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New to this but have read and did much research. I...

New to this but have read and did much research. I have been wanting a tummy tuck for years but have procrastinated and done nothing. Now I feel like I'm at the time in my life where my kids are grown 39 and I am ready to get this sexy body back desirable to the fullest. I will also get a BBL and thats just because my butt is already big but it has a few dimples and has dropped lower than it use to sit from gaining and losing weight constantly. I am 5ft 3 and recently lost ten pound so I am now 150 even..My pictures I sent for my evaluation was when my body was a lil bigger. I did research plenty of doctors and I have tried to contact Duran over and over and over. I think she has me blocked seriously because I can not send an email to her from my computer at all through her email or website. It is like my I.P adress is totally blocked so Yessss hunti I found a way to send through her Whatsapp and though you can see when they read it all I can say is IGNORE!!! Well if she dont want me then no need to keep trying to reach her. There will be a time when she wont be on so much high demand and then pray for people to hit her up so until then goodbye Duran but I wont lie she is bomb at her work and I do follow her on instagram.. OK then there is Yily AlMonte Robles Medina Diaz Mallol Estevez a few more and oh did I say the King himself CABRAL!! All the quotes were pretty much the same besides free massages or socks here and there and the less famous ones quotes were like 600 cheaper that came with everything but when you are talkin about going under the knife and you have choices then why not the best even if it is more expensive.. Doesnt mean the best is who is hot right now because remember when Cateras and Molina use to be the hottest things going.. Yes u remember if you are really into this...Well now you know I have named the top 5 6 and 7 and Cabral hit me back but with the least words but of course and OH yes I was bugging his ass too lol. I feel if you want something enough dont give up and on that note so maybe Duran(queen od body snatching) hasnt heard the last of me hmmmmm we shall see. Cabral gave me the highest quote with no words behind it or told what was and wasnt included so I took it as nothn comes with it because he is the King of Body snatching .. I was quoted 5200 to 5300 by Yily Almonte Robles Medina Diaz which all included a RH and some included Post op medicines now with Cabral all he said was TT +Lipo+BBL $4800 nothing else lol.. Guess that means Bitch do the math because I know you have read other people quotes so you should know it will be $150 for medical insurance $40 for iron shots if needed $110-150 for blood transfusion for a bag $150-$250 medication for post op $140-$170 for post op faja and look for your own recovery house which will depend on if you are staying 7 days 10 days 14 days or 21 .. I understand they all are busy but just feel like I should get more response from him but oh well I want Cabral and yes I know his track record I mean I have a track record I am not too proud of myself but dont come for me unless I send for you lol so I will love and willing to become a Cabral doll because if you look at his Tummy Tucks he can snatch a tummy up so good it looks like you have had your ribs removed and that shit looks outstandingly unreal.. I mean I looked at Yily and Alomonte and yes they are great as well as Medina but that Ass oh lord that Ass only Cabral can give u that double bubble ass. Did I mention Duran is the Queen. Lord if I could chose them both I would tag team their asses. When I wake up outta surgery My body would be a DuBral Doll lol stomache on ribs and ass looks like a globe in each cheek lmao and though I dont really need anything to my breast I will tell them to hook that up too though I know Duran expertise is not titties,,but together they would see each other flaws and give me perfect cocnuts that looks full of juice lol but anyway that wont ever happen so enough with my foolish wishes.. Ok seriously people my journey is just begining and I am taking Vitamin c 500 mg prenatal multivitamin/multimineral with Folic Acid and Iron 65 mg daily and the folic 2 times a day along with water pills occasionally which is how I lost a little weight because it keeps off the salt and cause urination to releae excess sodium .. I will keep you all updated on my journey. I am hoping to make my journey quick meaning if I can get aan appointment by August then dammit I am going because my reunion is October as well as tailgating in September and yes my tail is what I want them all to be watching as I walk by and be like yep Domican Republic snatched this so come on fine men and snatch me up lol... Until then Dolls much love and will talk about the Recovery Houses next time..

Before pictures of me now...

