Tummy Tuck and Breast lift Dr.Israel Manon 2016 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello everyone I will soon be going to Dr....

Hello everyone I will soon be going to Dr. Hernandez in DR , June 7 2016, to have an tummy tuck I am very nervous because I know I'm going to be in a lot of pain and I want my tummy to be very flat,Have any other ladies been to him for a tummy tuck? I have seen some of His work but the more is better.

Mixed emotions

hey everyone, today have not been a good day for me, looks like I will be traveling alone to DR but I think my cousin will be coming out there on the weekend. I really would I liked if some of my closer family could fly out there with me. But some people are just so selfish. Is God trying to tell me something???? Maybe just maybe it's time to remove some people out of my life, still in all I'm thankful that my cousin is coming on the weekend so I won't complain because if she could get off of work that long I know she would. #PrayingForBetterDays

Weight lost journey

ok u have lost 20 pounds so far I'm trying my best to loose this weight


OMG!!!!! These plane tickets are so high???? over $600.00 is ridiculous

Reviews on my doctor!????

do anyone have any more reviews and before and after pictures on my doctor??????? I need all of the information I can get

Wish pics

I'm a Curvy girl and I always have been and always will be, nothing is wrong with being thick and fit, is it? Lol here's some of my wish pics


my passport finally came I don't know if I should be excited or even more scared/nervous ????


healthy drink

My doctor IG information

Thinking about switching doctors

so I'm thinking about switching to Dr.Iseral Mannon in DR because I've noticed that He works with more thicker women. do anyone have any reviews on Him?????

Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!

It's only 3 days before I leave and I'm seriously thinking about switching doctors can anyone please give me some feed back on Dr. Iserael Mannon Please Please Please I think I'm going to switch to Him

I made it to the other side!!!!!!!!!

i decided to switch to Dr. Manon and had my surgery about 9:00 this morning. I am VERY satisfied with my decision change, I am staying with them tonight and so far my pain is not as nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I love his assistant Rosa she have fulfilled all of my needs she such a blessing along with my doctor, I got a breast lift and a lil smaller and a horrible scar removed from a horrible breast reduction in the past along with TT and full back lipo, I so pleased with my breast results so far an although I haven't seen my TT scar yet because I have on a faja my waist is still snatched snatched and more snatched. I am so very pleased so far and I pray I continue to feel this way. I have discomfort in my back and little pain in my breast from time to time but I rarely feel my TT scar at all what a blessing from God I'm praying that I continue to feel this way if not, better. Everything and everyone gets an A plus so far
Please keep me in your prayers, I'll update again soon if it's Gods will.

Great Nurses and bed side assistant

also the nurses here have been checking on me seem like every hour which is another PLUS, CECIP Clinic is the way to go.


i was originally supposed to stay with COSMICARE recovery after my surgery, but the owner Kesha stood me up. So picture me the day of my surgery with no where to stay. She gave me so dumb excuses about one of the girls at Her Miami recovery house was sick, then she said that another girl that was supposed to stay with with me lost her passport in London airport. I should have know she was full of crap when she wasn't there to even take me to my first appointment for my lab work(which was supposed to be included in the package), so I ended up having to pay a taxi. She tried to offer getting me a room which if I want to stay in a room I could have booked that myself and besides how was I going to get my 24 hour a day of nurse assistant that I paid for??? Along with a lot of other things. I had my surgery on a TUESDAY she claim she was going to TRY to make it by SATURDAY but could never give me a time. Thank GOD for my doctor and His assistant for finding me a recovery house at QUEEN Recovery house which turn out to be a great place. After calling,texting,emailing COSMICARE for my money back I was left in tears again because my husband and I had ran out of money. We need planned out whole trip around her but she didn't care all she give me was a half ass apology. Finally after all the calling,texting, and emails she finally sent me $600???? I paid her in full 2,000.00 so now I left almost 3weeks later still trying to get the rest of my money (1,400.00) she is VERY unprofessional and she don't even have the brain to contact me and keep me updated on what's going on, I constantly have to keep calling, texting, and emailing her (which she rarely respond back) please save yourself the trouble by not giving her ANY kind of business!!!!!!!!!!! I could say a lot more about Her bad service but I think this is enough.

i love him and His assistant they both have been responding back to all of my questions.

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