43 Yo Mother of 3, Prepping for a TT, Full Back Lipo and Bbl with Dr Hungria in the Dominican Republic, DO

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I am a 44 year old wife and mother of four...

I am a 44 year old wife and mother of four wonderful kids, ages 23, 17, and 12. I've struggled with my weight for years. I've been interested in getting plastic surgery for years, and I finally have the guts to do it.
I know quite a few people who've had procedures with Dr Hungria in the DR and they are overjoyed with their results.
I'm a little over a month out from surgery. I'm nervous, excited, scared and full of questions. Will keep updating as my journey continues.

Deposit Paid

I paid my deposit on Friday, 4/1/16!!!!!!!! Plane tickets will be next. A little over 2mo, I'll be in the DR ????????. I can't wait to get to the flat side.

Plane tickets purchased!!!!

Well, it's done....I'm flying out of the ATL to Santo Domingo on 6/5 and returning on 6/11 with a new and improved me!!!!!

Very superstitious...smh

Sooooo, I just realized my surgery date was 6/6/2016. I woke up this morning at about 4:45 am in a panic. I couldn't wait to call Dr. Hungria' office to see if it was available. Thank goodness it was. Called delta and I was able to change the dates with no fee and I'm staying an extra day :-) *it's the little things*

Wish Pics

The combo of these body parts would be awesome.....we'll see.

I've decided to get the works!!!!

We're in Florida on spring break & all I can think about is my upcoming surgery. I packed all my vitamins and haven't been drinking and drastically cut down on the smoking ( I had 3 today). My plan is to be nicotine free 2 months before the surgery, which is now 6/8.
After thinking about how good I'll look and feel about my body after the TT, BBL, and full back lipo, I started thinking about these long saggy boobs of mine....smh
After a conversation via Whatsapp with Dr Hungria, I'm going for the breast reduction and lift as well.
I've read several MMO posts, anybody have the TT, BBL, lipo, BL and reduction in the DR and have to fly back home afterwards? How was the flight? Did you get up during the flight to ensure some circulation? Was your bbl damaged by the plane ride, or did you use a boppy? How did you sleep once you got home?
I know these are a lot of questions.... Any and all assistance is welcomed and appreciated.

Looking for feedback/reviews

This site has been very helpful as I'm trying to prepare and get organized for my surgery. I was wondering if any of the RS folks have used these 3 products( make me heal vitamins, MA.T. and booty buddy pillow). I've changed my mind and I'm now having a TT, full back lipo, bbl, breast lift and reduction. That's a lot and I want to heal as fast as I can. Let me know if you have used these and if it's worth the money

My hemoglobin is banging!!!!!

I got the results of my CBC back. 14.2!!!!! I'm sooo happy.

One month and 5 days until the new me.

Time is going in slow motion for me. Only one month and 5 days until I'm on the flat side. I am going through a barrage of emotions. All in all, this journey is something I deserve. I'm proud that I'm able to do something for me. I'm putting myself before everyone this time and it feels wonderful!!!! This belly has so many war stories to tell....I'm saying goodbye to my battle scars.

Packed and ready to go

Hoping I have everything. Maxi dresses, sports bras, compression socks, arnica gel, granny panties, dulcolax, bromelein pills, booty pillow, wife beaters, chux, maxi pads, anti bacterial soap, bacitracin, wipes, Nivea lotion, toiletries, personal safe. I hope I haven't overpacked.

21 more days

June 8th can't here fast enough. I know the road to recovery won't be easy, but I think I'm mentally preparing myself for the pain and the fact that it's temporary. God willing, I'll come out on the flat side no less for wear. Continuously send those prayers up for me.

11 more days til surgery!

I'm so nervous I don't know what to do. This surgery is going to be life changing, and I'm ready. I'm staying positive and only outting positive vibes in the air. I believe I'm mentally prepared for what's to come, but we'll see.

2 more days until I get to the flat side

My surgery date came so fast, I'm as ready as I can be. I joined a FB support group and received some awesome support and info. I'm all packed and ready to go. My flight is tomorrow at 10am. I'll keep you all posted as I continue on this roller coaster of a journey. I've read through so many reviews and felt like I was left hanging after the surgery was over. I don't know if life took over or if they were super consumed with the healing process. I was truly addicted to RS and depended upon all of its info to help me through. I'm hoping to be that help for someone else. I won't leave you all hanging.

