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Want to be able to look in a mirror and see a...

Want to be able to look in a mirror and see a better me. Have considered for so long. My personal goal to have a flat stomach, butt fat transfer, liposculpture of waist and back flanks. Would like breastlift but depending on cost might wait. I am feeling anxious n at same time excited.

I have a question, do you really have an epidural instead of general anesthia with Dr. Robles. I sent for a quote today but if general anesthia is not used but have to look elsewhere. Would appreciate any tips, experience and results.

Also the drains, r they as painful as some say and how does it feel when they are taken out.

Have only heard and seen great things regarding Dr...

Have only heard and seen great things regarding Dr. Robles. Just sent in my pics and was quoted $5200. Great thing is my husband travels to the DR frequently because he works with the Yankees and he is in charge of their complex in Santo Domingo so I can travel with him when I actually get a confirmed date. I have been there myself twice before. Is anyone looking to see Dra. Robles around the end of June 29 or 30, 2013 where are the dates I am looking for now. All the comments on this site are so informative, not looking for to dealing with more pain, but as my niece say, "beauty is pain". Praying for all of you that are about to go thru this experience and also for those of you that already had it done, speedy recovery. Go girls.

Good morning to the beautiful ladies like me that...

Good morning to the beautiful ladies like me that want to look better. Has anyone had a spouse/significant other who is/was opposed to going to DR for this kind of surgery. My husband thinks I am absolutely crazy even though he would be there with me while I had surgery. He just does not trust going to Recovery House because you hear so much about how sick you can get from food, water (I know because he almost died after eating something in DR which bacteria went into his blood system). Luckily, we had just come back to US and he had the best doctors and was saved, but the experience has he dreading my surgery. How can I calm his nerves so that I can stay sane. Any suggestions?

Family and friends r not the best to encourage me,...

Family and friends r not the best to encourage me, especially going out of States. Started to doubt myself and question whether I want to really go thru so much pain, swelling and drains at my age, and then Wow! Yes I do. Hope it will all be worth it.

My husband is on board and even asking questions...

My husband is on board and even asking questions of friend in DR to check out Clinic and Recovery House. Laura says everything looks good that my ticket is my confirmation but I want to know for sure before getting ticket that the day I selected is available. Pray it is.

Got a quote from Dr. DeLosSantos today which was...

Got a quote from Dr. DeLosSantos today which was my second choice. After considering all facts I am going with Dr. Wilkiris Robles. Wish me luck.

Surgery date moved up to June 28th. I will be...

Surgery date moved up to June 28th. I will be traveling on June 27th, just booked flight. Is all of this really happening. I need to try to lose some weight, any suggestions. Scared not of surgery but of the recovery that is waiting for me. I am in God's hands.

I have a question for all u ladies? I got quote...

I have a question for all u ladies? I got quote for TT, lipo waist n flanks and BBL. I really need a BL with implants (flat), but with the Dr. she will only do one. Decisions. What would u do? My butt is not the best either. Does your butt look better after having the lipo to the waist with the TT so that I can do BL? Anyone who has had these procedures, please share. Thank you.

I'm not good at writing n I'm thinking that is why...

I'm not good at writing n I'm thinking that is why I haven't received replies but from a handful of ladies. Thank u to those who did. I am so undecided keep going back n forth, should I go to DR or wait n have Dr. in US. I read so many posts and some r so bad n then others r good about Dr. Robles. I keep praying and keep looking for my answer. Good luck to all of u that r ready to take the plunge to the flat side and hope that I can soon say the same.

Well ladies after all the negative things...

Well ladies after all the negative things happening in DR, I have scheduled a consultation with a doctor in Tampa for April 12th. I will be seeing another one later in April n then I will make my decision. Hope all you ladies that have had your sx in DR are doing well, as well as everyone who has gone or is going to cross to the flat side. If you have had sx already, I would love to hear ur story n pics. This site has really helped me. I have a list of questions for my surgeon just by reading these posts. Happy healing to all.

Had a discussion with a surgeon in town and I was...

Had a discussion with a surgeon in town and I was told to lose 27 lbs. n then call him back to schedule consultation. I weigh 177 and alot has to do with my hanging belly and the fact I can't exercise. Family Dr. had me on weight loss pills n my system couldn't handle them so what am I to do. I try to watch my food intake and exercise n I end up in bed with sprains to my back for weeks. Like I said before, my TT is in God's hands. When he decides the time is right it will happen. I have an actual consultation with another dr. on 4/12/13 n I also still have my sx date in DR with Robles that I haven't cancelled until I go over all my options so I can make an informed decision. To any lady that has recently had TT with Robles could you reply with your experience since there had been so many negative happening over there in March. Hope you r all healing n congrats to you troopers. I will be on the flat side also, just a matter of when.

Life has come up so my TT is on hold hopefully for...

Life has come up so my TT is on hold hopefully for not long. In the meantime, I will be trying to lose some weight. Will update when I set a new date for sx. Good luck to all you lovely ladies that have gone thru it and all those waiting for their date. Happy healing to you all.

My surgery is back on for June 28, 2013. My...

