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I have been researching procedures for a tummy...

I have been researching procedures for a tummy tuck and liposuction in the Dominican Republic for weeks now. I was thinking about considering Robles or either Almonte. I must admit even though Robles assistant was faster to answer my email for a quote I wanted to make sure that I was going to choose the best surgeon. RS helped me a lot.i choose Almonte because her incision line for tt were better. (Please ladies do not come for me because this is my opinion).Well so far I'm debating on my date because I'm in the process of starting another job so I'll keep you posted on that. I decided that I wanted to do the surgery because I was sleeved in Sept of 2013 in which I have lost 69lbs. At this point I am happy with the weight loss but not happy with the belly that I have.So I'm going to be dolled up with Almonte!


Just a little motivation to keep me focused.

Wish Pics

Here are some wish pics that I like:)

Wish Pics

On a mission

I have been really getting into going to D.R. I really am undecided as to when I will go but I know it will be before April 2015.i have taken notes on what to bring (thanks to RS) so I'm preparing for that in the meantime. I also have been pricing my plane ticket. I was slightly disappointed just for a little bit because I wanted liposuction, bbl, tt, and breast augmentation. ...but I was advised that I should do the b.a. on a 2nd round. OH WELL....I quickly got over it . lol. I'm going to do the bbl, tt, and liposuction with Almonte. I have already got my quote I'm just waiting to see which day I'll go.i really wanted to go in December but I don't think that is possible being that I'm about to start my new job. I think I'll give it a little more time. As along as I accomplish it before April I'll be fine. I don't have to worry about a passport because I already have that.I haven't told anyone yet because I know I WILL get hit with negativity and I Do Not want to hear that. I have live a life of depression trying to make everyone else happy while neglecting myself. IT'S TIME 4 ME TO MAKE MYSELF HAPPY .....and I Am Ready!! ;-)

Um.....maybe Duran?

I have been looking at Dra Duran's work and I truly love her results. I was thinking of going to her but it's so hard to get in contact with her. I have heard of people getting in contact through Jazmine with Bella Vita for consultation and quotes but I would have to pay for the help. Ohhhhhhh well....I guess if all else fails that would have to be my option. Majority of the patients of Dra Duran had to go through B.V. anyway if they were not lucky enough to reach Duran themselves.
I have been plateauing with my weight loss for 2 months. ..luckily I have managed to start losing again. I'm currently 5'3 and 178 lbs .This is the lowest I have been in my life! I'm excited and scared of the weight loss because my body is constantly changing for better (health) and worse (loose skin).I really don't have a lot of loose skin but I'm considering having fat grafting to my inner thighs. I thought about the thigh lift but I don't like the scars at all. Besides I always had big legs anyway. So now I am just waiting to get in contact with Duran.

pics of myself

Myself at 5'3 and 178 lbs.

Deelishis (my ultimate wish)

I think that Duran can most definitely give me a bubble butt like Deelishis. ....yasss.....work it Dee! Still patiently waiting for my quote.

realself private investigator

I promise stalking realself reviews has officially turned me into a realself private investigator. Lol....This is crazy I'm literally on this site all day or basically until my phone is about to die. Smh.. Any way I'm still waiting for that quote from Duran. I have really been doing the most with her....I sent 3 emails within the last 2 weeks. Today I reactivated my Facebook just message her, sent a whatsapp message, + I sent information request to Bella Vista, Allure Consultants, and Zelma Hernandez all to try and contact her.
I'm sorry if I'm being indecisive about my choice of drs, but I just want make the right decision. I contacted Dra. Yily and I received a quote really fast of course I am still looking a her reviews. I got a quote from Dra. Cynthia Disla as well she does great breast augmentation with implants, but a couple of her dolls got an mycobacteria infection in which the drs in the us had to remove the implants. :-/ I really feel like cecip is a cleaner facility based on the reviews. Yeah I know that this it self should narrow my decision, but I still want that darn quote. ..smh. I also read that it's best to message her on sunday. I don't know this is really kind of crazy. I really hope that she doesn't just deal with beauty consulting companies for contacting her.i read that one realselfer messaged her tben contacted Belle Vista and after she paid for the service to contact Dra Duran.After reviewing her pictures she was told that the Dra would not perform surgery because of her weight....wth..that is so messed up. So she had to choose another Dra. I can ensure you that ,my dear, will not happen to me. If it's not guaranteed..then there is no need! (For me to give you $).

Allure image Consultants is da bomb!

Oh my goodness. ...I finally contacted Dra Duran with the help of Allure image Consultants. The best part is they help without any money!I have to put a 200.00 deposit to secure the date. Of which I'm still not sure. :/. The quote was for liposculpting, tt and bbl...for 4800.00.im so excited. I'll keep you guys posted.

