Tummy Tuck, 360 Lpo, BBL and Arm Lift - Dominican Republic

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Im 22 years old. I currently way 288. I plan on...

Im 22 years old. I currently way 288. I plan on getting a tummy tuck, fat transfer to butt and breast. Lipo of back, arms a thighs( I'm really not o sure about the thighs doe) I don't wanna pay more than 7500 for everything. Everything includes travel, procedure, garments, Meds, recovery house and anything else I may need. I don't wanna spend more than 7500. I'm paying for everything out of pocket. I'm on a veggie and fruit detox and workout everyday. I would like to be 170 or under before procedure. That's my goal. I will update as often as I can. I plan on going to Yilly in the Dominican Republic in October. I'm currently still saving. I can't wait till tax season come. That's gonna be my 1st payment saved up. I'm also picking up a 2nd job and that job alone will be money for the surgery and I'll also be taking money from my checks I get from my job I have now. I also will be opening up a few credit card. I am determined to get this surgery 1st week of October because I want to be healed up and ready to party by November 20th. Wish me luck ladies. I'll keep you posted. I'm always opened to comments and suggestions. Please no negativity. Thank up you:)

UPDATE!!!!Tummy Tuck. Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast Lift, Fat Transfer, Lipo of Arms, Back and Thighs - Dominican Republic

SOOOOO…Im currently on the HCG diet. i started last week on monday and today is the 2nd week. I was 277 when i started and now I'm 263.PROGRESS IS HAPPENING. i currently have a different job now being a HHA. At the moment I'm able to save around 700 a month. I'm hoping to get some more hours so I'll be able to save 200 more added to that 700. I've decided I'm not gonna take out any loans or credit cards and just pay is straight. i should have enough money by next summer. I've been looking into Global Surgery and there packages. It seems good but when i try to get in contact with ppl i haven't gotten a response. But i will keep trying and seeing the best options for me because this is a life changing decision for my body and my pockets so I wanna make the right choices. I will keep you ladies posted and I hope you all are doing well on your surgery mission. I can't wait to get mines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tummy Tuck. Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast Lift, Fat Transfer, Lipo of Arms, Back and Thighs - Dominican Republic MsAmorDaBody

HEYYYYY EVERYONEEEEE, I have gained a lot of weight. I'm currently 307 so I started a water fast today July 27th, 2014. Im so ashamed. I've been saving money and also decided to start getting everything together for my surgery in June 2015. I know i want a lot of procedures done so I decided to give myself more time to save money. I found a recovery house already that i will stay in called Angies Recovery House. Its 65 a night and 150 for trans. When i go i plan on staying for at least 8 to 10 days. I will be bringing my own food because from my understanding from reviews there food is nasty but the facility is good. If you bring someone its gonna be 115 a night. they charge a extra 50 bucks. I'm going alone unless someone comes that i don't have to pay for there stay to….lol. So far I have saved 3,000. I'm hoping to have at least 10,000 before the year is over. I have been working very hard and this surgery is a must. Im still looking into doctors and i will start contacting some tomorrow to get a quote. Ill keep you guys updated:):):) Please comment and tell me you views. Any negativity will be reported and i will block you.

Dominican Republic Recovery House

Just incase you didn't read my last update I'm gonna give you some info on the Recovery House i decided that I'm gonna stay in. I will be staying in Angela's Recovery House. I will be going alone because for one person a night its 65 bucks and to have someone else come is a extra 50 which will be 115 a night. I can not afford to pay for another person to come. I plan on staying for 10 days in total. That includes the day i come, my surgery and doc visits. Also includes the day I'm leaving. They also provide trans. Pick up from the airport, to your surgery, doc visits, and back to the airport for 150. I heard that the food isn't very good so i will be taking my own food. Just some packaged food but other than that from written and video reviews it seems great and i can't wait to go. Im gonna take nomore than 100 dollars of worth of food. i believe thats enough for 10 days. don't ya think?LOL All together for that alone is gonna be 900 which i don't think is bad. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR ANY FEED BACK PLEASE DONT BE SHY. HIT ME UP. ALL POSITIVE COMMENTS ARE MORE THAN WELCOMED. ANY NEGATIVITY WILL BE BLOCKED AND REPORTED.


