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Just like many of you I have been researching...

Just like many of you I have been researching plastic surgery abroad. I had joined many Facebook groups that mentioned many doctors all over the world. The group led me here to real self. To be honest at first I did not like the site because it was not user friendly. I also did not see anyone using the selected doctor.
Fast forward last six month when I finally chose Doctor Tania Medina from DR. I had another doctor in mind but I like the fact that Medina answers your questions and only does two patients at a time. Plus the facility looks beautiful and its very clean. She does not use the other clinic all the other doctors use.
I am not looking for a huge booty, nothing wrong if you do. I want it to look natural. Not saying that I will get the booty greed bug and go for more later on.
My quote included recovery house and airport pick up. She requires a $300.00 deposit to hold a date and its nonrefundable. Its like that with all of them. Additional fees are medicine $250, Massage $300 depending how many you get and required insurance $150.00


I received a list from Loren doctor's Medina assistant and got what I thought i needed. Honestly it's a lot of items. Doing my reviews most girl l said they did not use half of it. This is what I am taking.

VITAMINS-Iron, B-Complex, Multi-vitamin, Generic Tynenol, Vitamin-C, Nexium, Gas-X
Triple action ointment, Arnica cream, 1-Soap, Bio oil, Lose gloves, Stool softener, Laxative tea,

Wipes, one face towel, toiletries, Maxi dress (1-2) to use if I go out. 2-old dresses first couple days incase blood stains, 1-boxer, tank tops (no lines), old t-shirt, last shoes, house slippers, house coat, socks, yoga pants to go home in, sweater, 1-Sandals, compression stockings, Extension cord incase outlet is far and gadgets (cell phone/etc), lipo foam and pobbyy Pillow (nursing Pillow)

Might buy clorox wipes, still need gauze and tape

I am traveling alone and not checking my bag in so I am keeping it light. Later on I will tally all my additional cost.

Arrival & complications

ARRIVAL & set back

Ok so I traveled alone and it was not bad at all. Now try to pack light because you will be lugging all that crap back with you. Also if you can get a direct flight home it's worth it. Killing time in an airport is boring as hell. Plus you will be in pain and don't want the hassle.

DR Airport is small and easy to get around. The tourist card bought up front helps a lot due to lines. They check your passport 60k times. Also check your boarding pass against your luggage. Guess so people don't steal them lol

Driver-George is cool peoples. Very nice & will have a card with your name on it. Then he picks you up to go to the clinic for labs. So don't eat too much on the plane or have something really light in the am. Then to the clinic were they do blood work, ekg and urine test. At hospital psychologist meet with you and then you pay. I thought having the psychologist is cool. Everyone is real nice.

If your surgery is the next day you stay at the hospital and if it's not too late they feed you. Can't eat past 10pm. You shower and they will put and IV in for the next day. The nurse I had sucked and I had issues. It's the one with braces just letting you know.

Next morning I found out I had a urine infection from Medina. She was really sweet. Said don't worry you can most likely have surgery on Thursday. Sent me to a urologist
to run test $45.00 US dollars. She checked me and said since I don't have any symptoms and the infection is not that high but no symptoms I should be good. My prescription was $94.00 US dollars. Four shots & 7 days of pill form antibiotic. So double dose.
**** girls get a urine test don't beforee you come to avoid this. I had no clue I had an infection plus no symptoms at all. Get as many test & meds in state because everything is high here. That's it for now

Day of Surgery 7/22/15

I have tried writing this review four millions times and hopefully it will work today. On July 22 at 8:50am Dr. Medina came in to mark me up and discuss my surgery. I was informed she would only do two procedures Tummy Tuck & Breast lift with implants or one of these with and lipo with BBL. I told her that her original quote had stated I could get all three done. She marked me and I told her if she could not do all 3 then I wanted just the TT & BL and i did not care about the lipo. She said my flanks would not look good without the lipo to give me that curve. I still did not care.

I took the blue pill and lights out. I do not remember anything. I think I might of remembered being wheeled in but cannot be sure. Especially since I had not been sleeping well. Well, my mother got tired of calling the clinic and finally got through at 4pm and was told I was being wheeled in to surgery. I got out around 7pm. Where was I all that time I don't know. I hope in my room passed out.

Speaking of clinic its nice and it has air conditioner in most common places and in the rooms. The first night I stayed (Sunday) they had no towels so i had to air dry myself and paper towels. Nurses had no idea if towels were available. Second time at clinic had towels and even toiletries but no hot water.
After I woke up from surgery Medina came in gave me a hug and asked how I was doing. I had no pain and surprised to be wide awake. I asked her for a phone to call my mom. Called said I was alive and laid back down. The night nurse Annie was super sweet and caring. They brought me some food, chicken soup, potatoes with cheese and juice. I only had chicken soup and juice. They tried to get me to walk right away but I was too weak so I laid back down. Early morning I did walk and got my massage from Annie (thats who Medina uses) and it did not hurt at all. Maybe I was still under anesthesia.

Day one after surgery

I was told by my doctor that my skin was very sensitive and I would peel in some areas. That I needed oxygen treatment. Well let me tell you it cost 100.00 US dollars and hour and she requested 3 hours and 3 days. I went to my first session next day being released from clinic. I was told it was necessary and did it. I later found out some girls got it for free. Not as many hours as me but still not cool. You are in a vulnerable state and want to believe your doctor. Thats a big expense I did not calculate in. I spoke to another doctor and he said he does not believe in the treatment. This where I am not happy. I believe these doctors like to add on stuff and have connections with other doctors and specialist so everyone has there hands in the cookie jar. I don't have proof but its my gut feeling. A lot of other girls needed some other type of treatment. I believe in karma and if this was the case then it will come up to bite them in the ass.
Back to the oxygen treatment .... It sucked you are in there for 1 1/2 hours then wait 1 1/2 hours to do second part of treatment. All this while trying to recovery. I did this crap for 3 days. I was all day there with no food and uncomfortable until late afternoon. I finally got to the recovery house ate and then crashed.


