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I'm finally making moves to getting my body back....

I'm finally making moves to getting my body back. I have been doing a lot of research for a long time. I originally decided to go with Dr. Pazmiño in Miami FL. He has awesome work also... His quote was $14,300...I already gave a deposit of $500. I don't think I wanna spend all that and be broke or owe any loans. I will be canceling with him to get my deposit back.
I continued my research and came across RealSelf and here I clearly saw that outside of the states a lot of women are traveling to get procedures done. I'm not gonna lie! I said to myself I would never go out of the US! Lol here I am going to DR to get my body back!

So I decided to go with Dr. Robles. The work she's done is awesome! I love that everything is just about included. Raquel her assistant is great! Nonetheless, I don't like surprises especially when it has to do with $$ that you did not count on spending. She provides you with everything you need to knw... Til later beauties!

Before pictures...

Wish pics


Hey guys! So I finally got the confirmation on getting my refund from the Dr. Paz... Which I'm happy about... I can use that that toward my deposit for Dr. Robles... :)

Talked with my sister...

Well guys, I spoke with my sister and told her that I need her to come with me to DR...
Mind you she don't want me to have the surgery period.
I'm her only sister and she feels afraid that I will have complications going to DR... She broke my heart, she was crying and pleading that I don't go over seas... I'm confused and don't know what to do... I love her too much.... :( what can I do? Should I go without telling her? Or should I pay 14,400 to get done here? And she can come with me to Florida. She will not go to DR... Not for that anyways.

Finally spoke with Dr. Robles!!! :)

Finally spoke with Dr. Robles....
I had some questions to feel secured that this is the right thing and surgeon to go with... I feel good about this... I'm feeling more anxious about having this Sx done... I'm thinking of changing my date... I wanna have enough money in case I need to buy extra stuff and go shopping!!! (White chicks movie) lol

Change of ?? Ladies!!

Sorry for being MIA ladies! School had me on lock down! But in the mix of school, I had a change of heart... I'm going with Dr. Brooks he's in my home town and I really over looked him. The reason I over looked him was because he has not had the time to update his website. Anyhow I had a consult with him and it went well. I'm a perfect candidate for TT and BBL... That being said I booked my surgery for May 18th 2015!! I'm excited!! I will give you guys more of an update soon. 4 more month to go!!! ????

Surgery paid off!!

My surgery is paid in full! I'm excited! I'm Sure when it gets closer to the Date I will be nervous... Just wanted to give you ladies an update! Xoxox


I'm sorry for the late updates but this has not been easy I thought I prepared myself for.... I'm currently 16 days post op and I'm feeling better everyday! I thank god there was no complications... However, I still have to go back on Monday to remove the last stiches in my belly button. Apparently I had a little tear probably from laughing! My drains are out. The right was taken out first then the other was taken out 3 days later. But other than that I can get into bed by myself and just need a little help sitting up still in bed. What ever you do DRINK WATER WATER WATER! And STOOL SOFTNER with your meds. We all know that will back you up like no ones business.... I'm eating a high fiber diet and it works for me. Not a doctor but go according to what your doctor tells you to do.... Until next time dolls!

9 months out!

It's been a while! But I'm back! I have been working out... And slacking and working out... Lol But I'm back on my workout grind! I'm getting married! Eventhough I'm extremely happy with the results, I want to tone some more.. Anyway I will be posting pictures soon... Chao! :x
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm staying in USA!!! I'm not going to Dr. Robles. I much rather be same than sorry. I don't doubt her skills but I'm sticking with team Brooks!!

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