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Hi Ladies, I am 29, mother of two ages 3 and 6. ...

Hi Ladies,

I am 29, mother of two ages 3 and 6. I went to my first consultation when my smallest was 6 months old and have been researching for three years. I had originally decided not to do surgery because I was told in three different consultations that I would need a tummy tuck because of all the lose skin and stretch marks I was left with after my pregnancies. Long story short, I am a thin girl who you would never know has these issues under clothes, until summer comes around and I am in my bikini and people are just giving me the awwww its ok you have two beautiful kids speech. I have decided to go to Dr. Israel Mañon in the Dominican Republic in November. I feel safe and feel as I will be in good hands with him but the more I research, the more I am leaning that he is a lipo expert and not really a tummy tuck expert and also, his before and afters are usually of bigger women... So I am not sure what will happen with me? Does anyone know of any good tummy tuck docs that they can recommend I look at? By no means am I going against my doctor Mañon choice, I am just now wondering if he is the exact fit for my body and needs? Also is anyone getting surgery out there in November?

Thank you.

Requested my time off from work!!!

Sooo I am about two months away from my surgery and just today requested my time off. I am so nervous and scared. Specially after all the digging I am doing that I found DR botched surgery sites etc. I am so excited and scared! I arrive November 18 and my surgery will be November 19. BTW, I am doing tummy tuck and bbl. I kind of feel guilty doing this because I really already have a nice thin body... But I guess it's not enough. specially after all the stretch marks my 2nd pregnancy left me with. So I just wanted to post because I want to keep everyone updated and give my honest review as much as possible. So far, Dr. Mañon has been very responsive and professional. I did get a quote with Robles but honestly, my heart feels at peace with Mañon.

That's it for now ladies. Take care! Wishing everyone safe and easy surgeries and recoveries!

Taking kids?

Hi ladies! Has anyone taken their kids on their journey? I am from Dominican Republic and travel there yearly with kids so I have family and help. I've never in my life been away from my children! Being away from them for 15 days I feel is going to hurt more than the surgery itself!!! But I understand the body truly really needs the rest and I should take this time to rest and heal!! I wanted to know if anyone took their kids with them? Thank you girls! :)

Hi everyone! So I am starting a new review because...

Hi everyone! So I am starting a new review because real self does not let me change doctors and as much time as I spent on real self, I feel I have to give a quick review. I don't think I'll be too detailed because I truly feel miserable at this moment. Not to scare anymore but I'm two days post op and I just simply do.

After I booked with one doctor, I did not feel comfortable and I did not see my body in their work. Doctor was great, safe and trust worthy but 3 weeks before surgery I knew Dr. Julio Dalberto Molina Suárez was the doctor for my body so I called and text and called and text some more to get a quote and a date. He did take long to respond (I thought it was long since I had 3 weeks to decide) but he responded and he responded with detail to each of my procedures and instantly I sent the deposit and have never felt better about my choice. I arrived to Dominican Republic on Friday, November 18th. Relaxed with my family, ate and had a good first day.  Day of exams: I was told since I was in the island 3 days before surgery, to go into the clinic for my blood work on Saturday, November 19. I had to be there at 8am and had my blood drawn by a man. It was quick and simple. Then I was sent to clínica gauzce for my chest X-rays. Everything was fast and easy. That Sunday I tried to sleep as much as I could because I knew I would not have much sleep after surgery and yes I was right- it is 3:11am and here I am writing a review. I will update more as time goes on but I feel so tired right now and weak but everything is going fine. Happy with my choice and just anxious to heal. Ok dolls I will be back and post more soon so that you guys can know what it is post op. Reading reviews did help me so much and I would love to help if I can.

Dr. Molina's Wife - Doctora Niurka Lozano

I know I haven't updated about my surgery and recovery (been hard but making it!) but I wanted to write a quick review about Dra. Lozano. She is amazing! Very patient and knowledgeable. I almost passed out today at my post op visit and she and her assistant responded right away. She's been very detailed in everything I can expect and explains why it's happening. Loving my experience so far!

5 Weeks

Hi everyone,

I've been wanting to post but it's kind of hard because I have no pics I can post because I have specific tattoos or pics I've already posted on social sites :) so it's been 5 weeks today and I must say I miss Molina so much! I'm very happy with the work he did on me! I'm a thin girl and he gave me the curves my body could take. He listened to what I wanted and was very attentive to me and my health. His team were also amazing I almost fainted so many times during my recovery but they were always ready to quickly react. My tummy tuck scar is pretty much as thin as a string and getting very light. I use what they recommend which is rosa de mosqueta but now that I am back in the states I also use the #1 doctor recommended treatment which is silicone based products and I see my scar disappearing by the day. I will say as an FYI, please be mindful of faja/garment burns. The first week I did not know any better and was not wearing any padding and did get a burn that I've been trying everything on for the past 3 weeks and if it does not go away i will be seeing a dermatologist or finding a solution so please please please be mindful of getting any burns!! Oh, the first few weeks felt like I couldn't breathe, you can feel your. Lady stretching out, you feel your skinned lipo healing itself.... it's painful FYI... sorry but no1 post the pain! Have to keep it real!! After the second week you are ok but still in pain. I began walking straight after day 16. Any questions please feel free to message me or post! :)


Just wanted to post a pic of my incision... i have like 0 comments but it's ok because I remember during my search peoples post truly helped me. Here's a pic.

10 Weeks Today

Hi ladies,

Today I made 10 weeks. I can tell you that the recovery is not easy. Of course getting through the first two weeks is the toughest, but there's nights I want to rip my skin off because I feel itchy, burning, stretching, poking! All that craziness but all in all you will get through it. I am still wearing my faja constantly, except when I want to go out and show out lol... I get asked all the time if I did something but people can't really tell because Molina blessed me with one of those hmmm did she or didn't she bodies - and I LOVE that! Communication with Molina and his team when needed has been great. They are attentive and respond. As always, any questions feel free to reach out :)

Update and incision

Hi ladies, I wanted to do an update! I'm a few days shy of four months. I am so happy I did my tummy tuck! For those of you who are scared or whatever, don't be. Just choose wisely on your surgeon and get lots of rest so you can recover. At this point my stomach still gets swollen on the top like above my belly button. It's supposed to be normal so I'm trying not to stress. Still to this day my communication with Molina has been very good and he or his wife responds to any of my questions. I stood at Venus Recovery House last min because as I mentioned above, I am from Dominican Republic but a TT is NO JOKE so I needed proper care and man they were amazing. About bbl, go bigger than you want!! I was not there for booty but to fix my stomach and I regret not asking Molina to stuff my butt! So don't be modest girls! Get it stuffed because a lot of it dies off the first 3 months. I asked Molina for a round two but he said I would need to gain significant weight and I'm not sure I want to gain weight.... I have been using mederma right now which has been working great. My faja burn is just about gone! Someone asked me about pain killers, you should take some serious pain medication, granted Molina approves it. He recommended something to me while I was out there which I bought at a pharmacy for like $20-$25. The pain meds really helped so much because the pain meds he gives you are just not enough!! like always if you have questions I am happy to help if I can. Good luck and positive vibessssss only on your journey!!!
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