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I'm am looking forward to Dr. Ferrara doing my...

I'm am looking forward to Dr. Ferrara doing my surgery and helping my continue my sexy. I'm 35 with 2 kids youngest is 2 yrs old. My main goal is to have a,small waist and a nice size rear end. I'm putting my deposit tomorrow and am interested in Rocio Ortega RH...I'm excited because I am so anxious to get on the flat side! Would love to find a sx buddy!


So, I put my deposit with Dr. Ferrara, I chose him because He has a lot of experience in working with bigger size girls. I wanted Dr. ALMONTE but she is booked until Feb. AND I want my sexy now! Dr. ALMONTE my experience with her was she her Asst. Lesly quoted me for TT, Lipo of the waist, flanks and back was $4400 w/O RH and with was $5250. So, I asked I want everything else except the BBL and the new quote was $250 less from my quotes which was odd I told her that didn't make sense and if anything I might as well just get a BBL only so I can Pay just $250 smh. Anyways then i got a quote from Dr. Medina and her quote was a little higher for the same procedure like $100 increase from Dr. ALMONTE but I asked her that I have a umbilical hernia and will she be replacing that during the TT and she told me that's an extra 1k which was crazy because of course a TT (abdominalplasty) should include any thing to fix the stomach well at least almost anything and i thought that was crazy even though going to DR is way less expensive than the states i still felt like that was ridculous also she was my first choice. My sister went to Dr. Mallol and he did aggressive lipo with fat transferred and mini arm lift she had to get 2 or 3 blood transfusions and stay longer at the RH before she could come back to the US. She was in tears and was telling me that she felt like the surgery was not worth losing her life. She is still healing and looking good, that's why I'm was looking into these top Doctors but at the same time you never know these days. I am still waiting for an answer from Rocio Ortega RH I contacted them through email twice with no answer then I dm them on ig and they responded by saying give my email and they will respond but still I'm waiting. In the mean time I'm trying to lose weight but it's so hard LOL!

TT/Hernia Repair/BBL/LIPO

Hello everyone, I'm excited to say deposit has been sent, air fare has been
purchased, and deposit put on the RH. I'm excited but nervous too. My
Dr. is Maikel Jimenez Ferraras who specializes in my size for plus size.
I weigh 230 (last I checked months ago) and I'm 5'5 I have been going
to the gym taking vitamins and trying to eat right. Hopefully I lost
weight but haven't checked the quote I was given was for $4700 which is
for TT, BBL, & Lipo the umbilical hernia is an extra $500. I spent
$253 for my air fare and the RH was not included in price. I'm staying
at Maria's RH which was $100 deposit and $60 a day with $20 messages.
Which includes food, nurse, transportation to and from airport and Dr
Appt. I was staying for 14 but changed it to 10. I went on here looking
for surgery buddies and met 2 lovely ladies that are having their sx
same day with different Doctors. I'm traveling alone so I didn't know
realself had that. I'm embarrassed to post me before pics but I'm going
to do it so I can give you ladies motivation. My deposit with my Dr was
$300. My sx buddies doctors are Dr. Duran and Dr. Mejia. My sister had
sx for Memorial wknd and her Dr. was Mallol. I hope I lose weight in
time so I can have my full package. If you have any questions let me
know and I will do my best to answer. ????

Nervous & Excited

Hey everyone! So, I have 10 days left before it's time and I been up and down with my emotions. I get very excited that I'm about to go on a journey that many dreamed of and the possibility that I may look like I did before but with upgrades is exciting. I know I lost weight because my stomach is sagging a lot and people have noticed too but I must say I have cut out a lot of stuff been eating a lot of trail mix for some reason have made me full and very regular plus I been taking my vitamins i.e. iron, B12, Vitamin C, Fish oil, Flax oil, and Borage Oil. I haven't been going to the gym like I should be. I met 2 other surgery buddies and then another one was added to our group so it's a total of 4 and we get along so well with the motivation and friendship we built has made this journey so exciting! One of the girls is a CNA so we been asking a lot of questions. Now, I have had dreams of my deceased grandmother, uncle, and mom at different times then a young girl did in Miami from doing a TT and this was her 3rd time plus she was very healthy, then I start to worry what if my surgery is not successful and God forbid something happens...I get all these mix emotions but I know God got me! So I downloaded an app to play with and it made my thighs big but the other areas was on point. I got a lot of my supplies I know I still need more but thus far I got, first aid kit, extra gauze, bed pads, pads, wipes, peroxide, alcohol, pain killers, fever reducers, a stomach wrap around. Wash cloths. I need to get antibiotics, another bed pads, aloe cooling thing, some massage oil, sun dresses, sandals, compression socks and the list goes on.

