44yrs Old - Lipo and BBL with Maikel Jimenez Ferreras

Hi ladies, I was not planning to write anything...

Hi ladies, I was not planning to write anything before the surgery but here I am writing about me and my journey. I am schedule for surgery on 11/10/16 with Doctor Maikel Jimenez. Honestly I have been doing research (day and night) for 2yrs and I don’t know why I picked him since I just recently heard about this doctor about 5 months ago and he doesn’t have many reviews like other doctors have (Medina, Yily, Diaz, Wakiris, Almonte, Piccozzilio, etc). I am doing a lipo with bbl and hopefully next year I will do the tummy tuck. I wanted to do it all at once, but since my main concern is the butt, the smarter thing to do is to slit the procedures. I find out that when you do a tt the doctor is unable to perform an intensive lipo on the abdominal area which he will have less fat to use for the bbl. I weight 142lbs and most of my fat is located on the belly and I need all the fat they can get to do the bbl. I picked De La Paz recovery home and already put the down payment, booked my flight, did the blood work yesterday and I packed my luggage already LOL. I must confess that I am not excited YET, I am just very nervous. I am willing to post pics of before and after once the procedure is done. Anyway ladies, I wish everyone a fast recovery, no complication and let’s pray for each other.

These are my before pics (Going for a Lipo and BBL)

3 weeks for surgery

Hi ladies,
I am so discourage and overwhelm with everything. I go my results back and I noticed in red letters INR 0.95. Since I didn’t know what it meant, I went online and did my research and this is what I found:
What does a low INR .09 mean?
A low INR means your anticoagulation dose is too low and your blood is clotting too quickly.
Your blood is “too thick” and this puts you at risk of developing conditions caused by a blood clot.

Now I am not sure if I am doing the right thing by taking a risk of blood clots

8 days

I only have 8 days to make up my mind if I am doing the procedure or not. Everything is pay for but with the blood work not been perfect, I don't know what to do. My husband has been trying to get in touch with doctor Maikel Jimenez for 5 days already and no answer. What really upset my husband is that he is reading the text but won't reply back. To be honest even I am very disappointed at him. If we can't get him before surgery, what will happen after the surgery. Hope God will give me the answer.

3 more days

I will be in DR in 3 days OMG and surgery in 4 days. So confuse about the whole INR results every doctor I asked has a different opinion GRRRR. Any I send my surgery "not a nice text" and he got back to me right away. It is sooooo sad that when I was nice to him, he will take 3,4,5 days to get back to me but the minute I was kind of rude, he got back to me immediately. I hate to think that this phrase is true *it doesn't pay to be nice*. Anyway he told me to take Warahin 2mg, two pills before the surgery. Still praying for God to guide me and open doors if I will be okay or to close them all if I'm taking the wrong decision. Stay safe ladies and enjoy your Sunday


Hi ladies, my surgery was yesterday and after after all the craziness with my blood work, everything went well THANK THE LORD. I will put some pics probably on Sunday when I feel better, I just got to the recovery home. Thank you all for your wishes and prayers.

4 days since surgery

Hi ladies, it has been 4 rough days. Seating and laying down is horrible, I spend all day standing and my feet are killing me. Night time is the worst for me, I just cant get comfortable nor sleep, however this is mine experience. The other girls at the recovery home sleep alllll night LOL. Anyway here are some pictures.

Going Home

Hello ladies, guess you is going home tomorrow? YES ME. Tomorrow will be 10 days since surgery, I gotta say that pain is getting better and better. Now, stage two faja is no joke, I feel so uncomfortable, I feel its way too small for me but doctor told me its fine. Anyway, I will be posting new pics once I get home. Take care ladies and God Bless!!!
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