Surgery Date August 25,2016 Dr.Cabral

It has been a minute since I have did a review but things have been busy in my life. Well now shhh is about to get real. I have finally set my date with Dr.Cabral and it is coming up on August 25th 2016. I am ready and I am hella nervous. I have anxiety thinking about it. Then I am not the one to be hooked up on an I.V or heart monitor all day and I know I have to in order to get this surgery done.Ugh! Jesus have mercy on my soul if I start acting crazy and speaking in tongue with these people. Hope I can nmaintain because I do not want to be in the DR in a mental hospital for acting crazy and if so I hope my body be snatched 1st lol... Anyway I was given a quote of 4800 for TT BBl with Lipo but I am nbot sure about the BBL at all. My ass is already huge. I like people's round1 already but I do have small dimples that I will see if he can maybe put a lil air in lol... I would like more hips because I need hips to match. My hemo was 12.1 last month so thats my norn I guess since I had stopped taking my iron and folic acid. I have never been good at taking medicine and god help me if I get anything where I have to take medicine everyday because I dnt think I can. I will try my best to take this Iron,Calcium, and Folic Acid for he rest of this month as well as during my week close to my appt I will try to do b12 shots and geritol or beet juice YUCK!! I just want my iron up because I dnt want to be in the DR with tubes in me tryna get my iron up. Also I do not have my passport.!! I will try this week to get a rush 2 weeks one hopefully so I wont have no issues. I was married years back and cant remember the dates of the divorce finalization and that question is on the application so I think I will say I have never been married. Jesus yall just pray for me cuz I want this to happen for me. I havent had a flat stomach since the year I was born lol. As a lil girl I was skinny but my back dent was so deep my stomache pertruded out. I will keep you guys updated on what's going on.. I just wanna get ready for my dream body to happen..

My Wish pictures are Myself

Like I said my butt already looks like a round 1 and some. I always had a big butt. My weight fluctuates so much so my butt has dropped a little and have a few dimples that I am sure Dr.Cabral will have no issue fixing.So my wish pictures are more realistic. I want to look like me but with a flatter belly and wider hips here are my before and what I would like to look like afterwards next I have to find a recovery home I want to stay in. I am very picky so I will keep looking..

Discouraging Times.

So it is getting closer to my date of SX and now all of a sudden I have people against me going to where it is starting to be nerve wrecking. Everyone says go to Miami or exercise and I wanna say leave me alone bitches while I get snatched and you stay fat!!! I mean I literally have to walk away to avoid arguments because I don't feel I should have to defend my reasons. I just want support because I am already nervous and yes I know the risks but it's the same risks as in the U.S. I mean if something goes wrong there I am sure it will be worse in the U.S since they send you home after surgery and you have to tend to yourself. I actually feel safer going to the D.R because I know I will have some1 professional watching me my 1st day after surgery and I wont be alone during recovery with people going through my same experience and with help. I will continue my journey with or without the support of I want. Luckily my daughter is happy for me and my son don't care neither here nor there unless I was avideo game he could play but I am on my way in less than a month of being on the flat and sexy side..


I actually started my journey quick. I knew in June I wanted to have my SX August just waited on my money. I started stalkn realself and youtube everyday all day since March so I feel like an expert in this whole journey. Well I didn't get my funds to pay for surgery until 2 weeks ago & wanted my SX this month. I had my hemo checked it was 12.1 without vitamins & folic acid and iron but now I'm on them all. My problem is my passport!!! I paid for expedited service last week just to get a call today saying I need to take a new picture! WTF!!! Y wud the post office take a picture of me sideways or cooked like tbe passport people said. Are they hating on me too!! I mean does the post man not want me2 be snatched because he was all in my business like he was down for me but just so happen he messed up my picture out of all the bchz gettn passports I am the one picture got messed up. I swear if my passport don't come like it suppose to I may be going to jail for slappn some1. I won't say who cuz I dnt need a charge before I get snatched in case everything goes ok.. So until then my SX sisters please pray everything goes well. My dream is so close less than 2 weeks away from pain suffering and snatched to the gods....

IT'S TIME!!!! I'm super nervous..

The last 2weeks have been nerve wrecking. Had2 retake my passport photo but it came back last week. I lost a family member who we just buried Friday just to have his sister die 4 days later smh. So I spent all day crying & listening to my mom & daughter begging me not to go. Lord knows my SX sisters I need you all to keep me in your prayers as I had to just leave & now on my way to the airport now to get to the DR by 1pm tomorrow. I feel like now I have 2 angels that will be there to guide Cabral hands & hold my hands as I lay during my tuff times to come ahead. I'm nervous but ready and need this time away from all this sorrow. I will post when I arrive there.


