Duran Doll schedule date with Dr. Duran July 20, 2016/Tummy Tuck/BBL/Lipo

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So i emailed my photos and questionnaire to Dr....

so i emailed my photos and questionnaire to Dr. Duran on 3/3, and sent her a whats app message as well on saturday march 4. she responded on whats app and asked me to send her photos on whats app too. i did that on Monday 3/7, didnt hear back, so i called today 3/9  and her coordinator answered :) cant remember her name but her coordinator did say that i had to loose at least 15 pounds, which is not a big deal, but said that the next opening isn't till July 26 :( bummer to that, as i was hoping to get it done at the end of May sometime, but she said she would keep me posted if any cancellations. I did not get a quote yet, but the coordinator said she would go over the email with Dr. Duran and get me a quote by next week, so we will see, but I'm definitely anxious and excited about finally doing this! i used to be a petite girl even after having my son but 20 years later, i went from 120 to 185, with fluctuating between 150-175 for the last 4 years and now 185 in the last 2 months, which is the most i have ever weighed and I'm only 5'3, but i have been battling with physical injury from working out and low self esteem, so i cant wait to get this done to help with my confidence on my appearance because I've always been a confident person, so i am planning to work on loosing weight again and get back loving me again and hopefully with this reconstructive surgery, i can feel me again :) anyways, i will keep you all posted with updates :) keep trying to get in touch with her if you haven't, i know she is hard to catch, but don't stop...

Duran Doll Tummy Tuck/BBL schedule date July 20, 2016

Hey everyone, so my schedule date is July 20 with Dr. Duran. I am hoping to get a tummy tech, a mini butt lift and lipo in my flanks and under arms… I don't know if she will do all of that at once but my goal is that she will as well as possibly my inner thigh's but that might be too much at one time so we will see, but I definitely am going for the tummy tuck… I still haven't been able to lose the weight that I wanted so I'm hoping she can still get it done… I am pretty nervous but everything is set with my travel… My mom is coming with me so that will help me a great bunch with post op and just having someone there with me… but I am still a bit scared, I did hear that the Duran has 1 death on her hands but I still have not been able to figure out if it was her negligence or the health of the patient so if anyone has any info on that, please share… I know Duran is good at what she does, but anything can happen… Going under surgery whether in the United States or DR is always going to be risky no matter what so that's not the most concern for me is just knowing the reputation of the doctor, so anyone that has any experience with her, would love to hear more about that… Either way, as long as I come out the surgery alive, you guys will definitely get a post review… I haven't chosen a recovery house yet but I'm going to do that this week because I'm still debating on a private nurse and a private unit or a recovery house so any suggestions would be welcome… In the meantime I welcome any prayers to the good Lord above for a successful surgery :-)
Dr. Augustine Hilario Duran

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