TT,BA and BBL Quoted $5,300 from Dr. Yily De Los Santos -Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello everyone, I have been doing research about...

Hello everyone,

I have been doing research about plastic surgery for a few years now. I am 25 5 ft 3 and 129 lbs. I am married and we have two children. My breast were extremely big during my pregnancy and after breastfeeding they shrunk leaving a saggy appearance.After both pregnancy I noticed stretch marks on my abdomen. The stretch marks are located below my navel on my abdomen.

In March 2013, I contacted Dr. Yily De Los Santos office by email where I submitted photos of myself and I explained the types of procedures I am interested in.
Shortly afterwards maybe two days I received a email from Dr. Yily De Los Santos assistant that speaks english. In the email I was quoted $5,300 for a Breast Augmentation, Tummy tuck w/ lipo and BBL. The price is great compared to the prices in the U.S. where I was quoted 20,000+
I am interested in a breast Augmentation to increase my saggy B cups and transform them to perky D cups. The tummy tuck is needed to get rid of my stretch marks and the BBL is needed to increase my butt size.

Planning for the trip has kept my quite busy trying to figure things out. I reside in California so my ticket is $ 475.50 round trip to the Dominican Republic (not bad!).
My husband and I decided not to go through with a recovery home because we don't think it is needed. We will be in Dominican Republic for 14 days so we decided to rent a basic room with a bed, shower, wifi and telephone and located near Dr. Yily. The room we found was listed on Airbnb and we are pretty happy with our decision.
My bags are not packed yet so I will do some research on what to bring on my trip.


My hubby and I have to find a different arrangement because we talked to Yasmin from airbnb and she wont rent us a room unless we pay her and her family to take care of me like a recovery house. Oh well I don't want to pay for services I don't need and that will be performed by unqualified people. My husband is a nurse and he can take care of me while in DR.

Added pictures of me

More pictures

Received a quote from Duran TT, BBL, BA, LIPO $6,000 + meds & insurance

Dra. Duran contacted me back within an hour after emailing her on Facebook. Duran quoted me $6,000+ meds & insurance. Not a bad price and everyone knows Duran has skills. If anyone interested in Duran you should send her a friend request on facebook. Duran's facebooks is full of Duran dolls who post their post op pictures on her timeline. They look amazing and I am happy for them.

I am still interested in Dra. Yily and I haven't changed my mind yet.
I am Team Yily all the way !!!!. I am so excited to begin this new journey.....

Well I bought some Fajas tonight and I cant wait to wear them after my sx Sept 9, 2013. Which reminds me I need to send my deposit to Yily tomorrow. Everything seems to be coming together now that I found an apartment in Dominican Republic to rent for 2 weeks on airbnb. That site is amazing and the prices are really good because the cost of living is low in DR.
Well I posted some more pictures of myself I recently lost 8 pounds so I am proud of myself.

Just adding more pictures before surgery

23 days until surgery!!! Team Yily all the way I cant wait to arrive in DR in Sept 2013.
Today I went to the doctor to check my hemoglobin levels and I am 12.6 which is good hooray!!! These results were very useful to know b4 arriving in DR and Yily turning me away from surgery due to low hemoglobin level. Well I'm done updating today.

Talked to Yily's English speaking assistant today

I did not really understand how Yily's deposit instructions so I called into her office this morning. They were really helpful and all I need to do is to go into my local Chase bank and deposit the money in her account which is free. ( my bank wanted $50 to wire the money).
I'm scared to carry large amounts of cash on me so I deposited $5,000 so I don't have to worry. I hope Yily doesn't have a problem with the deposit. One thing I want to note is when I made the deposit the teller said they could not note in the computer that I deposited the money so she instructed me to write my full name on the deposit slip and Yily will be able to log into her online banking and she will be able to verify I deposited the money. Just to be safe I scanned a copy of the deposit receipt and I emailed it to Yily as well.
Okay I am done updating I will update after Surgery. Good luck ladies !!!!

5 Days until Surgery and I am feeling scared

Yeah I have been so excited about my Sept 9, 2013 surgery and now I am scared. After browsing many reviews I have seen positive and negative comments about Dr. Yily. The comments that are most concerning to me are: lack of sterilization, Yily not actually performing some of the surgeries, medical complication that Yily refuses to address. I'm not saying any of the negative comments are true or false but I do know they are all eye openers. This body transformation is something I have been wanting for a while but I don't want to loose my life trying to beautify myself.
Dominican republic here I come but I am still unsure if I will get my mommy makeover. Some of my love ones think that I am getting plastic surgery for weight lost. I would never get plastic surgery to lose weight, I want to achieve fuller breast, a tummy with out stretch marks, smaller waist and why not add to my butt. Now I have to come to a decision to get surgery or not. This mommy makeover will improve the small flaws that I currently have. My current weight is 130lbs which is normal for a person of my height 5 ft 3 inches tall. I'm trying to think positive but everyday that gets closer to Sept 9 I am more confused. Well I wish everyone the best of luck with whatever decisions they choose to make.