Yes I made it on time. Already had my tourist document printed out & filled my forms on the plane. You have2 know your address of where u will stay so don't forget. DREAM BODY DIVA RECOVERY HOME was waiting on me and drove me straight to Cipla. I took blood work X ray of chest/heart and also a EKG. Not sure what my hemo is but is always above 12 and everything else came back great. FINALLY I was sitting face face with The King of Snatching. He said what would you like have. I had2 raise my shirt & not sure about any of u but showing your fat u bn hiding for years is the ultimate walk of shame but Cabral was like you will be snatched baby. Your stomach need muscle repair but your body is already great. He told me my booty was round 1 already but he could give me his round 1 so lets see yhe King lay hands on me..He thanked me for choosing him & assured me he was not going to let anything happen to me and I told him I trust gods hand to lead him. He smiled and shook his head.. So then he scheduled me for 10am to come in tomorrow morning I feel excited now not scared anymore but just anxious still nervous.


Ok people let me start from the beginning. I made it to the DR on time my Dream Body Diva Recovery house was there after I waited in line to get through. I already had my tourist card so skipped that line I paid online for it but honestly the line wasn't long. You have to show your passport again before they let u out the airport I'm like WTF but oh well and please make sure you know where u will be staying because they will ask. After the airport I was driven straight to Cipla. Cipla looks small outside but beautiful inside and I immediately took my blood work then ekg. These ladies can speak English as much as I can speak Gemany. Apparently I look like them so they constantly talk to me in spanish then I have to say No American no spanish ok I dnt say puta at the end but at times wanted to. Cabral's personal assistant is so nonchalant but every1 else is nice especially the lady who can talk English she helped comfort me. Finally I went in talked to Cabral and was like OMG this is real.. We talked like we known each other forever I even told him I knew of his reputation the good & bad and I chose him because we all have a past & if he known my pasts he may decline workn on me lol. He talked about the mishaps and thanked me for defending him at times and said I will make you a Cabral Doll Baby. We shooked hands again then I left. Made it to my recovery home No1 can speak English but didn't matter we got along great and the young ladies are great at hospitality .. My room was nice and had a gift bag on the bed waiting on me with a pajama outfit and gift set of smell goods. I felt like a queen.. Next day they woke me up but I said no Cabral told me to come in at 10 so I rested until 8 then tried to not hyperventilate because I knew I was having SX. Driving to Cipla my mind was racing like should I be here or just stop now get my money back and go home but I couldn't open my mouth. I took my two index finger nails off becuz I was told not to have fake nails or polish. Made it to Cipla the assistant couldn't find my blood work & asked if I paid & did I answer No I was already scared didn't wanna beat nobody up before my SX & Go2 jail in this place so I told my recovery house nurse to talk to them. So then the lady said $150 I said for what she said for faja and compression socks. Her English was perfect then hmmm. Ok next I went to the 4th floor and waited for my room. Talked to another doll who Cabral had done a week prior she was beautiful & asked her if she woke up during surgery and she said yes but it was like a dream and she felt nothn. In my head I heard yes I did & they were tryna kill me. Lord was I ever nervous!!! Finally my room was ready I was given my gown put my compression socks on blue hospital shoes and cap. I started talkn to myself then askn myself was I sure. I started calln ppl telln them how much I loved them & sending videos in case.. Then Cabral finally came in dressed in a black suit because he had just got to work and Yayyyy I was going to be his first & maybe only for the day so I knew I would be fine. He made my nerves calm down. He marked up but then I said can u fix this hip lol its uneven . He said I will try my best baby then he marked a few more spots and smiled at me and said Don't Worry Baby you will be fine. He told my nurse to give me the pill. Then he said voila the famous blue pill. I smiled because I knew it was no turning back now. I took it but then I said please wait until the pill work on me before u wheel me out and he said No problem baby just relax. I must have laid down maybe 5 minutes then BAM I woke up on my stomach and said Hey I am woke and I heard Cabral sayn be still baby but Fuck that I buck jumped again so they would have no choice but to put me back under. I dnt care if I couldn't feel anything I just didn't wanna be awake no way.. They hurried up put my ass to sleep lol. Next thing I know I was in my room with my nurse. So I was asleep during the epidural the catheter the I.V. and whatever else people talk about Thank God.. Now when I woke up no pain but very uncomfortable and my nurse fussed at me so much becuz I kept wanting to lie on my side. Sleep was horrible until about mid morning I finally went to sleep after they gave me pain medication through my I.V. I guess it relaxed me so I was out and they gave me a shot in my leg to stop clots. I was finally able to leave but realized the pain was real. I don't know exactly what hurts but can tell u it's more uncomfortable than anything. I walked lie a 1 year old taking super tiny steps. Hope you guys have strong arms because that is what u will rely on for the next few days lifting your own body. Everybody pain is different & when ppl say they didn't hurt I dnt believe them because pain & being uncomfortable is a lot alike in this situation. Sleep is the worse because u can't get comfortable at all and u just wanna slap somebody cuz it's almost unbearable. Eating is ok for me and I will say these young ladies do me right tryna make me eat and healthy shit that just won't happen .. Oh my faja now let me say this I applaud yall for keepn it on I do but I peed myself twice so I decided Fuck the faja!!! I will wear it when I feel like I can move faster. Dnt wanna be a pissy doll because that is not cool. Yes I know it's a part of the SX but some doctors dnt believe they work at all & I talked with Cabral he said he understood but try to wear it when I feel comfortable and I will but right now the pissy suit is put away. Oh did I forget to mention my stomach looks unreal like a student in elementary. Beyond snatched and also ugly becuz it's newly made the skin looks weird. Nope not in a rush for a massage idc abt ppl sayn they wanna feel better because I know it will be painful. My back feels unreal. I have no feeling in it and when I do it burns but I try not think about it. My ass was huge already so right now I can't tell u if he did anything to it. It looks the same but he did give me hips but the results will be better in a few months I know. So far I am on my 3rd day of recovery and today is much better. I can walk faster and yes have great BM and my sleep is better. I will continue to tell my journey and keep it real. Oh by the way I never knew my hemo because my blood was always between 12.3 to 12.7 so I didn't even try to keep taking stuff becuz I knew. I eat vegetables a lot and steaks like 3 times a week so hey my body was on point but I did try to take the iron and folic acid when I remembered. I didn't need a blood transfusion and I was at 12 when I left because they told me I was excellent. So until next time ladies enjoy your day..