My surgery is back on for June 28, 2013. My husband is in DR now working, was just at CECIP and met Raquel and Dr. Wilkiris Robles. My husband knows a lot of important people there so he went with a friend who is known all over the island, if fact the Dra. knew of him and was thrilled to finally meet him. He too is going to get surgery. Can u believe this. My husband loved the Dra. He says she is young and stunning as well as very smart and knowledgeable in her surgery. She even told him what she could do for him (which is a go after me). He is all for my surgery and feels that I will be in the best hands. She recommended Rosa's Recovery House. Has anyone used her and can you give me a number or website. I have dealt with Laura all the time, but my husband said he met Raquel and Laura wasn't there, so LADIES, if you are thinking of going to DR for surgery, you might want to think about this doctor.
I just sent email to Laura, hope she gets it. Now I am excited to know that my
husband approves and actually said he would trust this doctor for surgery ( now this is a man who got sick in DR and almost died when he came back) and he doesn't every say that about Drs except for our family doctor which is great who was the one that saved his life here. Now I am headed towards the flat side. God is great and he will be taking care of me. Will post my experience as I go thru it. Good luck chicas. Take care. Speak to you soon.

Has anyone heard of or stayed at Dra. de la Rosa...

Has anyone heard of or stayed at Dra. de la Rosa Recovery House? This is where
Dr wants me to stay with my husband. It will only be for three days after surgery, but I would like to know if this is a new place. Please advise.

Why is it that family is always the most negative....

Why is it that family is always the most negative. I haven't posted about this before, I am a 58 yo mother of 5 children and 8 grandchildren. My husband decided to tell my kids and nephew about my upcoming sx on Mother's Day. All I heard all day was the negatives. You won't be able to take the PAIN. I suffer from chronic back pain as a result of an accident 4 years ago which they say is from facet joint pain n fibro. As a result I went through 6 months of very intense INTENSE, did I say Intense lower back pain every day which threw into depression and anxiety attacks. I still have a back pain every day but not as bad as those first 6 months. I also had 5 births naturally, I don't know what an epidural is. Even after all this pain my kids think I can't handle pain. What do they think I go through every day. My depression is gone and after all this I still want a tummy tuck. Have wanted one for past 8 years which is when I put on the weight. I have gone on a clean way of eating and have lost 11 lbs. in 3 weeks. I plan to lose at least 10 more before my sx. Sorry this is so long, guess just needed to vent. I was so upset that I told my husband and oldest daughter that I was going to cancel. My husband is very supportive now. He said no, you are going to do this and you are going to be fine. I will be there with you the whole time (16 days) counting surgery date. Why is it that family are the worst when it comes to you. I know they are worried something might happen to me, but just say we support whatever you want n be there in case I need something. I am back to being very positive. I am in GOD's hands and he will not let anything happen to me. I know recovery is not going to be EASY n I might even get depressed at times, but in the end I know I will feel better n actually like the way I look.

Ugh I hate when I ask Laura questions and she does...

Ugh I hate when I ask Laura questions and she does not answer my questions. She emails whatever comes into her mind, at that moment. She just got snippy with me and I had to let her know. I am requesting recovery house where husbands are allowed to stay and she is saying Virginia's but husband cannot stay with me. After asking twice either she is very stupid or she does not really understand English as well as she thinks she does. I am just so disgusted with her right now n I will certainly let her know in her face when I see her and also the doctor. Now I know why all the comments from women who actually left recovery houses because of no communication, bad food and no help. Maybe I should just stay in a Hotel and get a Nurse to stay with me. Cheaper and probably better. Had to vent. Sorry.

Surgery Next Month

Well, I guess I have pissed off Laura. She hasn't responded to my last email for three days. She can be snotty in her email, n we r to take it. Guess again. I can be just as snotty. She is the patient coordinator - the word "patient" must confuse her, cause I am the paying client. Oh well, I will be calling the doctor directly. We can't put up with too much s.... from her as I know a lot of women on here have posted all the problems they had with her. I had to go over her head straight to the doctor and the administrator of the hospital. Can not and will not put up with this childish behavior from someone who is there to help the patient.


Got final quote today. Still trying to lose some more weight. Stuck on 10 lbs. Need to really get busy with the exercise cause I want to lose another 10 before this surgery. I will be staying at a hotel instead of recovery house and I will have a nurse that will come to the Hotel to take care of me. Thought this was better cause at Virginia's they don't allow men and my husband is coming with me. All the other houses do not have hospital bed so I might as well stay at a nice place that is paid for by my husband's job. Oh, for those that think that the ladies at the recovery house make 300 pesos a month, it is actually 300 USD ($12,000 pesos) per month so a 500 peso tip is only two dollars that you are tipping for 10 days (we tip more for a dinner out here). Just thought I would mention this, one of our dollars is 40 pesos there. I am slowly getting all my supplies but I will get snacks, drinks and meals at the Hotel. We will be staying at the Jaragua and I also found a great dentist that is US Accredited Jose Alonso, (he also has office in Miami) so I will be having some dental work in the future with him. I will meet him this trip and plan to go back in December for dental work. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers as I am doing for you the Ladies that have gone thru or are about to go thru this. We are strong and God is with all of us. Happy healing.

