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I feel like an expert after all my research and...

I feel like an expert after all my research and stalking this site. I am 24 yrs old with two kids 2 C-section weighing 180lbs and desperately in need of my body back with a little extra. I want to get a tt, bbl, lipo of the inner thighs, arms and full back. Baez reply to me after a day with a quote of $3700 not including anything. I send her my $200 deposit to secure my dates. But then I came obsess with this site, im up even 3am reading others reviews. Then I felt like maybe I should have shop around and not book a Dr. that fast. So I started reaching out I receiving a quote from Duran of $4800 not including the inner thighs and arms. I was impress she email me back after 3 days because I see a lot of people saying she was hard to get in contact with. Dr. Robles quoted $5700 included recovery house and transportation basically an entire package, but her recent deaths got me a little on the fence. Then Dr. Medina was $4500 and if I wanted the recovery house it would be $5350. Dr. Hernandez was $5600 if weight is over 150lbs. Yily was $4500 and a extra $1000 for 10 days at a recovery house. Dr. Leon was very nice and he called my right away after I requested a quote I felt very comfortable taking to him, he seems caring and really want the best for his patients. He quoted me $4000 without seeing my pics but that wasn't enough for me a after talking to my husband he wasn't impress with the fact that he didn't have a lots of reviews to go off of. After months of really studying all the doctors work I felt like Dr. Baez had more review of people that looked more like me and their results were amazing. So I will be a Baez Doll coming August 2015. Perfect time for me I really wanted to go in May with my bestie but .......

Flight Booked

OMG this is getting too real. I purchase my ticket and the moment i got my confirmation i started shaking, almost as if my surgery was going to be right then and there and i just push the start button. I started taking my pills about a month now, Im aiming for a hemo of 14 or better.

In need of a earlier Baez Date please

If anyone is cancelling with Dr. Baez or would like to switch to Aug 7th please let me know. My school program dont want to gove my the time off. They said they would at first now they say 10 days is too long . Please


So because Baez is pregnant I no longer believe she can give me the result I need. I mean, be honest how can someone b 8 months pregnant mold my butt the way I way it. I been pregnant twice before and at 8 months I can't even see my private part to wash or tie my shoe lace so how can she see over her belly to do the necessary procedures. I feel like she should never put me in this position when she know she is pregnant and if I didn't read about her being pregnant I would have never known. She should at least give me the option if I still want to proceed with her before sending my deposit when its non refundable. When ask if she would b capable to do procedures in August she said she think so but if anything changes she will let me know like who wants to hear about things changing at last minute when your all set and ready for surgery. I'm so upset this just feels like robbery and I think she should give me my money back. Smh

How many cc should i put in this booty

I was thinking that i wanted 1250cc in each butt to hips but my bff got 800cc each n her ass is big so im reconsider maybe 1000cc. I heard its really hard to find a nice jeans when yuh booty is too big. My booty is not that flat so maybe i should get 900cc. Im really torn i want a big ass with a side way shot. But my biggest problem area is my arms. Ughhhhh i just hate them they r the reason why i look extra fat bcuz thats the first place i gain weight.

5 more weeksssss

My surgery buddy and i are staying at Maria recovery house. If you go with someone its $60 per day everything included....transportaion, food, and $15 per massage. I do have 10 free massage included in my quote but im not taking it because i dont think i am going to be able to travel to his massage therapist. Im so excited been waiting sonce January for this day now im so close i could just ......

17 days to go

Im so excited i just cnt hide it. 2 weeks plus and i just cant wait. I been on this journey for so long now. @kiasimone08 are you ready for our stripper looking ass? People gonna feel some type a way lol. Im going to get my last blood work done tomorrow to see where my hemo is, im praying its in the 14s at least.

Hemo Results

Ok ladies, i got my results and my hemo is 12.3. Dr.Leon said it good but i dont feel so comfortable with that. Im hoping within this 11 days it will progress to maybe 13 i am now talking 3 blood builder 2 iron pills and geritol.

Question for all who did surgery already?

I wanted to know if i can withdraw funds from my debit card from an atm in DR.

Back home, no surgery

A week Before leaving my hemo was 12.3 by the time i got to DR it drop all the way to 11.6. So i couldnt get surgery on Friday. Dr. Leon said i could stay and get treatment and do the surgery on tuesday if things get better. I drink almost an entire bottle of sss tonic took the test again and it went up to 12. I always read that you can do one procedure with 12 so i ask if i can just get the tummy tuck he said he didnt want to risk a blood transfusion because of my Thalassemia. Sad, and heart broken i just decided not to get treatment because i felt like i was already overdosing on iron and for my hemo to be only 12 then i felt like it wasnt going to change because one of my red blood cells is abnormal. Plus when o thought about all the money to change flight stay longer recovery house and all smh. I will cont to work on my hemo because i really need this surgery so i can do it another time.

Baez Doll March 15

So im back....... I was lost after not being able to get my surgery done back in August due to my low hemo. Im going back to Baez because she is simply the best with the best price. Love her work but didnt want her to work on me while she's 8 months pregnant. Anyways thats all done with so im ready to get back to business. March 15 2016 where are you because im ready and waiting.
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