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I am 39 and a size 16. My plan is to go to Dr....

I am 39 and a size 16. My plan is to go to Dr. Robles in December. I work out 3 to 4 times a week, but my stomach is not going to ever be flat. I had a hysterectomy a year ago due to cervical cancer. So after the chemotherapy and radiation, I have had a new outlook on life. I'm fine with the hips and curves and bootay. I've had it since I was 12. Personally, I want to give up the spanx. They are hot and I'm already in menopause super early. I sent my pics to Dr. Robles on Friday, had response a Monday from, Laura, her assistant. My estimate came on Tuesday. Instructions about securing a date came on Wednesday, today. I will be vacationing in Punta Cana at the beginning of December and then I am going to sashay my way to Santo Domingo for surgery the next day. This was not a long process of deciding to have plastic surgery. Its exciting and I am going to continue to shed weight so I can be banging at 40 next year. My goal is to lose 30 more pounds by December as I am 210 right now. Sugeries are upper back, TT, flanks and armpits and armlift.


I decided to add some pics. I've been stalking the site looking at before and after plus size pictures with attempts to find a body similar to mine. I must admit that anticipating surgery is a slight nerve wrecking. I think about it all of the time. I purchased my vitamins today and me and Planet Fitness have become beat friends. 25 more pounds to lose.

A vitamin a day...

Today I decided I should start, taking my vitamins since I am almost 3 months Pre surgery. I started off at Walmart to pick up a few items. Some of the items were listed by my recovery house, Paradise Recovery House and by Dr Robles. Some of them I researched by reading other Real Self profiles and the Internet. My biggest concern after surgery is the swelling. I read a lot of profiles and that is the number one thing that people talk about. I am okay with the pain, because I know I will have pain pills to help me. From left to right here is my dream team of vitamins.I have gas relief pills for bloating, iron, folic acid, bromelain for swelling, MSM for swelling, B complex, Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Arnica gel and Arnica pills. The Arnica gel and the pills I bought at my local health food store as a combination package as well as the Bromelain. I also plan on purchasing Fer-sol, a high potency iron pill and mosqueta rose oil or Bio Oil to help fade the scar and Liotin cream for bruises. These can be bought on Amazon. Com. I have read that in the Dominican it is about 40 dollars for these creams that can be bought for half the price online. Happy shopping.


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Dr. Robles assistant, Laura, is prompt with correspondence via email and text messages. The instructions are very clear regarding what is required of you to make the process smooth

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