I was gonna start my water diet today but i wanna start in the month. I will be starting August 1st. i tried to do a lil water fasting today. Testing the water and I think i ddi good. I know its hard but i can't wait till the 1st.


Im currently 304. My body is very bad looking. I need a tummy tuck, breast lift, butt lift. lipo of arms, back and thighs but I'm not gonna get my thighs done because I'm already gonna be spending a lot of money. I also believe i will come down a lot before my procedure because i am fasting and i will start working out this weekend. PLEASE NO NEGATIVITY ABOUT HOW I LOOK NOW. I AM POSTING TO HELP PPL, TO HELP MYSELF AND FOR PPL TO FOLLOW ME WHILE IM ON MY JOURNEY TO HOPEFULLY HELP SOMEONE AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IN BETWEEN DOCTORS IN DR!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After doing more research and looking into docs. Im not sure if I want Yilly, Baez, Duran or Almonte. HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I


I decided to do semi fasting until the 1st of Aug(THIS FRIDAY) to get my body prepared for the full fast and i must say i believe its helping because i get full very fast off a half a meal. i think thats great considering the fact that i remember when i couldn't get full until i ate about 4 or 5 meals in one day. PROGRESS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!.


So so far i have saved 3,000. I planned on saving 15,000 to 25,000 before even having surgery so i can have money to cover anything and everything and still not be completely broke while not working because I will not be able to work for sometime while recovering. Im currently a live in home health aide and that requires a lot of moving. Any advise of how much money i should save up for everything in total to help me get an idea. Please let me know. I won't be getting surgery till July 2015. ALL POSITIVE ADVISE IS WELCOMED AND APPRECIATED BEAUTIFUL DOLLS !!!!!!!!!


So since i want many procedures at once I'm gonna ask for quotes for a mommy makeover. Hoping to get some good luck with that.


Due to my unhappiness with being a live in home health aide i decided Im gonna take the money that i have and buy me a car and my license. I don't have much money but i really can't take this job anymore. I cant even workout to help with my weight loss. I have 3,000 in the bank. Ill have another 1,000 by next week. All together 4,000. I know a lot of you might not think its a lot but its something to me. Im gonna find me a car that i don't have to pay more than 1,200. driving lessons and road test nomore than 400. tittles and registration not gonna be more than 150 and I'm not getting the best insurance so its gonna only be around nomore than 250 to 300 and 100 for gas. Im only getting liability. Its not easy getting good jobs in nj without a car. So i figure i start off small. I think my plan will work out fine. I have to get out of being a live in home health aide because its not healthy for me and its making me sick on how i am so unhappy. My date might get pushed back for my surgery but its okay. Im gonna pick up 2 jobs and since my only responsibilities are gonna be my car and my phone bill. It font be hard to still save for my surgery.Hope everyone is having a day. Be back later and take care:)


I have been going threw a lot and have gained more weight. This stress has so much on my mind. I am now 312. I decided I'm gonna try back water fasting on Aug 10,2014(Sunday). I also have taken some time off work. Ill be off for another week because my job stresses me out(live in home health aide). I hope to have at least 7,000 in the bank before the year is over because i work very hard. I want to have 15,000 to 20,000 before my surgery because i plan on getting my own aprt before i leave for my surgery. No one in my house agrees with my surgery which is fine. I will have to take care of myself file recovery which i know is gonna be hard but it is what it is. My only support system is myself. So i rather be in my own part dealing with it. While I'm home on vacation I have been studying for my permit. Im gonna take it before i go back to work. I also I'am doing my sora renewal tomorrow. Im not sure if Im gonna get my license before my surgery or after. I have time to think about it. I also decided that I'm going back to being a dancer. I was dancing before I let my body go. I'll be back Sunday for my 1st day of water fasting update. Speak to you soon dolls:)

Day 1 Water Fast (Aug 11 2014) 310 LBS Goal weight before surgery (under 190)

