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I can't believe I'm sharing my story, but I guess...

I can't believe I'm sharing my story, but I guess posting my journey takes me a step closer to my dream body. I have two wonderful girls, 13 and 2 yrs old. The 13 yr was delivered natural birth and I was in my early 20`s so my body snapped back in to shape in no time. the 2 yr was delivered by c-section, and with her it took longer to get back to my normal activities. All of the weight post partum seems to only accumulate around my mid section and I can't get rid of of it. I'm 34 soon to be 35 and it's time for a new me. I'm tired of people asking me if I'm expecting. I always wanted bigger boobs but now I need a tummy tuck. I started looking for a surgeon and asking around but in Nyc the cost of both procedures with lipo is way more than I can afford any time soon. a friend/coworker told me her dominican hair dresser recently got a (extremely affordable compared to here) makeover in dr and shared the doctor's info. I could not believe it and started to research. I'm a nurse and during my research I couldn't believe how many in in the U.S including some I work with who went abroad to dr to get plastic. Who knew?

After what seems like an eternity of reading blogs, reviews and whatnot I have finally decided to go with dr Walkiris Robles. I've been in touch w/ Laura, her assistant. I want to go in august but have not scheduled cause my requested vacation dates aren't approved. I'm cautiously excited. 

You ladies on here have been such great help by sharing your thoughts, experiences and advice. Thank you for that and giving me the courage to share mine.

Mother of 2,working a f/t job and going through a...

Mother of 2,working a f/t job and going through a break up from a 13 yr relationship, umm, like I don't have enough on my plate *sigh*. I'm still waiting to hear if my vacation dates are approved. Darn it, why are these folks management holding back? Anyway, last week I received the faja I ordered from Amazon. I haven't officially made a list of the things I need yet, but thanks to you ladies who have done this, making a list should be breeze. Alert constantly flashing in my brain "go to the post office to get a passport application". I'm going to try and get it off the net cuz by the time I get off work their offices are closed. two coworkers asked me again today if I'm preggo, gave them my usual reply "nope, just fat" . Ugh lawwwd help me! G'nite ladies, ttyl.

Drum rolls!!!!!!

So guess what ladies...my vacation dates were approved. yay!!! I emailed Laura as soon as I got off work today, hopfully I'll get a confirmation soon and I'll update you guys on the dates.
I cant believe I'm going to do this...getting nervous now.

Hey beauties!

Hello beauties,
So my flight is booked and I got confirmation today that I'm scheduled for surgery on august 27. Incredible! Things are moving along. Has anyone ever been to the recovery house  Residencial Gala Los Prados, Santo Domingo?

Second thoughts

I haven't updated recently cause in regards to my make over there's not much to update. I've been taking my vitamins and will be scheduling for blood work this up coming week. I've applied for a passport also been buying supplies here and there.
BUT, as the date gets closer I'm questioning my decision. I'm constantly reminding myself of all the reasons I have chosen to do this. Being honest to myself and anyone reading this, I'm not doing this for health reasons...this is pure vanity. I just want to look good and be confident about my appearance, that's the ugly truth. I think I can live with that.

Buenas noches chicas! im freaking out!

Practicing my Spanish, smh. But seriously, I'm so backward. Here's what I did... once I made up my mind to go for the surgery this year, I decided on the doctor, I put in my vacation request and made arrangements for my girls to stay with their grandma. So far so good, right? As soon as my vacation was approved I emailed Laura to confirm my date, she told me to send my flight info...no problem. But here's where I started to get ahead of myself. Day I get Laura's email I book my (non-refundable) flight and began taking my vitamins. But no physical or blood work done. What I was thinking was if I take my iron and other supplements for at least a month prior to getting blood drawn I shoul be good. Wrong!!! Last Monday (about a month later) I went to the lab after seeing my MD. Long story short, yesterday after work, I go to my doctor's office to get a copy of the results and the eceptionist says they've not been verified yet. Mind you, I called 1st and was told I could pick them up. Now im freaking out. what if my hgb levels are below DR Robles requirements? I mean I finally got over the guilt of going for plastic surgery, I am soooo ready for my new bod. I'm scared something's gonna happen to spoil my plans. End of vent.

Thank you ladies for making me brave!