Officially Cancelled Sept 9, 2013 Surgery

This morning I contacted office and I cancelled surgery for next Monday Sept 9. Why : I don't have any gurantee that if any complications arise that I will be treated in a safe and professional manner. My life is everything and I want to make sure I am putting in the right hands. Getting this mommy makeover is something I really wanted to do for myself so yes I am disappointed. Another thing that scares me is the medication in DR, many women complained that they did not really work and we all know some of the medication is fake in DR. I am unable to secure the required medications in the states. I am scared of dealing with all the pain without the proper medication to relieve some pain.
I am still leaving for DR on Friday and I will meet Yily in person Monday Sept 9, 2013. I well make the best out of my two weeks in DR and I will take pictures and post them. I also interested in meet Duran, Cabral and Baez while I am in Dominican Republic. Well good luck ladies on your journey!!!

Recieved numerous emails fromYily's staff today

Yily:Hi Dominique!
Do you have everything ready for your surgery??
At what time are you arriving?
Do you have your pick-up set-up?
Me: Hi, I called in this morning and I cancelled my surgery. I am still flying into Santo Domingo Sept 7, at 11:30 am
My pickup is set up.
Yily Staff:What's the reason you cacelled your surgery?
Me: The truth is I am very scared of any complications that may arise. I am very healthy but I think all of the procedures I want done will cause increased blood loss. I really would like to meet with Dra. Yily Monday Sept 9, 2013 in the morning to have an in person consultation to discuss the risk associated with surgery. Will it be possible for me to have an in person consultation on Sept 9 with Dra. Yily?
I understand. Risks are always there. When doing liposuction, blood is taken out as well as fat!!
You can come around 9am or 9:30 so the doctor can see you and you can express your concerns.Regards

Okay I attached the brief emails I had with Yily's staff. I wonder if they meant to use the !!! after this sentence When doing liposuction, blood is taken out as well as fat!!?

Any who I hope they are not mad at me because I totally agree with paying them $50 for the online consultation.


I need to edit my update

Yily's staff replied :I understand. Risks are always there. When doing liposuction, blood is taken out as well as fat!!
You can come around 9am or 9:30 so the doctor can see you and you can express your concerns .Regards

Hola Senoritas Im in Dominican Republic now

I arrived in Santo Domingo at 11:00 and my husband and I exchanged some money and bought out tourist cards. Please ladies don't forget to buy the tourist cards because they wont let go through inspection. Oh yeah the Inspector asks for the address where you will be residing in DR so ladies please have the info ready. I did not have the address because I arranged for the residence to pick me up at the airport. So they refused to let me past inspection without an address. So I had Yily's office address handy and I gave it to the inspector and everything else was a breeze.
Yes I felt good to see the sign with my name on it when leaving the airport. I was so relieved that we were able to leave quickly. My husband and I are happy with the room we have rented for two weeks and the beautiful Dominican family we are residing with. They are very nice people and they treat us like family showering us with hugs, conversation and good food.
Lastly my husband and I walked around the Colonial Zone area and we had a great time. No everything is not glamorous there are stray dogs walking around everywhere( they are not aggressive) and buildings that are occupied that look like they should be condemned. But overall I love the experience of the Dominican Culture. My husband and I speak a little bit of Spanish and we are not experiencing in language barriers.
One last thing sorry!!. The weather is warm not unbearable but throughout the day it rains off and on and the locals don't use umbrellas because the rain is not heavy and it doesn't last for too long. I going Monday to see Yily for an consultation I was the only women that confirmed an appointment on Sept 9. If everything looks good Monday I might go through with one or more procedures.
The phones at the airport was not expensive but the minutes were so we decided to buy one in town. We found out that we are able to call our friends in family in the U.S for free because we use Google "hang outs" which allows us to call through our laptop or tablet to any phone number in the U.S. for free. I love free!!!!
Well thank you for following my journey and I will post some pictures of DR tomorrow. Adios mamacita!!!

Here a picture of my face to match my post

I thoughT I would share a portrait of myself in DR. Yeah the photo is boring but at least you now see of picture me.

