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I am confused at this point. I was originally...

I am confused at this point. I was originally planning on having surgery in Santiago with doctor Yuseff Serulle because I do have family in the area. After reading some reviews and looking at some picture I feel confused. Please help with any opinions you ladies may have. I would like to also say THANK YOU to every single one of you ladies that have posted it is a great support system.

Ok so I have decided to drop one of the doctors...

Ok so I have decided to drop one of the doctors its down to Dr Yily & Dr Robles. They both seem to do wonderful work with TT the incision lines look great. I am still confused I need more information on their Breast Lifts I cant find much I havent even seen one picture of a breast lift not including their website and even then most have implants.

#teamrobles it is for me :) July 2013!

#teamrobles it is for me :) July 2013!

CBC 13.7 I feel like this is low for TT, BL &...

CBC 13.7 I feel like this is low for TT, BL & Lipo??? I have been on iron and will continue to use until surgery it should raise by then.

I am going to buy a ab board at annmichellestore...

I am going to buy a ab board at annmichellestore.com I just dont know what size to buy S M L?

I ordered some items online thru amazon: Boiron...

I ordered some items online thru amazon:
Boiron Arnica Cream -- 2.5 oz
Kelo-Cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel, 20 grams
Wahl 4120-600 All Body Powerful Therapeutic Massager
Aubrey Organics - Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Seed Oil, .36 fl oz liquid
VitaMedica Surgery Program Kit, Nutritional Supplement System

Ab Board - Tabla Cirugía Estética
It comes in one size fits all even though it gives you a size chart.

Neosporin ointment
A&D Diaper Rash Cream
Dial Soap

I will also be buying the rest of my items from walmart that I still need for my trip. I am debating on purchasing lipo foam.

So today I received my an board looks bigger...

So today I received my an board looks bigger online I think it came in nude there is like a cardboard inside the fabric material which does have Velcro I'm order to remove the cardboard for washing.

Also received my VitaMedica pre and post vitamins.

At this point I am feeling confused about the BL....

At this point I am feeling confused about the BL. I am trying to find the difference in the cuts and find out more about half anchor cut which is what method supposedly Robles does said by her patients.

5 days until departure! #teamrobles

Wow I remember it was months ago I started my journey and now I have days left. I have followed a few journeys on here and most of them have gone and conquered but I don't see much posting from them anymore. I'm sure I will be doing the same. I have to specially thank boopieboop for sharing her journey with me and she is still continuing to do so she has kept her word to keep me posted, answering any questions I may have and has also kept me motivated as well. I am going to take these next fee days I have left to pack and spend the most time possible with my children and husband I will miss them so much!!

Day of arrival

Today felt like such a long day. I slept 15 min last night and then off to airport I was had a safe flight over.. the driver a very kind man Wilson was at the airport when I exited baggage claim he was holding my name up written down on a sign.. My best friend that will be with me thru this journey also met me at the airport :).. Wilson brought the both of us to cecip.. When entering the building I said to myself the day has finally came. To sum it down waited in the waiting area which was well air conditioned and had WiFi, i had blood work, urine, xray and EKG done. Afterwards i had to wait to be given my room. Laura what a doll she is so pretty and pleasant she a beautiful lady. I ended up going to grab a bite with my friend. When we got back room was ready and I have no complaints. I took a shower and relaxed. The doctors assistant speak English very well and she is also very nice. I was knocked out sleeping when doctor Robles walked in but I jumped up and I was so pleased to see her wow love her she is straight and to the point and health is beyond all her top priority. Dinner was brought to the room as well. I ended up falling back to sleep woke up and decided to update. I had a long day and I want to be rested and relaxed on that note ladies I'll try to update tomorrow. Surgery in the am.

1 day post op and feeling good..

So glad to be back home!! 12 days PO

1 day post op

Yes to wheelchair!

The wheelchair is a must!!!!! I took the advise from a fellow rs member thanks boopieboop. The walk from the start to the gate would have been way to much. Of course a lot of ppl turn and look at you and when going thru security the agent basically went under my dress as if it was peek a boo we was playing lol. Passed thru like a breeze everywhere else. I took the meds I was given as directed but my gosh was I swollen my legs looked like Phillsbury dough man. Oh yea and of course I tipped I have to say when Wilson dropped me off the guy literally pushed me 20 steps OK maybe 25 and firmly expecting $20 dollars $10 is more than enough they make it sound like they are doing so much for you wateva. Now the girl that pushed me from JetBlue was the one that took me to the gate and stopped for me to pick up a snack also she got the 20$

13 days PO

One day at a time.

I've had 7 lymph massages and my faja was taken in by a seamstress feels like it did when I came out of surgery which is perfect.

very swollen


Im taking a break from my massages for 2 weeks then going back for the last sessions. Still swollen and wish it would go away lol. Back burns and itches sometimes. Moving around a lot more :)

2 months PO still swollen

With my faja on

before, beginning, between and yesterday...

I wanted to see the changes side by side :) patience....

4 months

4 months post op

ughhhh!! very disappointed!!

So I have lost 20 pounds and the pouch is still there.. I reached out to Dr Robles and she has told me that I will need Lipo to remove.. She also told me that she lets all her patients know that she doesn't do it during tummy tuck because it's a risk to the skin.. I don't remember being told this.. the point is that after all the pain and time recovering here I am disappointed .. I was 160 going into surgery.. yes I do have a amazing waist but the pouch is not.. so now I am looking for a doctor to speak to about smart Lipo I can't think of going thru regular lipo :/

going back to Robles goodbye pouch..

Planning on going back withiwithin a month bye bye pouch..

Bye Bye Pouch

2nd round to Dr Robles and so happy I did it. Cant wait for final results.
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