So I was gonna start yesterday but i wanted to eat a big sunday dinner, lmaooo. I love my gam cooking. Me and my friend decided we both are gonna do the water fasting together. Today Im gonna workout when i get back home from getting my passport. I figured i should do it early and start getting prepared now. i think Im gonna get my surgery earlier. Im leaning more towards April now because i would like to be healed up before the summer gets here. I will be on my water fast until November 24, 2014. My goal is a pound a day. What I am doing is not for everyone. Just sharing on what works for me. Ill keep you guys updated:)

Considering a NEW DOC

Im starting to lean towards Beaz now because her prices are more cheaper than duran, almonte, hilly and robles. Im also considering her because i like her BBL. My goals are TT, BA or BL and BBL. I also wasn't lipo on the arms if possible, if not i will be going for a 2nd round to have lipo everywhere thats needed.

Water Fast week 1 Day 1 Aug 11, 2014


I can't wait for it to come. It's gonna take 4 to 6 weeks. I got the standard book. I'm so excited that I made this step.

Bought my PASSPORT !!!!


Thinking about not writing on this site anymore

Thinking about not writing on this site anymore. It seems like when you keep asking ppl for help or suggestions you never get a response back.Only talk to a few ppl. Maybe ill continue my journey without posting anything anymore. Still thinking about it

Day 2 Water Fast

Today is August 12 2014. I have lost 5 pounds and its only my 2nd day. Im super happy. my goal is 10 pounds a week. Have a good day ladies, be back later :)


so today i drunk a meal replacement thinking maybe i should make it a liquid diet. but that made me gain a pound. so no more of that shit. I'm just gonna stick to drinking just water. ill be back tomorrow. byeeee ladies

WORK OUT!!!!!!!

I have been doing the Leslie Sansone walking workouts and T-Shawn's Hip Hop workout today and i feel good. SOREEE but GOOD. I can't weight to check my weight tomorrow. Officially off for the night this time…LMAOOOOOOOOOO. Talk to you tomorrow ladies :p

Day 3 Water Fast AUG 13 2014

Im excited that I'm 7 pounds down already and its only day 3. I no longer feel hungry anymore either and YES i do workout. My way of loosing weight is not for everyone but its working for me. I can't wait to see how much i loose between now and Nov. I can't wait to have my surgery either. Im so excited that my dreams are starting to come true. Time to do my morning workout. Be back later dolls, have a good day:)


Hey everyone, sorry I've been away I've been so busy. Working, saving for surgery. Starting a relationship and now I'm also pregnant with TWINS...lol. Everything will still go as planned. I'm still getting my surgery just after a lil while after the twins are born. I am currently 296. I fell off my diet and actually gained a lot of weight. But when I got prego I started loosing weight. Lmaooo. I'm 8 weeks and 6 days. My twins are due in August. My boyfriend also supports my decision for my surgery which is huge for me because now I have someone I know will come with me that I can trust to take care of me while I'm on my journey. I have a supportive family so I know when it's time to be away for the 10 days someone will watch the twins but it won't be anytime soon. I think Im gonna wait until the twins are atleast 1. I Hope everyone is doing well and I'll be back soon????

Wish pic 1

Wish pic 1

Concerned and Worried

So as I said in my last update I'm pregnant. I'm currently 22 weeks with twins. I am very concerned about how my body is gonna look after pregnancy. My body is already in bad shape. Ive always been over weight and struggled with my fat. I cant seem to never keep off the weight permanently. It always comes back. I'm scared this baby weight won't come off and I'll never be ready for surgery next year. I'm actually a lil depressed about it because I honestly hate the way I look. At times I don't feel like my boyfriend still likes the way I look since I've been pregnant. I'm so happy for my twins. But extremely sad about my body before them and the outcome of how I will look once they are here. Has anyone had a similar struggle ?

