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I have been researching on this site for a long...

I have been researching on this site for a long time (I think almost 2 years). Ever since I can remember I always wanted a tummy tuck and lipo. it wasn't until recently that I begin to think about a Brazilian Butt Lift with fat transfer (BBL) because the quotes now seem to have it all included. As of right now it is between Dr. Yily and Dr. Duran that I plan to choose to do the trio (TT with muscle repair/Lipo/ BBL). I have emailed them both and even went as far as contacting Dr. Duran on Whatsapp. Needless to say Dr. Yily responded very timely and her quote was extremely detailed and she had a all inclusive package where I didn't have to spend extra search on things. she quoted me $5200.00 which included Recovery House for 10 Days/ Nights. I scheduled a physical with my private doctor to do my blood work set for July 26th. If all goes well I want to book surgery for August 12th. I want to do it in august so I can be somewhat good by October 10th for Caribana Festival in Miami. I want my new body to enjoy some summer weather before its too late. I never thought this time would come because of money situations but now that I got a lump some of money I swore I would get it done first thing.

Please provide me with any information on vitamins you gals recommend I take prior to surgery. I will still do my research in the meantime.

Decision to go with Dr. Yily

Hello all. it has been a while since I provided an update on my upcoming surgery. so not sure where I left off but I will say I sent an email to Dr. Yily as well as Dr. Duran for a quote. I supplied 3 pictures of myself (front /side/ back) with the emails. Dr. Yily replied back in 24 hours with a very detailed quote which instantly made me feel comfortable with her business ethics.

As for Dr. Duran, I called her on Whatsapp no answer.. even sent her a message on there and no response for weeks. Sent her a email of course like I did Dr. Yily and nothing then I went on her IG and put a comment on her page and THEN she responded to my email asking me to supply her with Age/name/height/weight/ type of surgeries so that she can give me a quote. I responded immediately to email. then the cat and mouse game began again... it was too much for me but I still wanted an update so I went on her IG once again and this time I got a message from the surgery clinic team saying to email them. then they replied with a link with a form to fill out.. after all this I decided to go with my first pick DR. YILY FOR SURE.

Another thing that I liked about Dr. Yily is her IG paged. it showed a lot of before and after pictures of her clients. I couldn't say that about Dr. Duran. on Dr. Duran page it is more like a personal page. there are pics of her partying and vacationing. yes she had some before and after pics but not much. just finish pics of clients already done. I don't know about you but I like to see before and after pics to see or get a somewhat feel of how much they can snatch me up lol. Anyways I am happy with my choice

Family Doctor was so SUPPORTIVE

So yesterday I had my yearly physical done. I told my doctor about how bad I want to go to DR for surgery. I provided her with the papers Dr. Yily sent me which broke it down really well. I thought my doctor would be upset with me but she was like GOOD FOR YOU. she said she will even write me a doctors excuse for the 2 weeks I will be gone from work which is awesome.

After my physical she said I will have to lose at least 10lbs because my BMI is 36.5 and it needs to be below 35. She was even nice enough to write me a prescription for PHENTERMINE to help me loose my weight faster so I can go on the date I wanted to go. LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN.

Looking for a Surgery Buddy

So none of my friends are able to come with me for surgery and I don't want to be there by myself I am nervous. I think my friends don't want to come because they want surgery too but don't have the money right now to get it done so they wont come.

I am thinking about going for surgery August 16th , 18th, or 22nd please let me know if you or anyone you know will be going around that time. thank you

Before pics

So I debated for weeks on whether I should post before pics of myself it takes a lot for a person to post their flaws on a site like this but the way I see it we are all here for a reason for inspiration for guidance as well as motivation so here they are hopefully dr. Yily will work Magic.


So I am beginning to stress out because I really want to get the surgery done on August 22nd but I don't want to go alone. I have never traveled out of the country alone and it is unfortunate that none of my friends can afford to go. I even offered to pay half of the flight for one of them and said they could use the time as a vacation. I am not asking them to stay with me the entire 2 weeks but just for surgery part of it and she said no. I am pretty down about it and I don't want this minor set back to make me change my mind. Dr. Yily is a great doctor and I trust her and her staff. I am also thinking about the recovery houses and if there is any hidden fees with them. Again Dr. Yily has a pretty detailed quote including everything (surgery/meds/recovery house with nurse/transportation) but just don't want to get there and there is some random fee for something else.

