking on me all night. Nurses where always passing. And after DRa Medina went home she came back at midnight worried about me. She deserved more than 5*. Today less pain but tiffness and swollen. Massages hurt like hell she gave me a free one.


The massage therapist Annie she works with Dra Medina she is very experienced lady and has a lot of bed skill. She did my first massage paid by Dra medina and hurts a lot. Tmm its my first po appt I will look for annie to do some massage on me. The lab nurse its very skilled and always used gloves.

Some pics.

First PO

My first Po with sDra Medina. Went well. Incision its healing good. Drain its good. And i am getting swollen. My legs are swollen she did not want to give me heparin cuz i loss a lot of blood but she did just in case.the no gloves situation its real! ???????????????????? Its raining a lot. And the lights are out so hot. My aunt told this not happen ???????????????????? and see its can slow my process. My aunt decided to bring all her friends to pray for me ?? Tips always calculate the exchange of dollar a dollar less cuz now its 42 pesos. Now short in $$

My private nurse Rosa.

She is a RN that works part time. And do out side job. She is honest and do not steal. She does everything for me. Clean me. Diet. Sleep. Meds. Go out to appts. She is a character and love to eat lol. She gives me my shot. ????
She is also lazy to walk but she does her job.

Being Dominican.

I completely forgot what its feel after so many yrs not been in my island.
Neighbor yelling. Dogs barking kids running.stranger coming in to say good morning and asking how i feel. I don't have TV or ac. No lights no water no abanico. Im paying a karma.
At this point I am not recommend anybody or anything in DR.
Short story the heat got me sick and I ended up back in the clinic with oxygen and headaches. Heparin was given.

Back in the clinic

So last night the light were out for more than 4 hrs and I was sick. Headache. Shortness of breath. I was waiting for Rosa RN who I allowed to go and see another pt just for an hr that way she make money while Im resting. Mistake she left and stayed for long time. By the time she came back i was upset She packed and we look for a place for me to stayed. 4 cabanas later no place we ended up here Cecilip God bless Dra Medina she came running with her bariatric Sx husband. mD mother and nurses to check on me. She is working in getting me a discount to stay for less than 100$ per night. She is been my inly support here. I don't have family only my aunt she is too old and her daughter ????. Who cause all my stress. My lil cousin went back to her. Mother in law house 3 hrs away. Today i got another massage by Carmen pain minimum I highly recommended her. This nurse its leaving monday cant wait. So i gave her 500$ pesos to go and pick my aunt because she was worried. She left for more than 2 hrs and came back alone. My aunt was here already she said expend all the money in taxi. Its only 200$ not 500. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYBODY here only the mention before like dra medina and carmen massage therapist. The clinic its very quiet its only me now here.

Still in the clinic

Had low grade fever 38C. Dra Medina came to see me and will do some blood work tmm. My drains will stay till Thursday. Tmm going back to my cousin's house. Praying to the lord the light stay on God please. I so want to go back to NY but dra M. Denied me my letter. She is a wonderful SX with a very tight support her whole md families pass by to see me I imaging then discussing cases in the dinner table lol. My RN its missing an action and its drinking my expensive pain killer. Cant wait for her to get the F out. Dra Medina its the best.

Review of Cecilip and personnel.

This is my personal experience if someone have another one congrats!!!!!!
The clinic its clean. The securities are very helpful. The bed position buttons do not work perfectly need assistant moving the bed. I am in room 5 now same issues. Very clean room. Hot water. Ac strong needs to get up to turn off and on thru the night. Phone for locals calls. Wifi strong. Tv good an cable. They provided towels. Toiletries. Blanket.
Do not use glove at all. 1 its very nasty and cold refused to take my temp. Do not came to see me not even once. Not even introduce herself. And none of them listen to the help button.

Doctors are nice and spend the time necessary with each pt. they always pass by dra's Medina mom its very sweet.

Dra's Medina assistant its a tiny lady. She is sweet and responsible. Always giving you receipt for anything and put your faja on after incision cleaning

Today its my Bday!

Feeling much better today. Walking more,pain meds working better. I will said first 4 days are the worse if do not have any complication. The blood I received its vampire because I can't sleep since the transfusion not even with heavy meds. Sleeping now with a pill. My drains will stay in for 2 more days. Total of 11 days. So far 2 massages 2nd was not that painful. Might get 3 more before heading to the states. Not feeling open about massages. Body wipes its a must so do tampons. Stool softener are also a good idea. I seat in my butt so I do not have any hope of saving my graft. But Dra Medina did lipo on top and below my booty to make some natural projection. I saw huge clot in my drain i keep moving my legs and drinking a lot also taking my aspirin 81. Currently taking my arnica I am very swollen.

2nd PO visit.

My drains are still in. :(
My bellybutt. Have a lil red corner and my lower back its full of liquid. Dra medina will remove them tmm and aspirate liquid with a needle. :( I am so glad leaving home sunday. Missing my boys. And tired of this black out and mosquitoes. My aunt look sad but she will be relieved.

