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Hi Ladies, I am 29, mother of two ages 3 and 6. ...

Hi Ladies,

I am 29, mother of two ages 3 and 6. I went to my first consultation when my smallest was 6 months old and have been researching for three years. I had originally decided not to do surgery because I was told in three different consultations that I would need a tummy tuck because of all the lose skin and stretch marks I was left with after my pregnancies. Long story short, I am a thin girl who you would never know has these issues under clothes, until summer comes around and I am in my bikini and people are just giving me the awwww its ok you have two beautiful kids speech. I have decided to go to Dr. Israel Mañon in the Dominican Republic in November. I feel safe and feel as I will be in good hands with him but the more I research, the more I am leaning that he is a lipo expert and not really a tummy tuck expert and also, his before and afters are usually of bigger women... So I am not sure what will happen with me? Does anyone know of any good tummy tuck docs that they can recommend I look at? By no means am I going against my doctor Mañon choice, I am just now wondering if he is the exact fit for my body and needs? Also is anyone getting surgery out there in November?

Thank you.

Requested my time off from work!!!

Sooo I am about two months away from my surgery and just today requested my time off. I am so nervous and scared. Specially after all the digging I am doing that I found DR botched surgery sites etc. I am so excited and scared! I arrive November 18 and my surgery will be November 19. BTW, I am doing tummy tuck and bbl. I kind of feel guilty doing this because I really already have a nice thin body... But I guess it's not enough. specially after all the stretch marks my 2nd pregnancy left me with. So I just wanted to post because I want to keep everyone updated and give my honest review as much as possible. So far, Dr. Mañon has been very responsive and professional. I did get a quote with Robles but honestly, my heart feels at peace with Mañon.

That's it for now ladies. Take care! Wishing everyone safe and easy surgeries and recoveries!

Taking kids?

Hi ladies! Has anyone taken their kids on their journey? I am from Dominican Republic and travel there yearly with kids so I have family and help. I've never in my life been away from my children! Being away from them for 15 days I feel is going to hurt more than the surgery itself!!! But I understand the body truly really needs the rest and I should take this time to rest and heal!! I wanted to know if anyone took their kids with them? Thank you girls! :)
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