43 Year Old Mother of 4 Ready to Be on the Flat Side - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have to stalking this site for some time now...

I have to stalking this site for some time now admiring the women that have boldly had this and other procedures done. I'm 5'2, 178 lbs,BMI 31.9, pre diabetic, 2 time cancer survivor (thyroid), hypertension, gutt has expanded and butt flat. I have had a total of 7 surgeries (4 c sections/hysterectomy/2 thyroid surgery) throughout my life and cringe everytime I think of having another especially a surgery in another country without family being with me. I have contacted Dr Medina received my quote for TT with MR/liposuction to lower/upper back/flanks/waist/bbl and breast lift $6850 with everything from recovery house, transportation. To book surgery is $500. If I don't do breast lift it will be $5350. My question is can i get my medications in US instead from them and do i have to go to Recovery house they choose. If anyone know of any other Recovery House with round the clock nurse please let me know. I'm still waiting on a quote from Dr Baez. I also looked at flights round trip on Spirit for $460 guess a date but they charge for all bags so may look into Delta. I'm new to this don't know what I'm doing wrong and what to do but I know I'm ready for a flat belly and a bigger butt. I plan on staying 15 days because I want my drains out before returning home.

Forgot ....I had my first consultation in Columbus Ga with Dr P and quote was $8025 which was out of my budget then I had my 2nd consultant with Dr Cochran thought the price will be different but was wrong he said same price ????. Quote was for TT, BBL, MR and lipo.


**Will post pics later**

Body neef to be snatched

Current pics..

Questions about surgery ....STILL CLUELESS!

I am need of some help with my search i am concerning have my surgery in DR. I have received quotes from Dr Medina, Dr. Mallol, Dr Leon and waiting on Dr Baez. I unsure of who Im going to let do surgery (if any had them whats your experience).
* Next recovery houses I've heard several RH but looking into somewhere that supplies the items you need (please let me know if any and prices).
* Should i lose weight before surgery or keep it so the dr can get as much fat to do my bbl?
* I dont have a passport but plan on working on it tomorrow so how long does or will it take to get?
*What vitamins should i start taking now. I dont know what my levels are and have an appt wirh my gynecologist on Wed and i will have her check the blood panel that dr say they will check before surgery.
*How can i link up with a surgery buddy because im going by myself. Im hoping to get everything done and schedule surgery by end of August or first of September.
*Is there anything else I'm missing if so please include.

Sorry so many questions but im so clueless eventhough I've been stalking RS. Forgot I'm getting TT, MR, Lipo and BBL.

Received call from DR doctor

I just received a call from Dr Jose Leon. I was very impressed with him and he speaks English very well. I like that he will be able to lipo those areas in which i need without tagging on the extra fees. I also asked him how many patients he does a day and he say 2. So RS ladies has anyone had Dr. Leon and results. Im getting ready to do my research on him. Thanks ladies
Dr Medina

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