Cabral, Mota and Almonte Thoughts

I was looking at Cabrals work and I love it but after seeing articles about a women's death in his care I'm extremely scared and don't wanna go to him. I started to fall in love with results from Almonte and Mota as well but then I seen on a persons blog that Mota lost a patient to ( don't know how true that is but I'm gonna google that as well but it most likely is myth but you never know) I also like Almonte but some results from some ppl who were unsatisfied and need noticeable revision has me scared to. Don't know who to choose out of Almonte or Mota. Not rushing because I am sill pregnant and need to get the weight off after my twins. But I also know it takes time to plan surgeries. You can't just up and go and do them. I am person who likes to plan things(didn't plan these twins tho...lmaoooo) but I was set on getting my surgery for July this year before I found out I was pregnant. Any thoughts anyone ?

Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Buff Lift, Breast Lift, Lipo

I know it might seem like a lot but this is what I want

Option 1
Tummy tuck
Lipo of back flanks and arms
Brazilian butt lift with fat grafting
Breast lift with fat grafting

Option 2
Tummy tuck
Lipo of back, flanks and arms
Brazilian butt lift with fat grafting

If I get option to I will be going a 2nd round for breast and whatever else I might wanna tweak, hehe


To sum things up I have been on my journey for over a year. This is the year I planned on getting my surgery( July with Almonte) but since I got pregnant with my beautiful blessings(twins) it will be some time again. But I still do my research even while I'm pregnant. Don't get it confused !!!!!!!!! Just because I still research, blog and plan on having my surgery DOES NOT MEAN IM NOT FOCUS ON MY PREGANCY. So I don't need ppl telling me what I need to focus on. My priorities are in order hunnie(flips weave, lmao). My babies will always be number 1 but I still have my needs that I want after my PREGANCY and if I choose to still research and blog and share my thoughts on my form then I will do so. If you feel some kind of way then you shouldn't read my blog. Good Day !

Me before pregnancy

Before I was pregnant. I was working on getting my body ready for surgery. My stomach got smaller but not my legs or arms. Needed more work!

Me before pregnancy !

Before I was pregnant I was working on getting my body ready for surgery. My stomach got smaller but not my legs or arms. My back did a lil. I needed more work.

I'm back!!!!

Hey everyone !!!! So I'm back and this year is he year I want to do my surgery. I'm so excited you guys. As you all know the year that I planned to have my surgery didn't go as planned. I ended up getting pregnant and having BEAUTIFUL TWINS. I'm blessed with a boy and a girl. That was my first pregnancy ever. Haha! So anyways I'm back doing my research. I've decided this year is the year that I want to have my surgery. I decided on September but my bestfriend said October might be a better month for her to go with me so Ocober might be a. The time I go. If she doesn't go it's fine because my boyfriend said he would come. And if he don't come it's still fine because IM STILL GOING!!!! Lmaooo. Current weight and pictures coming soon this week. Stay blessed everyone :)

Me NOW 2/11/16

This is how much I weigh now which is 313.
I will be going on the HCG diet for 90'days. I'm ordering it this weekend you guys. I'm so excited to get these pounds down before summer. I can't wait for my surgery this year.


So the other day I got into a car accident. I'm fine but not my TiTi(my car...lol) is not, So I'm a lil delayed on how much I was gonna save this month for my surgery. Also my phone is broken you guys. So in going to get another one tomorrow(these damn iPhones...lmaoooo). BUT HERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS. I have 2000 saved for my surgery so far. My goal is 10,000. I don't plan on spending that much BUT I don't like spending all my savings. I need to have a lil extra still in the bank just incase. ALSO my hcg should be here soon and I'll be starting that in the beginning of March. I'm so ecited to get these pounds off and ready for surgery. Question ladiessss....How much are you or did you spend on your surgery? What procedures did you have or are interested in? And what doctor did you pick? Let's talk !


So i ordered HCG and it finally came. When I opened the package the bottle was broken. I called them today and they are closed. I'm so upset. Seems like I'm just having a very bad week.


So now that I have my heart set on Dra.Fatima Almonte. I decided to email her. I also downloaded what's app again and sent her the same mesg on there. I'm hoping she gets back to me soon. So far I saved 2000 towards my surgery already and I'm gonna save another 2000 next month. I honestly hope all my expenses for this trip doesn't cost more than 8,000. I guess we will see. I can't believe I'm really doing this. I'm so excited and nervous . Can't wait to hear back from Almonte.

