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I started looking into TT in DR in January and I...

I started looking into TT in DR in January and I got quotes from Yily, Robles, Mejia, Baez and Mota. Finally I was down to 2 and I chose Dr. Mota because he is very caring. A little about me. I am 38 and I had 3 kids which did a number on my body and I weigh 184lbs at 5'5". I am looking to lose 10lbs before surgery. The weirdest thing is that I am very calm and confident in my surgeon and the surgery. I am not nervous but excited to see a better me. After surgery I want to be able to look down and see my vagina without bending over. You know what I mean. Looking to become the better and sexier me. Its time to take time for me and get me right. SUPER EXCITED!!!

Changed my mind

I am suppose to have a TT, lipo of my back, flanks, inner thighs, arms, BBL and fat transfer to my breast. After reading a few forums about arm lipo, I decided not to do it because many women results were lumpy and saggy. I do not want to look worst. My arms are big and I wish I can do it and be successful but I am afraid. So, my plan is to work them out 3 times a week.


Today I weigh 183lbs
Bust 40"
Natural waist 34"
Hips 43"

I know I want to lose a little weight before surgery but I am not stressing it. Dr. said a stable weight is best. I am walking daily and lifting weights 3 times a week. Need to tone up....any suggestions??

Iron low

Today I went to my Dr and got my iron checked and it was not where I wanted it to be. It is 11.6. I am on my menstrual so that has something to do witg it. Then my best friend brought it to my attention that I will be on my cycle on surgery day...urggghhh. Now I have to be on it to get my iron up and maintained. As for my weight, I have gained, I am 187lbs. Feeling bloated and

Weight going up

Just got back from my mini vacation and I am now 195lbs. I had a great time but this is horrible. Trying not to stress but I have to go on a cleanse. I currently have a headache that refuse to go so lots of water and fresh foods. Absolutely no processed foods. Any suggestions of helping shed a few pounds will be greatly appreciated.

Dropping the weight

I am finally dropping the weight. I am working out harder and drinking much more water and I am seeing the scale number reducing. I will get to 180lbs for surgery. More will be better but I am setting smaller and more attainable goals for myself.

Almost ready

Packed up and just waiting for one more item to arrive in the mail. I saw this drain belt that I am thinking of buying...what you all think?


I am so ready to get this journey started and to see the better version of me. I have not loss the weight I wanted but I am not stressing it. I feel great and I am healthy. Current weight is 189lbs.

Finally made it 5/7/16

Finally here and super excited. Got through customs pretty easy. The people are very nice as a whole. Got to Recovery House, Spa Medical JM and was greeted by a very stern looking woman, Jacqueline. Well it was a minute or 2 I met Ana with a warm spirit, welcoming smile and that give me some ease. As for the place it's clean and comfortable and the staff is amazing even though there is a language barrier. Learn a few words or use Google translate. I love my room with my queen size bed. Its not fancy but it is clean and will serve the purpose. So if you looking for a modern place this is not it. The staff has been great and they are very accommodating to your likes and I like that about them. This place is great. I will see in a few days how they will take care of me after surgery.

Day before surgery

That day 2 of my friend for Realself was finished with theirs and I was more concern about them and how they were doing. Got up early as usual @ 5am Abu relax and are pancakes and scrambled eggs with juice then left the RH to go see our Realself sister before I got my labs. She looked great and we both were so happy to see each other. After I left her I went downstairs at Dr. Mota office and I was great with a huge hug from Dr. Mota and hi wife, who is also. Plastic Surgen. I call them the dream team. They both stepped out for a bit to check on other patients while I filled out a few paperwork . After that a man came in and drew my blood and collected urine sample. That was quick. After Dr Mota returned I answered some more questions and we discussed my expectations. Then he took me to the examination room to discuss and feel on the areas and he explained the outcome. I never felt rush for a second. During the consultation the cardiologist can in d his exam and was out in a jiffy. We continued the consult and todme not to eat or drink after 10. That night I got very little rest because I was excited.

48 hrs

The easiest part is the surgery but recovery is a beast for the first 2 days to 3 days. I am in pain and I am super swollen. I am not even in the mood to write this review but I promise to keep you informed. Here are a few pics. Don't forget I am very swollen plus my menstrual cycle came on making it more misearable.


See the difference

Safety 1st

Well I am not heading back home today. I have too much fluid in my back and the Dr is concern that it can get worst while traveling so he wants me to stay back a couple more days to monitor it and drain as much. One thing I love about Dr Mota is he cares about our safety. It so costing me a lot to stay back but in the grand scheme of things I am worth much more than $800. My advice, make sure and have extra cash just for emergency and 1 credit card .

Recovery house

Well I have learn that your recovery house is very important to your recovery. I stayed at Spa Medical JM and its clean, the food is good, rooms are nice but service is not close to great.

One night one of the other patients rang the bell over 20 times to get help and no one came to her. That same night , a few hours later I was not able to breathe. Little did I know I was having an anxiety attack. I rang the bell several times with intervals and no one came. Guess what the nurse was sound asleep.

Fast forward today...I am set and ready to leave. Ana came to my room helped me tighten my garment and then she proceeded to close the door. She didn't close the door when she was taking care of me but she closed it so she can confront me. You see in several occasions I will give them money for small things and they will not give me all my change. I never mentioned a word to them but I was mentioning it in a conversation with an RS sis. Well, Dr Mota assistant overheard the convo and approach Ana about it and Ana came at me yelling and saying she has to pay for parking and here is my money back as she throw it in the nightstand, walking out my room and slammed the door.

This place is crazy. I kept to myself and stayed positive but their true colors came out. I am at peace but I had to let you know to be careful. Read reviews and this may never happen to you but I will give this place a 1 out of 5.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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