At the airport waiting to board!

I'm at the airport, everything has gone smoothly thus far. The traffic was good, the line at TSA was good ( I had TSA pre check). Now I'm just waiting to board.

I'm here!

I had a great flight, it was a breeze getting through customs and my driver was waiting for me. I'm at Dr. Hungria's office now waiting for my paper work and my pre op testing. I am a nervous wreck. I haven't met the Dr yet, I'm wondering if I'll be his only patient tomorrow.

It's finally surgery day!!!!!

All of this still feels surreal. I made it to the DR, all my tests were good, I slept pretty well, still waiting on my infamous blue pill. I'm a little nervous, but not as scared as I thought I'd be. I've been trying to prepare myself emotionally and physically for the aftermath of the surgery. The pain, the wide array of emotions, all of it. I'm prayed up and I'd ask for each of you to say a prayer for me too. See ya on the flat side.

The infamous blue pill

Praying for God's grace and mercy during surgery. See y'all on the flat side.

I made it to the flat side!

I made it. Thank you for your prayers.

One day PO

I'm swollen, not in too much pain, but I am uncomfortable. Dr. Hungria did an excellent job. I haven't gotten a chance to get a pic of my bbl or full back lipo, but I'm sure I'll pleases. I don't have my faja on yet, just the binder. So far this experience has been awesome.


It may not be much to some, but it's more than I've ever had!!!!

PO day 3

It's my 3rd day after the surgery and I am ready to go home. I'm not in much pin, but I am extremely uncomfortable. My sides and back are itching so bad, I can't even think straight. My back also has a burning sensation that occurs every time I move. I can't shower until Monday, I have my follow up appointment with Dr. Hungria, I'm supposed to receive my faja on Monday as well. I was discharged with a binder instead of a faja. I haven't seen my full results yet, so I'll post some additional pics when o can.

I got a sneak pic of my scar

As I was looking in the mirror to see if my bbl had disappeared, I was able to get a sneak peek of my scar. Dr. Hungria sent me home in a binder on, I'll get my faja and drains out on Monday. My scar is low and thin, I'm so happy. I'm wondering if this tissues repair supplement called Juven really sped up my healing.

Recovery House

I don't know which part is worst, the lipo itching and burning in my back or staying at a complete stranger's house. I don't like anything about the recovery house process. I've read awesome reviews other people post about their RH, I took an L on this one. Someone comes in to bring food 3 times a day( I appreciate that), but that's it. Nobody's checking on me, emptying my drain, helping me in and out the bed, which is very difficult to get in and out of. The water situation is shady as well. I drink a lot water, I feel like I'm begging for bottles of water. I also noticed the bottles are coming back with the seal broken. I don't like that, where's the bottles water. It's 1:04am and I'm thirsty as hell. But since no one has come into my room( to remove my dinner plate) since 6:30 I didn't have the opportunity to ask for another bottle. This is whack, I could've stayed at a hotel and hired a nurse.

PO day 5

I am so glad to be going home. This medical tourism takes a lot out of you spiritually, emotionally and physically. I'm off to see Dr. Hungria for my post op visit. I'll be getting my drains out and then heading to the airport.

I forgot one pic

Front view. I think Dr hungria did a good job.

PO Day 6

PO day 6 and I'm still itching lol. My faja is the devil. It pinches and squeezes me at night. I didn't sleep well yesterday, I kept waking up to rearrange the faja. All of my incisions seem to be healing fairly well. My breasts area bit tender, but it's not painful. So far so good.

PO day 7....constipated and swelling

Well today makes a week since I've had my MMO and I'm constipated and in swell hell. I've tried dulcolax, but I think I'm past that point. I tried Vaseline and surgical gloves( sorry if that's TMI), that still didn't do the trick. I'm going to try suppositories and pray for the best.

PO day 8---The struggle

So I'm 8 days PO and I'm dealing with hemorrhoids, swell hell and stiffness. This recovery is no joke. I know everyone is different, I honestly expected the pain of the TT to overwhelm me. That wasn't the case at all, it's actually the lipo burning sensation and the after effects of the surgery. I'm grateful that I haven't had any major complications this far. This recovery is NO joke I'm grateful there are sites like RS and the FB groups that help 1st timers like myself andthoysands of others. Hopefully my journey will help someone as well.