Wish Pics

I love the idea of just being super thick and curvy. I'm not meant to be skinny. P


I am in love with Almonte's work ! I'm confident she will give me the body I want and deserve.


So yesterday I sent Dr.Fatima Almonte a email and I sent her a mesg on what's app for a quote. My question is do anyone know how long it takes to hear back? Should I email and mesg her everyday until I hear back? Help please !!!!


I need Almonte to work some magic to get me like this !!!!!

Excited for HCG and Juicing

So March 1st is finally gonna be here tomorrow and I'm supper happy. Tomorrow is gonna be my first day on HCG. After the 1st round of HCG I'm gonna be juicing and clean eating until my next round. I'm gonna countinue this process until it's time for my surgery in Septmeber. Talk to you later dolls:) I have some research to do on supplies to start buying. Gotta start the process early. Ctfu :)


So when I sent my message on a quote and surgery date. I asked for a combination of procedures. I was given a quote of 4100 only for tummy tuck +liposculpture of abdomen flanks waist. I received another quote for 4950. The extra money just includes the recovery house. I asked also for a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer. Arm lift or at least aggressive lipo of the arms and a breast lift. I can live with with out the breast lift. But the Brazilian butt lift and arm lift or aggressive lipo of the arms is a MUST and if she is not willing to do what I have asked for I'm gonna have to find another doctor. I have my heart set on Almonte. I sent a response back on whats app and in an email explaining that I need more than what was offered. But if she isn't willing to give me what I want I will do more research and go elsewhere.

The Message I sent to receive a QUOTE

This is what I asked for!

Thinking about pushing my date back

Feeling kind of sad you guys. My budget is 8,000. That's including the recovery house with a person coming with me, surgery, ticket, supplies, just everything period. I'm honestly worried that it's not gonna be enough. Has anyone spent more than that? I've been really emotional thinking about it. Then on top of that my boyfriend lost my jars for my juicing stuff to go in. So I won't be starting my juicing this week either. Things seems to always go wrong for me no matter what I do. In my feelings right now


Sooooo Almonte won't even do the Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer. I'm willing to lose whatever that is needed to be lost. I even revised my priority procedures 3 times. To get what's actually doable. I'm willing to put in the work and I'm not even gonna get half of what I want. My problem is that she posts work she has done doing what I have asked for (tummy tuck, lipo sculpture of the waist and flanks, Brazilian butt lift w/ fat transfer, full back lipo) in a combination for one procedure on many ppl. I've even seen people on this website with the same combanation and they got it done. So I'm not understanding. I guess Almonte is not the doctor for me. Because I'm not going down there just for a tummy tuck and some lipo. I must have my Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer. I guess I will be back on the grind doing research to find me another doctor. I'm so disappointed and a lil annoyed. Seems like things never go right for me. And please no one lectures on the "she's cares" bullshit because everyone else is able to get a quote for the same combo I'm asking for but she's not willing to do the same for me. Over it ??


Okay you guys so I decided to change doctors since Almonte isn't working out for me. Tomorrow I'm gonna reach out to Cosmicare for a quote for the recovery house and I'm gonna reach out to Dr. Mota for quote for my surgery. Have a good night dolls. Talk to you soon back with some news.


Y'all I just had to tell y'all this hot shit. So I decided I'm not gonna wait till tomorrow. I'm gonna message Cosmicare and Dr.Mota tonight. HUNNNIIEEEEEEE WHYYYY MOTA MESSAGE ME RIGHT GOT DAMN BACK. I didn't wait no week. No days no nothing okay!!!! Now that's what I'm talking about. He asked for my pics and said he will speak to me tomorrow. I'm so damn hype. Can't wait for tomorrow. Also ladies I decided I'm gonna go the first week of October to give me a extra month to save. I wanted Almonte to come thru for me but oh well I'm gonna be a MOTA DOLL????

Im gonna be MOTA DOLL!

So I'm sitting here writing out my bills for this surgery y'all. But I don't wanna spend more than 10,000 for everything.I spoke to Dr.Mota today over the phone and I will be getting a quote tomorrow.

