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Hi Ladies!!! I am so excited! I finally got the...

Hi Ladies!!! I am so excited! I finally got the courage to post! Lol. I'm 5'3 and 195lbs....uggghhh. I have high blood pressure but other than that I'm pretty healthy. I also work in the healthcare field. I've had 2 c sections and plan to lose about 20lbs before my surgery date. Dr Baez seems to be kind and concerned about health not $$$. That's really important to me. I have kiddos and a hubby to come back to. This surgery was completely my idea and he is constantly telling me he loves me like I am but I want to love the body image I see every morning. And let's face it...this is not sexy! Lol. It's been taking a while to get a response whether I email or whatsapp. I sent my deposit on July 14 via money gram. Still waiting for her to pick it up! Hoping to meet others scheduled around that time. Health and healing to everyone!

Deposit issues

Ok. I sent my deposit July 14 via Moneygram per the email instructions. A week went by and it still had not been picked up. I emailed and texted but no response. I called the office a few times Friday (July 22) and ended up speaking to that same gentleman. He confirmed that she NO LONGER ACCEPTS MONEYGRAM OR WESTERN UNION. He told me to cancel the MONEYGRAM I sent. I instantly went into panic mode and explained my situation and told him I didn't want to lose my surgery date. He reassured me I would not and said to email and whatsapp her and she will send bank wire instructions. I told him I've done that a few times already and it's been a few days. He said that was OK and she will eventually respond. So I feel better. Obviously she's not money hungry or trying to rip people off which is a good thing.
Late Friday evening I got a whatsapp from her requesting my email address so hopefully I'll get the email soon! But I'm chill about it now...I see it just takes her a while to respond. But she us still my first choice because I feel like she puts your health first and that is absolutely the most important thing to me.

Finally got an email!

I am sooo relieved! Finally got an email yesterday with bank wire instructions. I plan on sending it Thursday (waiting on refund from MONEYGRAM).

Changed surgery date

Hi dolls! So I went to my doctor last month and my hemoglobin was 10.4....I've always been anemic. She wanted me to allow a little extra time for the surgery to make sure I'm healthy so my date has been changed to November 3rd. Dr. Baez got back with me the same day and confirmed it! I've also been working on my weight. I'm down to 187!!!! My goal is 180 or less so I feel pretty good about meeting it. I plan to start purchasing the supplies I need this week. Any suggestions/comments about what you really need? Thanks!

Flight Booked!!!!

I am soooo excited!!! I'll be leaving Nov 1 with my surgery on Nov 3. I'm reconsidering my recovery house. Now I'm leaning towards Real Tropical Deluxe Recovery House. Anyone heard anything about them?
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