I want a Naughty... yet Classy figure ;)

I know realistically that even after my rx I will be thicker in the waist. HELL...A girl can wish for a naughty and classy figure..lol. Just snatch my waist and plump my butt for me and I would be Good .....for now. Waiting for the "Okey dokey" from my district manager to get permission to take off for my rx next yr. I hope I get approved. (Fingers crossed)

Medina Doll

I had to reconsider my Dr.I will be going with Dra. Medina. My deposit is paid and ill be set gor june 21st. So ready to be Dolled.My quote includes bbl,lipo,tummy tuck and breast aug with implants.

Count down

Ok.i have been taking all of my vitamins faithfully.I have to get my hemo up to 14 in order to do all of my procedures.i have to make an appointment in order to see what my progress is.I have purchase so all of my items and I am just waiting on a few more things to come in.I must admit that I am excited.I cant wait to become a Medina doll. ;)

Rocio Ortega Recovery Home

I will be staying at Rocio Ortega Recovery Home.If anyone will be there or becoming a Medina doll between June 21st and June 29th Let me know.

Me versus Boppy

Ok so i got a new boppy pillow and tried it out the other day.After trying it out I am not pleased with using it. No matter how i tried to fix it at some point i felt my butt touching the chair.:( I know me and i will not make it on either of the flights back home.I started looking at the booty buddy but for nearly 80.00 bucks i wasnt trying to pay that (ughhh) .Today I was shopping around and i found a round yoga bolster.It's quite comfortable and it was on clearance 40.00 bucks(whoop whoop).All the coins i spent on supplies thus far ,yes dolls, i will celebrate victory! :) I went to the dr today to check my hemo he stated that i will get my results soon.Need to check my progress with these vitamins.


It's less than two months from me going to the D.R. to become a medina doll! I am going through all kinds of emotions only because of all the different obsticles that i have been going through with this journey thus far.I found out that my iron level is high and my hemo is @11.9. When i reviewed my test results i wanted to give up,but i thought of how far I've came and what I went through to get to this point to have surgery. I was at the point of discouragement that i wanted to delete my account,but I thought what if someone was going through this and needed encouragement.I AM NOT GIVING UP.My doctor wants to see me again so that he can help me get my hemo up.I'll keep u dolls posted!

Plan B: the reality check

I went back to the forctor on monday to give more blood to try to figure out why my hemo is low and my iron is high(shruggs shoulders).Well the reality is after reviewing so many r.s.reviews with past Medina barbies, not to many of them were advised to get multi procedures at once. I know that there is a great possibility that i wont be advised to get all of my procedures because my hemo is currently too low and it will be risking.But the thing is I really dont know which procdure to choose along with the tummy tuck.Either lipo and breast or lipo and butt.The thing is my butt is not total flat or small.I actual have a curve and hips.It just that I want a slight big butt at the bottom.The only thing is I really dont want it too big to where I look like half woman half horse.(lol)You know that big natural looking butt is all i want.Hell she dont have to transfer much. I'll post pics of me when its closer to my surgery date.Im just a little embrass at the moment.I did have some with the previous post but I deleted them. Inot really going through all types of emtions anymore. I guess because i have more than this to focus on.IDK.I brought all of my supplies but I really want to get a thermal blanket because I heard a lot of dolls say they were cold and the heating blanket helped.Im really not trying to buy nothing else because Im getting tired of buying things(ughhhhh).I just have to get snacks and my rx and Im official.I pray that my hemo goes up at least to a 13 . I'll be guccii.God got me tho whats for me is for me.#Faith and Favor

The countdown

I have one month left until my departure to Dra Medina.I have been taking my vitamins faithfully and I praying that my hemo is at least a 13.0. I have an appointment with my dr on Monday to test my hemo again. I probably will not get the results back until Thrusday. I cant wait until this is over with. I just want to see how i look!! Ill post before pictures later.

8 days and counting

Everything is packed.I promise since I have decided to complete this journey I have been going through test after test.I don't post much but I know how helpful this site has been for me so when I do I try to post when I can. I purchased some snacks today. Im still waiting on my urinal to come in.Smh. I ordered it since the end of April from ebay and still havent recieved it. Its suppose to come by the 15th.Talk about pushing it. I have been seeing some really cute clothes but I know that i have to wait until the surgery is completed and I am fully recovered.I now have 2 luggages to take with me.I tried to cram everything in one but I knew that ai would be the one that would have to pick up all of her belongings that fell out of her luggage.Just because I wanted to be tight and on a budget. I also didnt want to tote to suit cases after surgery.But I had to do what I had to do.I will take some pics of my supplies a tad bit later.Future dolls remember you probably will go through all sorts of things on this journey BUT NEVER LET IT BREAK YOU! Whats for you is for you! I have to work every day except saturday that coming up. Then I will work sunday and monday and wha la tuesday I am off to D.R. So I will be busy busy.

