6 Days Away from my Surgery W/Dr. Walkiris Robles and I'm So Excited...it's Time for my Journey to Start!

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First off, I've been a fake member (lol not really...

First off, I've been a fake member (lol not really )of real self for a while now...even tho I just created an acct. I religiously used, and read and researched the results and concerns of other members who have had a TT or thinking about getting a TT done on this site as an aid in my decision to get mines done, and I'm so thankful for this site. Ive been overweight my whole life...gaining and losing weight constantly...but ive been told that i carry it well...and i do pride myself on tht....

You see...my journey started almost a year ago, for the second time, I began my weightloss venture in March/2012...I did it the hard way...no shortcuts...I changed my diet, went to the gym 6-7 days a week and even gave up alcohol for the time being.(which was so hard to do...I'm 25 and like to go out and what's a party without a social drink ?! But thts another story for another day! Lol) I was honestly at my wits end and fed up with how I looked and most of all how I felt about myself. Don't get me wrong...people say I'm a pretty girl...but there's always a cliffhanger with those compliments... "you're pretty for a big girl" n hearing it was always like a stab to my soul...I was just tired of feeling not good enough...of always feeling second best to my smaller friends because of my size or damn near invisible at times because I wasn't in a 2 piece. I was fed up feeling like you almost made the cut.

With that being said, I used all of those feeling as my motivation and that help me stick to my diet and kept me in the gym evn when I didn't want to. I lost 64lbs and went from a sz 18/20 to a 10/12. I fell in love with my accomplishments and most of all with fashion all over again...everything fitted better...almost perfect until I looked at my stomach...I'm an apple so fat mostly stores in my mid section and although my stomach have dramatically decreased it wasn't flat and still a major issue for me...l honestly live my size and to get my stomach to a place where I can love it I would have to be way smaller and that's not what I'm looking for...I want a flat, hourglass figure, I just want to live my body...and after my hard work, I've decided that I'm going to get my TT.

I'm going to Dr. Robles in DR because in truly amazed with her work. My surgery is March 5th and I'm so excited...I fly to DR on the 4th. I'm a ball of emotions and honestly joined this site for support. No one really knows except for one if my friends...reason is because I've notice that since I've lost weight my friends are much more judgmental and not as happy for me as I'd like...which kind of hurts...my weightloss was nothing short of blood, sweat and tears and I kno that everybody isn't going to be happy that I'm finally taking charge of my happiness but I don't need any negativity in this new chapter of my life. I worked my ass off to lose 64lbs and this TT is just the icing only already glazed cake! ;) My bday is in a couple months and I honestly really and truly want to be happy and feel good about my self and not hate my body in a picture! So that's it...I'm counting the days and staying hopeful...and to my other Robles supporters...I can't wait to hear from u! Officially, I'm getting a TT, lipo of waist, back, sides of breast and fat transfer to buttocks. Patiently waiting for Monday! :)

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