Dr. Augustralia F. Baez Feburary 2016 !!! ✈️ - Dominican Republic

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I will start preparing next week for my trip to DR...

I will start preparing next week for my trip to DR in Feburary 2016. I get conformation of my surgery date today! I'm supper excited, anxious at the same time. I'm having TT with muscle repair and lipo to contour my body. I need a list of MUST HAVE items to take with me. If anyone knows what I need to bring inbox me. Thanks ????????

NEW SURGERY DATE!!! April 21st ????

Putting in my time off tomorrow I am hoping and praying it is approved (fingers crossed) Dr. Baez is expecting $200 to secure my surgery date but I am afraid to without approval from my DON. I may still send it and reschedule accordingly but I AM SO EXCITED. I will be 186lbs going into surgery and satisfied with that being that my staring weight was 214lbs. 28lbs down and counting. New photos I would like to post of my dreadful flesh that will be removed by my 31st birthday. God I cannot wait.

PTO Approved In Search for Nice Very Clean Recovery House

PTO Approved ???? Sending money today to secure my surgery day with Baez. I need to book a recovery house any Baez dolls know of a good recovery house in DR with good food and very clean?

Surgery Day Locked In !!!!!! ????

I have been slacking on my diet but after today I will be eating less, working out and getting overtime in before April 21st, 2016. My surgery has been locked in as of today. Confirmation received by Whatsapp. !!!!!!!!!!

Recovery House Recovery House Recovery House

Looking into Serenity RH and Tropical RH I really need information on these 2. I have narrowed it down to these 2.

SeaLily RH! Flights Booked! Almost Packed & Ready!

Sooooooo, decided to stay at SeaLily RH. A little pricy but up to my living standards. Flights are booked with Delta, even upgraded my seats for extra leg room and comfort on the way back. Juan, the assistant for the RH is great! No delayed response answering all my questions/concerns. It's getting REAL, a bit nervous and excited at the same time. I've watched reviews of Ceplia and reviews in various experiences to customer service to taking the "little blue pill" to girls waking up during surgery to see the MD performing lipo, in no pain. Needless to say again I'm nervous and excited at the same time as I continue to move forward on my journey. Included pics of RH and info from Juan, SeaLily RH assistant.

Ready to get Bodied by Baez

Yasssssss! Ready to get bodied by Baez. Love my body, face, lips and hips, especially the fullness of my breast, nothing a good bra can not fix. I refuse to have my breast touched. Never will happen but this rolling tummy has to go. So happy with my weight loss thus far. I see my bodies natural shape and I can invision how my body will shape. No ass though ???? all that body and no ass ????. All that will change April 21st.

NEW Sx. Date : July 26th 2016

Sooooooo..... I changed dates, afraid I would not look my best in the day of surgery I wanted to give myself 3 months to whip my body into shape a bit more. Currently I weigh 203lbs my goal weight is 180lbs. I want to 20lbs before Sx. Or gain more upper body muscle. Anyway I made Dr. Baez aware of my concerns and she reassured me that I am still a good candidate for surgery. Flights have been changed for additional $15. My RH changed at no cost and Dr. Baez set my new date to July 26th. I just want to look my best you guys.

3 Months - Pre-Op Pics of Me & Dr. Baez Wrk. This Yr.

2 Days Until Take Off ?? Well 1 day it's 11:51PM ????

It's about that time, July 24th the take off to DR. Preparing has been fun yet challenging, waiting has caused anxiety and second thoughts but today, I can say that I AM READY. No more looking down at this mama pouch, pulling my pants above my belly button, no more compromising my comfort/breathing with girdle after girdle. This is the 1st time in over 11yrs I've done something for myself. Ive been so dedicated to nursing school, raising my daughter and keeping my family straight I have neglected me. Thank God for giving me a piece of mind and for my families support. It's time ladies to do something for me ( in my Mary J Blige) voice ! I will keep you posted ladies next update will be of my after I've crossed over to the flat side. Follow me on Dominican Queens FB
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