Hurricane Matthew

Good day everyone! So, I have 3 days to go and I'm feeling kind of bummed bcuz there is a Hurricane Matthew might be heading my way here in FL. Right now, if the Hurricane stays West and not East I may be good to still travel. I know by Monday it's supposed to hit Jamaica and parts of Haiti. DR is on the other side so it's not going by there at all which is great! One of the 3 girls canceled that was our sx buddy bcuz she been smoking weed and wasn't told to stop smoking at least 2 wks prior. So now there is 2 now which is a total of 3 and we will be sharing a room together. I'm coming from FL one of the other girls is a CNA and is coming from GA and the other girl is coming from NY their Dr is Duran which is getting lipo Tummy Tuck and BBL while the other girl Dr is Mejia and she is getting lipo stomach etching and fat transferred. I hope I can get everything that I was quoted for but my main concern is the TT lipo and hernia repair. I pray it's a successful sx. I'm going to post more wish pics...I know I lost a little weight but I'm going to be honest I haven't been hitting the gym like I shld matter of fact at all. I'm going to call my bank to let them know I'm going to Dr and the city so they are aware there is transactions that may occur and for them not to freeze my acct. Also to spread my money I will have all the Dr. Money in hand cash but the RH I'm getting paid that Friday and I'm going to pay them from PayPal directly from my acct. And b4 I leave it will go to the bank and take out $100 to tip everyone b4 I leave. Then I shld be good. I also went to the dollar tree and bought stuff to help me save. let me know if there is any questions and concerns and I will try my best in answering the questions.


Oh boy what an eventful few days! So, let me break it down I put the total price that this journey is costing me is $6,300.00 because for my Dr. Maikel Jimenez Ferraras he is charging $4700.00 for TT, Lipo of the waist, back, & flanks with BBL and an extra $500 for a umbilical hernia repair, my airfare was $252 supplies was $300 my new chosen RH is costing me $645 and i didn't include the massages which is 10 of them recommend I need at $25 a massage and I'm only staying 10 days. My pockets is hurting right now. Now, time for the update so as you already know I had traveling buddies that I met through realself travel buddy page and one of the girls made it to DR yesterday and did not like Maria's RH which we all put a deposit on. She said the nurses were young girls that didn't look like they had their certifications, the place is like an apartment with 4 bedrooms which she indicated that had a lot of girls in each room and the TV'S are small now over there Maria's is charging $60 a night with $20 massages she indicated the place cleaniess was not so great but like I want everyone to realize that this is a third world country not everything is going to be up to par with how the states is that's why you chose to go else where because the affordability and the outcome is hard to resist. I didn't mind staying there because I have been to Haiti and experienced how they lived so if you can't deal with dealing with provished people or country that stay at the states. So, we moved our RH to Sweetheart RH they have good videos and pics on IG. Now they have been keeping up with contact and communications and their reviews from only a couple are thus far good. But I will do my own review of my full experience. Now, my flight was cancelled at the last min. Due to this Hurricane Matthew coming our way to FL. I had to pack up at work bring my laptop top to work from home due to office being closed early today and tomorrow and Friday! I waited in long lines for gas, grocery stores, etc. I'm over it! Now I had to reschedule my flight and get confirmation from my Dr. So now I'm flying in on Oct. 9th and will be doing my surgery Oct. 10th. One of the other girls flew in today and while the other girl who flew in yesterday she had her TT, Lipo and BBL today and she is in very much pain her Dr is Duran. The other girl that flew in today her surgery is tomorrow with Dr. Mejia she is getting lipo stomach etching and BBL. So, everyone I'm ending this post for now because it's late but will keep you updated. Thank you! One more thing make sure you call your bank that you are traveling so they don't freeze your acct. And some of the RH you can pay with PayPal instead of carrying so much money on you while you travel. I will try and do a supply list next review.

The Wait is Over!!