I had a in person Consultation with Dra. Yily today (sept 9 )

Im going to make this quick because I am about to go out. I spoke with Yily's staff and they were very nice and professional. I watched other girls come in for their post op appointments while I waiting for Dra. Yily. Yily's staff was given permission from some of the girls to let me view their tt scars and overall results. Everyone but one women seemed very happy with their results. After viewing the girls and talking w/ Yily's friendly staff I was sold and I didn't need to talk to Yily anymore lol. I hate all the people who over exaggerate or lie when giving reviews about Yily and her office staff. Yily made a point to continue with a consultation so I can ask all the questions I wanted and she gave me honest answers. As far as the attitude people talk about I did not see it. What I seen is a hard working women who tries her best even though so many girls get upset because she cant work miracles. I am officially a Yily doll !!!!
The cardiologist had to deal with an emergency today and he was unsure when he will be able to see me today so he scheduled me for 7 am tomorrow. Yeah its a bummer but I am so over it. I was the only girl due for surgery today damn it lol. I cant wait til tomorrow when I get my surgery. Oh all my other test results came back fine.


Sorry for the messed up grammar Im trying to go out with hubby

Ill make sure my next update isn't all jacked up lol

quick update

Hello everyone, Im laying on back so I have to make this quick. im stillat cipla.. Does Yily really do the surgeries?hell no I was up the whole timeand a man performed my surgery yes Yily was in the room but she did not touch me. Theyeven slapped me in the face during surgery when I wouldn't shut up because I was telling them no lipo on armpits. No it was not Yily who slapped me it was a man. I asked Yily staff this morning about being assaulted she said she would ask Yily. She said yily told her I did tell them no armpits several time but no one hit me. wtf so know I'm crazy; Please if your looking for surgery try a different Dr out here. Now Yily staff has an attitude with me. I will update later when /I get backto the house im staying out.

Thank you everyone for sharing your concerns and you past experiences

Good morning,
I feel at least 85% today and I am so happy. I am able to turn around in bed by myself and even get out of bed by myself. Thank you for wishing me a speedy recovery because I think it is working. The pain is gone just aches in my back and soreness in my breast and tummy.
Sorry I could not share the details on Tuesday but I was in a lot of pain. Tuesday I went through surgery with Dr. Yily but she was not the man that actually did the work on me. I was awake the entire time I just kept my eyes clothes so no one knew I was awake. I remember everything in detail. Samira is so full of shit I wished I would of never believed her from the beginning. She tried to convince me that I was sleep the entire time but her ass was not even in the room and she said the medicine has people hallucinating and thinking stuff happened when it didn't really happen. An epidural seriously yeah right.
My results I am still swollen but I can tell my tummy is flat and I have big breast. I have bruises on my chest and back. I have a few stretch marks on my tummy so I am so happy about that. I will try to attach some pictures after I am able to wash up. My husband has been acting like he has been the one who went to surgery half ass cleaning me and taking me to the bathroom. Our room is a totally disaster so since I am feeling good today I took the time to organize everything ( I hate clutter). I have to go into YIly's office every four days for post op visits. The lady Mrs. Luz Maria that I have been staying with has been some helpful and nice I am appreciative I came here. Her who family is nice and they make me fresh fruits and fruit drinks daily with healthy food. My appetite has decreased where I'm not eating as much as before.
I will post pictures soon I just need to clean myself up first. Thank you for your support everyone

pictures i, not cleaned up though



More pictures and Yily office update

More pictures. I am still swollen and I have been a bad girl because my faja was uncomfortable so I left it off and I felt a lot better for a few hours. I am still draining pretty good. My bad isn't so tender I have been massaging it everyday ( hubby hands are not gentle). So they recommend ladies to not remove faja for more the 45 minutes and I see why now I all swollen. But it doesn't hurt. Hubby helped me get back into faja squeezing and pushing.
One thing I don't like about here it every store taxi even Cipla try to get over by overcharging for services. Cipla wanted 15 usd for a pack of 16 pads and 1 pk of wipes. Crazy as hell so I sent my hubby to La Sirena ( like Walmart) to buy my stuff for under 5 bucks. Cipla staff tried to push me to buy from them but I did not come out here to go broke. Everyone who received an quote from Yily received one free day after surgery at the hospital with meals included. They gave me food twice. The food was chicken broth without noodles or vegetables ( nasty). I wasn't realy hungry anyway so I just let it sit for them to clean up later. The family I am residing with gave me the information to a nice taxi company called First class. I only paid 200 pesos each way from the colonial zone to Cipla which is a great price. Sorry I could not post pictures my hubby didn't charge my phone while I was at Cipla.
But I can describe the office:
It looks like the pictures on the site and some of the girls reviews the problem is that the office is very small. The office consist of a small lobby that when people are seated you have to squeeze in between everyone just to get out of the office. Attached to Yily's small lobby is and small assistant area with a separate an exam room which are the same size as the lobby. Yes the exam room and assistant area office together equal the size of the small ass lobby. My kids bedroom is bigger that Yily's entire office. If you were ever placed on hold for a while I don't understand why because Samira and the other two assistants that are Dras are always together in the assistant office chatting. They do more chatting than anything else. Ladies don't be fooled. All the money Yily makes she need to replace the couch in the lobby it has a large blood stain that her patients are forced to sit on because there is no where else to sit.