Has anyone had problems getting procedures done because they used the presurgery vitamedic pills?

I have read on two posts can't remember which one that Dr. would not perform back lipo and another who was told these pills
do not allow their iron levels to go up. Please advise. I already bought them but I still have 4 weeks to ge before I am to start them.


I begin the countdown today. One month from today I should be having my sx with Dra. Wilkiris Robles. I have all my supplies except for the vitamedica pills. I have seen on some posts that the Dr. does not want you to use this and one posted doctor refused to lipo back bec she was using these pills. Have asked Laura. No response yet. Trying to get my mind ready for the pain, it's the swelling that has me thinking so much. I will be staying at the Jaragua Hotel and Casino for 17 days and I hired a nurse through Laura to take care of me. My husband will also be there with me. I love this forum bec we pray and give support to each other. Happy healing to everyone. I am ready.

Dr. Appointment today with primary physician.

Had appointment with my doctor today to get CBC done and I told him I would be traveling to DR for a TT. He surprised me by saying he did not think that was a bad idea as long as I have researched doctor and feel she will be doing a good job. I said yes, my husband even met her, so he said you are healthy enough, go for it. I got my
pain meds and blood work tomorrow. It is really GOING DOWN in DR. Just can't believe I'm a month away.. Some days, I'm second guessing myself and then days like today it's like Wow, this is what I need to do. Wish me luck and speedy recovery to everybody that had surgery today. May God Bless You All.


Anyone having surgery with Dr. Robles, she does not want us taking this pre-surgery pills because they contain Vitamin A and that causes bleeding.


Well Ladies, June has officially arrived. I will be leaving June 27, 2013 from Tampa and I have just packed my bag. I will have to buy a carry-on cause I still need my makeup (face must look good too) and my daily medicines as well as my handbag with money. My bag is not that big, I have carried it onto a plane before, but now it is packed to the max. My supplies are as follows:
4 Packs of disposable adult cleansing washcloths.
8 Adult depends
1 Maxi pads pack

List Continued

1 Mini pads pack
40 Individual feminine pads
16 Tegaderm waterproof dressing
25 Individual alcohol wipes
1 Arnica gel
1 Dermaplast pain spray
Surgical tape
1 small scissors
makeup remover pads
Cepacol sore throat
lip balm
mirror &comb
Sin Eecch pills (post surgery arnica montana)
bromelain pills (post surgery)
Benadryl pills
Muscle relaxers
Pain pills
Antibiotic cream
kelo-scar gel
Mattress pads
2 Sports bras
2 cotton lightweight robes with pockets
3 sleeping gowns
1 pair pajamas
5 pairs of stretch and yoga pants (I will be there for 17 days)
3 summer dresses
1 flip flops
2 pairs compression socks
3 button up shirts
3 wife-beaters
4 Ensure for first couple days. Husband will buy more there.
Cyrstal light packets
Seems like alot and certainly looks like alot but after 17 days my luggage will come home empty except for the clothes.
Good luck Ladies with your surgery and Happy & Quick Healing to all of us. God Bless You All.
Cell phone


Only three weeks until I will also be on the flat. Starting to really feel "real". I am literally counting the days. Bags are all packed.


I went and had radiesse done on my face at a mini med spa. For those that don't know what it is, it is a filler for marionette lines and cheeks. This last for 12 to 18 months and actually makes you create new collagen in the areas done. I'll tell you some of those shots were "unreal". The difference is subtle but so noticeable right away. I actually look so much younger. Bad thing, some shot sites around my mouth have bruised. Swelling is not too bad. I wanted my face to match my new body and actually wanted to make sure I could handle the pain. Face is sore, but by my TT date is such be fine. I am ready!


Got my results today from my CBC. Hemo is at 14.1, got it up from 13.6 in October, 2013 with eating a lot of protein. I am also taking my iron pill once a day so it might go higher by the end of the month. I also lowered my cholesterol and tri so I'm a pretty happy girl right now. On the bad side, I cannot get Laura to return any of my emails. Have sent her 3 emails 6/5, 6/9 and again today with no answers. Has anyone else had problems with her lately, maybe she is out due to her pregnancy. Please let me know as I let her know if I do not hear from her by tomorrow I will phone the dr. directly. I am on prescription pills that have to be taken daily and since Feb she was to speak with the dr. about if it is safe to continue using up till surgery date. If I cannot get my surgery on my date due to this, someone is going to HEAR me and Laura will be paying my ticket. Believe that.


Ladies, today I found and ordered a "marsupial" which is an adjustable terry cloth belt with attached pouch. (Can also get it with two pouches). This will serve to hold my drains without having to pin them. Very comfortable to wear out under your clothes, you can even take a bath with it and just put it to dry and put on your dry one (you need to order two for this). I thought this was GREAT for my TT drains that will be in for a minimum of 10 days since I will be staying in an exclusive Hotel.