Quote 1 details
Tummy Tuck
Lipo of upper arms, waist, flanks and back
Brazilian Butt Lift w/fat transfer

Tummy Tuck
Lipo of waist, flanks, back
Brazilian butt lift w/ fat transfer
Brest lift

UNLIKE ALMONTE....instead of shutting me down completely he actually listened to what I had to say about what I want. He actually came up with ways and told me the steps I need to take to come close to what I want. I'm satisfied with him as my doctor. I will become a Mota Doll.(IF YOU ARE OR GONNA BE AN ALMONTE DOLL THATS FINE BUT DONT BE TRYING TO COME AT ME CRAZY. IM JUST SAYING MY OPINION ABOUT HER FROM MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE FROM HOW I WAS TRYING TO COMMUNICATE WITH HER AND GET A QUOTE. PLEASE UNDERSTND YOUR EXPERIENCES ARE NOT MINES...Thanks You:) )

Also I got in contact with the owner of Cosmicare Keisha. I first received an email back from her and then I decided to call her. She seems very sweet and informative Cosmicare is a bit pricy but I must say I like her recovery house and I also love her supply kit that you have an option to buy ladies which I will be doing. My package is the Gold Package for 2000. Me and my boyfriend will be staying there. I'm so excited y'all. I'll be back to update after i get my official quotes from Dr.Mota tomorrow!!!!!!YASSSSS...lol. QUESTION LADIES: Did y'all fly or are you flying first class or economy? I honesty was thinking about flying economy round trip because it's cheaper and I'm trying to stick within my budget....LMAOOOOO



So I finally received my 2 quotes I requested from Dr.Mota. I'm so exited. I decided to go with quote 1. I will be getting a Breast Lift(no implants), Tummy Tuck, Lipo of the waist, flanks, arms and back with a Brazllian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer. I'm gonna go in the beginning of November now because my boyfriend said that will be the best time for him to come with me. I was gonna go in October but I want him to come. I'm not gonna push it back no more if I don't have to now. Lmaoooo. Dr.Mota is a very sweet man and so is his Assitant Kenia. She sent me a list of things I need to take before surgery and a post op list of things to buy. Most things I won't need to buy because it will be in my Cosmicare kit that comes with my recovery house. Omg I really can't believe I'm doing this. Next week in gonna make appts to check my hemoglobin level, my bmi and to make sure I'm not diabetic. I wanna make sure I'm completely healthy so I can start preparing my body for surgery. My dream is finally coming true.

Mota Doll June 2017

Alright y'all I'm back again, lmaooo. Im finally having surgery. If you have been following me then you know that when I planned on having my surgery that same year I got pregnant with my lil munchkins(twins). Now that they are about to be 2(June) I am ready. My doctor will still be Dr.Mota.  I reached out to him earlier today and I hope to hear from him soon to get the ball rolling. My diet and workout will be very intense getting ready for this especially because I only have 3 more months to wait, lol. I have been waiting for this for YEARSSSS. Nothing will stop me this time. June I'm ready for you. I'll keep you guys posted.

Mota Doll 2017 Pic Update

Hey everyone, so today I spoke to Dr.Mota via WhatsApp. I sent him recent photos of me. He said he will get back to me soon with a quote for all that i want which is basically a mommy makeover with a lil extra added in. Nothing has changed I still want the same procedures I've mentioned in previous posts. I'm so excited that my time has come. I'm tired of looking like this. I'm ready for my transformation. I'll keep y'all posted and good luck y'all.


I'm going to have surgery in aug in with Dr.Mota. I'm going alone and I'm looking for someone to come down with me. Serious people only please. Let's go together ladies ????????


Ranika Hall 25 just died at Eres Plastic Surgery in Florida. Heather Meadows 29 also died at Eres last year when their name was Encore. Watch out ladies and do your research. Please I beg you to to research your doctor. Take care of yourself and look out for you !

Deposits and Payments(IM NOT PLAYING NO GAMES)

Alright y'all yesterday I did my full payment for my post op massages in the states. I also did my deposit to reserve my spot for Dr.Mota, Serenity 2 Recovery House and Yenny for my post op massages in DR.