Where do I start.... The place is nice and spacious and pretty modern. Day I got there the wifi was not working upstairs and there were only 3 other girls. One was leaving the next day. The girls expressed there unhappiness. Me being the newbie and always trying to look at the bright side thought, "it's not that bad". Well the food is not healthy at all and full of salt. The juices are fluff sugar. They taste good but if you just had lipo or tummy tuck to lose weight why add all this crap back in. I am also a weight loss patient so all those carbs are not healthy.
BREAKFAST-Funky oatmeal, toast butter, jelly or eggs with some weird ham. You had one of these options not all of them

SNACK- Jello super sweet or fruit like mango, pineapple again one or the other.

LUNCH- The white part of head of lettuce with chicken, grilled(best option) or fried and very dry. Sometimes rice and beans.

DINNER- Rice beans and meat, salty beef stew, salty and dry steak, dry fried chicken, super salted smoked pork chop with BBQ sauce, Boiled potatoes (my favorite)

You never knew what breakfast or any meals they were serving ahead of time. They did not cook anything special upon your request. The cook did what they wanted. One time when the doctor said I should have egg whites for swelling that they listen and that was right before I went home. The wifi was fixed to work up in the rooms about five days in. This is important because you could only talk to your family in the common areas which were hot (no a/c there) and everyone in your business. The NURSES Dianah, Kathy & Kairo were amazing. The sweetest girls in the world. They work there asses off. After I left I heard they changed the menu and the food got better. Who knows if its true or how long it will last. Also tons of mosquitos so bring someting. Also wherever you go to a public bathroom in DR they hand you napkins to use and NO SOAP ANYWHERE. Some don't even have a toilet seat cover. So everyone is walking around with dirty ass hands. Also afterwards they started cleaning the bathrooms with clorox. I shared a bathroom with 3 girls and thank god they were clean but still we have open wounds.
I am not here to bash just keeping it real. I heard this place was great and it was until new management. If I would of seen a recent review I would not had stayed there. I stayed because I did not want to fight for my money and the nurses were good. Your also responsible for your own meds to take them when required unless its shots. The nurse which is usually one the whole day helping 12-15 girls. Bottom line get a recent review before you choose a RH

Traveling home with drains

I had to go home with a drain which sucked. I had paperwork from doctor which they never asked for or looked at. I was patted down and then taken to a private room to check the drain. Once they saw what it was then let me go. Be prepared to sign a consent releasing your doctor of all wrong doing and they push it. My flight was short 3 hours. They take you to the airport super early so b prepared to sit. Ask the recovery house to make you a sandwich or something because you're going to be bored and hungry. I had gone to the grocery store due to crappy food at RH and brought my snacks to airport. In the US no one cared about my drains.
I got my drains taken out no Saturday 11 days later. I went to the urgent care because one day it was 50cc then it went up to 90 cc. The rest of the night nothing was going in and I thought it was clogged. Nice doctor checked me out and said even though I was swollen nothing was coming out.
Taking the drain out did not hurt. It was an odd slight burning sensation. That sucker was huge by the way. $125.00 later and all set. I also had a low grade fever which they say is normal after surgery. Took the rest of my antibiotics and some Tylenol and ok now.

Recuperating and Final thoughts

I am in my second stage faja size small. This thing is a beast. I can not get in it without help. Theres no way I can close it without help. My bf even has issues putting it on the first hook. The crazy thing is that later on I can move it over to hook 4. I also have lipo foam in the front and in the back. I am VERY SWOLLEN. Everything I read states it could take up to 6 months for it to go down. I am hoping less. Do I wish I never did it right now yes I wish I did not. This TT recovery is no joke. No pain just the swelling sucks. Breast look nice and don't hurt at all.

Will I use Medina again or DR .... On the fence about it. I like her technique and everything looks good. She answers my questions when I msg her. But I cannot shake the fact that they are always trying to get more money out of you. Always this something more you need. I could be wrong and maybe all DR docs operate this way too. Like I said I don't have proof just a feeling. When possible I will post photos. Wishing everyone safe travels and chose a responsible doctor. Again my doctor is good just too much hidden charges. Maybe once I am completely healed I will feel differently.

Before photos

I did not have enough fat for a great BBL. all my life I have dealt with cellulite on my bottom. So it looks like I would need a different procedure if I want a better bottom. But that would be in the future. Looking at these photos make me cringe. But it is what it is.

2 Days after surgery

Tummy Tuck
Breast Lift with implants
Lipo flanks - BBL


Some people do swell up but I was not that lucky. I felt like a blimp. Most of it was in my lower abdomen area. Swelling can last 3-6 months. I am wearing a stage 2 small garment /faja. Let me tell you I can not get into this alone. Even my BF has a hard time getting me into it. But I do wear lipo foam in the back & front. But after a while I am able to move it to a smaller hook. I was told I can get into an xsmall but I think that's crazy. We shall see.

Almost 3 Month Review

I am doing pretty good. I am wearing an extra small garment on & off. I got the boy short one & it rides up & cuts in. I still have that little bump in the bottom above phobic bone. I don't know if it will go down or if it's fat. I hope not since I am 129 pounds. Here are some photos. Hugs & well wishes to anyone having surgery.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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