At this time I know I am just venting, this serves as my journal to the flatside. After I emailed Laura that was last email before I called the dr. she emailed me back only saying she received my CBC results and they were excellent, so I had to finally break down and text her what about my prescription medicine that I take? Has the doctor reviewed them, cause she had told me to clear all prescription medicine before surgery. This was back in Feb, 2013 that I sent her all my prescription - she will check with doctor and get back to me. After 4 months, last night she sends text that I could not understand about suspending. WTF! Saw it this morning n immediately texted her back. Write in Spanish, I do not understand a thing you just texted in English. Really Dr. Robles needs a new assistant. I was a Spanish/English interpreter for court system and I tell you I did not understand one thing she tried to tell me. She sends it again in Spanish and basically she is saying that I need to ask my doctor who prescribed the medicine since Dra. Robles is only a plastic surgeon she does not know about prescription medicine. ARE YOU FOR REAL! They are doctors too and know exactly what prescriptions you cannot take before surgery. I have been to surgeons and they have told me take this prescription but not that one before surgery. I do not like this not being able to speak to the doctor directly. I am going to try to call her cell but I know this will be hard since I expect her to be in surgery or with other patients. But really! I am a very patient and understanding person, but right now, NOT SO MUCH. I will be telling the doctor when I go to DR she needs a new assistant and all my problems with getting answers from her. Sorry is anyone is reading this but the line has got to be drawn somewhere. A paying patient should be able to speak to their doctor or the assistant should be prepared to answer any and all questions in a timely fashion. That is my opinion.


Getting excited not nervous. Figure that.


I have gained back the 11 lbs. I had lost. I am "stress eating" I think. Want to get
the best possible results from this sx. Now I only have 8 days left. I know I won't lose 11 lbs by then, so I will really have to try to lose after sx. when I am cleared to exercise.


Don't want to scare anyone going to Cipla but I saw on dominican news that a 27 year old residing in Sweden died from complications of plastic surgery done by Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez. She had 4 children, may she RIP. She was having BA and lipo and administrators would not let family see her for four hours. She apparently was dominican living abroad. Dr. refused to make any statements. CIPLA was closed for four days by Health Dept. so become aware of things there. I know this could happen anywhere just wanted to get the word out. Saw on someone else's post that Yily has said she will do surgery elsewhere if you ask bec of what is happening there. God Bless us all!


I am so calm about this yet I think about the pain and the long recovery that is waiting. Secretly I think my kids r waiting for me to complain so they can say I told u. I am just very quiet about it n when they ask I say, I am ready. We all talk about our journey when sx. is just the start of that journey. My husband was making some plans for July n I told him to give me 4 months of recovery before we make any plans - so that is the goal. I do very good with having to stay in bed n I am making my one priority to rest, eat and heal for the first 2 weeks. After that I am going to return to work. I believe if I take good care of myself for those first two weeks I will be able to heal better. Good luck to all those having sx today and God Bless.


I am officially addicted to this site. Looking at site fd someone who just had TT with Robles who posted great pics n added that unless ur hemo is 15 Dr. won't do BBL, lipo and TT n that 3 other ladies at the recovery house had not had all procedures done due to this. I hope this is not the case since before everyone sd. that the number was 13. My hemo is at 14.1 n I am really hoping I can have everything done. Was even thinking maybe lipo underarm. Will pray for. Hope everyone is as excited as I am for the day to get here. God Bless us all.


I am ready and packed, I am set - animals taken care of work and most important money, GO! Come on Friday already. I want to go to the flat side. God Bless and speedy recovery everyone.



3 days PO

Arrived safely in DR on Thursday under a strong thunderstorm. Got our rental n drove to Cecip. Met some girls there waiting on Dra. Robles. I then met with her. Even though my hemo was 14.1 she did not want to do back lipo n bbl. She feels that with some diet n exercise I don't need them done or I cd choose n have it done anyway. I chose to go with her suggestion n so glad I did. I told her make sure I don't wake up during surgery n I did not. I also got refunded $1000 back. Woot woot. I stayed at the hospital for 2 nights at her request. I had the best nurses down to the best person who brought meals.. Ladies u are in the best most caring doctor's hands. Funny she would not take pics of me. She said wait 10 days n I will take all the pics u want cause u r going to be my model. I haven't seen myself yet but as soon as she takes pics I will post. Today was my turning point. Feel so much better no pain just run over feeling from lipo. Do not overpack u won't need much n don't bring vitamins she will give u everything u need. Good luck to all of that will be having sx n I hope ur recovery is as good as mine as been so far. One thing I did have to purchase 4 shots of iron n Wed will be purchasing 2 more. That's why today I walked pretty far without feeling worn out. God bless u all n pics coming soon

Drain was leaking

Drain was leaking n my husband called dr. Told him to take me right away at 10pm. What dr would do that. She is not about money, she takes great pride in her work. She is the best. So happy I found her. Pics taken yesterday but on my husband phone so when he forwards to will try to post.