Can anyone please provide anything that will calm my thoughts about traveling there alone?

Dr. Duran and the Surgi Coordinators

So when I started this journey I told you all that I was trying to get a quote from Dr. Duran and Dr. Yily. I mentioned how I contacted them both and Dr. Yily was very professional and timely in her response. her quote answered all my questions. I didn't have to tell her much about myself just provided 3 photos and what surgery I wanted to get done. Now I did the same for Duran and it has literally taken 3-4 weeks to get 2 emails back. I had to contact her on IG then on WHATSAPP then I emailed the SurgiCoordinator people after another IG attempt and they asked me to fill out a questionnaire. a week later they respond saying that they cant give me a quote because my current BMI isn't at a 33.. I am like are you serious. like I know what my bmi level should be for surgery and I am just asking for a quote so I can decide on when I will get the surgery and with who. I am working out and lost 5lbs and need to get down at least 7lbs more to have the BMI of 33. but they cant even give me a quote. just sad. I am glad I chose Dr. Yily she has made me feel comfortable thru this process

Weight Loss Update

So I don't know if I told you guys when I went to my primary care physician appointment last week to go over my surgery and Dr my BMI was at 36.5 so my doctor told me that I needed to lose about 10 pounds before I go to get surgery. And dr. Yily would not work on your body if your BMI is above 35 and technically no doctor should perform any surgery if your BMI is over 35. So this week I decided to go hard and I will continue to go hard and too I make it to Dr. My doctor was able to give me Phentermine pills to help accelerate my weight loss because I was adamant that I wanted to get surgery on August 22nd so I am happy to say that I started the Phentermine pills on Monday weighing in at 226.6 in this morning I weighed in at 220.2. Now granted I have been taking Phentermine I have also started doing my calorie count on My Fitness Pal app and I started working out which this week was only twice for a total of an hour each time. I've been drinking a lot of water and I've been trying to eat a lot more steamed vegetables but so far so good and I'm very excited about my weight loss I figure I want my stomach to be snatched like never before so why not do a little workout lose a little weight right. I started getting very excited about my surgery the past couple days I've been very stressed out about going there alone but amazing how God works yesterday as I was on here I found another person that will be going the same time as I'm going seeing the same doctor so hopefully we will be able to room together to be each other's support. I will post pictures soon of my wish pics

Before Pics ...

Here are some more before pics. Countdown to surgery is really an emotional one. I don't have much support from family and friends or my mate so today I am a bit in my bag. .hope it gets better.

What is needed vs Not

so I have been literally stalking RS and reading a lot of peoples preparations for surgery. I am curious why people pack so much stuff? like where does this list originate from if it doesn't come from the doctor? I am trying to figure out what I should be taking before surgery that wasn't told to me by my doctor. yes they say take vitamins but now I am hearing about other vitamins people are taking 2 weeks before surgery. I look at pictures of all the things people are packing like ENSURE/ PINEAPPLE JUICE/ more pills maxi pads and lipo boards/ tape.. the list goes on. does the RH not carry these items?

please help me people.. I need to know what I should be taking right now to prepare for surgery as well as what is really needed to pack.

Change of Surgery Date - no longer 08/22/16

so I originally had surgery scheduled for 8/22 but after reading so many reviews I feel I don't have time to buy all the things that I am seeing other people purchase for trip. I feel I missed a big chunk of this process. I have nothing packed and I haven't shopped for any items yet because I don't know what is mandatory vs optional and I don't wish to spend just to spend ya know. And I also think I need to stop taking my diet pills 2 weeks before surgery as well and to start taking certain vitamins and excluding certain vitamins so for this I have to change my date. I want my body and immune system to be in the best shape for the recovery process. I am very thankful for my SX PAGE on IG for in the past 2 days I have learned way more then I was told on here and by Dr. Yily. this is so stressful.