My recovery house and new video

In bed tryna show off
I am 5days posts and today I can finally say I have not pissed myself.. I don't know about any1 else but my faja holds me back & because I am already slow moving it hinders me more so I be a baby piss pot. I sit around my recovery house naked in a wife beater all day with the faja on sometimes. Cabral made my stomach so little & tight and repaired my muscles that I can't hold my pee like b4. Today much better day. I can move faster my belly look a lil better and my body is just the fucking bomb OMG... Bitches gon be like ugh she think she the bomb and Ima wink at their man like Hell yeah u see this stomach lol naw u can't see my stomach lol and my waist looks like a baby and my azz is my same azz but Cabral smoothed my old dimples out lol he too fuckn bomb to me. If he wasn't in the DR and looking at ass and coochies all day I would probably marry him but that's another story.... Anyway back to my recovery house Dream Body Diva. My recovery house is better than yours hands down.. I sat in Cabral's office & listened to girls talk abt the cat fighting rudeness and how they are charged for everything lol Bye bitches.. My recovery house has everything I need with no charge and peace and quiet. .Yes I said it... Let me tell u what $65 a night got me ......My own double bed room with No1 but me in it plus they only accept 3 ladies at a time. My own air conditioner I control My own TV my hospital bed I really needed for my TT and back Lipo a mirror in my room and when I arrived on my bed was a huge gift bag that had a pajama set and a huge gift set filled with hair products and smell goods..Also was a small bag with travel toothbrush comb lotion etc ..Free...Plus they have pads babywipes chux which I go through like 4 a day now...arnica gel tape gauze alcohol .They check my blood pressure daily wash me up talk to me feed me when I dnt wanna eat even blow my soup for me. They keep my medicine updated take me to and from my appointments also picked me up and will take me back to the airport for free even take me places when we out no charge with free Wifi in the car and house. We have a live in driver so I dnt pay him because his place is connected.. The only thing I really needed on my own was 2 or 3 dresses to go to my doctor appt and pack of wife beaters shoes deodorant my cell phone my own brush lip gloss Tylenol Extra Strength from home .. That's it!!!! They baby me they feed me 3 meals a day which I am funny acting but it's good I must say. They keep me with with juices and vegetables. If I ever come back for any other kind of SX I will only stay here. They don't speak English but they so friendly and into taking care of u the language boundary don't matter cuz they r sweet..Gisele sat with me thru SX & I gave her a hard time becuz my uncomfortableness and lack of sleep was killing me so I kept fighting her to change my body in different positions but I wasn't suppose to so she would come and move me back & I would try2 swing on her to leave me alone but she wouldnt. Needless to say I tipped her good lol. Ella is so funny. She smiles all day and talks to me nonstop in Spanish & yes I pretend half the time I know cuz she be smiling so hard. I even told her if my crusty body heals b4 I go we must hit the club lol she was definetely down.. Carolyn is the English speaker and we talk mostly on the phone becuz she has a family & things to do but whenever I need to talk we chop it up and laugh and I can tell her whatever is wrong with me. Today I had some bad news home & Gisele caught me crying & washed my tears and held my hand. I will definetely miss them ...Yes my Recovery House is the bomb. I told them to take me to get my nails done Thursday and to the beach and they said ok.. No charge...