Last PO visit

Last PO visit.
Dra Medina removed my drains, she will like them to stay there till monday but I am leaving tmm. She gave me the name/# of a MD that will follow up on me in NY :) The drains burned the way out they were there for 12 days not pain. The faja its burning my armpit annie shenis an expert on fajas. put the wife beater under that area to protect my skin. She had all my instructions ready and my excuse letter on point. I will stay 1 wk home before going to work. I am on stage 2 faja small. My body its looking good. I do recommend Dra Medina 100%. The Cecilip clinic needs to fix the gloves situation. So happy I am leaving tmm my stay was uncomfortable due to my cousin living situations. Next year will come back to do my boobs this time hubby its coming and will stay in a hotel. Dra Medina told me for safety issues she woke me up during SX I am so grateful for that. She is a very good PS always available and she goes the extra mile for her patients. She is the best! Always trying to make me feel good and comfy. I felt sad saying my good bye :(

On my way home!

I get up early crazy to go home. My nurse offer to stay for free until I get home she was so right still needed her ( I gave her $) I learnt to understand that she disappear once in a while. She got me ready to go to the airport and left before my ride arrived she said hates good byes I felt sad :( she did more for me that my MD cousin :/. My aunt was jealous of my nurse but she did a lot for me taking into consideration her age. Once in the airport I used the wheelchair excellent service right outside they wait for you no lines. Immigration did check my faja they want to know if I have drugs under. They do not removed my faja thanks God. They are 13 ppl in wheelchair and Iam the youngest,a senior said look at her lol. I currently using tylenol 500 extra for my pain. I don't think this faja tight my belly enough.
Inside the plane before the craziness start hope I don't have a ppl in the middle. Bring a DR notes for your liquids meds.

On the plane.

Its a must do the wheelchair, I used the seat in the aisle that way i can move this legs. I should had get the first seat will be comfy plus I am only bringing my hand bag. Be ready for judgmental ppl looking at you bad. There its another woman here she looks like have Sx too. I bought the beef up do not want to get some gas in my stomach. I went to the potty before got dirty and took my panty off for some reason they bother me. Ride home was smooth but faja its burning my skin changed to hubby v tshirt. Will post some pics later my shape its looking good.

AT home

feeling not comfy at all , this faja its not joke and i took the soft one not fajate or salome , its burn and i feel tired of sleep in my backs, today i took my first shower was really good , 2stiches look funny one under my butt and 1 under my armpit its not easy at all , I though will be easier but not , i will work next wk need to rest more.... I am also feeling like sad , my shape its looking good.

2 wks PO , fajas burn :(

feeling much better the pain its more soreness like, my emotions are crazy I cry sometimes after looking at me or thinking my husband will stop loving me :( ….. he compliment my booty today :) ..... its feels like burn in my back , I have 1 small burn already dry and 1 armpit the one that scare me it’s the one in the side of my waist it’s like a deep line I am putting fat kotex on top hoping it get better , I only got 5 massages in DR ,I will try to get one tomorrow here NY to see if she can detected more burn and help me with the bad one, please if anyone of you read any post about faja burn send me the link will be highly appreciated. last night I slept on my back then few hrs in my side ahhhh feel relieved, I will never have another TT or lipo in my life this is not for me , I will do my BA with Dra Medina next yr because it’s a fast procedure not awake and I will stay in a hotel with hubby like mini vacay not swmming for me.

Things that I used at DR.

Take at least 3 wks off work.
Maxi dress and one short dress for my visits.
Flip flops
white T shirt
1 panty no bra I used the one for arm lipo.
Tampax it’s a must.
Cross body bag
20 chux will be fine
Toiletries, chap stick , face SPF
Tylenol 500 extra
Tylenol pm very needed
Try to get all your meds here I spent a lot in DR.
Calculate the dollar less example, if 43pesos calculate 42 just in case.
Be sure to stay in a comfortable place.
When feeling good go to the movies /ice cream/see ocean that help to ease the mind.
Klosara every 8hrs it’s very good.
To poop buy natural yogurt came in a gallon
Take wipes big ones they help a lot.
Be careful with taxi ask the PS which to use.
Get an orange sim card in the states yes they do sell here and you family can added time .
SDQ airport do not have wifi :[
Used the wheelchair services its very good .

First day at work

Today was my first day at work, I do recommend taking at least 20 to 30 days off, what I do its desk job and still get tired and stiff if I not get up often.
Currently I am taking vit C and E , ointment in my scar and faja burns and the soap Dr Medina prescribed, I stopped the Arnica Montana because was causing me diarrhea.
I find out that been at work make my days passed fast and I don’t have time to be thinking about the faja situation, I HATE HER.
I also hired a taxi driver to pick me up and drop me off at work; I won’t take the public transportation until I feel strong enough and walk 100% straight , NYC it’s not joke.
thinking in getting a fajate faja , i heard its soft and comfy than other ones, let see.