9 days PO

Just got Internet service back today. Not in pain just swell hell. It has been difficult getting inti n out of bed. Your back n body will feel like they r made of bricks. Otherwise good. Overdid it on Thursday walking so yesterday n today have mostly stayed in room at Yankees complex. It is beautiful here. Will get pics of room n place before I leave. Still draining 100 - 150 cc per day so I don't expect to have drain removed tomorrow when I see Dra Robles. Thank God mine does not bother me. I still can't believe I did this n can't wait till I can see final results. I am so happy I finally did this for me. God Bless you all n speedy recovery to all.

12 days PO

I have large painful hard lumps on both sides of body where lipo was done. I was not prepared for this. Self massage is very painful n does not help much. Has anyone else had this. Suppose to resolve itself 6 wks to 3 months po. Can see lumps without garment. This too shall pass.

17 days PO

First thing, ladies make sure you ask doctor for letter for WHEEL CHAIR SERVICE. Without it I could not have walked all the way from the JetBlue counter to where my gate was and you will be taken onto plane first. I also had layover in San Juan, PR and well it seemed like we had to travel half a mile before you get back to immigration line. Thank God for the wheelchair. I ran into 3 ladies at the airport in SD who were all in wheelchairs from surgery with Dr. Yily. I asked on and they were going to Dallas TX. Said they were at airport on time going to Ft. Lauderdale and were not allowed to board. They were boarded on my flight to SJ so they could see if they could buy tickets to Dallas. One said she was only 5 days PO and they were all in pain. I saw them in San Juan and they were not given wheelchair service there. I don't know how they made it to pick up luggage and try to get tickets to Dallas. If you are one of these three ladies please reply and let me know how you are doing. I was very worried about these ladies, and I pray they r ok. Ladies please make sure that you can stay in DR at least the 10 days if not longer. I was lucky, I never really had pain just uncomfortable from the lipo on sides. As I stated before I did not have to lipo to back (according to Dr. that is the worst pain) or BBL. For now, I am very happy with the way I look and I think I am just going to live with butt I have. Went to work today, only made it to noon. Very tired and swollen by then. Came home and fell asleep until 4 p.m. Driving was not bad and massages will start at end of this week. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT DR. ROBLES. SHE IS THE BEST AND WILL GIVE YOU THE BEST CARE.


I complained muscle cramps and pain all along the outside of my legs from my ankles to my thighs and Dr. Robles gave me a shot for circulatory since I was getting on plane next day. Can not post pics from my phone. Can anyone help. My incision line is very thin. Dr. said this is from the way that she stitches you and I have to cutest bellybutton. I got to shower yesterday Yea! Didn't get dizzy and felt so good. Also she thought I had fluid buildup on Sat. my last appointment so got to have that large needle put in my stomach twice (no fluid) YES thank you Lord. I now have a smaller garment and also a stomach cincher one on top of that. She wants me to be very tight. My husband and I have never come across a doctor like her SHE IS THE BEST. Take her advice on what she can do for you even if that means you won't get everything you wanted. It is for your good. I love this doctor and really truly recommend her to anyone who is wants any of these procedures. As soon as I figure out how to get these pics on I will post. I have never had such a small waist even though I am very very swollen. Good luck n speedy recovery to you all. God Bless.


more pics


I am still very swollen. Third day back to work really sucks. Ladies if you can take off three to four weeks before you go back to work. Lucky my job is not very demanding but still by the time I get home I am so tired all I do is sleep. I am having a love, hate relationship with my garment. I am so sore under the arms and I'm black and blue from the garment there. Both sides are so swollen with painful lumps and I'm having my daughter & husband massage them. It hurts! I am going to schedule lymphatic massages starting next week and hoping this will help with swelling and these awful lumps. Other than that I am happy with my TT and I am so glad I finally did it. I wish I could have done this 15 years ago. I am taking it day by day. Don't regret this at all and I know that the day will come when all this swelling, pain and being uncomfortable will go away and I will be normal again.

PO day 21

Can't believe 21 days have passed already. Fourth day back working. I am trying to just go over everything that has happened. I can honestly say that I never had "pain", no nausea, have not coughed, and have actually stopped myself from sneezing twice. I am very lucky from everything I've read. I cannot even imagine what having to throw up would be like. I had cough drops within reach anytime I felt like I was going to cough and had Cepacol for first three days for my sore throat from breathing tube. Don't get me wrong, it was uncomfortable with swelling and having garment on at all times. First time I went to see my dr. she laughed cause I said I felt like a stuffed sausage. She doesn't speak a lot of English so she said "what is that", and then proceeded to change my garment to a smaller one and stated now you will feel more like "what you said before". I really love my doctor. She was the most caring dr. I have every been to. Needed help for the first week getting into and out of bed. I have also been very lucky that since my TT I have had to do nothing but come to work for the last 4 days. My job is not demanding and all I do is sit, probably hardest part is getting into and out of car and making my way up some stairs to my office. I have a wonderful husband of 24 years who has done everything for me. I also have my daughter who is with me who does the cooking, help me with dressing, taking shower and everything else so when I get home, I have a nice warm shower, get a massage from my daughter or husband, help to get back into my garment and into bed for a nap. Lipo is no joke. It makes you swell in places you didn't know you could swell. Haven't been able to post all my first pics cause they r on my husband's phone instead on mine and I still can't figure out how to post from there. If anyone knows please let me know. I am doing really good, all things considered. I have to thank my RS sisters who went before me and posted lists of supplies needed and informed me what to expect. Hope you all have a speedy recovery and God Bless.

