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Hello ladies :) I'm new to the Real Self community...

Hello ladies :) I'm new to the Real Self community.. I've been doing research on the procedures I will have do e for a couple of years now.. I've checked out doctors in the states and was not impressed.. I heard about yily in Dominican Republic and was not willing to put my life in her hands.. She does nice work, but my gut wasn't feeling her. So I kept looking and form Dra. Walkiris Robles :) I love what I have seen (pics and reviews) I sent out for a quote and received prompt a prompt response from Laura.. She is very pleasant and helpful.. I was quoted $5200 for all the procedures plus pain meds, antibiotic, transportation (between airport, hospital and recovery house), 10 day stay at recovery house with meals, pre op blood testing and X-rays, night stay at hospital, faja, and post op follow up. I'm 30yrs old, 5'4'' and 190lbs with 3 kids 14, 5 and 3 yrs... I plan on losing 20lbs before surgery... I'm totally ready for this transformation :) gonna be applying for passport soon, plus getting my workout on ;) Ill keep y'all posted :D


Ok so I came to send my $300 deposit via money gram.. I'm at a local wal-mart... Someone please tell me why dude behind the register is like "Sending to DR?! I don't know sounds like a scam" .. I showed him the portion of my email with the bank info and this fool decides he's gonna scoll.. And read some sh*t.. Then wanna ask what kind of surgery I'm planning on having in DR.. Lmao!! This dude is effin crazy.. He's lucky I'm not the scene type.. Got me ready to have a BF lol!! The worst part is he got in my damn head, now I'm sitting here thinking "I hope this isn't a scam, someone faking that they are Dra. Robles" lol!!

Feeling Good

Ok so I'm feeling better about my money transfer, did some research and now feel confident in whom I'm dealing with. Also just purchased the last of my supplies from amazon. I still need to purchase passport and flight. Making slow progress, but I'm getting there :D super excited.. Thanks you to the women that have reached out to me, also thanks to all the women that have posted their own experiences for the rest of us to make better informed decisions :)

Got my date :D

Finally got my date saved :D 11-17-2014.. It took some time and a lot of messages between Laura and myself, but it's done and I am happy.. Passport appointment this Friday.. Ill keep y'all posted :) stay blessed


Just took my passport photo and eew!! I'm not photogenic at all.. Lol oh well, just thought I'd share that with ya'll

Excited and totally stressed

I'm feeling excited as my date approaches.. But I am also super stressed, still trying to save up and get a few last things, also I gained 10 lbs since my first post.. Smh I have approximately 120 days till my surgery, so now it's time to Bickel down and get it.. I'm working crazy over time, so I can get my plane ticket.. Not really working out much, just staying busy and in motion.. I started juicing and drinking green smoothies a couple of days ago, also watching my portions with meals.. Ill let y'all know how that works out.. Last time I was on the scale it read 200 lbs :( I'll get on in about a week and 1/2 and see what my progress looks like.. Please Wish me lots of luck :D

Please excuse typos

I do know how to spell I promise lol!!

Weight update

Just weighed in today and I'm down 7lbs.. Now to get the remaining 26

Getting real :)

Just got my passport in today :D whoop whoop!! I was thinking I had another 2wks of waiting, but it was in the mail today.. I ain't complaining lol!! Ish is getting real.. I've been hesitant on posting before pics, but I will definitely get some up, just not sure when.. Well good luck and god bless everyone working towards a better you :)

Wish pics

Before pics and update

Here are my before pics at 190lbs.. I want to get down to 180 before I leave. We'll see what I can make happen... Well on another note. I have all my supplies, bag packed and ready to go, departing and return flights purchased. Still stacking my money for the actual procedure costs. Other than that I just have to hurry up and wait. My mind and body are totally ready to fly out, but my pockets need to catch up with the rest of me lol!! If anything changes between now and my departure date I'll post. If not, then I won't be posting again until Nov 15th when I'm flying out :) good luck and god bless to everyone on their journeys.


So I've been doing some research, and I came across a few articles that say taking iron supplements on an empty stomach (at least 2hrs after a meal) makes for the best absorption rates... When you take your supplement with a meal you decrease your bodies ability to absorb it by 40-60%. I've been taking mine 3x's a day on an empty stomach for about a week now.. When I first started taking the iron my stomach would hurt some, but now it doesn't bother me at all.. I had my hemoglobin checked back in August and it was 13.2 .... I'm shootin for 14.9 or 15... Ill get some more blood work done in October and see if taking the iron on an empty stomach helps me to reach that goal.. Ill keep y'all posted :)

4 weeks

28 days till I fly out.. I have all my supplies, and have been sending money to DR little by little. Been in the gym on the daily, but still in the 190 range... I'm sure it's due to my sweet tooth. The numbers on the scale may not be budging, but I can't tell my body is being sculpted. Ill continue to hit the gym, change my eating habits and get these 10lbs of fat gone from me.... Damn this sh*t is getting close :D can't wait!!!!


Can.... I can tell my body is being sculpted..

On my way

Ok so I'm here in Newark NJ waiting on my connecting flight to DR.. I have a 9hour layover.. Not trying to spend anymore than I truly have to; therefore I will be sittin, sleepin and walkin my ass around this airport until my departure.. Got my girls bittersweetchyna and stillcutetho over there already and they are looking so good. Loveshelly1 and I will be there soon.. Super excited to see these girls face to face.. Next time I post it will most likely be post op photos. Surgery is on Monday, not sure what time yet..


I'm here chillin with my friend/roomy Shelly. Supposed to go back at 11, but we'll see. The flight wasn't too bad, plane smelled funky, but I do have a sensitive nose.. Rooms at clinic are decent.. It ain't no 3 or for star hotel lol.. It's like a 2. Everything is just old, but not bad. Got my EKG, X-ray and hemo done upon arrival.. Hemo was 14.0 but they took off .2 ... I imagine it's for safety reasons. Hope to post after's soon.

3days post op

Hey y'all I'm 3 days post op, I feel pretty good. My new booty is super sore, my body is stiff, but overall I feel well.. I'm at Virginia's and it's cool. All the women are really nice, foods good and the house is too cute.


Been home for a couple if days. It totally feel great to be home with my babies. The flight was long as heck.. I can't think of anything that would help during a long flight back home.. I swelled in my stomach but not in my legs, hands or feet.. Only my mid section.. While at Virginia's we found out that the "general hospital" does oxygen treatments for $15 dollars.. Y'all better jump on that.. Write it down and remember it. Unless you're ok with paying $100 a pop at the place the Clinic rocommends. My experience was cool, I was lucky enough to go through everything with my travel buddy Shelly :) ... Didn't feel pain in stomach, but my booty was killing me.. Doc pumped ma a** up!! Lipo areas feel sore and stiff for the first 2 weeks.. I'm 11 days post and feel much better.. Had my daughter massage my back and I did my armpits, sides and stomach. I could see fluid filling my drain. So I guess we did a good job. I'm draining less that 50cc in 24 hours.. But I'm gonna wait a few more days to pull the drain out. Ill update with pics in a few days.

late late late

I healed well no problems.. Love my results. Need to get my ass in the gym, but still happy.. Confidence has gone through the roof. All worth it
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