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Hi Everyone, I am a 32 year old wife and...

Hi Everyone,

I am a 32 year old wife and mother of a 12 year old son, and I am 5-7 and 255 lbs.  I have been wanting to get my early 20's body back for a while now.  I started researching and found this website, and that's when I saw Dr. Jimmerson work.  I was so amazed at his work, that I even called the office.  I was quoted $15,000.00 before the consult and then I thought the work wasn't worth $15K.  Then I found Dr. Robles and Dr. Yily, and I have contacted both and quotes.  From both I got a quote of $4200, which I think is not bad.  Dr. Robles included the recovery house, and does not include lipo of the thighs.  Dr. Yily includes all the work, but with out the recovery house.  I'm looking at it this way, when I have this done I don't won't to get cut on again and have down time.  I want to get everything I want done, " At the same damn time!" As long as it is same for me to do so.  So with that being said Dr. Yily has won my business.  I have butt already, my nick name in high school use to be Too Much, after the song "Too Much Booty in the Pants!" LOL It seems over the years it's not as good looking as it use to be.  Almost like I have pot holes to be filled! LOL I just want my butt to just be touched up a little. Now I'm trying to decide when I want to go.  I work for the government so I'm trying to plan it around a federal holiday so I can get a free day of leave.  I'm trying to decide on the dates of Aug. 28-Sept. 7 or Oct. 9-Oct. 19.  I'm setting my dates this far out because I don't won't to get a loan for my surgery and plan to pay in out right from my part-time job.  Yes you heard right I have a second job! LOL Trying to pay bill out right without taking away from the first job.  I'm a very busy woman!  I would like to have a buddy or some buddies to go so we can get a group discount.  I will put pictures up a little later, and I will keep you all posted.

I am looking to get my sexy back. My motivation is that I want to start back feeling a lot sexy instead of a little sexy. I have considered doing this for at least 7 years every since I had my son and had a C-section. My stomach never seemed to bounce back right. I am so excited and can't wait until I get my sexy back. I have learned a lot from the ladies on this site that have already had their surgeries.

Ok I finally decided to post pictures. I think I...

Ok I finally decided to post pictures. I think I look better with clothes on! Lol

Ok I just had blood work done and my cholesterol...

Ok I just had blood work done and my cholesterol was a little high so Im deciding to go to the gym. I'm going to make time to go even if its for 30 mins. Also getting back on track with better eating habits if I'm planning on having this surgery in August. Now I'm just debating if I want a Brazilian butt lift, and just go with a TT and lipo.

Deposit paid my date is for Aug. 29

This is getting so real now.

Plane tickets bought! Spend $917.50 for 2!

Plane tickets bought! Spend $917.50 for 2!

I have all my supplies now!

Trying to get all this stuff packed up is a pain!

Getting it together! Someone help!

Great news!

I just found out that my nurse is going to be with me before, during, and after surgery. This puts me at ease because she speaks English!

Worried and stress!!

Ok I have like 6 days before I leave. On Friday the 16th I e-mailed my paperwork for a leave of absent from my second job and I have yet to recieve the paperwork back from Yily's office. I have to get this paperwork sent off to a company that handles our leave and this is cutting it real close, and stressing the hell out of me! Ugh!

I've been MIA! 3 weeks PO today!

I have to make time to fill you ladies in. I have been hella busy since I got back. I guess I will post pics and give you details as soon as I can. By the way the only thing I was able to get was a TT and lipo to back, armpits and flanks because my levels were low. Yily said she would do what she can but my health came first. I appreciate that from her. I will be taking more pics at a month PO.

All my pics didnt load.

More pics!

I just have enough time to add pics so busy.


Lets get one thing straight! I don't care what doctor you decide to go with, but whatever doctor you may chose you should always be careful. I am saying this because I witness myself while I was in DR of one of Duran patients and Carbal patients. I saw Durans patient on her along with her husband telling the story, and I was just amazed of how some people are so stupid and naive about situations. There was one person told her husband that he need Jesus, I ask why did you say that? She get smart and I gave her a few choice words. Then another to say get a life. LOL I think these clowns are funny. I told I don't care what doctor you chose but be careful because it did happen. I am here to tell all you ladies that I don't care what doctor you chose. I would also tell you not to go by yourself unless you know that you are staying at a good recovery house because the staff at the hospital is not that great. Be prepare because there is a possibility that you could wake up during surgery, I did! You are given an epidural not put out like in the states. Don't get me wrong Duran does good work, and she almost had been my doctor, but I don't like having to keep calling, writing, and I'm not going to beg for a quote like I have seen some of the girls do, and besides if you are slow with responding to people, then what about after my surgery? This is how I chose my doctor, and who was going to be best for my health for me. With Carbal on the 29th of August a girl die with him I was also there then because my surgery was suppose to be that day but my hemo was low and I had to have a transfusion. Google it the link it's out there because her mother said that she wish that someone would have told her daughter before of what Carbal did when he was practicing in the states. Carbal also did a patient that Yily turned down at the last minute and he burnt her very bad during her lipo. You can't tell people about sitiuations because they think you are discrediting there doctor, but when something happen to them, they are crying wishing someone had told them. Again chose whatever doctor you like but don't chose someone just because what they can make you look like. Chose them for wanting to look out for your health! Damn looking like a video vixen if you are not going to make it back to your family, and the only place that body will be enjoyed is 6 feet under. Another thing if you got something negative to put on my page please be subject to get curse the F-out. If you would and have any questions I don't care if you send me a private message, but I will not tolerate someone coming out their mouth at me sideways! Have a great day ladies!!

Will be 5 weeks Oct. 4

Will be 5 weeks Oct. 4

6 weeks and progress on swelling.

6 weeks and progress on swelling.

8 weeks

8 weeks and I still swell. This swelling really suck

I only can tell a small difference.

14 week photos

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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