New pics

I am actually 21 days PO today. I hate the lumps they r painful n massage hurts. I know this is a small price to pay because I love the way I look in clothes n eventually this shall be a distant memory. I posted more pics taken today. Still very swollen.

First Lymphatic Massage

Had my first massage last night. To tell you the truth I didn't think it would really help since this is such light massage, but today I am in half the pain as yesterday and my lumps are actually smaller. Going for my second one on Saturday. Only drawback is that are expensive. My doctor wanted me to have lymphatic massage with machines but I can't find one here in Tampa. Has anyone had these massages and have they helped you?

Little problem

I noticed on Wed. that I had two small spots that looked like they had pus. Sent pics to Dra. and she said to clean with alcohol and put Neosporin on. Have done that and they are clearing up. She says they might have opened due to lymphatic drainage massage. I'm hoping they don't leave scars bec. her work is so good I don't want to have damaged her work. On a better note, I woke up today, got ready for work and as I'm leaving noticed, wait I am walking normal, not slow and a little bent over. Great. Over the course of the day I know I will be walking slower because of swelling but that is only in my stomach and sides now. Hope to be able to post more pics soon. Speedy healing to all.

New Pics.

My TT is so tight I cannot stand up completely straight. Scar line is very thin. It is just red because skin is so thin from being pulled. My Dr did a great job. 5 liters of fat removed from sides n I have bumps that are still painful, Can't wait until the swelling goes down. Still have not weighed myself not will come later. I look like another person n feel so good in my clothes


Just a small update. My weight pre-surgery was 178 and I finally got on the scale this morning. My weight is 161 so I have a 17 lbs. weight loss. WooHoo! I didn't expect this much loss since I can't even walk very far. Can't wait till I can start exercising again.


More Pics

Stones along the road

I am still dealing with lumps and bumps along sides but I have developed a bloating painful tummy from the breasts down. It is making me not being able to stand straight and I'm thinking maybe I am retaining too much fluid n maybe a seroma. Went to my family dr. who sent me for a Cat Scan on Monday. Yesterday I hadn't heard back so I started looking for a plastic surgeon in my city to check to see if I need to be aspirated. Have appt. for tomorrow. Around 5 I heard back from my dr. who said cat scan came back good -no infection, just to give my body more time to heal, I am healing slowly. I have decided to still go see this plastic surgeon to see me cause I just can't hardly walk and I certainly cant exercise. On a good note the small opening on scar line has closed. No pics for now waiting for 2 mos. mark and hopefully the surgeon will tell me do not need aspirating tomorrow. I still would not have done anything differently and completely happy with my shape. Ran into two people who had not seen me for a while and their reaction was "OMG you have lost so much weight and you look great". Only told one what I had done, now she wants my doctors information so she can schedule a TT.

No Fluid Buildup.

Fd. plastic surgeon in my city who see people who have had plastic surgery oversees. He is considered one of the top 10 best in the US and I see why. He was very caring about my health, didn't matter to him that I didn't have my TT with him. I thought & so did he that I had fluid in my lower belly. After aspirating, didn't feel it when it poked through but I did when he started to go lower with that large needle. Good news though no fluid. Said I had a great TT and to start exercising and going about my life. He had no restrictions and said to start taking garment off, 12 hours on, 12 off and then to stop completely by 8 weeks. A lot different from Dr. Robles, but I feel so much better without it that I have been taking it off during the day and using one from Walmart that is not as tight and comfy. I did start walking on Monday and will up my exercise program starting this coming Monday. Will wait till the 2 month mark to take pics. I am about 80% back to feeling normal even though I still have swelling. I am so happy with my TT and I love Dr. R. Am thinking about going for round 2 in 2014 for BL with implants and BL. Lipo has been the worst but it is so worth it. Will update at 2 months and then at 3 months with pics after which my journey for now will end. I wish all the best to all of you having just gone thru surgery or thinking about it. U will not regret it. Happy healing to you all and God Bless you.

Don't want to scare anyone just know complications can occur anywhere.

