39, Widow, 5 Kids in Much Need of a TT with BBL Coming Soon in 2017 - Dominican Republic

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Two years my world was turned upside down when I...

Two years my world was turned upside down when I sudden lost my soul mate, no longer was I the stay at home, devoted wife. My BEST friend gone... Forever!! A year later I decided to live in the moment and that's what I've been doing. The kids and I sold our old home and built a new and just throwing caution to the wind and living life to the fullest.
After much research I decided to hit the reset button on my body and finally do something for my self! I decided to go with Dr. Robles. in August of next year. I'm so excited and can't wait. I will be putting my pics up very soon. I just happy that I can share my journey with you guys!!....To BE Continued

My wish pics

Can't wait for Dra Robles to make me over

Looked what came in the mail

The date is set.... time to go get snatched


Hi ladies, just a little update about my journey with Dra Robles. I paid my deposit and date was set for 7/7/17. I don't know which RH I'll be at so if anyone have any suggestions please let me know. Oh.... before I forget.. FYI...I also had to send the money over for my insurance, which I didn't know you gotta pay for insurance before you get there. I'm soooo tired I've been working two jobs and was ready to quit one yesterday when a good friend of mine gave me a little encouragement and let me know that the end result will be worth all the hard work. I'm still undecided on which airlines to take. I just want to be very comfortable come home. Well ladies.... HAPPY HOLIDAYS ????????
~Have A Holly Jolly Christmas ????~

That's what friends are for!!!!

Gotta love your friends. So My best friend and I decided to go to Dr. Robles together and I even let her picked the date. I asked her over and over "Bff are you sure you going'' and her answer was always "Yasss Bff we gonna do this together". Well last weekend she informed me she not going. And suggests that I go in December with her. And this is after I've paid for my deposit and after I submitted for time off and got approved for it. (FMLA). So, needless to say I will that this journey alone. But I know I'll be OK, cause on 7/7/17 I will be getting snatched!!!!

Can't hardly wait

Just about everything is done. The only thing is booking my flight (waiting for the prices to drop...lol).
Surprisingly I'm not nervous at all. Maybe it'll kick in closer to the date. I've started exercising, which I hate but love the Zumba and hip hop classes. I went to see my PCP last week and she told me not only did I drop 10lbs but she took me off all my B/P meds, and it only motivated me to work harder. As it stand I'll traveling alone but it's cool. I pretty sure I'll meet some interesting dolls who I share this life changing experience.

Pills, pills, pills

I hate taking pills but I know it's necessary for my procedure.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Just another update. My best friend finally made to the decision to go with me and has paid her deposit. We're now trying to figure out which RH to go to. When I started my journey I 22llbs but I'm down to 209lbs. I'm not perfect and some days I slip and cheat and I know I could lose a lot more if stay more discipline but my main goal was to change my lifestyle cause I want this sx to be very successful. It just hard some days when growing up as a kid all you was taught how to cook was unhealthy and fatten soul food. I've learned that I still can have those dishes but just learning how to cook it in a healthy way.

Go Time

I've been working out 6 days a week. Some days I look forward to working out and some days I just do it to get it over with, but I'm lovin my result. I've lost 15 lbs. I went to my PCP and she approved me for my sx. She said that I was a good candidate for it and she wants to see me before I go and 4 weeks after I come back. She also give me Bactrim cream and some pain meds and sleeping pills and she said that I don't have to take anymore blood pressure meds anymore, just by eating the right foods and exercising (which I have this love/hate relationship with) I don't have to take the 4 different meds!! (That was my light bulb moment...lol). I also have my labs done still not happy with my hemoglobin level (12.5) but I will continue to take the iron and eat foods that's high in iron. But I know it'll all work out. Omg I got 3 more months before I'm officially a Robles doll. and I cant wait cause I'm doing this for me #7/7/17

Patiently waiting for my turn

Everything is done, from supplies to travel plans. Even got my house in order, cause I know I WILL NOT be able to do anything when I get back home. I also have my CBC drawn today in which I'm not worried cause the last time I had them drawn it was at 13.0. I've lost 18lbs but gained 5 back. ( A girl gotta have fun when she enters the 40 club...lol). I'm little nervous and cant believe I'm finally
doing something for me. Well with that being said that next time ya'll hear from me I will be on the flat side. wish me luck. xoxoxo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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