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Ok Dolls! I'm torn between Dr Baez in the D.R. &...

Ok Dolls! I'm torn between Dr Baez in the D.R. & Dr Palmer in DC $9000 loved both Dr's had a consultant w/ Dr Palmer loved him right off , but love Dr Baez prices.Dr P I need to be right by June with half of my money & Dr B by Aug I'M 215 & want to get down 180 by Fasten healthy,having a TT,lipo,BBL

Recovery House

Hey Dolls do anyone have any reviews about Serenity RH or Jasmine RH..

Dr Cotes

HELLO Beauitful Dolls!!!!
Do anyone know anything about Dr Cotes??? He Quoted me a nice price for a tt,lipo,BBL & breast lift...8 day stay at a RH


Do ANYONE what size I should get my compression garment in?????

Money & Safety

Hey Dolls!!!!! Do ANYONE know where we keep I'll money before & doing SX....I have read on here that u be kind of be out of it for the first couple of days????

Health update

Saw my Dr 2 weeks ago...Went back today for a lab results...everything is good.Iron level 12.3...but she also did a E.K.G. today because I took her I was having surgery in the DR...it can back abnormal...so now I have to go to a Cardiologist....I'M hoping the machine is broke because it was last time I went but for some strange reason I'm not scared


Hey Lovely Dolls!!!!!! I have seen on here that, $10 in pesos, is like $40 in cash in the DR....If that's the case WHY? we can't pay for I'll SX in pesos???? Also do anyone know if we can pay for I'll other items in pesos? Such as meds,faja, massages,rides & tips

On Line Meds

Question Dolls????? have anymore brought meds on line, like Percocets, oxycodone, Motrin 800 or antibiotics? I found a website and want to no is this legit???

Question Dolls

I have 2 questions??? I had an EKG at my Dr office about a week ago and it read abnormal...I'm going Friday to an cardiologist.Do anyone think that's all the vitamins & diet pills making it read abnormal.I had an EKG about year and half ago at the weight loss Dr to get on the diet pills and what we'll happen the day of my sx it still read abnormal? 2) Dr Mallol quoted me a price for vaginal tighting, I said since I'm getting a mommy make over tt,lipo,bbl & BL why not tight the kitty LOL : ) Do he do that or is he trying to take my money, I also asked him if he could recommend a Dr in the DR, thats when he said he does it, it's will be $1800 more

December traveling buddy !!!

Calling on any of Dr Mallol Dolls out there, traveling December???? The 2 weeks the kids going to be out on break would be perfect....but Really considering having sx here, scared as hell to go by myself and a Mallol Dolls was hospitalized for 2 weeks due to infection....SMH
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm Going with Dr Emmanuel M Cotes..He Quoted me $4890 for a TT, Lipo, BBL & BL... $3750 without BL $5740 with an 8 day stay at a RH...airport transportation both ways & 5 massages...I would pay for my 6 day stay bc I want to stay for 2 weeks . My around trip plane ticket is $357...But I'm still feeling Dr Baez

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