PO days 9-11

PO days 9-10 were spent concentrating I my first BM, I thought I had damaged my muscle repair. That was horrible. The itching from the lipo has started which is just ridiculous. I e been using Benadryl.
PO day 11 I took a shower, after the first BM incident o needed a full shower, not a sponge bath. I washed with dial antibacterial soap, dried my incisions and applied bacitracin. I didn't cover my TT incision up. I hope I haven't ruined anything. It looks like all of my stitches have dissolved, so I'll know soon enough if I've caused damage.
I noticed a bruise on my right breast, I'm not sure if that's from my arm brushing up against it ( I'm not used to my boobs being up this high) or something else. I'm not sure how I feel about my breasts yet. The procedure used for the reduction and lift leaves ugly scars....that's really all I can see now. I also think I may have a lipo burn or a burn from the faja. I need to schedule my follow up appointment with my pcp to check out my breast, TT incision and the burn on my back.
Talk to you all soon!

Forgot to add the other pics

I hit submit too soon. This site needs an edit button :-)

13 days PO

I'm 13 days PO and I think I'm doing pretty well. I was able to shower today and get dressed on my own. My daughters had to help me with some things like brushing my hair, lotioning my legs and back. While I'm in the house I feel self sufficient. My husband drove us to the Dr, my 17yo is getting her first pelvic exam, I was not ready for the car ride! Omgeeeeeee I am definitely getting the feeling back In my stomach. I also thought I could stand up straight lol. I can't wait to get home and take a nap.

PO day 15

I'm 15 days PO and I've received my first lymphatic drainage massage at this medical spa near me. My back and arms feel great, I'm able to raise my arms with out that burning feeling. I can sit down and get up without it feeling like the skin on my back is peeling off. She did not massage near my incision, which is swollen, she said it'd be too painful and it's too soon. I got a referral from the fab group I'm in as well. This young lady is a surgery pati not and she's Dominican. I'm seeing her in 2 days. I want to be able to compare the two before I purchase a package, they're pretty pricey. My skin is upper dry, I feel like a snake. I already have extremely dry skin, I was diagnosed with eczema since I was 13, so I know how to moisturize. I couldn't reach certain parts, and my girls were not interested in lotioning my ham hocks lol. The massage therapist confirmed I have 2 small burns which she said I should start treating with cocoa butter. I have my first f/u with my pcp tomorrow, so I'll give you all an "official" update on my healing. I'm including some pics....talk to you all soon.

PO 15 days--pics

I'm not sure what happened to the pics I posted, but t to l'll give it another shot. I also uploaded a pic and a short video the other day that miraculously didn't post, oh well.

16 days PO

I had my f/u with my pcp today. She was very pleased with advanced healing of my TT and breast incisions. She was impressed with Dr Hungria's work too. I made sure to bring the RXs is was prescribed and the post surgical instructions. My feet and legs are super swollen, which is insane. I'm getting another lymphatic drainage massage tomorrow. Praying the swelling goes down. I tried on some old jeans today....I'm loving my new shape and I'm looking forward to the upcoming transformation.

23 days PO, the saga continues.

23 days post op and I can't say it enough, the recovery is harder than the surgery. I am definitely loving the transition and changes my body is going through; but the toll it takes on you physically and mentally is sometimes overwhelming. The lymphatic massage therapist I found in my FB group is awesome. She definitely has blessed hands, she has a gift, and best of all she's a doll. She's done so much more than massages. She's treated my skin, which was peeling like a snake. She's cleaned and cared for my belly button, tummy tuck and breast incisions. I have lipo burns that she's treating as well :-( I'm learning so much from her. Now we're working on compression and staying in my faja 23/7 lol.....uploading some pics.

Surgery blues at 26 days PO

I have been crying for the past two days. The itching is driving me crazy, my back hurts and I think I have a bulge of some sort above my incision that doesn't seem to be flattening out. I had no clue recovery would be this difficult. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the surgery is nothing compared to this recovery. I was not prepared. I kept saying to myself, if I can just get to 2 weeks PO, I'll make it. WRONG!!!!!!! This is the most uncomfortable annoying ridiculousness I've ever experienced. My husband and kids aren't as helpful as I thought they'd be. I still need help putting cocoa butter on my back and feet, I need help caring for the lipo burns on my back....I might as well be alone. I hate to even ask for help, it takes too much energy to deal with the BS. Now I'm just praying to see what 4months PO feels like. Where I am now is definitely not for the faint of heart. Thank God I didn't ha rant complications, o wouldn't have made it :-( I'm hoping this helps a pre op doll in her journey. Adding 2 pics of the bulge I see.

