Tummy Tuck/BBL - Dominican Republic

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I expect to come out way better then what I got...

I expect to come out way better then what I got going on now. I was once the fat chick, that was invited out solely to watches bitches coats & purses. Constantly over looked when it came to being asked to dance. Well, thanks to the creative hands of Plastic Surgeons & Modern Medicine. Not only I, but all women have the opportunity to become something much more. Then what they see in the mirror now. All for a small fee, that we are all worth it. Im saying all of this to say... "Let nothing & no one stop you from becoming a better you" Keep researching and digging to find the surgeon that you are comfortable with. Even find out and except the bad that they may have did. Because they are human, they can have some bad days too. We would hope that they don't have a bad one while we on the table. But if they do mess up, make them feel dam bad. And have them offer you compensation

Tities & rms are 1st on the menu, then stomach, the tightening of the arms & butt is last.

I did the tits & the arms. I did a lift & a reduction on the breast & lipoed the arms. Only because I was told that breast implants need to be replaced after 10yrs. My lift was done in the U.S. from Dr. Melissa Costa. I'm sore as hell. I've already had some complications with fluid building in my left breast. I've already gotten drained twice. And underneath both breast the stitching has gapped. I can tell you, that it does look grouse. Because the flesh is like an open sore under both. But she won't stitch it close. Because she says it is underneath the bottom of the breasts. But I would have loved her to numb me & just close it. For a smooth healing. Anyway, Gurls ill be back to you soon with the final healing results. And then my full body results from Dr. Medina in the D.R. Santo Domingo.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm quite impressed with my doctor and the cleanliness that ive seen of her facility. So far, ive only come across nothing but positive. But im still digging for anything negative. So if anybody is out there has good & the bad info on her before I go under the knife, please do tell all. Thank You!

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