44yrs Old - Lipo and BBL with Maikel Jimenez Ferreras

Hi ladies, I was not planning to write anything...

Hi ladies, I was not planning to write anything before the surgery but here I am writing about me and my journey. I am schedule for surgery on 11/10/16 with Doctor Maikel Jimenez. Honestly I have been doing research (day and night) for 2yrs and I don’t know why I picked him since I just recently heard about this doctor about 5 months ago and he doesn’t have many reviews like other doctors have (Medina, Yily, Diaz, Wakiris, Almonte, Piccozzilio, etc). I am doing a lipo with bbl and hopefully next year I will do the tummy tuck. I wanted to do it all at once, but since my main concern is the butt, the smarter thing to do is to slit the procedures. I find out that when you do a tt the doctor is unable to perform an intensive lipo on the abdominal area which he will have less fat to use for the bbl. I weight 142lbs and most of my fat is located on the belly and I need all the fat they can get to do the bbl. I picked De La Paz recovery home and already put the down payment, booked my flight, did the blood work yesterday and I packed my luggage already LOL. I must confess that I am not excited YET, I am just very nervous. I am willing to post pics of before and after once the procedure is done. Anyway ladies, I wish everyone a fast recovery, no complication and let’s pray for each other.

These are my before pics (Going for a Lipo and BBL)

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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