Okay Ladies please read as many reviews as you can and really think through everything.
I will post again in a few days...

More pictures and if anyone is interested in Duran she will be available to talk Monday

Good news for future dolls: If your interested in switching Dr to someone more professional who actually performs the surgeries Duran's assistant said they a have a few openings for later this month. Duran likes to receive emails first and then follow up by phone when girls want to schedule dates. Duran's assistant said to give her a call Monday and she can discuss the dates that are available in September and October. (Duran's office is very clean and pretty seems more roomy too.) Damn I wish I would of had surgery with Duran because her work is truly her work.
Today is Friday and I had my first Post op appointment at Yily's office. I really didn't want to see any of Yily assistants because they are Big story tellers but shit I paid my money so I need the rest of my services rendered. As I expected Samira didn't speak when I came in the office and they all acted in the same manner. I figure someone from realself called after reading my review. I really don't care about their attitudes because in the end I learned a big lesson.
#1 Read reviews: Stay away from doctor's with bad reviews ( 2 or more bad reviews stay away!!)
#2 If the Docter has a bad reputation for attitude, greed, unprofessionalism, and unethical STAY AWAY!!
#3 Please don't let the price discourage you from making the right decision. You get what you pay for. ( I got what I paid for lol)

Okay enough with the rules lol.
My post op doctor Dra Cedono has always been nice from the first day I met her and today was no different. Okay I might of worded it wrong but I met her Monday Sept 9 at yily's office and she was very friendly. Today she told me to undress and take everything off. I felt scared because it hurts putting on clothes and removing them. Dra. Cedono told me not to worry she will help me. She like everyone else at Cipla put on latex gloves and removes my clothes and garment. She seen I had a lot of fluid in my back area so she said she needed to drain it now. She warned me that I may feel some pain but I did not. Her hands were very gentle and the procedure was painless. Man she pushing that fluid it from every angle lol. She removed the tape from my breast and tummy and then she cleaned my wounds and taped everything back up. She explained how to properly clean my drains and unclog it. Overall I think Dra. Cedono was very helpful and resourceful and give her 5 STARS lol.
As I was leaving Yily's office I finished up a conversation with one of Yily patients that had the same procedures as me last week. She told me she is from New York and she came to DR with her mom who was seated beside her. Her mom shared some helpful post op advice with me so I am forever grateful. Both the mom and daughter were shocked that I was walking around with ease in a straight posture without pain. I can thank this all to the reself ladies for wishing me a speedy recovery. The doctor said that if I am not experiencing any pain or discomfort I could continue to walk standing straight. Slouching gives me pain for some reason weirdo but yeah girls Im feeling better everyday. I cant wait to get home to my boys and cats :). Let me know if you need Durans # email address, or assistants # and I would gladly share the info. And for the ladies that continue their appointments with Yily Good Luck and I wish yall the best. Hubby took some great photos for yall so I will try to upload them in a couple hours after we return from our walk. BYE

2 minute video of my body

Okay ladies you want to see pictures of different things so I decided to show you in video. If you have anymore questions just hit me. I will post Duran's info soon I have to wait for hubby to give it to me he is eating right now. And Good luck ladies on future surgeries!!!

Update ( durans's Info and no more pictures I cant get them off phone)

Per the Duran's Assistant email pictures first and then call Monday morning.

I have only seen one assistant for Duran so far so when you call and don't receive an answer her assistant is out taking girls to do blood work, waiting for the in e.r. to get admitted in. I had a hard time reaching Duran and her assistant so I understand everyone frustration. The one good thing about Yily is that she always has someone in her office to answer phones lol. Everyday there are three women working in Yily's office and I have only seen one women in Duran's office. I will bring my laptop to my appointment in the morning at Cipla so I can check in at realself.

