Tummy Tuck Lipo And BBL

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Hey everyone am having a tummy tuck lipo and maybe...

Hey everyone am having a tummy tuck lipo and maybe bbl done with Dr Tania Medina on may 18. Am really excited and nervous. I am a mother of 1 and am 25 years old..... and both me and my fiancée decided we do not want another child til maybe couple years from now like 7 or 8 years from now. I am looking for a buddies to share my experience with. I will be staying at a hotel instead of a recovery home since my fiancée is coming with me. I love Medina work I follow her on ig and love that she is board certified. Please feel free to ask me any questions and hope to meet some buddies on here.


Only a couple more days and am so excited and happy to see positive review about Dra Medina. She is so caring and sweet and very helpful. I can not wait and I know recovery will be crazy but any tips and advice would be great. By the way am getting a tt lipo and bbl thanks

Before pic

This is my current stomach after having a 8lb baby almost 4 years ago and I have the apron since I had a c section

Ready for surety tomorrow

Hey ladies I arrived today at 12:00pm in santo Domingo and George the driver picked me and my hussy up which I also meet two more dolls having surgery in Thursday with Dra Tania medina. We all did our blood work and X Ray today and am currently staying at Weston hotel for the night and George will pick me up in the morning. So far everything went great and also if you are going to get surgery I suggest you come down on a Tuesday because Dra Tania medina doesn't do consultation or any check up so their was barely enjoy dolls in the clinic today and her assistant told me it's cause they do not do anything on Tuesdays so lucky us lol Anyways I will be getting a tummy tuck lipo and bbl am so excited and will keep you all posted :)

Made it to the flat side ladies

Hey ladies I had my blue pill around 12:48pm and was ko after 10 mins dont remember a thing but when I wake up I was in my room and my hussy was there too I slept back the whole day and two dolls who are getting surgery came to visit me yesterday n I didn't even remember lol but so far so much I didn't get to see my butt or stomach yet but let me tell u ladies the bbl is the worst part so much pain omg I felt like I never sat on my butt before omg it hurts like hell..... The tummy tuck n lipo wasn't painful coming to the bbl ladies..... But am going good it's 7am rite now n I cudnt sleep much cause of the pain but I feel good. Also I was the second girl to get surgery cause my sugar levels were high idk y two weeks ago it was good and da day of bloodwork it was super high maybe all the soda I drank on the plane and at the aiport but anyways I was the second to go in.... I will update pictures later and omg Dr Tania Medina is beautiful and looks so young she really is a sweet heart and I highly highly higly recommend her even thou she more natural then Cabral and Duran n Robles she is safer than them and I also ask for arm lipo n she said no cause of my blood sugars and my hemo from from 13.7 to 13.2 and it need to me 14 but mostly she said no cause of high blood sugar but I will update u ladies later with pics.

Update ladies

Hey ladies will am 3 days post and let me tell you the pain is horrible not even from the tummy tuck but from the bbl I recommend you do it separately cause you can't sleep on your tummy with the tt and it's painful to sleep on your back cause of the lipo and bbl but I still haven't see my stomach fully yet but I know it's flat for sure. Bring your own medicine still doesn't stop the pain. I can't wait to feel better to take pics. I am just in a lot of pain from the bbl. will keep u all posted throught the week. Thanks for checking up on my ladies :)

5 days post op

Hey ladies this is my 5th after surgery and it's getting better as the days goes I see a lot of dolls doing better than me I guess cause I have back problems after my first c section anyways the pain is not as bad as in the beginning but it's still their and very noticeable. I went to my first checkup today and I was giving the stage 2 faja to wear tomorrow. The massage Anna will put me in its Dra Medina said. Gosh Medina is a sweetheart I swear she kissed me on my forehead and said I'll see u in Thursday after she cleaned my incision. Doctors in the USA don't even do that her hug and kiss made me felt so confident in her work. Anyways it's 11:40pm here am about to get some rest will update soon again. Ask me anything question if you need too.