Hope to make new date for August 30th or sometime that week. I am stressed out

Curious about Dr. Almonte

so i was once again going over reviews of people who had work done by Dr. Almonte. i saw some alright photos and heard she is very good with bigger girls so i decided to email her and get a quote. the quote was comparable to Dr. Yily but the work... i will just say this that please ladies research your doctors and figure out what type of look you want because every doctor has a somewhat signature look. now for me i want a VIXEN body but not too much butt.. and i find that Yily does the damn thing. i think Almonte does good bringing big girls to velumptous girls.. its not snatched but normal looking so it all depends on your image you want that will help you decide. i have never changed my mind from day one it has always been Dr. Yily. now i am deciding on going over labor day weekend.wish me luck


Ok so I have done additional research (of course) and as much as I admire Dr. Yily work I haven't seen much work done by her on Thick girls like myself and that is important to me. Even when I see girls with loose (fat) mid sections, I know that it is loose skin and fat which is easy to remove and shape. I however have a solid midsection that is big (fat) and I needed to see women like that and I didn't with Yily. So after stalking Dr. Manon IG and following a couple of women on here who have had surgery by him, I am excited to say I will be a MANON DOLL. His assistant Rossa is amazing. she responds right away with any questions and concerns I have (like how long to wait to have sex after sx lol). she is bilingual also. When comparing his quote to Yily's his was cheaper and all post op medications was included in quote. I am getting BBL/TT/LIPO for 4200. he is even throwing in fat transfer to hips and lipo of arms for FREE. I really feel comfortable communicating with him and his assistant. they both are on Whatsapp. LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN. oh feel free to follow my sx page on IG: Snatched113


Hey there ladies I wanted to share this awesome deal this month at this RH. You can still take advantage of the promotion even if booming for in the future.hope this is helpful. I will update everyone if I decide to choose them or Sweetheart RH. Has anyone stayed at either?

Stressed out.. ugh Recovery Houses

hello all well my time is coming pretty fast and can you believe I just made my deposit to Dr. manon over the weekend lol. I booked flights and surgery now it is time to purchase products and put down payment on recovery house. I was set on Dream Body Diva RH but someone beat me to reservation and they are now sold out. I am now in desperate search researching RH's all over again and it is stressful so much. I have to find places that allow MALE GUEST which I thought they all did but that is not the case. then I have to make sure their reviews are to my liking and of course have to check to see how many workers speak English at the establishment.. if they have a doctor to come in and check on the girls.. and I need to see what they place looks like . ugh. I am also debating on if I want to purchase my stage 2 faja before going. I figure I can order 2 sizes from amazon and I can return them both if they don't work.

Traveling with Cash

So Dolls how do you plan to travel with all that money? I don't see many reviews of people talking about that portion. do you have to explain it to the people at security? if so what do you say? also do you think it is best to try to pay for things in full before you leave? just don't want to stress to much on all that money traveling with me. please help.

Flight into Santo Domingo

hello all sorry i have been busy using my sx page on IG that i havent had time to sit down and write on here. well i made it to SDQ on 8/30/16. Flight was smooth i even met 2 ladies who will be having surgery. one of them was the flight attendant on my flight. she follows my page on ig and recognized me and we immediately clicked. the other one i met by just noticing she had one boppy pillow and one neck pillow (they look exactly the same just size different) and she had on a sundress and those slides.. i knew immediately that she was having surgery and i went straight to her and asked her and she said yes and then we clicked.

The guy from the recovery House (juan) came and picked us up very prompty and he spoke good english so that was a plus. The recovery house is very nice and the staff is so sweet. my Google Translator App comes in handy for they dont speak english but i can speak into app and it spits out my response in spanish. Doctor Israel Manon is such a sweet heart omg i felt this warmth come over me when i seen him walking down the highway towards me and he hugged me so tight as if to reassure me that everything was going to be ok. glad i switched.

Surgery in a couple of hours

so my surgery is set for 9/1/16 at 5am. this date is symbolic for this is also Dr. Manon birthday. so i feel it was another spiritual sign. i am a bit nervous but i am ready to transform. i got to enjoy my SURGCATION today by going to the beach and taking pics of my body before the change happens. i feel so positive about what is going to happen god is on my side
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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