Good day everyone, I know I said I would keep you updated but it has definitely been a journey for me. I arrived Sunday the 9th to have my surgery on the 10th. I'm honestly at an state of awe. Okay, so the first day I make it to the RH and meet my travel buddies that had arrived and had their surgery a day or 2 before my arrival. The RH I stayed was great the only thing I can say negative is there are some days the food is good and other days the food was ok. They give you fruits which I thought would be more sweet and rich and taste that I thought would be better than the United States but I guess they have their days. Okay now so the next day I had to go early in the morning to go and get my blood work done and my cardiovascular checked out the clinic that I was in was very interesting because the room was very small and I have a stench smell to it that reminded me of a daycare that has a certain smell like mildew and something else anyways I went ahead and got my bloodwork done and I got my EKG I must say download Google translator because if you do not know the native language here it will be difficult to communicate after all was said and done I think it was probably around 9 or 8 something when they brought me to my room the the bedroom look just like a regular hospital room with the hospital bed MTV it was decent and my doctor finally came in and started to Mark me up I talk to my doctor I told him what I wanted and basically he was very very nice and attentive and understanding to my needs now you told me about 10 to 15 minutes we will be ready to have the surgery which made me very nervous when I entered into the operation room it was like old-school kind of operation room I seen the two big lights and I seen this little little operating bed which was very small I was thinking wow this looks kind of crazy but I have to remember this is a third world country and there's no turning back now they gave me a shot and I think that's when I dozed off I don't want to scare anybody but I did wake up during surgery I was calm and I did have a little conversation with my doctor I couldn't really see anything but I knew he was probably stitch in my stomach up at the time but I couldn't feel anything and I asked him is everything okay and he answered me and I said okay are we almost done he said yes and I was just like okay and then my nose was itching so I asked if someone can scratch my nose because my hands were strapped down and so I couldn't reach and a lady came and was scratching my nose for me but she kept trying to cover my face with a paper like cover up so I guess I don't get freaked out and I was like okay can you scratch my nose again and I think it was probably about two or three more times she scratched my nose before I fell back to sleep. When I woke up I was already in my faja in my room on the hospital bed and I was not in any pain I did pay for an overnight nurse from my RH when I talk to my doctor before we went into the operating room I did ask for him to make sure that I don't feel any pain after surgery due to my surgery but he had went to dr. Duran and she was left without medication so I think 5 hours and she was like saying how be prepared this hurts so bad but her experience was definitely different from mine after the first night the doctor spoke to me the next day and told me that he ensured a thousand cc's in each butt cheeks and took out 4800 cc's of fat from my sides back and stomach I did tell him I did not want too much of a big butt but I must say that does not seem like he listen too well all the other girls love my butt but me I felt like I already had some booty that I just wanted it to be a little bit full of not too big after my first night which I slept very well and I was comfortable the nurse was very attentive to me I was at the RH I was listening to some horror stories that they were telling me about if you fight here because one of the girls had a fight with one of their RH that they were sent back to their passport country also I was told there are people who are putting reviews on realself and put in all their detailed flight information and where they are staying and people go online and see their review and try to go where they're at and Rob them my RH has cameras everywhere and everything seems very secure I will put up pictures so everyone can see my before and after that the doctor did take the girl went to dinner and had went to her appointment and has not seen her doctor since the surgery because the dr. Went to Punta Cana to party she's very upset because the hip is Station High to wear her back look like it's together with her back and her butt is very flat she did leave probably 10 days later but her belly button was starting to leak the masseuse told her to get it checked out when she goes back to the US the drains hear that they put on you does not really drained very well for some people it drain good but for some reason mine's keep clogging up with blood clots the only pain that I feel in my side and my butt but when I go get my massages which I do recommend I feel a lot of soreness on my back where they like old and on my butt when I look at my body now I'm in because I can't believe from where I came from and now where I'm at my waist definitely has got smaller but my butt is kind of big I'm hoping that it will go down and my stomach is swelling so I do have a lot of swelling going on I try to wear my Faja as often as possible I'm still slouched over but I am walking better and faster I'm very independent so I have the nurses helping me but I try to do a lot of things on my own to see my boundaries of what I could do so enough of me talking I'm going to go ahead and post some pictures so you can see my results and I will try to write another post if you have any questions please let me know I will try to answer as soon as I can


Hello, everyone! I am so sorry for the delay i have been so happy with my results! I'm not exactly where I want to be but I'm far from where I started and I'm happy with my results it gives me another chance to make right choices and do what I got to do to get where I need to be. I am going to post pics and they will be out of order but I don't want to bore anyone I just want to get to the point but if you have questions please let me know. I am still experiencing swelling here and there I have my days...leggings have been my best friends as of late lol. I'm numb still under my incision I'm getting feeling in other places. My experience has not been bad like a lot of stories I have heard or witness. The only thing I can really say is the lipo is the one to prepare for that right there is sensitive to touch and hurts like a mthr! Right now my back at times gets hot like I'm laying on something hot not like it hurts but it dies feel real hot. I do feel like my butt did drop in size but it still looks plus and matches my frame. I'm going to post now and if you have questions or concerns let me know I will get back to you. I'm going to post pics in all kinds of different order so sorry for my unorganized post. The system is slow so I will post at another time
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was very short in the beginning of getting in contact with him his communication is not the best through WhatsApp but when I got to DR he was attentive answered all my questions and concerns he even did a house call because I was concerned which I was told doctors don't do and now that I'm back home in the US I still send him questions and concerns with pics he still answers me in a timely manner. Overall experience I'm blessed and happy I chose him.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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