Made my Choice Going to Dra Tania Medina for my Mum Makeover - Dominican Republic

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After contacting Dr Tania for a wile I decided to...

After contacting Dr Tania for a wile I decided to go for her, im so exited to fly to Dominican republic for my surgery... I will be staying at her recovery house " my house" i have my fly booked for the 1st of July and my surgery is on the 2nd of July... Dr Tania medina is amazing and very caring person

Geting ready for my surgery

After making my decision I started getting ready for my surgery, starting buying the items I need... My bag is almost ready, 3months left, I know I'd still early to pack but I want to make sure everything is ready...

Getting ready to meet Dra medina

Hi everyone, I have 5weeks left before I get in Dominican Republic for my procedure. I have all I need packed just waiting for the day. Is also important to remember to get an appointment to your doctor to get immunisation in case it need to travel... Because I'm traveling to Dominican Republic I toke vaccine for hepatitis A, another called twinix and typberix, those three vaccines I toke in the first week,
2nd week a- I just had twinix
3nd week which was today I toke my last one... And I'm done
My doctor prescribed me some malaria tablets also against mosquito bites, to take 2weeks before I travel to Dominican Republic and to take when I come back for 4 weeks... We all want to travel abroad to get our plastic surgery but we must think also about the fact we going to a different country and we not familiar with what other problems that may have in that country at present...
I'm planing also to see if I can get some tablets to prevent embolism after surgery because there is a lot of cases that people die after surgery because of embolism so I think is good to think about precaution....

Hi dolls, I traveled romdominican Republic on the...

Hi dolls, I traveled romdominican Republic on the 1st of July... And my surgery was the 2nd of July...'everything went well... I walk up with pain but not to

Much I was just disappointed I couldn't do
My breast because my hemohlobine was just 12.05 and my period decided to come on the day I fly to Dominican Republic... Nurses, dra medians end her assistant are soooo nice... Very I wake up with fever and pain I cryed soooo much but the nurses at the clinic was soo good me... Bks I had fever I didn't go to the recovery house yet but I think later today or tomorrow I will be going to recovery house...
The massages
I had my first massage today wasn't that painful as I though... Annie was amazing make me laugh so much and she is very care is well..
Everyone here make u fell welcome

My Before and After Picture, 4 Months Update

Hey dolls, I'm uploading my before and after picture after 4 months, I been doing great didn't have any pain I still have a bit sweling but over all I'm happy with my procedure, I suppost to do mommy makeover but dr medina didn't allowed me to do because of my hemoglobine, she is amazing doctor She will never put u life in risk she will tell u straight and will refuse to do it if u not 100% ok for the surgery but for sure I will go back for my breast
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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