PO Day 29

I am almost a month PO and today was a good day. I had a lymphatic drainage massage, my back and sides feel wonderful. The itching is still driving me crazy, but I'm just going to take it day by day. My masseuse is blessed, she is awesome. I can't even begin to thank her for all she's done for me. Not only has she managed my fluid build up, she has taken care of my skin, my incisions, and my shape. I have definitely made a life long friend. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but she is a vet, a Yily doll and I don't know what I would've done without her. I travel over an hour to see her and would travel quadruple that, if necessary. Today was my 4th massage, I purchased 5. We're going to see how I do with more compression and taking my faja in( one of them is at my local cleaners being taken in as we speak) for the next few days and see if I need any additional beyond 5. She took my measurements as well and I was super excited!!!!!!
34 1/2, 37, 44. Idk what they were before, but I know for sure I was a 40 DD.
I went to hobby lobby and cvs to get some foam and ace bandages. I'm supposed to wrap my abdomen in the ace bandage, put my tshirt on, wrap up in the foam, use my ab and back boards and then try and close my faja. This will be interesting. I'll keep you all posted. InThe meantime I'll leave you all with some pics I took in hobby lobby. I could t resist. Lol


I feel like the Michelin Man, but I believe this will improve my shape. I'm wearing an XL DPrada, I absolutely love it. My other faja (columbian) is at the cleaners being taken in. My measurements are: 34 1/2, 37, 44. I'm going to take my measurements every 2 weeks to track my progress. The pics I'm uploading show the layers I'm using for compression
Ace bandage around abdomen
Tshirt with sleeves to avoid the faja making marks on my arms because it's so stuffed.
Foam( from hobby lobby for $3.99)
Ab board.
In the back I have my back board up against the ace bandage and the foam on top of the back board.

Compression part 2

The compression seems to be working well. These are before ( on the left)and after( in the right).

Comparison pics 6/14 vs 7/12

It's so hard for me to see progress. I haven't really been wearing any of my old clothes, so I do t know if they're big or loose or what. I e been wearing yoga pants, Capri leggings and graphic tees. When I look at these pics I can see he difference in my back and I can tell my butt is shaping up. My stomach looks weirdly shaped to me. Hopefully the next few months will yield some additional improvements. The pics on the left are from 7/12 and the ones on the right are from 6/14. Let me know what you all think.

40 days PO

I am 40 days PO today, and it was a good day. I was able to start cleaning out my closet, I gave away a ton of clothes and that felt wonderful. I've been faithfully wearing my faja 23/7, it's blazing in The Atl....This compression is no joke. I'm dropping a few pics, I'm praying for continued progress.

58 days PO and things are looking better and better.

I'm officially 58 days PO, I'm returning to work on Monday and I'll be flying from GA to CA, I'm sure this will be interesting. So overall the itching and soreness have calmed down. I'm still very stiff getting in and out of the car, up and down from the couch and bed. I've had my fajas all taken in 2.5 in on each side and 2in down the middle of the back. Measurements are 34 1/2, 33 1/2, 44. Im wearing my fajas 23/7, but I'm going out tomorrow and Saturday, so I want to see how it'll be just wearing the faja at night. I'm hoping to get my waist down to 30inches. Dropping some pics...

Almost 3mo post op

Well it's been a minute RS, I'm just dropping in to give you guys an update and some pics. I'll be 3 mo PO on Sept 8th, and a lot has happened since my last update. I've gone back to work (8/8) and I have damaged my muscle repair, they've detected a cyst, and I think I had the flu. I've had a CT, which ruled out the possibility of a hernia and an MRI to try and determine the true mass of the cyst. I'll keep you all updated. I'm feeling better today and I'm on my way to smoothie King with my 17&13yo. The muscle repair was damaged on the left side and I'm still rocking my faja ????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far the office staff Has been really quick with responses and extremely helpful. I've heard awesome things about Dr Hungria and his work, I am truly looking forward to the end results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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