Someone wanted to know how many cc's I have. Well I am not sure and this is why. Samira gave me three high profile implants to try on to see which one I like. The smallest is supposed to be 400cc , 2nd size up 460 cc, 3rd option was 500 cc and Samira said this one is not an option for me. So I really had two options so I went with 460 cc but remember Samira was not sure of the actual sizes of the three options I tried on.
I have attached pictures of breast and I did not get a breast lift so another question has been answered.

Good luck ladies!!!!

My account will be deleted soon and this is why

MizBeautiful1 1 day ago I don't get it if the guy slapped u y ddnt u get his name and report him and y ddnt ur husband step to him I'm not sayn it ddnt hppn I respect wut u went thru n I'm srry for it really I am but I jz cnt believe it. My response: Okay Thanks for your question. But when u are in surgery you they strap your hands to the table so you can move your hands. They covered my face with the blanket afterwards. And I screamed I cant breath and someone pull the blanket below my nose. I did report the incident but I don't up have the time to update everything. I have been trying to helpful to ladies on this site by posted so early. My husband was not there in surgery because no one can be in the room. ( surgery 4 .5 hours). We handled this situation and I thank you for our concern. I am happy for you that you are able to make decisions on what you want to believe and good for you. Everyone here is able to believe or not believe and just like you I read reviews that I did not believe and after going through with surgery the reviews I didn't want to believe were not lies. But you know what I really thought I was being helpful but I guess my experience is throwing around drama and I don't like it . I will delete my account Monday and everyone can figure stuff on there own. Good luck ladies and I wish the best for everyone. Then I read a post below her's from MSGD528 1 day ago @mizbeautiful1 I'm with u. I know had it been my guy cipla would have been coming down. I go the 20th and I will be advising everyone beforehand I'm not the slapping one that's crazy..... I hope my answer was efficient and I really wish the best for everyone. I am an adult and I think I handled everything in the correct manner. Just think if I took some people advise my husband and I would be both in a overseas Jail not know what the outcome would be. We reported this incident to the officials and now they are doing their job. One thing is Yily did not have a translator when she seen me the following day and when Samira came I explained to her the incident and Samira and she said what she said. I have only tried to be truthful here because like everyone here I like to read reviews on places I want to visit before I actually visit so I can make an informed decision. So I was here to share my experience so people can follow their gut feelings and people can know what I experienced. Now I figure I will delete my account because I am not here to argue with reviewers. My account will be deleted Monday night and again I wish everyone the best and good luck with future surgeries.

edit update

I read what two women posted on my page. I had a typo Before they perform surgery they strap your hands to the operating table preventing you from moving your hands.

Duran update

Today I talked to Duran's assistant today. She said just give them a call and they will locate the email than Duran will go over it and give you a quote today or whenever you call. The assistant explained Duran doesn't have the time to go through emails so she prefers women to send email than call and then she will provide the quote. Good luck ladies!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I travelled from CA to Dominican Republic to have plastic surgery procedures perform by DRa. Yili De los Santos Rosario. Dra. Yili deserves no stars but what I will give her is a lawsuit. I paid Dra. Yili De Los Santos $5,300 to perform my surgeries because I seen her work and I really thought she was talented. Unfortunely she did not perform my surgery a man performed my surgery with YIly in the operating room without my consent. I consented for Dra. Yili De Los Santos Rosario to perform my surgery and she did not. Another thing is during surgery the unnamed man started to lipo my armpits so I told him no armpits. Every staff member in the room shh me but I continued telling him and them. Someone slapped me four times with an open hand while I was telling them no armpits. Finally a women said no armpits and then he stopped lipo suctioning my armpits. Yili staff placed a blanket over my head and I screamed for them to remove it because I cant breath it took them a while then the lowered the blanket to below my nose. During surgery they strap you hands to the table so you cant move your hands. I was so scared after that I just cried and prayed to God to let me make it out alive. The next morning I contact Yili staff about being assaulted by their staff and Yili not receiving my consent to aloow some unnamed man perform surgery one me. Yili assistant Samira replied that after talking to Dr.Yili De los Santos, Yili informed her that I was asleep the whole time and I woke up one saying no armpits but She was not working on my armpits. Samira said the epidural medicine cause women to think things happened that did not occur. My answer to all this BS is no, because eI was awoke the whole time I can describe everything that was done and the order it was performed. Dra. Yili De los Santos and her staff are liars ans you should not trust them. I read reviews of girls who experienced other people performing their surgeries when Dr. Yily was the one they gave consent to perform their surgeries. I asked Samira before I went to DR for surgery and she told those women are not being truthful so I took her word and I had to find out for myself that the whole time the women writing reviews on Dr.Yili were 100% truthful. Do your research ladies and go with your gut feeling.

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