Tumucent Smart Lipo

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Hi everyone! First I would like to apologize for...

Hi everyone! First I would like to apologize for my spelling bc I'm spanish and english is my second language and is not that great. Well, I'm going to start by saying that I been thinking about having this surgery for about 2 years now. I finally have some money and decided to do a tummy tuck, back lipo, breast lift, and bbl. The problem is that I can't decide on which doctor between Dr. Rijo, Dr. Cordero and Dr. Herman Almonte. I texted them and the only one who responded immediately was Dr.Rijo, he even call me at my cell phone! I'm really scare because I heard about all those cases of girls that die. I have 2 kids, a husband, and I'm an only child, if something happens to me my parents, my kids and my husband will suffer alot. Right now nobody in my family wants me to do it, so I feel kind of lonley in this. I notice that you guys are very supportive and always are willing to give advices...SO, that is why I'm asking you to PLEASE tell me if any of you had surgery with one of these doctors and what was your experience....is it normal to doubt about having it done....I'm so SO confuse...please HELP! THANK YOU!

Dr.Cordero Texted me back!!!

Dr.Cordero texted me back with the price!! He is charging 4,600 for everything...I think this is a great price!! The only issue is that he said that he doesn't recommend me to do everything at once bc it's to risky, then I ask if I can only have tummy tuck and breast and he said that he could do it but that he prefer not to....I did a little research on him and I found that he is being doing surgery for 23 years and that he gives conferences in Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil and USA. That shows that he has a lot of experience and that he knows his stuff. I think I may ended up choosing him.


Hi everyone!! A LOT has happened since April. I decided not to have the surgery done bc Im just so scare, I just think about my children and I rather stay like this than not be able to be present for my kids. So, friday I was listening to a local radio station and they were talking about the smart lipo and I decided to call them, I have an appointment tomorrow with the doctor and if the price is right I will be having the procedure. I will let you guys know everything about it. I want to thank everyone for your comments it really means a lot.

laser lipo date!!

Helloooo!!! Good news! Today I went to see the doctor and I have a date!! Is gonna be on Sunday the 20th!!! :) :) :) IM sooo excited!!! I will be posting before and after pictures so you can see the results.


I had the procedure done!! It's day 11 after the lipo and I feel much better. It don't hurt as before only when gettin up from bed. I can't see any results bc I'm still swollen. The clothes that I use before the surgery don't fit me and that is making me sad. I hope I can se results soon because I honestly feel like a ballon :(
Luciano Sztulman

Bad results. He just wants money

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