I did my first at lymphatic massage at 3 weeks and it started a chain of events that are still going on. I was made to completely stretch my legs so as to do them and that started my incision to come apart at three places. Per doctor cleaned with alcohol put on bacitracin and covered. By 5 weeks they were closed but my issues with my belly button started. As I stated above I thought I had fluid and went through all of that. Two days after seeing plastic surgeon I still had a lot of pain, swelling and stiffness that to me was not normal. Started looking at belly button with a small mirror and noticed something really deep inside. I poked until I could grab it n you will not believe this (I pulled a strip about 2 inches long out from belly button that apparently had been left inside. It left a hole n I was freaking out. Took pics and sent to Dr. Advised to put wet to dry dressing, apply bacitracin and cover. Also to take amoxicillin for 7 days. Did that at by day 8 of that had allergic reaction to surgical tape. Another round of pics to Dr. and advised to not put anything on it and let it air dry. By Tuesday I was not any better, scheduled another appt. with PS that saw me here for Thursday, but by Wednesday night, I was so swelled and had so much pain I could not turn in my bed and I couldn't move unless I used my arms to help with lifting my body. Enough is enough. Today went to ER, after cat scan with dye, blood work, I have an infection (cellulitis) an apparently serious condition in my skin starting in belly button. Put on Keflex (antibiotic) 4 x per day for 7 days. Hope they do not have side effects. After going thru surgery and first 3 weeks with no back pain, no pain anywhere and doing so good, I come home n it has been downhill from there. Good news is TT is good, healed although really red. This antibiotic is supposed to clear up this infection in 7 to 10 days so this swelling and pain should get really better. Have pics of everything tried to upload, this being a new computer have not been able to yet, but I will as soon as I figure this out. I am hoping that this is the last n I can finally enjoy my TT. I can tell you that after everything I am still in love with the new me. I get so many compliments and 3 drs telling me that it was a good surgery. Had I known what I do now I would not have had massage so early in the process. Please make sure that your incision is completely healed before you have the massages. Also make sure before you leave DR that you check BB to make sure nothing has been left there. If your BB is red around the outside, get it checked immediately. I wish I had known all this before but I learned something new. I still stand by Dr. Robles, to me her assistants should be more careful in counting gauzes but in the end I guess it falls on the surgeon. I was told by doctor in ER "do you know how many people I see that go outside US for surgery and have infections". Well I made the decision to go to DR n still do not regret it. I LOOK GOOD! n will be feeling great soon. Good luck, ladies and God Bless.

Updated pics from my journey

U can see pics I was referring to in last update and also new pics of how scar and belly button look today. After 2 trips to ER and 2 cat scans and seeing three different doctors, three different antibiotics, I think I might be on the mend. I am still very swollen and have that terrible feeling like my belly might explode, but I think this antibiotic will finally work. Just my second day taking it, but I should know this week what type of bacteria this is (finally they took me serious and did a culture of bellybutton which had started to pus). I go back to my doctor this week and praying I have got better. Ladies always remember that complications can arise, you just have to pay attention to your bodies, get the help you need and we will be fine. I still love my results n can't wait till I can really see the final results after all this swelling finally goes down as the infection clears. Stay positive and know that we do this for ourselves n we deserve it no matter what little stones come along the way. God Bless you all and speedy recovery.

More pics

So much going on.

Was released today from hospital. Gauze that was left in caused a hurricane and now I am dealing with the aftermath. After being on 3rd antibiotics I had to go to emergency room again on Mon. where I was admitted. Don't know what bacteria I caught but drs. r telling me it was from gauze being left in BB. I have been on IV antibiotics since Mon. n last night they put a PICC line in (which is an IV line that goes in thru ur arm n is threaded up the arm and into right above heart. Talk about painful!!! Everything is done sterile including you n they people who do it. Talk about martins! That's what we all looked like. Lucky me I have developed a big bruise and swelling in arm. I will post pics later. Now I have to go to Infectious Disease Dr. office for 10 days to have 2 antibiotics put in. My right arm is so sore. I am hoping as is my dr. that this will finally cure this infection that has spread in my body. You may notice I have changed my status to not sure because had I known all of this was going to happen I would not have gone thru surgery. Life does not always turn out like we plan, we must go with God's plan. This will eventually end up costing lots of thousands of dollars more than had I done it in US. Will not be doing 2nd round. Dr Robles is very nice n tried her best, n I really like her, n of course this could have happened here in US, only diff. had it happened here dr. would have to take responsibility, where as having it done outside US has been a nightmare. I was one of the unlucky ones! Bacterial infections are no joke n can happen with a major surgery like this, especially malpractice as is forgetting to remove a gauze from inside after surgery. This is my life n I could have lost it, but it was a decision I made so I do not blame anyone but myself. Will not happen again, no more surgery for me unless medically needed. All the pain I have been in has been unbelievable. Just wanted to update n let all the ladies on RS know my experience. God Bless.


This is one. Trying to get others up.

PICC line

This was very painful to have put in. I get my antibiotics put in for an hour at an IV Clinic where I have to go everyday for the next 10 days.

Pics of BB today after 5 days of treatment

BB is starting to grow more skin over and trying to heal which is a good sign.

Will be returning to Dominican to follow up with Dr. Robles.

Dr. Robles has been in touch with me and requested that I please return to her so that she can do the follow up with me until my recovery at no charge to me. She is certain she will fix what is wrong, when no plastic surgeon here will touch me. Apparently I am one of the 1% whose body rejects foreign substances in body (sutures). These might have to be taken out from my muscle plicaton which at this point should not present a problem. The muscle should have grown together at 3 months. Dr. Robles is a very caring dr. and is not all about money. Here for two days at the hospital with my infections my bill is $10,383.44. (Two days!) WOW. Anyway I will be leaving Oct 4 and will be staying in DR until October 18th. Praying that whole TT doesn't have to be done again. Pray for my health and speedy recovery. God Bless!