25 days PO

Fitted the fajas in the cleaner next to my job , both are now very small in the midsection body and regular in the legs , this faja it’s no joke I hate her, I am feeling the blues , I don’t know why , thx God everything it’s ok so far so good , the only thing it’s my recovery its very slow the changes day by day are minimal in the soreness and the uncomfortable nights I have to spend. Dra Medina texted me daily morning and nights to see how I feel, she is very caring, ppl said that my shape its really good and my Bootayy has a lot of projection as I wanted, my arms also look skinnier and still hurt a lot, I am not ready to take pics, but I will post some in my faja :{ soon , I read in RS that at wk 7th everything looks and feel better , lets pray for that.

29 days

Feeling more comfy today. Still having issues at night and during day with this faja. I havent weight myself this wk but i feel skinnier. I am just praying the time fly because I need to get ride of this faja.

New faja

Today its my wk 4 and i decided to get a new faja, so when i got fajate D'prada , I feel much comfortable on this one in my groins Gosh the other one was killing me , I am counting the days to take this faja off , its getting hot in NYC and thing look bad for my faja , my office do not provide good AC and I suffer of hot flashes all my life, so far I am healing ok most of my pain went away and I able to sleep a lil better some night in my side for 1 or 2 hrs , looking forward wk 7th when thing will be better.

This is the faja

Frim fajate size M. Price 140$ be sure the tag its outside and says fajas Dprada. Have a woman shape. This make me feel comfy and sleep better than the xmartex small I had. I am off the gauze in the scar. Feel good.

Wk 6

Some set back. My tummy its swollen. I have a V infection due to the antibiotic and faja being tight in that area. Plus a heavy period. Feeling very crampy and tired. Looking forward wk7 when things feel better. Some ppl are talking crap about me like I am fake or one butt cheek its bigger than other one or my belly its too big or I am getting fat SMH. In wont allowed haters to put me down ah ah.

Beginning of wk 7th, weaning the faja off.

I Still sore in my ribs, arms and underarm, my back it’s on fire at any of touch. Hubby its lil by lil hugging me. I have 3 days sleeping without faja girls this is not for me, I don’t used to tight clothes and I always hot.
I took the decision to wean the faja off. It’s not easy for me to used its burnt me and gives me V itchy, I am still using the faja from Hell during work time , but once I got home she its out. After doing some research in RS about for how long should I use it 5 to 6 wks according to 20 different, I asked my PS and she agreed that faja its to help the skin to reattach better the skin and to reduce swelling that the job was done by the PS during SX. By June I will be off faja completely and will start some slow cardio daily.
Finally sleeping with 2 pillows and naked lol. My belly it’s swollen and my butt look like lost some volume, still fine with me, Dra told the real result will show at 6mos….
In the past are the thought like why I did this? Now thinking about round 2 will be lifts with implants; Dra said she will do tiny lipo in areas if required by that time but I am still debating about it because I won’t use a faja again.
Went shopping today and suddenly remembered why I did this, there is a store that has all the clothes, style and accessories I like it’s just me everywhere but they clothes did not fit me. Not anymore! Waiting to feels comfy with my soreness to start shopping there.

Wk 7th it’s gone

Feeling much better, things look clear now no more blues, the soreness it’s still there same intensity now I feel sharp stabbing pain in my back for a few seconds…. all hole and scar are completely healed…. Booty still big… faja became more tolerable but I am not sleeping with her I just can’t, my belly someday look swollen another day looks flat. I am thinking about second round lift with implant and lipo if needed. Thinking back before my SX I was so nervous about sitting in my new booty with the pain I forgot about it and booty still here. Dominican PS are not joke they work and PO very different from US PS and they are so right.
One mos and 2 wks of faja couldn’t t be happier. Currently drinking water made by boiling pineapple skin, celery and parsley its diuretic and controls my appetite looking forward to lose 10 more lbs

3 wks away from 3 mos Po

HI RS sisters I am feeling good, my back and arm are still sensitive to touch, my butt hurt a lil specially if I run, my TT its healed and do not hurt , my sides of the TT scar hurts.
Nothing that will need Tylenol.
So far I have lost 26lbs and I am still swollen. I will stop using my small size fajate D,Prada mid thigh this month yes I am using an small size faja ? but I refused to spend 6 mos with her.
With all the pain behind I decided to go for round 2 , will be lipo of my upper stomach Dra Medina do not lipoed that area to prevent necrosis, Breast lift with implants and of course more BBL, I became booty hungry.

Some pics

Some pics 10 wks PO


My date its set and I am working in getting everything in order for R2, LIPO, breast implant with a lift and more BBL .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I will have with Dr Medina , TT , Lipo back ,waist, arms and BBL , AB left for next time she think its to much I can handle and I really appreciated she cares for my life. skilled Honest on point Good prices Always available

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