Hello lovelies! It's less than 20 days till my departure, it's surreal. I'm not nervous ( yet), I do get somewhat excited every now and again but...anything can happen between now and then. Nothing will happen. Nothing will happen. Nothing will happen, I will be on the flat side.
Make arrangements for my girls, got passport, bought airplane ticket, confirmed surgery date, CBC 12.8, all checked off. Items unchecked: a couple of miscellaneous item i.e. wife beaters, cheap sanitary napkins.
Omg!! Writing my review/documenting my journey is the only thing making my decision feel real sometimes ( even if no one is reading it). Knowing that so many here have been or will go on this crazy roller coaster ride deciding to have surgery, waiting for quotes from different MD's and finally deciding on one, saving the $$, and actually going for it makes me brave. Thank you so much for giving me the courage to make myself happy. Till next time...

Oh lawwwd!

Started an update and accidentally deleted it and I think it's for the best. Sadly, I'm a bit apprehensive about my upcoming surgery. I feel like I might chicken out at the last minute. Or maybe I'll get there and my and my CBC levels will be below the requirements. Or maybe I'll get sick right before. Too many variables...

Say a little prayer for me.

Till the 26th please wish me sanity and luck ladies. And pray for me throughout. Happy and safe healing to all. God bless.

I'm nesting?

although my back has been hurting really bad I went shopping today. Bought wife beaters, a few sports bras, some comfy panties, couple of house coats, etc...
Anyway, I've been looking at so many boobs lately, it's only fair I share a pic of my droopy boobs. Btw got an email today from Laura confirming that they are expecting me. Whatever I've feeling lately I don't think is indigestion or gas. Nuh uh, it think it's EXCITEMENT!!!! Yayyy!!! One more week to go. Oh oh I'm feeling NER-VOUS too. Yikes!!!

National geographic boobs

Two more days. Woohoooo!!

initially, time was dragging its feet and now it's rushing by. I can barely keep up.

On the plane

On the plane waiting to take off. We are almost 20 mins behind schedule. One off the pilots got delayed, they're trying to find another one to fill in. I'm still not very nervous or excited yet, we'll see how I feel when get there.

No matter how many stories you read

No matter how many stories you read you can't fully prepare yourself mentally for recovery. I heard that recovery is a tough road...what an understatement! I'm at the recovery house( Virginia's). The days go by slowly and recovery process is worse. I can see small improvements w/ ambulation on a daily but my back hurts so bad and I'm experiencing shortness of breath. I was told by dr Robles that it due to faja and implants.


I WANT TO TAKE A FREAKING SHOWER! I am sooo over this recovery b.s. Today, my body feels super stiff, there's more swelling every where, I can not find one comfortable position. There is this small spot between my groin and hip area on my right side which burns like hell at the slightest touch or movement. I was told it's my drain and it's because I need to drink more water. Sure! Give me my pillow and move the water cooler right next to the toilet for me. Bad enough I can hardly move, I'm getting up to pee like 20x/day. Yay! I made it to the flat side. After the dream comes the nightmare. ttyl.

Feeling better

The last few days have not been so bad but I'm home sick and miss my life...from the kids to the plants. I leave on Friday(9/6), it can't come fast enough...deja vu.
Since surgery I've been going to see Dr Robles for follow up every 2-3days, she cleans and dresses my wounds(healing nicely) and she also flushes my drain. I'm waiting for Wilson to pick me up, today, I have my last f/u. I hope she removes my drain; would love to fly back to NY drain free but I doubt it.

Soooo happy to be single.

Do over! Loving the new me. Can no body tell nothin', teehee.




Thought I was going to use my 2 wk vacation and snap right back into my life. Wrong! I was due back on 9/6 and ended up having to take a few extra wks off. I was unable to walk straight up until recently and I've noticed that early in the AM and after sitting for a few minutes it takes time and effort to walk straight again.


I'm exhausted most of the time now and it's not like I'm doing much. Finally, tomorrow I go back to work. I hope it goes smoothly cause even washing my hair wears me out.

I don't recall anyone mentioning this...

I don't recall anyone mentioning this so I must ask. Did anyone miss a period after surgery? My period ended in August right before and did not show for the month of September. I've been getting cramps like it's about to come... nothing. I had no clue but I guess it makes sense why that would happen.
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