Arrived in DR safely on Oct. 4, 2013.

I was taken off intravenous antibiotics for morganella morganii (bacteria) on Oct. 3. Next day I traveled to DR and my husband and I drove straight to Cecip. Dr. Robles saw me immediately upon our arrival, went thru my medical records which I brought with me and had to inset a small forcept into my bellybutton and proceeded to clean it out. She removed A LOT of yucky offwhite stuff which was a product of the bacteria, sprayed with peroxide and then put some antibiotic cream inside of bellybutton. She is very stunned that my bellybutton had not been cleaned while I was undergoing all these intravenous antibiotics but I guess only a plastic surgeon would of done that (and they won't touch you in US if your surgery was overseas. I am cleaning it twice a day, putting my antibiotic ointment on as well as taking oral antibiotics which were prescribed by my infectious disease doctor in Tampa and another oral antibiotic prescribed by Dr. Robles. She has been wonderful with seeing me everyother day and she has provided all my supplies, oral antibiotics and antibiotic creams. I am slowly getting better, I just don't understand why my bellybutton is a complete open hole. I am going to ask her tomorrow how long before my bellybutton closes inside so I look like a normal person instead of having this open hole. I will continue seeing Dr. Robles until I leave on Oct. 18th and will continue to see the infectious disease dr. when I get home. I thank all of you for your prayers and hope that your surgery and recovery go great. God Bless you all and I will continue to update as I go along. Will also post some pics later.

Bellybutton Issues Gone.

Returned from DR on Fri., Oct 18th. I am finally on the mend and even though I will have a ring around my bellybutton with time it will fade. Started walking a week ago since I need to lose some weight. Had to purchase new faja since I could not wear my old one with my issues and now it is too big. I am having a hard time wearing it this time around. My body is rebelling and my back hurts with it on, put if I want this swelling to completely go down I will have to use to wearing it for 3 months. I am slowly working myself to go more time with it on. My doctor really is a very good, caring doctor and would have done anything to get me healed. Thank you for all your prayers for my recovery and I wish you all the best in your journey into the land of flat. God Bless.

Updated 4 months PO

I wear my battle scar proudly after everything I have gone thru. My bellybutton n tt are still red but I am doing great. I know the scars will fade n swelling will eventually go away. These pics taken in morning. God bless u all.


Sorry pics attached.

5 months PO -New Pics!

5 months PO

These pics were taken today. I am 5 mos PO as of the 28th. My 14 pants are too big, my 12's are fit over hips but too big at waist and my 10's fit but a little tight working on having them fit just right. If I can get down to an 8 would be good but if not I am very happy the way I look. As u can see I have a hypertrophic scar so it is red and raised. It will probably more than a year before it starts to lighten but oh well I am just happy to finally be healing from all my issues. Thank you ladies that went before me and posted on realself, good luck to all those about to have sx and also those that are just beginning their journey. I wish you all the best and speedy recovery to all. God Bless you all.

Going back for lipo of upper n lower back, abs, flanks and bbl.

I will be traveling to DR on 1/16/14 for vacation. I am going to see Dra. Robles as a friend and also for a quote. I want to have this procedure done in July 2014.

Update 10 months PO

Posting some updated photos. Will not be able to have lipo and BBL done in July. Have not been able to get two weeks straight off work. I know I will look and clothes will fit better when this is done cause I have put on some weight (not exercising because of health reasons and life) and I have noticed all my weight seems to go to my back and for some reason my arms are bigger than before surgery so none of my sleeved tops fit. I need a bigger size top to fit my arms (weird) but I saw on someone else's post she has the same problem. I still want to go to Dr. Robles for my back lipo and then I think about do I really want all the soreness and pain from lipo AGAIN. I never had pain from TT so that was really good. I was quoted $3000 for BBL, back lipo, upper n lower abdomen lipo cause if you have been to Dr. Robles you know she does not do lipo to abdomen at same time as TT. I have a lower pooch that has to be lipoed. She did tell me at time of surgery but I wish I would have known that before surgery. God Bless.


Does anyone else had a lot of pressure in their abdomen after TT. After my TT I get so much pressure and I get a distended stomach at times to the point I just went thru all kinds of tests to see if I had some health issues. After two months of testing nothing is wrong but I still have all this pressure and I need to go up a pant size when this happens. This doesn't happen everyday but it is so bothersome.

Abs and Back Lipo, BBL

Going back in 7/3/15. Anyone heard of Dra. Narvaez from her office. She called me today to schedule but I haven't ever heard of her or seen her. Dra. Robles will be doing surgery.

BBL and Lipo Surgery

Might have to change my surgery date from July 4, 2015 to September due to life issues. I am still on my quest to lose 20 lbs. Through diet and moving more I have managed to lose 8 lbs. in 3 weeks. Now I have to end of August to lose fat. I am dedicated to get this pooch finally gone. I don't want to think about the lipo, because that was the worst of my last procedure, but with God I know I will get through the pain again. No photos yet. Will put some up right before I have my surgery. God Bless to all of you waiting or having had your surgery. You can do this.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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