Still in The Dominican Republic

I am exactly 2weeks post and doing great. I myself never had any complications.. After SX I woke up but I will see I didn't want to be. The uncomfortable feeling of SX was like overwhelming. I could not sleep or get comfortable. I kept tryna lay on my sides and my nurse kept talkn to me in spanish saying no no. I fought her off me a few times but she overpowered me so I just stayed woke for hours watching the clock until finally I got some relief when the nurse came to put pain medicine in my IV.. I did eat a lil soup after sx which was good.. I didn't throw up like some girls or need a blood transfusion so I was released to my RH.. I was helpless basically the first 2days but by day 3 I could try to walk and the pain was more easy to deal with.. I didn't wear the faja after day 1 becuz I kept pissing in it.smh... I would not let them put it on me until my 1st appt which was 4 days later. I was being fake so I wore it to my doctor appt... Lord Cabral lipoed me to my ribs.. I was extra tender so the faja was killn my ribs and my back felt like an alien no feelings to it whatsoever.. My tummy is smaller than it was before I had kids.. I took my compression socks off the next day becuz my left leg was starting to swell with them on. I didn't swell up anywhere or ever get a headache but I did have a loss of appetite for a couple days and really just ate my freeze pops I brought with me from the states.. Day 5 post op I had drained mostly out so on day 7 my drains were taken out and I was told by Cabral I DID NOT NEED A MASSAGE!!! I was drained all the way out. My tummy did not have seroma and it looked like my tummy was like one month post. My body was already tight bit super sensitive.. Now my back does swell up a lil but once I put the faja on for a few hours the swelln goes away.. I am in love with my own body and can't nobody tell me shit... I'm sorry to curse but hey I am being honest. I was already a head turner but now I am the showstopper head turner and a real boss bitch.. Cabral gave me laterals and I didn't ask for it. I didn't need a BBL becuz I already look like round 2 so he made sure he still touched my ass lol and I woke up with laterals.. I'm getting used to it now. My tummy and waist so little my hips and ass just pop all the way out.. I look better than any wish picture I could imagine because my ass is my own but he sculptured my back and waist so good it looks like I have a brand new body..

Numbness Of Back

I'm 3 weeks post and everything is going well but the numbness is very bothersome to me. I can not wait to be 100 percent again. Cabral sucked me to my ribs with no burns or real scars but my back numbness and knots ate overwhelming at times. I bought a Wahl massager to help with the knots& it works great but the pain is extreme from day to day as my body heals but changes daily where the aches are. I had no complications not even swelling during my SX recovery time. I never needed compression socks or massages to help with fluid because after my SX my belly was flat no seroma and my drains were done in 5days so I didn't have inflammation. My body is so nice people constantly say my shape looks like Nicki Minaj which I didn't get a bbl but the way Cabral sculpted my back & waist my already huge ass just popped more.. Cabral is really the King.. I constantly stare at my body naked & may be in love with myself now but that's another story and update lol.. My body in clothes now is everything I can dream without my belly in the way. I pray the numbness leaves soon and my skin loosens up a bit. My stomach is so tight that I can't sneeze ,yawn, or cough fully yet. Sleeping is still a drag because my sides are uncomfortable but I still lay on it but my body starts to ache so lying on my back is still the most comfortable position for me. I am starting to itch more often but I know that's a sign of healing & I don't itch much but I can handle that. Guess I have2 wait to see how long the numbers will last & will pray it's not a 6 months of this or a year or I will go nuts...
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