Price Breakdown to reserve my spot !!
Dr.Mota: 300(308 total with western union fees)
Serenity Recovery House 2 : 100( paid threw PayPal)
Yenny DR Post OP Massages: 70(78 total with western union fees)

Full Payments !!!
Innovations MedSpa 1,500 for 30 post op massages( 1,605 with taxes)

Total: 2,091

I'm not playing no games this year ladies. Aug is coming soon and I will be prepared. I'll keep y'all updated dolls!


Alright y'all so I spoke with my primary care doctor. She will be filling my meds from Dr.Mota here in the states. She also approved me for being on a 1,200 calorie diet a day. I started today and so far so good. I will be getting my iron levels checked next week. Dr.Mota also wants me to have full blood work. So tomorrow I'm gonna call my doctor and see if I can come in to get my full blood work done at the same time as my iron check. It's so crazy how fast time is going by. I can't believe it's almost april already. 4 more months to go. I'm so excited !!!!!! I hope you ladies are keeping your primary doctors in the loop of what your planning. It's very important. Have a good day dolls. I'll be back with an update soon.

Change of Plans !!!!!!

I'm no longer going on the 7th. I'm going on the 6th. I been looking up flights for the 7th and it don't seem like I'll make it for my appt to see the doctor. And if I don't make it on the 7th early in the morning Kenia said I will not be able to have surgery on the 8th. I don't wanna take any chances so I'll be flying in on the 6th. I spoke with Liz at Serenity and she gave me a new quote. So it's just a extra 100 dollars which is fine. I'm excited!!!!!!! Goodnight dolls !!!!!!

ZARA MASSAGES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When i first started making arrangements for deposits i actually wanted Zara instead of Yenny. But because Zara wasn't responding(later found out it was because she had some personal family issues going on) I i went with Yenny. By the time i got in contact with Zara i had already paid my deposit on the 21st. MIND YOU I GOT THAT MESG FROM ZARA 3 HOURS AFTER I PAID YENNY ALREADY. Ya'll i was HOT, LMAOOO! Anywho so today Yenny went to pick up her money from western union and they denied her access for reasons unknown. Shit hit me up and told me western union is sending the money back. That she doesnt know why and they i need to call them. So i called them and after a hour on the phone they tell me she did something wrong.which i figured because i also made the deposit for Dr.Mota the same day and he was able to pick his money up with no problems. The western union customer service explained to me that if i wanted to know specifics of what happen when she went there i would need to fill out a email and they would send it to me.Now i gotta go get the money back from Western Union. But anywho i started to get worried. So I decided to hit up Zara. We spoke and she gave me a quote of 280 for 14 massages. Yenny is 490 massages. Since i wanted Zara from the start plus shes cheaper I'm going with Zara. Also with Zara i dont have to make a deposit. I dont have to pay the money until she massages me. Which is a plus !What turned into a bad situation turned into a great one. Im super happy. Goodnight Dolls:)


Hey y'all so as y'all know I had to go pick up the money returned by western union because of something Yenny did during the transaction. Yesterday I went there to go pick up my money. The girl who was handling my money is my associate. She whispered to me that I have a red flag under my name. When that happens it means you or the person you are sending money to is associated in fraudulent activity. Yenny is no longer able to receive money under her name as told to me by the customer service people at western union. I am able to still make and receive transactions at this time. But it sucks that I now have a red flag under my name. My associate who works at the western union where I was picking my money up at told me it will be a lil harder for me to make transactions now. I will never do business with a Yenny again. It's not fair that whatever she is doing is not affecting me. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE SO IF YOUR EXPERIENCE IS DIFFERENT WHEN DEALING WITH YENNY THEN THATS GOOD FOR YOU! I STILL THINK SHE IS A NICE PERSON. IT DOESNT TAKE AWAY THAT I STILL LOVE HER POST OP WORK AND TBAT SHE HAS GREAT REVIEWS. BUT I CAN NO LONGER DEAL WITH HER BECAUSE OF MY EXPERIENCE WITH MAKING THIS TRANSACTION WITH WESTERN UNION !!!!! Have a good day dolls :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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