update: Dr Sergio Alvarez miami 4/5/17

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I would have never thought choosing a doctor would...

I would have never thought choosing a doctor would be so difficult! I went from disla to Robles to Ferreras back to Robles to yily and Finally I decided to go to Baez only to find out that she was booked until the end of August now this would have maybe been ok if I didn't already have my plane ticket and recovery house deposit paid! So now I'm interested in Dr Emmanuel Mallol I received my quote and his prices are lovely only thing is he is lacking in communication real pictures and reviews. Also I'm not sure if he can deliver a mini vixen yet natural look that I want.

Better communication

So I'm glad to say communication has been getting with dr Mallol staff! Ladies they said they
will be uploading more pictures to his sites!!

Pre op pics

So i email dr Mallol office 2 days ago and I still haven't heard back I'm 85 percent sure he is the doctor I'm going with I just want him to answers all my concerns so I can drop my deposit. Dr Baez who was my first choice messaged me and said to check with her while I'm down there to see if she have an available spot for me. I will be in DR on June 14th and I'm staying with Jules at healing haven. Here are some pics from January since then I have lost between 5 and 10 pounds my current weight is 165

Finally paid my deposit

Just in case you need to know

How do I change my review title?

I wanna change the title but there is no edit button to do so. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I might just have to make another review

Date set!!!

June 15th is the date and I can't wait! I didn't take the package deal with the rh. I will be staying at healing haven. I'm getting a tt lipo and bbl for 3750. I'm still contemplating rhinoplasty but I'm real skeptical about that

Wish pics

I know I have a bigger frame than her but I hope I can achieve this shape some what like this

Debating rhinoplasty

I've been wanting a nose job for years but I'm scared about the out the outcome. I know doctor Mallol is constantly advertising rhinoplasty on his websites but I have not seen any ethnic rhinoplasty. I don't want a thin "kim kardashian" nose I want to maintain my ethnicity just want a little slimmer nose

33 days until sx and I'm thinking of switching doctors

I know dr Mallol is a good doctors said do great work but I'm so over him not responding to my messages or answering any of my questions it's not like I bombard him with a ton of questions either. I emailed him on Thursday and still have not got a answer. It's very frustrating when he is online or when other people is talking to him on a constant basis and I can't get a simple response as to what medication and antibiotics I should bring! If things don't get better I guess when I get to DR I will see if dr Baez will see me and fit me in

Please be aware of complications

A lot of time we get caught up in the glam of plastic sx and forget about the complications. Necrosis seromas lipo or faja burns are complications that can happen after sx just be aware

Hyperbaric chamber benifits

Some doctors such as dr Robles live for the hyperbaric chamber she strongly recommend the use of it. It can be very benifical especially for smokers ex smokers and even for patients with severe stretch marks to decrease the risks of necrosis although necrosis can happen to anybody just be prepared

Rhinoplasty yay or nay

I swear I hate my nose!!! On another note I am getting so scarred in 28 days I will be on the table. I just heard of news that one of dr Robles patients is in a coma. Plastic sx is serious y'all we are putting our lives in these doctors hands and anything can go wrong and it may not even be fault of the Doctor. I just gotta stay positive and speak positive vibes into the atmosphere. I believe I am in good hands I know the most high will be in that room with me as I go to the flat side I'm staying prayed up

These were a couple questions I sent to Dr Mallol

I guess he answered them


I'm so stressed out! If pre op has so many obstacles I can only imagine post. So today I find out that my job denied my leave of absence for their own selfish ways of course they never told me the only reason I found out is because I called them I have no clue what I'm going to do I have to much money invested my only option is to pray my pmd fill out fmla paperwork which i doubt she will I've been trying to get in contact with dr Mallol of course to know avail and my sx is on 26 days I'm really running out of options

No sx for me

So I am in the process on canceling my sx due to some medical issues that just came up. I've put so much time research and money into this. I'm so hurt so disappointed so upset but hopefully I will be able to go in December. I have to put this sx in hold to focus on a possible unforeseen sx now. Maybe it's just not meant for me to have cosmetic sx but best wishes to everybody and I pray for a speedy successful sx to all of you

I'm suppose to be getting ready to leave

I'm so sad I'm supposed to be on the plane in the morning to DR! But my health come first between my medical situation which is getting better and my job giving me a hard time getting the time off the only thing I could do was postpone my sx. But this may be good I was having second thoughts about dr Mallol anyways

Paid my deposit with dr Alvarez

Things didn't go as plan last summer with me going to DR and i was so disappointed but I am happy to say I will be having sx in Miami 4/5/17 with dr Sergio Alvarez and I am very confident in my decision with him as my doctor. Haven't yet decided on a RH, at first I was going to rent a airbnb house and hire a private because my friend is also having sx but it's less expensive to stay to stay in a RH.

Pre sx Vitamins

This makes me nervous

This was just posted today By a RH i don't know who the doctor was but my heart goes out to the family

Currently looking for a rhinoplasty doctor

I would really love to go to dr yappy in the philippeans he does AMAZING work but i don't think I can do that 13 hour flight it's just too much for me. I'm not sure about letting dr alverez do my rhino because a ethinic rhino is pretty complicated and I haven't seen any work from him in that area so I have contacted dr anil shah in chicago and I'm probably going to set up an consultation with him

Panic time! Still no place to stay

Having a hard time deciding where to stay I left it up to my friend who is also coming with me but...... this is our current situation any suggestions?

Bootybuddy bbl pillow or boppy pillow????

Any suggestions? Which is better? I don't know which I should get

Free boppy pillow/nursing pillow

So I found this website site that has free nursing pillows(boppy pillows) all you have to do is pay for shipping! They normally run between 30 and 40 dollars but with the discount code all pay is 15 for shipping! I asked dr Alvarez office which do he recommend the expensive bbl pillow or booty buddy and they told me to get the boppy pillow ( which is the same as the nursing pillow) the website is nursingpillow.com and the discount code is 3be082295

Today is the big day

Say a prayer for me please

How am I going to stay off my butt for 3 months???

I'm only 8 days out and it's so difficult not to sit! I don't think I'm a make it. I hate to think this bbl would be a waste (sad face)

Recovery is a bitch!

The pain hasn't been the issue the fact I can't sit on my ass is killing me

I look ok but not great I'm real disappointed

Today I woke up real disappointed not happy with my results at all it's crazy how things can change in a matter of 2 days my butt look real average my hips look like they went down my stomach is real swoll i feel like I pretty much look the same just a smaller stomach


Not happy with my results booty lookin regular as hell but it's prolly my fault I started sitting without a pillow last week at 5 weeks

More disappointed

My measurements around my but went from a 47 to a 44 I really can't believe this!!!

My results at 6 weeks

Am I overreacting or is it mediocre
Doral Plastic Surgeon

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