Whats in my bags?!?!

Adult diapers Benadryl Neosporin Lip balm Lotion Hibiclen Arnicare gel and pills Tylenol pm Bromelain pills Clorox wipes Toothpaste Toothbrush Feminine pads Chux Surgical dressing Snacks Cotton balls Safe Qtips Bandaids Surgical tape Squeem Lipofoam Slippers Robe Booty pillow Hand wipes Feminie wipes Vitamins Ear buds Bonnet Glasses Sunglasses Contacts and solution Lanyard for drain Peroxide Off repellent Deodorant Towels Sunscreen Febreze Lipo foam Kleenex Sundresses Wife beaters Slippers Blanket Underwear Sportsbras Tourist card Passport Travel pillow Compression socks Fanny pack Laxatives Dial antibaterial soap Baby wipes **a picture of my babies** I really hope that im not forgetting anything in my luggage being that its cramed to the max. Remember to get locks for your luggage !!Wheww I may not need it all but it what I read on most reviews. If i dont need some thing i will update my review with "leave it at home".No where is that darn urinal? Well I will keep you all posted.TTYL


I was not going to do an update because I know how judgmental some people are but I want future patients to know what can happen.I really hope and pray that no one experience what I have with my doctor and her associates but I must say that I was warned but I didnt take heed to the bad reviews that I came across. I had arrived on june 21st into D.R. I was picked up by the driver name George. I was then taken to my recovery home.Low and behold I did NOT go to the recovery home as assigned which was Ricio Ortega I was placed at My Home.It was and is not a place that I would recommed.The button to call the nurses didnt work.There are no smoke detectors.The manager Carmen is rude.She argued with a patient that wanted her money back due to service and housing issued.She pointed to a smoke detector bracket and told the patient that it was indeed a smoke detector.The food was awful. So the following day I met with Medina. I when into a room with 4 beds that were sectioned off by curtains.She took my before pics. She told me that I had a lot of loose skin from my weight loss and that she was going to lipo and do my tummy tuck.She also stated that I may not have enough fat for a Bbl. I THEN told her well maybe I dont meed to get the Bbl.She said "well you know I dont charge for a Bbl".It didnt sound truthful but I was like ok.So she left no markups with the markers ...no nothing...I was then placed in my recovery room until it was time for me to have my procedures done.A few hours later a nurse came in and gave me my blue pill.I took it and dozed off later a nurse came and walked me over to the operation room. I WAS STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY I GETTING ON THE SURGERY TABLE AND I WAS NOT MARKED UP. I seen a tall dark hair male but no medina.I was told that maybe she came in after I was knocked out.I woke up twice during operation the first time I had aomething blue covering my face and I went back under. The second time I didnt go back to sleep I was up.I seen the tall dark haired male and heard him as well.No Medina. The next day I seen Medina she came into my room gave me a hug and kiss and told me that I didnt have a lot of fat and that I only have 200 ccs on each cheek for my bbl.I was disappointed but I accepted.I was returned to My Home Recovery house and on the second day I started to notice that I didnt have any lipo bruising as the other patients. I wasnt in any pain besides my tummy tuck and I didnt have any blue marker marking from my procedures. When I went to my follow up I told Medina my concerns about me not being marked up she said that she did do and that it after I took the blue pill and she said didnt remember due to me being woozy from the blue pill....lies.How could I remember everything else and why dont I have any markings from the marker.I also told her that I didnt have any bruising from the lipo nor upper back entrance wounds.She said but I did do lipo I suck all of the fat from your sides.If she did I would in fact have an entrance wound and lipo brusing from lipo.as well as with the loose skin I have on my back I would have had lipo burns because you Cant perform lipo on loose skin. She didnt want to give me my money for the procedures that she didnt perform. I also told her that i was also lied to about the recovery home that I was suppose to go to.She said which home did u want to go to.When I told her that there others that I could have been sent to as well as I started to name a few and I told her how the manager was arguing with the patient she apologized. I ALSOtold her that I chose to go to her and i didnt enjoy my experience.To my experience Medina may seem all nice but She is all about a dollar...Dont get me wrong I loke my tummy tuck but I paid for tummy tuck lipo to flanks (which were cut off during tummy tuck) upper and lower back (which were nt touched because she stated I need a truckplasty for the loose skin) and a bbl( which she doesnt charge for)....She said she would do the second round for the truckplasty but I would never let her touch me again.Integrity is a big thing to me and if u lack that then u are not to be trusted. Be careful and God bless.


Here are some pics for you all
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Read my review.Note: this is my personal experience and it does not reflect any one elses option or concerns.

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