43 Year Old Mother and Wife Having TT and Lipo, Possible BBL with Medina - Dominican Republic, DO

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I would first like to thank all of you brave women...

I would first like to thank all of you brave women who have posted your journeys on this site and made it possible for women like me to see surgery as a gift to ourselves and our families and not as a selfish act. For several years now, i have watched myself eat and not exercise in dusgust. I was always fit and never thought it would catch up to me, but it did. Now, I'm 5'1", 160 lbs and longing to fit back into clothing I used to wear and put away for when I "lose 10 lbs". My tummy has an overhang and my once pretty belly ring now hangs off a belly button that is frowning, literally. I dont have to tell you how I feel I will benefit from my planned TT and lipo, but my family will benefit from having a more active and happier mom/wife.

I have a wonderful, supportive and loving husband, a smart, beautiful and caring 16 year old daughter and a successful carreer. I am a self adjusted and confident person. Now, I'll have a body to match!

Chosing Dr. Medina was easy. I already know a person that had surgery with her and loved her results. She has no bad reviews and no news reports with tragic stories about botched surgeries or deaths. She gets back to me within a reasonable amount of time. She makes people look natural which is important to me because I want to look real, like my old self. She is in the Dominican Republic, where my cousin lives and can come check in on my recovery in the RH.

So, in 16 days, i will be putting my trust, body and life in the hands of a woman I hope will not disappoint and will get me back to my family in one piece. Wish me luck!!!
Some before pics of me attached... Embarassing but, if they help someone else that may have my body type, its work it.


i've been making a list and purchasing supplies for the last few weeks. Here's the list I came up with. I've probably gone overboard but... Better safe than sorry.
Wife beaters
Arnica cream
Dial soap
Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer
Tylenol extra strength and PM
Rose hip oil
Coconut oil
Adhesive tape
Latex gloves
Female urinal
Vitamin c
B complex
Abdominal board
Epi foam
Compression stockings
Boppy pillow

I got my regular MD to prescribe omeprazole and antibiotics but she refused the pain medications... Don't blame her, with all the abuse going around. I'll pack a couple of comfy dresses but i anticipate being in my faja and PJ's most of the time.

I'll write again. In the meantime, be well.

16 days post op.

Hello all, I’m back from the Dominican Republic and am 16 days post op. I can definitely tell you this has been an adventure… one I don’t think I’ll ever repeat. Was it worth it? I’d like to say yes, but I’ll hold off on judgement until I am clearer on what my results will be.
I arrived to the DR on 8/25/16 at midnight. Surgery scheduled for the same day. Yes, I know, crazy, but necessary as I couldn’t get the extra days off from work. My cousin picked me up at the airport and ran me over to get my chest x-ray at a local hospital at 1am. I paid cash, approximately $40. Slept a few hours then had to be at CECLIP at 6am.
On arrival, had my labs drawn, a cardiologist did my EKG and a psychologist saw me to give me encouragement and comfort. This was an unexpectedly nice touch. Office was beautiful, clean and Marielle was a doll. They walked me through the entire procedure and at 11am, told me I was next. They put me in a pre-op room, changed into a gown and sat down to have my IV inserted when, suddenly, I fainted.
Yes… I fainted for no reason at all. Was if the anxiety? Was it hunger? Was it my sugar dropped? Don’t know… but I suddenly felt light headed and literally fainted; like a swoon from back in the old days when women wore their corsets to tight. I woke to smelling salts, the anesthesiologist came to see what happened and when they determined I was ok, they placed my IV, gave me the “Blue Pill” and I walked into the operating room. Anesthesiologist injected something into my line, and that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up on the flat side! Tummy tuck and lipo to back and flanks. No BBL (too much butt to begin with) but she did lipo my inner thighs and a bit of the area where the butt meets the thigh free of charge. My hemoglobin was only 12.0 and Dr. Medina refused to do anything else for my own well-being.
Everything went well except I had a bout of nausea and dry heaving after waking from anesthesia. Not great but, then again, I don’t remember it too well. My cousin, who, God bless her soul, was with me throughout the entire process, said I was saying this was a big mistake - but I don’t remember that at all.
I was discharged to My Home Recovery House the day after the surgery and I have to give them every recommendation and high praise because they deserve it. The rooms were well appointed, the food was nutritious and they even made a soup my mother suggested they make for me. There are always two doctors in the house, the cook and cleaning staff are there 7am to 9pm. They clean daily, do laundry Tuesdays and Thursdays and wash your faja and the undershirt daily. The call bell is answered in seconds and I don’t think I could have survived without the hospital bed.
Carmen, the masseuse, is awesome. She comes daily, helps you bathe and gives you a lymphatic drainage massage for $25/massage.
What I didn’t know:
1. Recovery is very painful. I mean, I knew this, but I was not prepared for the reality of it. You cannot stand up straight; you cannot lay on your stomach or sides, turn and position yourself or basically do anything that requires your core muscles for many days. You will need your pain meds. Do not skip them because trying to catch up to the pain later is not worth it.
2. The massages are very painful. You will accumulate fluid along every area that was manipulated. Your drain will remove much of that but it must be helped along. You must try to walk, drink plenty of fluids and get your massages. The masseuse will push the accumulated fluid in the direction of your drain to help it along. You will feel the fluid burning a path as it makes its way from your lower back towards your abdomen (which is where the drain will be placed). This is bad. This is not fun. I tried to kill Carmen several times and you could hear my moans down the hall. HOWEVER, YOU WILL FEEL MUCH BETTER AFTERWARDS.
3. You may develop digestive issues. I did not have a bowel movement for 5 days and by the time I took a laxative, it was too late. I developed a plug, gas in between and diarrhea on top. TMI? Well, I’m trying to be honest, lol. I had to have the doctor give me a suppository which helped a great deal. I took a mild stool softener thereafter and the problem went away on day 8. Up until then, I was living with stomach cramping, and could feel the gasses displacing my sutures.
I flew back to NYC on day 10 post op. If you can, try to stay in the RH for at least 2 weeks. I ended up coming home with the drain.
I will post what pics I have and write an update on my recovery since my return to the states. Good luck to all of you who are pending and thank to you all who posted details of your journey. I will be forever grateful for your advice.


Pic of me. Day 1 post op
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tania Medina and her staff are professional, approachable and caring. Dr. Medina is the best at what she does and it shows in the way I feel and the smiling faces of all those beautiful post-op Medina Dolls in her waiting room. I highly recommend this doctor for the artistic eye she approaches every case with and for the impeccable clinical judgement she uses to determine what is best for each individual. 5 stars all around. I could not be happier.

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