10 days post op

Hey ladies will am 10 days post op and I feel great. I still have some minor pain from the bbl but it can be control with pain medicine. Am still walking bented cause am having back problems since my c section so the lipo on the back has nothing to do with the pain. I feel so much better and the first 1-3 days were horrible so glad am out that stage. I recieved my stage 2 faja on Thursday I was put in a small but Anna my massager said I need a X small but omg stage 2 is killing my coochie n legs lol sorry tmi. I leave on May 31 so my next check up is on Monday hopefully I get my drain out by then. I am draining less now so that good. So far I feel so good and started to itch a lot so I guess it means am healing up. Will I'll keep you ladies posted in a few more days. :)

10 days post op

A better pic am waiting on my last massage and then checking out dis crappy ramada hotel and checking in at barcelo hotel :) am very happy with my result so far after I fully heal I will give my full review about Dra Medina so far she is amazing and I recommend her 100% she is safe and ladies please do your review on docs here in dr am happy I choose the best one that only cares about your health and she the only one that cleans your incision her assistant don't which is amazing highy highly recommend Dra Tania Medina monday last check up so let's see how that goes. Feel so much better but still walking bent so my stitches doesn't come out :)

Got my drain out today and fly back home tomorrrow

Hey ladies will I got my drain out today am so happy. To refresh you guys mind I had surgery on may 18 wid Dra Tania Medina, I flow down on may 17 from JFK NY, tomorrow may 31 I am leaving to fly back home and am so excited. I stayed 14 days to make sure everything was good and to leave without the drain. I stop draining on Saturday may 28 and got it removed today may 30 by Dra Tania Medina. I had 600 CC of fat transfer to my butt. its no that big but am happy with it I mostly cared about my Tummy tuck as you can see in my before pic. My pain is all gone but I am still taking arnica pellets(pills) and most of my bruises are gone completely. This was so worth and Dra Tania Medina is the best and the most safest doctor in DR. She really cares about your health and gives you a more natural look which I wanted. I will add a pic on Thursday with my scar. I want my drain hole to heal first to show you ladies the final result. I am still very swollen too but the massage Anna will come put me in my stage 2 X small which I also purchase down dere at the clinic for 140 so I purchase two faja here the small and x small for 140 each but its ok I rather be safe and want my swollen to go down and the faja helps keep it down. Anyways ladies ask me anything you would like to know and ill update again in a few days. Today made me 12 Days Post Op. I feel great. Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Weekend.

My scar and tummy update

My scar and tummy and my stomach looks like that cause I just took out my bandages and faja lipo foam and an board so it left marks. I also have a bandage on my tummy cause I used band aid waterproof tape and it rip piece of my skin off so now I switch it nexcare tape lol but this token today and tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op. Can't wait to fully heal.

Almost 6 weeks in 3 days

This is how my scar looks now I still keep it cover with gauze pad and use Neosprin but switch to bacitracin cream now and wear my ab board and stage 2 faja.... Am really swollen still can't wait for the swelling to stop and I look extra swollen right now cause I had some bbq chicken and beef lol but so far am very happy with my surgery.

Before pics

Hey ladies thank god I manage to save my consulation pics I sent to dr medina because I didn't take much pre op pics lol but this was how I looked before my tummy tuck I got stretch marks loose skin and the apron after having my c section wid my 8lb 4oz son soon to be 4 years old toddler lol.... Dr medina did tell me she wasn't gonna be able to remove the stretch marks over my belly button so that why in my post op pics I still have some but I don't care I give birth to my son so I don't mind keep some tiger stripes lol but happy with my results so far just hate the swelling. Feel free to ask me angthing ladies :)

3 months update

Hey ladies will am 3 and a half months post and I feel way better than the first two months.... Am still very swollen but healed nicely I love my new body and my
Husband even said I look way better than before I was pregnant lol.... I love my results and my scar is healed just taking some time to rid.... Am currently using bio oil, cocoa butter the yellow stick and rose hip oil. Still wearing my faja as I need it on some days but I will continue to wear it til 6 months I want to keep my size I get from the faja.... Dra Medina has message me several times on what app checking up on me wich am really happy about and any question I have she answer it if not right away with in a few hours. I highly recommend her she give me a natural figure and my bbl is still looking nice in my cloths but here are some pics.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Tania Medina is the best. She is loving and caring and really cares about your health. She puts your health first no matter what. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. I love my results so much and cant wait to heal and get better. My scar is healing nice and she always answered my question before surgery in the state and even in DR after surgery. Her staff are very sweet and speaks English which is amazing and Dra Medina speaks perfect English herself. Everyone was CECILIP speaks English will most of them and are very helpful. She is very beautiful in person and helpful thank you so much.

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